I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - Před 19 hodinami
hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf
Macayla Illustration and Design
Royalty soaps has really cool soaps
*_Hazardous_* - Před hodinou
Safiya Nygaard Congrats on #1
n c taylor
n c taylor - Před hodinou
Bangla Mailbox
Bangla Mailbox - Před hodinou
Sydney Reil
Sydney Reil - Před hodinou
#1 on trending congrats bb❤️❤️
Heily Castrejon
Heily Castrejon - Před hodinou
My question is if the powder is toxic and can kill you then why do we touch it and use it
Tiara B.
Tiara B. - Před hodinou
As a soap maker myself, you did pretty awesome! 👏👏👏
Karen Krista Tulinius
Karen Krista Tulinius - Před hodinou
We need another try of soap making
Bobcat Acid
Bobcat Acid - Před hodinou
Congrats on trending!💞

Again... I love you Saf
xoxo May
xoxo May - Před hodinou
Your number one on trending!! Ily❤️
iMO - Před hodinou
Well most other tutorials...they dont speak and sound pretentious. Like you
Elijah Coomes
Elijah Coomes - Před hodinou
0:40 through 1:09 just explain a quarter of my brain
FlailTV - Před hodinou
You actually did a really good job with a very, very ambitious first loaf. My first several soaps back in the day were disastrous clusterfucks, tbh. And they were just basic, solid, unscented no-colour bars. It took me ages to try a complex, multicoloured design like the one you did here. And my first attempt at one of those, we will not speak of.
And hey, as it happens I am actually in the market for a good website builder for...my budding soap business! Imagine that. I might give this Wix thing a go.
PurpleGalaxyGirl - Před hodinou
Now just waiting for buzzfeed to post "Making homemade soap".
daria morgendorffer
daria morgendorffer - Před hodinou
Most expensive soap ever
Stormie - Před hodinou
This isn’t bad for a first try.
Stella Giovacchini
Stella Giovacchini - Před hodinou
Lindsay Carvalho
Lindsay Carvalho - Před hodinou
I always look at your videos and think “ those are way too long I’m not gonna watch that” and then I end up watching the whole thing. Anyone else?
hien dinh
hien dinh - Před hodinou
Safiya the science bitch bitch bitch
Noralhuda Alboslemy
Noralhuda Alboslemy - Před hodinou
Wow #1 on trending congrats
Amy Cowlishaw
Amy Cowlishaw - Před hodinou
Congrats Saf #1on trending as I’m watching
Rumor - Před hodinou
Omg i love this
Sam H
Sam H - Před hodinou
Hi Safiya I love your videos! I noticed a lot of plastic and disposable straws in your videos. I think it would be cool if you did a video testing out different reusable straws and cups. It would influence your viewers in a good way and a good way to show eco friendly companies too!
henna - Před hodinou
i thought this said soup art and i have been significantly let down
Prinregan123 - Před hodinou
If you wish to make -an apple pie- [soap] from scratch, you must first invent the universe.
Gracie Dooley
Gracie Dooley - Před hodinou
please make more soap it was a really interesting video and i enjoyed it. But if you do it again you should do multiple soaps to tests out.
Bangla Mailbox
Bangla Mailbox - Před hodinou
Ttruong 22
Ttruong 22 - Před hodinou
Ayyy #1 Trending 👏👏👏👏
Line Christine Maliedje Feutseu
Wow satisfying
Phan X0XO
Phan X0XO - Před hodinou
Well done on #1 in trending 🦐💫
KOLBEE MUA - Před hodinou
Adam S
Adam S - Před hodinou
Jenna marbles is QUAKING
Hannah Roque
Hannah Roque - Před hodinou
I think it's awesome that you explained the science behind soap making! I just made soap in my organic chemistry lab in college, and I think it's awesome that you explained the science behind something that's so much fun to make outside of a scientific context!
Scarlett King
Scarlett King - Před hodinou
#1 on trending! Good jobbbbbb 👏🏻👏🏻
Olivia Ziemann
Olivia Ziemann - Před hodinou

Safiya: let’s make soap
Katie Youngs
Katie Youngs - Před hodinou
i... i never realized how much work and artistry went into homemade soap making. much respect for local soap makers yes sis
Zepp S
Zepp S - Před hodinou
Amanda show reference?
Lorrie Lavallee
Lorrie Lavallee - Před hodinou
Cue looking at soap making videos for the next thee weeks lol...
oh yeah yeah 82
oh yeah yeah 82 - Před hodinou
it was all yellow
Becky Lampkin
Becky Lampkin - Před hodinou
Me when i see Royalty Soaps in a Safiya Nygaard video : 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😍🤩😍🤩
admire nana
admire nana - Před hodinou
congratulations on #1 on trending !
Morgan Ryals
Morgan Ryals - Před hodinou
You hit #1 on trending congrats
Amy W
Amy W - Před hodinou
Damn those soap chunky also wtf I just spent 26 mins of my life watching some soap making
Stephanie Lopez Hernandez
Stephanie Lopez Hernandez - Před hodinou
Your video keep on getting to the trending list
madison lear
madison lear - Před hodinou
Wow trending on number ☝️
We need a Franken-soap
poliknoy - Před hodinou
I spilled lye all over my hands and arms and my notebook in chemistry lab and I was completely fine and nothing at all happened to me
Nataly Mancia
Nataly Mancia - Před hodinou
Congrats on being the top on the trending list🎉
Claudia B
Claudia B - Před hodinou
Do more soap
cheerkira - Před hodinou
I think it looks great for your first time! That’s a lot of science and art to do at the same time
Steffie W
Steffie W - Před hodinou
I love learning
Jenny Donkin
Jenny Donkin - Před hodinou
I wish I could like this video more than once, and I need more videos from you saf!!! one every now and again isnt enough - I need like one a day!!
