Florence + The Machine - Hunger

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iTz_Degyツ - Před 10 hodinami
I love her voice.
Kelly Coyle
Kelly Coyle - Před 17 hodinami
Love this song so much
Paulette N
Paulette N - Před 17 hodinami
All have a Hunger!
Georgina Kabugi
Georgina Kabugi - Před dnem
Oscar Muli
Oscar Muli - Před dnem
My God, these lyrics are so powerful!
kat Unique
kat Unique - Před dnem
Oh my goodness.... I replayed this more than 10 times.
I love it so much!😭😭💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Beth - Před dnem
Such a beautiful and touching song...The video is incredible too! She's so complicated it's beautiful. This leaves me speechless.
ElectricalNoises - Před dnem
Why doesn't the statue have a cock?
johnxdoe - Před dnem
This album is like the uptempo version of Ceremonials, I love it 🙌🏾
theo wismer
theo wismer - Před dnem
I keep thinking she’s gonna peak with each album but she genuinely continues to outdo herself
aurora d'arienzo
aurora d'arienzo - Před 2 dny
invisibalkid1 - Před 2 dny
never stop being loved by those that ive never met, i think given everything im allowed to be agry
invisibalkid1 - Před 2 dny
love the song though
Nicolás Tomatis
Nicolás Tomatis - Před 2 dny
How many have to die so that you can feel loved
Simon Zaguedoun
Simon Zaguedoun - Před 2 dny
I still can't believe how great this music video is and what a voice!! She'll never stop amaze me
Hey Girl ;)
Steve Wright
Steve Wright - Před 2 dny
joão paulo assis
joão paulo assis - Před 2 dny
Mildred Godoy
Mildred Godoy - Před 3 dny
Only 20 M.
Can't believe it, This is art.
What happens whit the world?
Hi From Honduras...😊
James Devlin
James Devlin - Před 3 dny
Kate Bush rip off. Shite
Sonia Rooney
Sonia Rooney - Před 3 dny
I feel guilty
Sonia Rooney
Sonia Rooney - Před 3 dny
One day
Thomas Leahy
Thomas Leahy - Před 3 dny
JIT4Gaming - Před 3 dny
Why do I feel like this song has been out for years
Kristen Foss
Kristen Foss - Před dnem
JIT4Gaming ikr
tamacotamaco - Před 3 dny
😌Wonder if I would start dancing when 1:34 waiting at the checkouts 'cause I do at home everytime✨ #hunger #florencexthemachine truly moves the mind💓
V Stormfeltwitch
V Stormfeltwitch - Před 3 dny
Grew up in a neo fascist religious cult that more or less just hid a rural valley's pedophile ring. Ergo I avoid the fuck out of anything churchy - especially the music. As a matter of fact I DESPISE church music. Flourence is THE only exception. #cptsd #lovinggodmyarse #goodmusicthatisactuallyGOOD
patricia bergeron
patricia bergeron - Před 3 dny
This song does something to me,,,,always gives me the chills,,,,,,love ,love it,,,,,
marszipan - Před 3 dny
Florence is forever amazing. Please never stop making music❤️. I still cant believe how taylor swift has won so many grammys and this woman has not won a single one .wtf
who the fuck tryna nut in my butt
florence may not have won any awards but in our hearts, they have earned a place in our hearts <3
Isa Bieber
Isa Bieber - Před 3 dny
Ever since I first heard Dog Days, I was in complete love. Florence’s music touches me in a way I don’t know how to explain. It’s like her songs are a soul, and a book, they’re poetry and they remind me of the most wonderful things of life. Like being in a cottage in the woods, with the green and the grass, reading a book, magic and adventure. It’s life and love. 🌱This is Florence’s music.
Eco Industrial Supplies
Eco Industrial Supplies - Před 3 dny
god dam woman...
Suzana Lucena
Suzana Lucena - Před 3 dny
música maravilhosa!
