13 Reasons Why: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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altaf khan
altaf khan - Před 8 hodinami
Last episode 😓😓😓
Xo_ Abby_oX
Xo_ Abby_oX - Před 18 hodinami
Holy shiiiiiiitttt
hannah baker
hannah baker - Před dnem
Alienn Rai
Alienn Rai - Před dnem
Song name?
Emily M
Emily M - Před dnem
Who else wishes Hannah didn't commit suicide?!? I DO
M.S Rajput
M.S Rajput - Před 2 dny
I just completed one session in one day one sit .. m I really human ???
punaji naik
punaji naik - Před 2 dny
Jst finished both the seasons and looking at it looks like Hannah is responsible for most of it. n clay is jst messing around. Whats ur opinion gyzs
Tyler lee
Tyler lee - Před 2 dny
Personally this is the best drama series that i've ever watched
The Elders
The Elders - Před dnem
This is the worst drama series I've ever watched.
Brayden Jadulang
Brayden Jadulang - Před 2 dny
My daily input of drama
Kate Myers
Kate Myers - Před 5 dny
the trailer showed 0.001% of the season omfg that season thooo
SatisfiedSeal - Před 5 dny
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox - Před 5 dny
Man, Clay really fucked himself over in that last scene
dirk van den broek
dirk van den broek - Před 7 dny
Thanks for making me more depressed
Bandiporek - Před 7 dny
Shit season one was so depressing and addictive at the same time.. Man i cried
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes - Před 7 dny
I save Hanna in my mind palace
Farra Aniesya
Farra Aniesya - Před 7 dny
S2 is shitty. Im sorry
Laah Constantino
Laah Constantino - Před 10 dny
eu gostei da primeira temporada ❤ quero ver a segunda Agora
RyanL181095 - Před 11 dny
I’m about halfway through Season 2 of this show. My next episode is #7 this Friday
Ron iLiver
Ron iLiver - Před 11 dny
Hi. There's just something that confuses me. So Season 2 is mostly focused on Hannah's trial and rape. The trial sequences were fine but they left out details that could be of greater help in pinning Bryce Walker more. We do know that Bryce sells drugs right. And he uses too along with the others. I'm just curious as to why on Bryce's trial, drugs were not included or brought into question which could have made the jurisdiction on him heavier.
The Elders
The Elders - Před dnem
Because that doesn't come into play on the current case.
Χρυσάννα Μ.
Χρυσάννα Μ. - Před 11 dny
Where is an offical trailer for season 3??
The season is coming out in 9 days!!
Why there is not an offical trailer??
Χρυσάννα Μ.
Χρυσάννα Μ. - Před 10 dny
+RyanL181095 Seriously?:-( But the trailer says 20\10 Maybe i understand wrong... Damm 2019 is so far away....:-\:-\
RyanL181095 - Před 11 dny
Χρυσάννα Μ. Wait, 9 days? It comes out in 2019
Sam Singh
Sam Singh - Před 13 dny
Anyone knows about the music used in between the trailer? Reply me with its name asap
Sam Singh
Sam Singh - Před 12 dny
+Going Down thanks❤
Going Down
Going Down - Před 12 dny
Anya Marina - How Far Does the Dark Go? Your welcome
Hailey Small
Hailey Small - Před 15 dny
Can't wait for season 3
Ash G
Ash G - Před 16 dny
I hope the money was worth it Netflix
Iodyzer - Před 16 dny
Can't wait to see the creators making "13 Reasons Why" into "A controversial teen drama just for the sake of being controversial" in Season 3.
Steph's Vids
Steph's Vids - Před 17 dny
The trailer made this seem amazing it really wasn’t
Kw906 - Před 17 dny
Can’t they make a crossover with the flash and let Barry travel back in time and I don’t know save Hannah? Cuz I don’t wanna watch this without her, she’s basically the reason why I’m watching this show
The Elders
The Elders - Před dnem
She's a bad character.
neha ghag
neha ghag - Před 17 dny
When you have the right priorities make better decision and give a fuck about only nice people...you don't end up fucking dead then blaming everyone ! At least in case of Hannah baker
harley D prince
harley D prince - Před 18 dny
i hate justin but his actor so pretty
Siti Nurhalizza
Siti Nurhalizza - Před 18 dny
Where's Alex?
GenerallsTV - Před 20 dny
Tell me about it..
I don’t know yet about this season..
Kylie Harris
Kylie Harris - Před 20 dny
I want to see that so bad
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway - Před 21 dnem
The hardest choices require the strongest will.