Anastasia Hannah
Anastasia Hannah - Před hodinou
#1 on trending, well done Saf
Ringette Player
Ringette Player - Před hodinou
Your #1 on trending 😆😆😆
Mushi Dinh
Mushi Dinh - Před hodinou
CONGRATS on #1 trending!
ariyana’s squishieѕ
ariyana’s squishieѕ - Před hodinou
number one on trending !
Evalynn - Před hodinou
This is super cool :D I love watching videos like these. I may actually try this some day when I have the time
Samantha Wicht
Samantha Wicht - Před hodinou
It’s very starry night Van Gogh
Project_Boredom - Před hodinou
Stfu Bud
Stfu Bud - Před hodinou
Follow a tutorial to become a useful human
Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona - Před hodinou
Can I have a bar of soap, mom :0 ?
Sarah Pierce
Sarah Pierce - Před hodinou
This was such a fun video! I have never even given those soap displays a second glance, but now I totally want to try making some.
flospots :D
flospots :D - Před hodinou
Woah #1 on trending 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Alexi Morales
Alexi Morales - Před hodinou
You got #1 trending congratulations
Adaline Pettit
Adaline Pettit - Před hodinou
i thought it said soup art
RoaraTime - Před hodinou
Whenever saf said "lye" i thought she said "lie" 😂😂
Ubergeek0 - Před hodinou
Where are my scrapey scrapey friends?!???
Hello Darkness
Hello Darkness - Před hodinou
Oh yuhh #1 on trending
Melinda Rosic
Melinda Rosic - Před hodinou
girlovecupcake - Před hodinou
I really love WIX. I've been using it for many years. 😂❤️
Cindy Hintze
Cindy Hintze - Před hodinou
As a professional soap maker you did a very good job.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 you can fill in the holes with with your soap scraps. You just need to practice. Tip if you soap at room temperature 75 you will get more time to do your swirls.
Silver - Před hodinou
_"L'Oréal kids on crack"_
_...I'm dying here because I get what you mean_ 😂
Lauren Beckerle
Lauren Beckerle - Před hodinou
LOL. We've had one of those temperature guns for years. Gotta keep Zippy the leopard gecko's temperatures perfect.
Sophie Mayfield
Sophie Mayfield - Před hodinou
Wow right now #1 on trending
Naomi Gutierrez
Naomi Gutierrez - Před hodinou
Soap pleb
TerrorMint - Před hodinou
#1 on trending and it isn’t Fortnite, wow
MsMzphit - Před hodinou
It kinda looks like SpongeBob
Tiffany - Před hodinou
0:58 Link to the video https://youtu.be/5qmERVuzaq8
Athena - Před hodinou
XxPrettyNerdxX Plays
XxPrettyNerdxX Plays - Před hodinou
Ooooo Number 1 on trending 👏👏👏👏👏
Stormy the cat
Stormy the cat - Před hodinou
Christopher Howard
Christopher Howard - Před hodinou
echoth1rt3en08 - Před hodinou
“I’m much better at going up, then going down”
...well...going down is definitely a skill requiring practice...>.>
Liam Tillotson
Liam Tillotson - Před hodinou
Dude! Congrats on #1 on trending!
MoriaPlays_234 234
MoriaPlays_234 234 - Před hodinou
#1 on trending!! I’m proud of you Safiya!! 🤩🥳
Sera Tarkington
Sera Tarkington - Před hodinou
YAASS! #1 on trending! ❤️❤️❤️
PerriWinkl Pineapple
PerriWinkl Pineapple - Před hodinou
Congrats on #1 trending saf! Btw i luv ur vids!!!!!
osnapitzangie - Před hodinou
#1 on trending 👏
Eclipse Echo
Eclipse Echo - Před hodinou
Congrats on 1st on trending !!!!! ❤
Erica Enstrom
Erica Enstrom - Před hodinou
this is #1 on trending!! congratulations
Alice Roscoe
Alice Roscoe - Před hodinou
Reaper Bunny
Reaper Bunny - Před hodinou
WOW number 1 on *TRENDING* has this every happened to you mam?
Nikkie Belladone
Nikkie Belladone - Před hodinou
more soaaaap please ! it was so funny
abigail siewert
abigail siewert - Před hodinou
You are freaking #1 trending. I love you soooooo much
American girl slime dolls
American girl slime dolls - Před hodinou
Giovanna Rizo
Giovanna Rizo - Před hodinou
#1 TRENDINGG!,!,!,!!
Raychel Mac
Raychel Mac - Před hodinou
*let’s jiggle this bitch*
Carla Jackson
Carla Jackson - Před hodinou
Hahaha I accidentally inhaled lye once. In 7th grade we were learning to make soap and my teacher didn’t give us any face masks 🙄
Ruby Corlett
Ruby Corlett - Před hodinou
I love how such a random vid is #1 on trending😂💕
Tatiana Lorenzo
Tatiana Lorenzo - Před hodinou
I love that you are so weird! I feel so identify... 🥰
Maya Jøyce
Maya Jøyce - Před hodinou
yaas queen snatched that #1 on trending
SuperBlueocean123 - Před hodinou
im so glad this is 1 on trending, finally something nice and normal and mundane but also freaking hilarious. Saf is just so wonderful.
Luna Knight
Luna Knight - Před hodinou
Congrats on being #1 in trending
Mollie - Před hodinou
Who else caught that SpongeBob clip?
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