Suzana Lucena
Suzana Lucena - Před 3 dny
música maravilhosa!
Suzana Lucena
Suzana Lucena - Před 3 dny
música maravilhosa!
Suzana Lucena
Suzana Lucena - Před 3 dny
música maravilhosa!
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones - Před 4 dny
Ear gasm for sure
Felipe Brockveld
Felipe Brockveld - Před 4 dny
I am just really happy that I will have access to the education system that I never had.
But if anyone still believe that it will be happening. seriously, forget it.
Thiago Nascimento
Thiago Nascimento - Před 4 dny
To viciado nessa budega.
Gabriel Micheal
Gabriel Micheal - Před 4 dny
This woman has to have one of the most beautiful souls on our planet. Amazing!
Dženan Subašić
Dženan Subašić - Před 4 dny
thank you..
Demamp Camp
Demamp Camp - Před 5 dny
I can’t stop listening to this song.
I love Florence and her voice
Jake Soto
Jake Soto - Před 5 dny
Y’all, literally not hating, I love Florence so so much. BUT, go to Targets website and look through their “Opalhouse” collection, and tell me this don’t have opalhouse vibes!! I hope someone else sees this
Zoey2070 - Před 5 dny
this was playing when my mom called to tell me that her best friend had died.
thanks florence
kubby qewb
kubby qewb - Před 5 dny
kubby qewb
kubby qewb - Před 5 dny
no one getch to see
how much =
n o t "bletch" ~~~~~
Katherine daley
Katherine daley - Před 5 dny
kubby qewb
kubby qewb - Před 5 dny
~~~~ p o I n t ~~~
that is less theatrical =
if GUY wants to #F##ck yew to
d e a t h =
give him yore dog }< then you can be
j e a l o u s FOR real !
Aimee Louise
Aimee Louise - Před 5 dny
4:04 love her expression here
chriskazaglis - Před 6 dny
Peter Griffin. That's who I think of when I hear this song.
I imagine Peter Griffin hearing we all have a hunger and thinking in his own voice, "finally somebody understands me" as he reaches down to rub his grumbling belly. "Awwww Lois why can't we eat now, we all have a hunger."
we"ll all have a Burger...xd
Brian O'Leary
Brian O'Leary - Před 6 dny
“You make a fool of death with your beauty” best line 👌👌
BlueRoses Subliminals
BlueRoses Subliminals - Před 6 dny
Any Fellow ED people up in here?????😐🤗😐
tomas armani
tomas armani - Před 7 dny
Joaco te amo
Beckie Jane Brown
Beckie Jane Brown - Před 7 dny
Thank you so much xx
chris citroen
chris citroen - Před 8 dny
obligation melt missile gbirf play absorb railroad file repair clear.
EvieVideo - Před 8 dny
Hey guys love this song so ducking much you abosjtke sheep
Gerard Kuzawa
Gerard Kuzawa - Před 8 dny
The message is so very anti-man. That it is makes me a stronger man. Thank you. Sad it is to have to say that most women are so very weak.
Falcon River
Falcon River - Před 8 dny
I love her...
Cattigen - Před 9 dny
Macie jay is better
Tiffanie Qaisar
Tiffanie Qaisar - Před 9 dny
I love F&TM
GabalTv - Před 9 dny
Christopher Edgar
Christopher Edgar - Před 9 dny The melody of the choruses are remarkably similar...
Anna Marshall
Anna Marshall - Před 9 dny
'm sitting here with my ffirends and we wish we live our lives inside this music viideo. ThNK YOU fLORENCE FOR THIS JOY
Patrick Lira
Patrick Lira - Před 9 dny
I love you
Joanka Pawluczuk
Joanka Pawluczuk - Před 9 dny
I like !
Bigg Batt
Bigg Batt - Před 10 dny
Damn this a good ass song.
