Selena Gomez - Come & Get It Teaser Part 2

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Damla Odus
Damla Odus - Před 3 dny
teaser better than musıc vıdeo
민min mm
민min mm - Před 3 měsíci
2019 😍
Chumbawamba Uh
Chumbawamba Uh - Před 3 měsíci
Apr 4, 2017
Tejas vlv
Tejas vlv - Před 6 měsíci
Watching and still not feel boring 2018
Um Universitário
Um Universitário - Před 7 měsíci
Iconic, 2018
Green Tea ASMR
Green Tea ASMR - Před 7 měsíci
Marcus Kawa
Marcus Kawa - Před 7 měsíci
Can't wait to hear the full song !
Kia Brown
Kia Brown - Před 8 měsíci
2018 ????😍
Kia Brown
Kia Brown - Před 8 měsíci
My most favourite song ever 😍
Eylül Likoğlu
Eylül Likoğlu - Před 8 měsíci
Old dayd
Wendy Familia
Wendy Familia - Před 9 měsíci
Adrian Guzman
Adrian Guzman - Před 9 měsíci
Flavio Augusto
Flavio Augusto - Před 9 měsíci
Sarah Helawy
Sarah Helawy - Před rokem
My favourite Song ❤
KPOPPER Tkkz - Před rokem
Batkrom - Před 2 lety
Back to 2013 when this song come out in the radio and i remember that i recognized her voice in an instant but i wasn't 100 % sure if was selena. The worst thing of not being very sure was i haven't a computer or a phone yet so how can i know it?? But whatever, every time this song come out (in the same radio station, in the same hour) i lost my breathing, too epic for me.
Kia Brown
Kia Brown - Před 8 měsíci
Jack Rabbit One of my most favourite song ever
Fernan Pipors
Fernan Pipors - Před 2 lety
tan lindo que canta tan linda que eres ya estiempo que eches palante sin escandalos bobos.t.q.m.
Tuka Bashir
Tuka Bashir - Před 3 lety
lea koßmehl
lea koßmehl - Před 3 lety
Lo Lbgr
Lo Lbgr - Před 3 lety
She looks like a goddess, with her angel face :)
marcolorenz77 - Před 4 lety
Selena is Wonderful!
I have never seen a girl as beautiful as her!
We love you!
Gonçalo Figueira
Gonçalo Figueira - Před 4 lety
trinigaga - Před 4 lety
like if you watching in 2014
Beyza Baykal
Beyza Baykal - Před rokem
2017 ;)
Kadence - Před 3 lety
2016 lol
trinigaga - Před 3 lety
Erick Salamanca
Erick Salamanca - Před 3 lety
+tariqali9 2015 lol
liviu b
liviu b - Před 4 lety
Mary Chang
Mary Chang - Před 5 lety
My ringtone
Anderson K.C.
Anderson K.C. - Před 5 lety
This part of the song, this snippet is better than the chorus
Rahul Loves'ThePayne
Rahul Loves'ThePayne - Před 5 lety
Am i only one who wishes the Main Come and get it video must be like this ? 
Suman Singh
Suman Singh - Před rokem
yes only u r
Brooke Collins
Brooke Collins - Před 5 lety
She's flawless and she hasn't changed a bit :O
Emma Larsen
Emma Larsen - Před 5 lety
I see this video constantly! Like seriously! :O
PinkPurpleVideos - Před 5 lety
Selenators love you
Риши Сова
Риши Сова - Před 5 lety
Риши Сова
Риши Сова - Před 5 lety
great girl
Melanie Baez
Melanie Baez - Před 5 lety
hi selena i just got surgery again i am you #1 fan my dream is too meet you i dont want anything ekse but that please respond I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU OH AND IM 10 BUT PRETTY PLEASE RESPOND
Yasmina Kalali
Yasmina Kalali - Před 5 lety
I lovz youuuuu
Mari S
Mari S - Před 5 lety
Matthijs Ten Have
Matthijs Ten Have - Před 5 lety
He gomez, you are gorguez wanna hang out some time? love ya! xxx
Matthijs Ten Have
Matthijs Ten Have - Před 5 lety
jaxkie - Před 5 lety
IaraYSofii BFF
IaraYSofii BFF - Před 5 lety
This is beautiful!
Derek Barn
Derek Barn - Před 5 lety
Love you Selena Gomez you may be single be as a human that I am sorry and I will not hate are very beautiful young women
Edward Klyaver
Edward Klyaver - Před 5 lety
You are beautifull ;)
Marco Antonio Peluche
Marco Antonio Peluche - Před 5 lety
wow!! Selenator forever
Stephanie Delgado
Stephanie Delgado - Před 5 lety
So beautiful
Stephanie Delgado
Stephanie Delgado - Před 5 lety
Love you
Happy Style
Happy Style - Před 5 lety
She is and She will be ever so cute. ♥
Aubrey Del Rosario
Aubrey Del Rosario - Před 5 lety
You are so babyed by your parents :-P
ohgomezhoran - Před 5 lety
HAHAHA, You die first ;)
Francesca Piper Koss
Francesca Piper Koss - Před 5 lety
its not a set, its the gardens of an estate in beverly hills.
