Stephen King's DOCTOR SLEEP - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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Sonic - Před 9 hodinami
raul 1000
raul 1000 - Před 10 hodinami
Stephen King adamantly disliked Stanley Kubrick's version of his book, even telling him so over the phone. He then puts his version out years later, and it was more closely related to the book. Kubrick's version became a classic, while Stephen King's has not. Now, almost 40 years later, and after his version failed to capture the respect that Mr. Kubrick's did, Stephen King is releasing a sequel that has scenes that HE RE-CREATED from Kubrick's version. I guess he finally likes Kubrick's adaptation after all. Either that or he knows that Kubrick's version was better than his was (by re-creating scenes from Kubrick's version is a direct acknowledgement of this fact). I wonder if he would even have done a sequel if Mr. Kubrick had not released his version. I think that Mr. King will not sleep until he has produced a more critically acclaimed version of his own story.
Vlad - Před 13 hodinami
The book was a peace of shit unlike Shining.Pretty sure the movie will be the same.
Christopher Armstrong
Christopher Armstrong - Před 14 hodinami
NOVEMBER?...Epic release date fail.
MsPassionate C
MsPassionate C - Před 15 hodinami
Who came here from the shinning
FrigidYeti - Před dnem
Hello there!
ezjitee - Před dnem
Just finished the shining and not even born yet when it came out. Looking forward to this sequel.
Enrique Castillo
Enrique Castillo - Před dnem
I fucking love this book so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Magic Medo
Magic Medo - Před dnem
Ewan McGregor Never ages.
Zander Mort
Zander Mort - Před dnem
This looks shite
P. A.
P. A. - Před dnem
He is looking for his LIGHT SABER all of the movie .
Renee Caraway
Renee Caraway - Před dnem
This trailer looks nothing like the book, which was awesome.
MICHAEL VINCE - Před 2 dny
The best part about this movie that it comes out on my Birthday 😂😂👌🏼
Las Vegas Nights
Las Vegas Nights - Před 2 dny
I only watched half of this trailer and cant wait! I wonder if Jack Nicholson will be front row on premiere night like all them Laker Games😅💯👍🏾
maggie - Před 2 dny
this better be good or i’m throwing hands
m0d3z Linuh
m0d3z Linuh - Před 2 dny
The Infamous Twins
BlackWolf6420 - Před 2 dny
I can already tell it’s going to be shite. Some actors were terrible.
Norf - Před 2 dny
Doctor Zzzzz
DK1 dk1
DK1 dk1 - Před 3 dny
Not bad for Halloween
DK1 dk1
DK1 dk1 - Před 3 dny
I heard it's a franchise of the shining
DK1 dk1
DK1 dk1 - Před 3 dny
Hope this is better than the shining
DK1 dk1
DK1 dk1 - Před 3 dny
Oh yes I will watch this
mister desade
mister desade - Před 3 dny
Wow. Looks so dumb!
بهاره نیکان
بهاره نیکان - Před 4 dny
Ewan Mcgregor is a washed up movie star unfortunately
Domino - Před 4 dny
How'd d'you like some ice cream, doc?
Jelob - Před 4 dny
Why did I think it was gonna be a tv show lol
jplosts - Před 4 dny
Why is everybody trippin? This does not look very good. Looks cheap and lame.
Eric Kempf
Eric Kempf - Před 2 dny
This is directed by the guy who made The Haunting of Hill House so we have hope.
Mercedes Benz Bentley Range Rover
This looks like ok movie
MONEY BAGS - Před 4 dny
Imagine the nostalgia of the people who first saw the shining in theaters
Yubi K.
Yubi K. - Před 4 dny
MacMcNerd pro GAMING
MacMcNerd pro GAMING - Před 5 dny
2:17 !!!! if you remember at the first film he opened 2 hols in the door now the door has only one hole #ShiningAxeScene
THE DARK HAHAHA - Před 5 dny
VENOM 2.O Really spider webbing this The shining reference you put MCU What happen
DeepEye1994 - Před 5 dny
I'd be fine if this movie is at least as competent as 2010: The Year We Make Contact.