성기사랑하고싶다 - Před 10 dny
한국인 모여라
Florence Hater
Florence Hater - Před 10 dny
Easily the worst artist of all time I've ever heard made me want to die and rip off my ears thank God the song ends the best part is the end thank God
Change InTheAir
Change InTheAir - Před 10 dny
"Florence Hater" 😂😂
ProblemChimp - Před 10 dny
Which god? When you read stuff, you learn there's fucking loads of 'em. Some hate wanking.
Roo Goya
Roo Goya - Před 10 dny
I hope she sings this song during her San Diego concert.
Dawid P.
Dawid P. - Před 10 dny
I need this song so hard in the soundtrack of the "Call Me by Your Name" movie
Marina Dasic Tomic
Marina Dasic Tomic - Před 10 dny
In love with her singing 💕
Nope - Před 10 dny
Idk but i cried
Oleg Yuzvik
Oleg Yuzvik - Před 10 dny
we all have a hangover
A Adu
A Adu - Před 10 dny
Okay, I'll just say it. The first line when I first heard it sounded like someone reading a note/letter from someone with anorexia/eating disorder, made me switch the radio station each every time for the past month or so. Now that I've looked up the lyrics the song doesn't seem that bad, more interesting.
Carrey Bruton
Carrey Bruton - Před 11 dny
Thank you ❤️
mikael00003 - Před 11 dny
The way you use your body, baby, c’mon and work it for me. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Luno Reginato
Luno Reginato - Před 11 dny
ESC Cyprus
ESC Cyprus - Před 11 dny
Ausrine Domeikaite
Ausrine Domeikaite - Před 11 dny
Love it
Carla Landra
Carla Landra - Před 11 dny
Genia !
Max Munzert
Max Munzert - Před 12 dny
hank you spotify adds :)
Omar Khaleel
Omar Khaleel - Před 12 dny
Now THIS is classically beautiful FATM.
jobert Teixeira
jobert Teixeira - Před 12 dny
This woman is the best singer, forever...
The FlairOfJay
The FlairOfJay - Před 12 dny
Her songs help me in every moment
Erci - Před 12 dny
What a voice, so awesome
Jafar barhoum
Jafar barhoum - Před 12 dny
20 M 😍🎉🎉
Александер Коссяк
She is fire 🔥
Willard Lake
Willard Lake - Před 12 dny
My 2018 summer music thank y'allFlorence and the Machine, Supa-Kool
eatworldlove - Před 13 dny
thought my earphones were broken for the first minute of this
Melinda Yazzolino
Melinda Yazzolino - Před 13 dny
I am completely mesmerized by the amazing talent. Florence just keeps getting better. I honestly didn't think anyone could top How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. I am so ecstatic I am wrong. This album is so beautiful, strong and absolutely perfect.
Melinda Yazzolino
Melinda Yazzolino - Před 13 dny
Absolutely one on the top
l u
l u - Před 13 dny
SuperJess007 - Před 13 dny
We all have a Honda. ???
Alejandra Cardoso
Alejandra Cardoso - Před 13 dny
Florence i love you
Maxx - Před 13 dny
She has a depth of voice thats so dramatic.
"At seventeen, I started to fart on myself...."
Gets me everytime.
favor4afavor - Před 13 dny
I gotta see this woman live some day
gianluca gaggioli
gianluca gaggioli - Před 13 dny
This sound Is very close to Running Up That Hill of Kate Bush
Gabriela De Anda
Gabriela De Anda - Před 13 dny
A master piece 💙
Now Micah
Now Micah - Před 13 dny
We need more songs like this
Mystik Spiral
Mystik Spiral - Před 13 dny
3:21 ¡Feel the energy and magic of the music!
Juan Pablo Hernández
Juan Pablo Hernández - Před 13 dny
Thank you
From your fans in mexico
Jordan Hughes
Jordan Hughes - Před 13 dny
Jesus the Christ of the good book is for you!
Jordan Hughes
Jordan Hughes - Před 13 dny
Run the race
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