Gi Oliveira
Gi Oliveira - Před 5 lety
Cool, charm me with your talent Selena, love, I'm from Brazil and I hope you come on Star Dance in Brazil delight your fans with talent and so perfectly: D
Annebel Kraaij
Annebel Kraaij - Před 5 lety
Too bad this isnt in the music video :(
xXnancy121xX - Před 5 lety
I looooovee selenagomez :-*
carlos anibal olivo dominguez
me gusta las canciones de Selena Gomez son muy romanticas ,
Katie Frost
Katie Frost - Před 5 lety
Really good
Hadeel Alzuwiani.
Hadeel Alzuwiani. - Před 5 lety
He's nada ace vvvvvvv Mach oooo sooo mãčh I łòôøøvê håmê
mariahxo88 - Před 5 lety
she isnt being a whore in this video what are you sayingg.
Yezenia Ayala
Yezenia Ayala - Před 5 lety
love selena Gomez song
Mansi Shrivastava
Mansi Shrivastava - Před 5 lety
I was looking for this in the video!
bouchefra soukaina
bouchefra soukaina - Před 5 lety
ili tribo
wilmer flores maihuire
wilmer flores maihuire - Před 5 lety
me encantan los videos SELENA
Tsuko Vengeance
Tsuko Vengeance - Před 5 lety
0:18 GUAPA!!
TheFlotschen - Před 5 lety
omg she's tooo beautiful
Özlem Kılıç
Özlem Kılıç - Před 5 lety
idiot D:
Арина Шестакова
Andrew Corniel
Andrew Corniel - Před 5 lety
I love your voices
Desiree Nolasco
Desiree Nolasco - Před 5 lety
Fouz20022 he didn't dump her she dumped him thank you very much so stfu
good futbol
good futbol - Před 5 lety
Justin just dumped the best girl and he dont deserve her any way beacuse shes so special
emelin martinez
emelin martinez - Před 5 lety
no me gusta mucho selena pro se ve hermosa jjj
attic rhetorician
attic rhetorician - Před 5 lety
Ritika Sharma
Ritika Sharma - Před 5 lety
Selena just killed me for 30 sec she is a beauty
xa free to use channelx
xa free to use channelx - Před 5 lety
And pause at 0:9 soooo cute !♡♥
xa free to use channelx
xa free to use channelx - Před 5 lety
Pause at 0:12 she is so pretty!!! ♡♥♡♥:-);-):-D
artic_ utopia
artic_ utopia - Před 5 lety
She really should have used this dress in the actual video
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Rose - Před 5 lety
i like this footage better then the ones used in the original video
Emily Mayle
Emily Mayle - Před 5 lety
it came out on my birthday c:
Luis borges
Luis borges - Před 5 lety
i'm proud of Selena, Come and get It is the best song of 2013
Lo Lbgr
Lo Lbgr - Před 5 lety
My best friend is in love with her :)
Adam Mcintyre
Adam Mcintyre - Před 5 lety
AmelieBovy - Před 5 lety
or a photoshoot for her upcoming album! :)
Don't You Worry Child
Don't You Worry Child - Před 5 lety
This is for 'Slow Down' video.
Anna K.
Anna K. - Před 5 lety
I love you you can singin sooo good and i love when you smilie
Alar03 - Před 5 lety
she is so hot and. her song come and get it she's cool:)
Mona Williams
Mona Williams - Před 5 lety
U rock gril friend
alex grand
alex grand - Před 5 lety
Am Russish
Stephan Tanganagba
Stephan Tanganagba - Před 5 lety
I think that was never meant to be the video; maybe it was just a photoshoot. It would explain the fact that she's not singing along to the track in this video
Tiffany Ngai
Tiffany Ngai - Před 5 lety
I love you, Selena.
Norma Garcia
Norma Garcia - Před 5 lety
love her
IlaydaYurdakulL - Před 5 lety
awkward moment when you realise that this wasn't in the official video.
KC Sambrano
KC Sambrano - Před 5 lety
It looks like a new fragrance commercial
ﻣﺤﻤﺪ الربﻳﻌﻲ
youaregraet seleana
Saffana Hijaz
Saffana Hijaz - Před 5 lety
I thought this was gonna be the video. Wish it was. But the actual video is really amazing as well.
sofia colorado
sofia colorado - Před 5 lety
Selena you look really pretty in this video!!!
crazyvic363 - Před 5 lety
This should've been in the video:(
Jessica Juarez
Jessica Juarez - Před 5 lety
This wasn't in the video
orioon - Před 5 lety
and this wasn't in the video lol
ᘔ૯Ո - Před 5 lety
never get old Selena.
sarika kumari
sarika kumari - Před 5 lety
thanks btw i am india proud INDIAN
TheSeviper - Před 5 lety
yeah, there is second version of the MV where is included the unused footage
neonpurple123 - Před 5 lety
da fuck was this outfit for
Naiia - Před 5 lety
maria benzaoual
maria benzaoual - Před 5 lety
hit the light has a second version ??,
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