WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? - Official Trailer 2 [HD] - In Select Theaters June 8

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Jayson Wong
Jayson Wong - Před dnem
Ah... I remember my parents showing me this show. I grew up with it as they had. Y’know... if only he’d be here, I’d thank him a lot for helping reminding my ex-suicidal friend that she is never alone. (This is the truth. If only I can find Fred’s kin, I cannot express my gratitude enough)
Jack McFord
Jack McFord - Před 7 dny
33 people weren't really good neighbors.
Josh Berman
Josh Berman - Před 11 dny
Well, I'm happy to say that tonight I finally got to see Won't You Be My Neighbor and I'm also sad that there will never be another Fred Rogers for a very good reason. Most of Today's Celebrities are Bizarro Mr Rogers, thinks that Walt Disney is the absolute best role model for everybody and will probably continue to think that way for life I guess. RIP Mr Rogers. Everybody (Well, nearly everybody) deserves to have a neighbor like you and I wish that all neighborhoods with at least just a slight touch of Sesame Street were exactly like yours. We love you Fred.
B O Y - Před 16 dny
I wish I had Mr. Rogers in my childhood. He sounds and looks like a kind man.
BiG JuiCe
BiG JuiCe - Před 18 dny
My neighbors are assholes!😂
Marie Savannah
Marie Savannah - Před 20 dny
Only those who has experience the love of God for themselves will be able to love others we cant give what we have not receive that is a fact if we who call ourself christian should be able to reflect the love of Christ all around us and this world will be a better place if we all do our part that's why Jesus say in 1 Corinthian 13 the greatest of all is LOVE
Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold - Před 25 dny
It is kinda creepy in the beginning don't u think
Nicholas Masterson
Nicholas Masterson - Před měsícem
Little girl: I like you.
Mr. Rodgers: I like you, too, sweetheart.
Audience back in the day: Awe, that's so cute.
Audience in 2018: #METOO
Deanna Douglas
Deanna Douglas - Před měsícem
Part of the message I found most inspiring was the assertion that Mr. Rogers was not unique, that there have been, are, and will be others like him. They are just not living in the public eye. I know from personal experience - my childhood friend's dad was one of them.
Katmandu2 - Před měsícem
My neighbor went to High School with Fred Rogers.. AND Arnie Palmer at the same time. Latrobe High School, Pa.
videoluver7 - Před měsícem
23 people aren't neighbors.
Joanie Newcomb
Joanie Newcomb - Před měsícem
Mr. Rogers loved us just the way we are💕Unconditional Love❤️God Bless You Mr. Rogers💖
Plant Mom
Plant Mom - Před měsícem
I was born in 2002. I was very lucky that my parents actually had VHS of mr rogers. My mom thought it would be good for me to grow up with. And she was right. Mr rogers made me a better person
Tim Reuscher
Tim Reuscher - Před měsícem
I really wish we could have both Fred Rogers and Jim Henson back on earth.
Redblue - Před měsícem
There are barely any future showings in my area, so what I need to know is how am I going to watch this?
Solid_ Salsa
Solid_ Salsa - Před měsícem
Mr Rodgers would still love the 16 people who hit the dislike button
JENELLE JOHN - Před měsícem
Poka Dot
Poka Dot - Před měsícem
Bob Ross better be next
CharChar Animations
CharChar Animations - Před měsícem
Wait did he pass away? 😔
Joe Code stud
Joe Code stud - Před měsícem
Please bring tissues. A lot of hearts will be opened, and no eyes will be dry.
Kristina Currey
Kristina Currey - Před měsícem
I'm going to see this movie
janine harrison
janine harrison - Před měsícem
Marvelous man!