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz - Před 21 dnem
Lots girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere are gay it's true I'm straight real live it's true
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz - Před 21 dnem
Lots girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere are together watch new 2 13th reason why girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere you will dead real live it's true lots girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere are gay it's true I fuck hate new 2 13th reason why real live it's true it's over kill myself real live it's true I fuck hate god is gay it's true I fuck hate devil is gay it's true blow would is going to end everywhere bad thing to happen in California and Lancaster everywhere real live it's true
yowan rai
yowan rai - Před 22 dny
will it have season 3?
Thea Killacky Wheeler
Thea Killacky Wheeler - Před 20 dny
yowan rai yes
Nikhil Hembram
Nikhil Hembram - Před 22 dny
Song name plz
Thea Killacky Wheeler
Thea Killacky Wheeler - Před 20 dny
Nikhil Hembram how far does the dark go x
Bharat Vandan
Bharat Vandan - Před 23 dny
Please come back ....Hannah
Reem Alqahtani
Reem Alqahtani - Před 24 dny
I almost passed out when I saw Tyler bullied at the bathroom.
Rishab Sharma
Rishab Sharma - Před 24 dny
Can anyone please tell the name of the song in the trailer?
SS HA - Před 4 dny
Rishab Sharma how far does the dark go by anya marina
Necesito la temporada 3 yaa!!😭😭😭
TheHissingDragon - Před 25 dny
This show portraits suicide so fucking bad
michael manila
michael manila - Před 25 dny
it must've been so hard for her parents to listen to the audio hearing how they're daughter's doing while she's still alive , realizing they cant do anything then to save hannah's life just like her friends :'(
Big Al
Big Al - Před 25 dny
13 More Reasons Why
Popa Luise
Popa Luise - Před 26 dny
Great Man
Great Man - Před 26 dny
What's the back ground music
MØ HERZI - Před 27 dny
Guys idont have Netflix but I'm watching 13 reason why on my tarrerium TV apl
Soner Akyol
Soner Akyol - Před 27 dny
Soner Akyol
Soner Akyol - Před 17 dny
Standy Latvia
Standy Latvia - Před 27 dny
Clay the best!
Ari Nugraha
Ari Nugraha - Před 28 dny
Tell me what theme song on this trailer😂😂 at 0.19
กูขอตอบ ว่า
Im Thai people
This is my dream......
I ever think need to learn USA
But. I no monney i need go much
We have a European friend, it is not possible. And finally, I never had the pleasure of having another high school friend in Europe
Holp, some day my dream is real
Apex Thief
Apex Thief - Před 28 dny
The fact that they had a scene of Bryce and Hannah kissing and enjoying it, even if it is in Clay's imagination, just ruined the first season for me.
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez - Před 29 dny
Erfvvv Fcfcff
Erfvvv Fcfcff - Před 29 dny
mano eu amo essa serie
William Pint
William Pint - Před 29 dny
omg I saw them today and they're making more
Error: 1337
Error: 1337 - Před 29 dny
I don’t know why but whenever I think about Bryce Walker, I think about Porky Pig from looney toons.
Vevory x Gaming
Vevory x Gaming - Před měsícem
Can't wait for season 3
MR_Sun _Wu_Kong_TV
MR_Sun _Wu_Kong_TV - Před měsícem
In season 1.. Fucking Basketball player rape my crush!....... !!!!!!!..... ohhh men!... I watch that season and I feel I am Clay !. And after the last episode My crush has been raped!........... I wanna kill that shit
R.I.P Bob The Minion
R.I.P Bob The Minion - Před měsícem
in what kind of school do kids get fucked with a mop?
John Joseph
John Joseph - Před 16 dny
In my school an autistic kid got thrown into a garbage can. Just because this is a show doesnt mean these things domt actually happen.
SUPER 23 - Před měsícem
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Mohd Naseer Abbas
Mohd Naseer Abbas - Před měsícem
Boring show this and Iron fist
Blocksed - Před měsícem
Like everyone else, I wasn’t prepared for the scene with Tyler. But then again I’ve played reddit 50/50 with my friends so lol.
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - Před měsícem
The trailer looked so good but the season was awful
multi vids
multi vids - Před měsícem
Like if Sheri is underrated
Rahul Comments
Rahul Comments - Před měsícem
I want season 3 😕😕😕
Queen Queen
Queen Queen - Před měsícem
Horses addict
Horses addict - Před měsícem
Omg I'm so in love with this series 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😢😭😭😭😭😭
Purba Mallick
Purba Mallick - Před měsícem
Real hero is the tapes..not hannah
R P - Před měsícem
This shit is emotionally traumatizing just like life is strange and telltale's walking dead.
