13 Reasons Why: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Szaboiii - Před dnem
I’m 19 the legal age to date Ross 🤣
Snm Kr
Snm Kr - Před 2 dny
Indian women athome
Indian women athome - Před 3 dny
Am I the only one who felt 13 Reasons why went super awesome in season 1 to super safe and amatuerish in season 2...?
LOREN Anderson
LOREN Anderson - Před 3 dny
Wait is she dead or nah!?
Jubayer Ahmed
Jubayer Ahmed - Před 3 dny
Can anyone tell me a website name plz? I don't want to watch it on Netflix.
aman bharti
aman bharti - Před 3 dny
Rapist written on Bryce's locker

Hannah: why wouldn't you did it when I was alive!
Bigg Toss
Bigg Toss - Před 3 dny
Tyler needs justice, this season was fucked up, I hope they do something on season 3
HannahB - Před 3 dny
I've watched both seasons a number of times yet whenever I watch the trailers, specifically this one, I get chills. Especially at the part when Clay says "No one's gonna get justice for her." then someone yells out "NO!". It's just so suspenseful. I know the show is controversial but I think it speaks lots of truth about really serious things even if that means showing them graphically. Some people don't know about this stuff let alone what it looks or feels like. So I think showing how damaging rape, a picture, or a simple text can be is good. The show has opened my eyes up and shown me the kind of stuff that happens to people my age (12-17). It's scary yet effective. Honestly can't wait for season 3!
Berina Huskić
Berina Huskić - Před 4 dny
Holy shit where was I when this serie started and why am I late for everything omg
izz ikira
izz ikira - Před 5 dny
Hayden Byles
Hayden Byles - Před 5 dny
Trailer's a lot better than the series was.
well hi
well hi - Před 6 dny
so season 3 wouldn’t be related to hannah or yea? 😂
Shubham Singhaal
Shubham Singhaal - Před 6 dny
Which one is better season 1 or season 2?
Rhagmor - Před 3 dny
s1 of course but s2 not bad at all to me
dead shot
dead shot - Před 6 dny
What's the name of the song ?
Turk Dizisi
Turk Dizisi - Před 6 dny
"How far does the dark go?"
Skylar M
Skylar M - Před 9 dny
Abid hossain
Abid hossain - Před 10 dny
Am I the only one whose is waiting for season 3?
G vinayak
G vinayak - Před 11 dny
First season was boring till 4th one
How is this episode
Nate Brown
Nate Brown - Před 12 dny
For all my kids who watch this u need help
Nate Brown
Nate Brown - Před 12 dny
Man I love this
Fowk Wolz
Fowk Wolz - Před 14 dny
daisy d'anne
daisy d'anne - Před 15 dny
Hannah: why didnt u say dis to me when i was alive?
Ruth Gibbons
Ruth Gibbons - Před 16 dny
This trailer is soo dramatic I love it (even though it came out a year ago)
Coco Chan
Coco Chan - Před 17 dny
It's just so annoying when Hannahs still showing so many times in this movie and talking with clay....
Flying Panda
Flying Panda - Před 11 dny
But she isn't. It is just happening inside his mind.
Julian Fuchsin
Julian Fuchsin - Před 17 dny
I love this show but they shouldve ended it in season 2 after hannah's funeral and her mom leaving. Oh well, i have to watch 13 more episodes how terrible(!)
Safsaf Ware
Safsaf Ware - Před 18 dny
Hannah's mother didn't have a case to the school,she should've sued the people that abused her doughter not the shool,how the shool should know if the student is in trouple if the kids won't talk for them self
Rogian Lopez K pez
Rogian Lopez K pez - Před 18 dny
We...y el libro?? :V
Bunny Bloods
Bunny Bloods - Před 18 dny
Wow!! Can anyone give the link of intro background music? Please it's amazing.👌👌👌👌
trixie - Před 18 dny
Imma just finish watching Riverdale then I'd watch this after, this seem interestingg💛
Ducht Horror&challenges
Ducht Horror&challenges - Před 19 dny
Justin are the Hero
Siduduzo Mphoko
Siduduzo Mphoko - Před 19 dny
Hello goose bumps actor
Maria Bădăluță
Maria Bădăluță - Před 19 dny
Maria Bădăluță
Maria Bădăluță - Před 19 dny
Într-o song?
Tyler Cunningham
Tyler Cunningham - Před 20 dny
Season3 should seriously come out tomorrow
AmazingMB Skills
AmazingMB Skills - Před 20 dny
When it’s coming out ?
R P - Před 21 dnem
Fk hannah
We need #JusticeForTyler
ilu ahirwar
ilu ahirwar - Před 21 dnem
I just finished season 1. I think I've fallen in love with Hannah Backer. I wish I had a girlfriend like her. Man..she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen...!!