It doesn't have to be Kubrick level, but as long as it's solid and respectful to what came before, I'll give it a try.
zack worrell
zack worrell - Před 5 dny
why is he so unconvincing as Danny
stopshowingmydamnname - Před 5 dny
So what I get is that this is the connector for all things Stephen King? Will the Dark Tower show up too?
Chissa1995 - Před 5 dny
" it's over Anakin , I have the high ground "

Wait ! I think I got the wrong film 😂
coolboy12345 123
coolboy12345 123 - Před 5 dny
So this take place right after the shining?
J Bro
J Bro - Před 3 dny
More like forty years after
Kerem - Před 6 dny
I don't know if its because how this teaser made but it looks like an eclectic mixture of visuals from the original movie and from the new one without a proper blending. It feels like two different movies bolted together instead of flowing through each other with a proper look development.
Ichor1201 dragonball
Ichor1201 dragonball - Před 6 dny
Cuando fui al cine hace unas pocas semanas y vi la cartelera sabia que redrum venia del resplandor pero cuando lo vi como avance ahi descubri que son del mismo universo
andylaauk - Před 6 dny
Kubrick made The Shining, The Shining. This looks hilarious all for the wrong reasons.
Franz Styles
Franz Styles - Před dnem
To be honest, the author Stephen King himself disliked Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining", called it a beautiful car without any engine.
John S
John S - Před 3 dny
I agree, this will be mediocre.
Angelica Rivera
Angelica Rivera - Před 6 dny
Porque siento que no le dan la suficiente publicidad a esta película?
Mountain Man
Mountain Man - Před 6 dny
Stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen! You've got to be kidding me! The girl in the dumb hat looks like a leftist antifa Cunt! Is she supposed to be scary or something? First the Star Wars franchise was destroyed because of feminazis and the sequel to Ghost Busters! Now we get Charlies Angels ( dikes ) and this crap! PLEASE!
French Vanilla
French Vanilla - Před 6 dny
Did it already come out?
Nolan Gray
Nolan Gray - Před 6 dny
One of the dopest trailers of the century
Movieexpert 19
Movieexpert 19 - Před 7 dny
Anyone notice how they edited the title to be Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep
Riley Pappas
Riley Pappas - Před 7 dny
Zeus - Před 7 dny
This looks amazing cant wait 🖖👽
MrFizzgig2 - Před 7 dny
It was shit
Stanton Hill
Stanton Hill - Před 8 dny
Looks like shit. Too bad. That first shot in the trailer....really? Did art department have a half day to do that on the stage? Stale uninspired production design...even the shots they had to recreate from the original. They should have gotten a great director for this, Brad Anderson, John Hillcoat.....huge missed opportunities. Like the crappy Dark Tower film......sad. The only thing redeeming is Ewan M. but when the performances and craft look this bad in the trailer...doesn't bode well.
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny - Před 8 dny
I read the "Doctor Sleep" book and it was great. But I think this movie will be a cross between The book and the Stanley Kubrick "The shining" movie. Hope it's good.
Nala Nala
Nala Nala - Před 8 dny
Looks lame
Angel H
Angel H - Před 8 dny
amine moughanime
amine moughanime - Před 8 dny
Daniel Arsenault
Daniel Arsenault - Před 8 dny
Emmit Stussy. Parking Lot King of Minnesota.
roger moody
roger moody - Před 8 dny
Where’s Nicholson! And has he thawed out! Is Tony in it?
Bob Kelso
Bob Kelso - Před 8 dny
Ruin a good movie make it fantasy crap
Jamal - Před 9 dny
Sleepy time
plus plus
plus plus - Před 9 dny
Oh god. It looks so shit :(
oo oo
oo oo - Před 9 dny
If it doesnt have a good ending I'm not watching it
KRAZO G - Před 9 dny
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