DUBBEDPIZZA - Před měsícem
Its pretty sad that no one's talking about Porter.
hI GUyS - Před měsícem
That ending tho we need a season 3
Aaryan Yadav
Aaryan Yadav - Před měsícem
Most depressing series ever
Eden Mccrystal
Eden Mccrystal - Před měsícem
"You all cared.....but none of you cared enough" #TimeForJustice #Perth!
DDomino Geronimo
DDomino Geronimo - Před měsícem
RicH Gaming 14
RicH Gaming 14 - Před měsícem
It was hard to see Tyler getting raped he became such a nice kid :C
RicH Gaming 14
RicH Gaming 14 - Před měsícem
Believe it or not, I saw Season 2 in a whole day!
John Joseph
John Joseph - Před 16 dny
Damn you must really love this show Lol
Jared Williams (Retro)
Jared Williams (Retro) - Před měsícem
I don't understand Scott. He is portrayed as another one of Bryce's terrible dogs throughout the trailer and much of the show, but he really isn't?
MarvelFox Morty
MarvelFox Morty - Před měsícem
Name of the song?
Kunal Chatterjee
Kunal Chatterjee - Před měsícem
Damn they really destroyed the story, the book is so much better excet the fact that her parents didn't get a satisfactory explanation.
Redus The Riot Act
Redus The Riot Act - Před měsícem
Number 13:
Burger King Foot Lettuce
Elyse T
Elyse T - Před měsícem
I wish this show didn’t make me sympathize with a school shooter. Also, even though they were trying to shed light on male rape, Tyler’s scene was very graphic & should’ve only had a part of it included on camera. It was traumatizing to watch & I couldn’t help but start shaking.
Mohd Naseer Abbas
Mohd Naseer Abbas - Před měsícem
The friends who cant afford NETFLIX https://showboxbuzz.com/showbox-apk-download
Sorry to Apple iphone users
mohammad khadar
mohammad khadar - Před měsícem
1:19 hit like if you like this...
Giorgi Gogitidze
Giorgi Gogitidze - Před měsícem
13 reason why or riverdale? Which one is better i need to watch one but i cant choose which one
Pewdiepie #MK
Pewdiepie #MK - Před měsícem
13 reasons why. I just saw it 3 days ago n i already completed the first season. Its addictive!
kay cee
kay cee - Před měsícem
1:53 goosebumps.... Like literal goosebumps
Po Ash
Po Ash - Před měsícem
Zach and Hannah❣️
Joy Agustian
Joy Agustian - Před měsícem
I mean, why did Tony burn Alex's list? Did he try to hide the evidence?
lmortal eñdless
lmortal eñdless - Před měsícem
lcant watch any tv show after siyah beyaz aşk 💔😭😭😭 price of pasion
ツLØĠØЙ TM - Před měsícem
Season 3
shubham39283 - Před měsícem
season 3 has hannak lookalike in new york
The Emerald Warriors
The Emerald Warriors - Před měsícem
After watching it still gives me goosebumps
RyanL181095 - Před měsícem
Sorry about the late comment. But I watched the first episode of Season 2 this past Friday. This coming Friday I’m gonna watch the 2nd episode
Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad - Před měsícem
Artemisia - Před měsícem
Poor Tyler
Aram - Před měsícem
This is not netflix and chill this is netflix and 😢 cry
Kamunima Masule
Kamunima Masule - Před měsícem
Netflix is the best 😍😍😍
hendery is an art
hendery is an art - Před měsícem
"it felt like this whole thing is gonna be over"
me: thats me seeing theres a season 2
also me: *watches the whole season*
Savage AF
Savage AF - Před měsícem
Season 2 was lit 😍😍 😍
SaphRetuks ING
SaphRetuks ING - Před měsícem
I'm so confused.. why is there suddenly a ghost of Hannah? 😂
Stephen Black
Stephen Black - Před měsícem
This show kind of reminds me my past days 🙏
Tasneem Ahemd
Tasneem Ahemd - Před měsícem
What the fuck??? Everyone is so fucked up. What's wrong with Chloe? I just stopped watching that episode where she lied about remembering. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you bitch. And Hanna's dad. Like he's even more messed up than Bryce, he came into the case unannounced, fucked things up then walled away. It would've been better if he stayed or just never came. He made things hundered times worse then fled the scene. God everyone is getting on my nerves.
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