R P - Před 21 dnem
Everyone sees the same
bbygrlpt2 - Před 22 dny
I just finished watching and it was disappointing. 13 episodes and at the end all for nothing. Also the scene in the bathroom was way over the line.. not only bc of what happened but bc I dont even know why it happened. The two characters didnt even had contact through out the 12 episodes so I forgot why that kid was so mad at the other kid that he did THAT to him. Idk season 2 felt unnecessary and pointless. Hopefully they don’t make a season 3.
Alka aditya
Alka aditya - Před 22 dny
Am I the only one who's gonna start watching this today or in (2019}
NaaN Tubes
NaaN Tubes - Před 13 dny
😄am knowing this now (Even what is netflix)
john bigtas
john bigtas - Před 17 dny
I suggest you wait for 2019 after you watch season 2 you really wanna know what happen next with that fucking cliffhanger but if you really wanna watch it now go for it its 8.9/10 for season 1 9.4/10 season 2 for me (my opinion)
TacoMonster - Před 18 dny
Don’t worry. I’m about to watch the first season your good
Curran 98
Curran 98 - Před 22 dny
Fuck bryce
Prathamesh Productions
Prathamesh Productions - Před 22 dny
1:52 that scene was intense with emotions
Ruth Komen
Ruth Komen - Před 23 dny
It really sucks that my name is Tyler (and I am a girl) I have the same name as the creepiest guy in the whole series, not cool
R P - Před 21 dnem
Spread the word #JusticeForTyler
Santosh P.S.S.
Santosh P.S.S. - Před 23 dny
Interesting. I just started season 2. Let’s see what happens. Hopefully no one dies...
Sabri ʚïɞ
Sabri ʚïɞ - Před 24 dny
Al final nunca entendí quien era el culpable de todo
SACHIN halashetti
SACHIN halashetti - Před 24 dny
I hate bryce😠
Madhur Chauhan
Madhur Chauhan - Před 25 dny
The moment when Tyler and Cyrus burnt the ground with the word RAPIST
BTW who’s watching the trailer after completing season 2??🤨🤨😏😎
Aditya Santhosh
Aditya Santhosh - Před 26 dny
Why does this fucking trailer keeps popping in my youtube videos?
david martins
david martins - Před 26 dny
My heart can't stop beating when I watch 13 reasons why
splinterbyrd - Před 29 dny
I wish someone could have persuaded Dylan Minnette to have changed his facial expression, even just once.
Dbxnnz Xbxvbd
Dbxnnz Xbxvbd - Před měsícem
Ishaan Sood
Ishaan Sood - Před měsícem
The trailers are so much better than the actual show. Season 1 was ok. But season 2 was just intolerable.
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny - Před měsícem
I love the stuff with Hannah’s ghost, it was sweet but also depressing at the same time, it was sorta like clays imaginary friend or guardian angel
Mikey Bejaran
Mikey Bejaran - Před měsícem
To All Fans Let's Start Asking Will Season 1 & 2 Be On DVD
historyczny placek
historyczny placek - Před měsícem
Netflix why that in my counry is only first chapter I hate you
Alma Watson
Alma Watson - Před měsícem
0:05 Zach from goosebumps
0:27 Bella from twilight
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - Před měsícem
0:01/0:00 is this a part of a song or somethin'? Please...this dark audio is awesome.... anyone? Please tell me!!!😭😭😭😭
Aman Shukla
Aman Shukla - Před měsícem
how far does the dark goes
Samson Euziel
Samson Euziel - Před měsícem
wait 1:02 is that Rihanna or Sheri??
Atlas Yelkıran
Atlas Yelkıran - Před měsícem
Maryam Zeb
Maryam Zeb - Před měsícem
I swear 1:02 looks like Rihanna and at 0:28 even though it’s kathrine it looks like Kristen stewart
TheHutch 11
TheHutch 11 - Před měsícem
This series is so damn frustrating. There are so many things wrong with it, it’s so unrealistic, and so many little things that just add up and annoy me more and more
Akshay Korekar
Akshay Korekar - Před měsícem
Background music?
Paul Naghiu
Paul Naghiu - Před měsícem
What's the name of the background song??
Paul Naghiu
Paul Naghiu - Před 21 dnem
+Arman hhd Thanks :)
Arman hhd
Arman hhd - Před 21 dnem
How far does the dark go anya marina
Sweet WORLD - Před měsícem
I think that Hannah is not dead
SHIVAM KUMAR - Před měsícem
I m the only person who watch all episodes in single day
The Human Spider
The Human Spider - Před měsícem
How come I am so excited to see this because of the trailer when I already seen season 2?
Hagiwara Mio
Hagiwara Mio - Před měsícem
ellen ivy Valeska-Monaghan
ellen ivy Valeska-Monaghan - Před měsícem
idc all i need is cla jusin and alex men
Dilara A
Dilara A - Před měsícem
At court scene Bryce wanted to play people’s minds he was telling not very true stories about Hannah Bc he wanted the court to find him right. Clay almost believed him I think series tested us and characters Because even Hannah would like Brryce before or was dating with Bryce it does not mean she deserved rape or it cant change rape’s ugliness and presence of a rapist. Also people are so prejudiced against women This show told this as a good message 👍🏼🙌🏼
Shruti kapoor
Shruti kapoor - Před měsícem
Season 3 : Hannah is alive
Shruti kapoor
Shruti kapoor - Před měsícem
I think they should have done a sting operation on bryce?
Shachipriya Patnaik
Shachipriya Patnaik - Před měsícem
What was the song used?
Itzel Jeon
Itzel Jeon - Před měsícem
Omg I can't find it 😭
G F Wwe
G F Wwe - Před měsícem
I would really like if Hannah was a ghost and not just imagination
Mark - Před měsícem
G F Wwe I know the show is unrealistic as hell, but that
yoonmin - Před měsícem
What's the song used
aNdrEe1 Grigore
aNdrEe1 Grigore - Před měsícem
LOES ! - Před 8 dny
Whahah yes true. Did you know that Katherine (Hannah) auditioned for the role of Betty Cooper in Riverdale?
CaptainGameKing - Před měsícem
Aditi Yadav
Aditi Yadav - Před měsícem
How far does the dark goes..........
nana Ravender
nana Ravender - Před měsícem
Short Aesthetic
Short Aesthetic - Před měsícem
At the end where it went fast did anyone else get goosebumps
Soniya Sharma The Desi Girl
Soniya Sharma The Desi Girl - Před měsícem
I'm the only one who watched both season in 1 day
Bucky Ball
Bucky Ball - Před měsícem
Where did Alex gone
Is he dead ??
He just tried suicide in 1st season
LonerTunes - Před měsícem
He somehow survived his own attempted suicide. He is alive but he can barely walk and remember things
Cassy Love
Cassy Love - Před měsícem
The Claws VEVO no he’s not dead
Puramshetty Rudhvik
Puramshetty Rudhvik - Před měsícem
Coco Powered
Coco Powered - Před měsícem
Season 2 is awesome and better than the 1st season . This series should get a Emmy.
Season 1 was Ok but kinda boring and too sad
Season 2 is awesome emotional and awake up call to all adults kids bullies. To show the world what kids go through ! If people can't see that im not judging but don't you care about kids? And hopefully seaon 3 will be awesome can't wait for it and hear that a Main character is going to die and there will be a school shooting . Who agree with me?
Achilles The Alpha
Achilles The Alpha - Před měsícem
I was never really into these shows but i gave this a try, it helps making my realtionships better, with literally everyone. I've always known that little things matter but this one tells alot more to me. Thank you
Khushal khan
Khushal khan - Před měsícem
If you’re Listening to these tapes you’re one of dumbest reasons why.
xochi channel
xochi channel - Před měsícem
the best moment in this series was when the councler was crying at the stand
Abdul Abdul
Abdul Abdul - Před měsícem
kung foo keney
kung foo keney - Před měsícem
*im sure 90% of the viewers love the night we met*
RyanL181095 - Před měsícem
Yesterday I’ve finished Season 2 and also watched Beyond the Reasons for Season 2. Season 3 is next on my list for when it comes out.
kung foo keney
kung foo keney - Před měsícem
*i literally had soooo much expectations (╥_╥)*
Cassandra Lauziere
Cassandra Lauziere - Před měsícem
WHOA Katherine Langford gets her own Hashtag ❤️😂
PinnGü Pingulet
PinnGü Pingulet - Před měsícem
.... That haaaah from the begining is fucking awesome
Dödge Démon
Dödge Démon - Před měsícem
What the name of the song at the trailer ??
arizonasour - Před měsícem
This is givin me goosebumps
Jenny Cao
Jenny Cao - Před měsícem
who is the boy 0:41
Lit Boi _
Lit Boi _ - Před měsícem
Hannah dies (sorry for the spoiler)
Debapriyo Bhattacharjee
Debapriyo Bhattacharjee - Před 2 měsíci
Music is intense
RyanL181095 - Před 2 měsíci
I'm only 1 episode left of Season 2 until I start waiting for Season 3.
M.Hussain Mehdi
M.Hussain Mehdi - Před 2 měsíci
I think I should have watched the season 1 when it released, but glad that watched it anyhow. Starting season 2 and I'm totally lost in this series. Thanks to writer and producers
WE ARE SPOILERS - Před 2 měsíci
You can watch more theories and unanswered questions of 13 Reasons Why in Hindi. plz must watch And reply if it's good or bad.
Maryam Princess
Maryam Princess - Před 2 měsíci
Is there someone who understand anything 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️??
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