Laila Anderson- Class of 2023
Laila Anderson- Class of 2023 - Před měsícem
who tf disliked this video
Laila Anderson- Class of 2023
Laila Anderson- Class of 2023 - Před měsícem
HECK YEAH I'LL BE YOUR NEIGHBOR :D mr roger is an amazing man
Ann Brogan
Ann Brogan - Před měsícem
currently crying... this is going to be so hard to watch but also it’s going to make me so happy he was always such a beautiful soul and it’s so sad we had to lose him.. but his memory will forever live on💞
Jungoguy - Před měsícem
If we had more people like Mr Rogers, the world would be a better place. We should all be like Mr Rogers
Airsh Bornely
Airsh Bornely - Před měsícem
I'm annoyed that there isn't a movie theater close by that'll be showing it. :c Mr. Rogers would understand feeling
Patricia Hoequist-Breeze
Patricia Hoequist-Breeze - Před měsícem
I'm sad because I had planned to see this on my birthday June 8th. It's not playing anywhere in my state on the release date. I was going to celebrate with Mr. Rogers. :(
Sal Gaita
Sal Gaita - Před měsícem
I wanna live in his neighborhood 😭
Jessica Grist
Jessica Grist - Před měsícem
Mr Rogers Neighborhood was my favorite show as a kid. I loved how kind he was and he always made me feel special just by watching his show. I also learned how to spell the word friend from him!
truth dog
truth dog - Před měsícem
Blacks, Latinos and Muslim, stay the hell out of my neighborhood and go back to your shit hole countries, won't you be my neighbor in Detroit
The Happy Canadian
The Happy Canadian - Před měsícem
To the 8 people who hit dislike kindly go back in the cave you call your home. Mr Roger's was an amazing kind person hit the Like Button if you agree
osbely - Před měsícem
Instant like
JD Williams
JD Williams - Před měsícem
A Christian, showing the love of Christ.
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před měsícem
Omg i just realized that's in 6 days, yes I'm gonna drink and probably cry a mess in the theater
Mohammed Nafisayman
Mohammed Nafisayman - Před měsícem
The 6 likes are people who didn't watch the show.
Christian Tracey
Christian Tracey - Před měsícem
This man was one of a kind. There will be nobody else that can top off on what Mister Rogers did to this world
trc2rockon - Před měsícem
"And the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature goes to..."
Jose Francisco Medeiros
Jose Francisco Medeiros - Před měsícem
It looks like a very heart warming documentary.
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma - Před měsícem
Release this in India too asap
divineenergy - Před měsícem
*Fred, You are a very special person. There is only one like you in the whole world.*
*There's never been anyone exactly like you before, and there will never be again.😉*
*Fred, I love you just the way you are. ugga mugga!🐯*
*Love is like infinity: You can't have more or less infinity, and you can't compare*
*two things to see if they're "equally infinite." Infinity just is, and that's the way*
*I think love is, too. ― Fred Rogers*
Melissa Rosario
Melissa Rosario - Před měsícem
Mary Anne
Mary Anne - Před měsícem
Mr. Rogers was my first love! Couldn't wait for his show every day when I was a kid!
alissa mower clough
alissa mower clough - Před měsícem
This ought to lay to rest all the urban legends about him being a heavily inked Vietnam sniper vet with a taste for the little ones....
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall - Před měsícem
Yep! That footage of him swimming (taken from Episode #1493 from the "Discipline" week of episodes from 1982) clearly shows him barechested, and there are NO tattoos ANYWHERE.
Adam Hahn
Adam Hahn - Před měsícem
The second coming already happened.
We The Animals
We The Animals - Před měsícem
Mr Rogers, I would give virtually anything to be your neighbor.
Bunny Mists
Bunny Mists - Před měsícem
5 dislikes... who let Hitler come back from the dead and make multiple accounts
spartang - Před měsícem
I dont know anything about Mr rogers, and this trailer still brought a tear to my eyes.
Emily Laurella
Emily Laurella - Před 7 dny
you can watch all of mr. rogers on amazon prime video, neighbor.
MJ Brooks
MJ Brooks - Před měsícem
Check out his 1997 acceptance speech. I've never seen anything like it. I've watched it again and again and get rested up everytime. He is so giving - he gives up the attention on himself and invites the celebrity audience to think of the special people in their lives who cared about them -- the whole room is a puddle of happy tears and smiles -clearly touched by him. His mission was the same no matter the occasion or room he was in -- let people know they matter and that they are loved. chvideos.net/Upm9LnuCBUM-video.html
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před měsícem
spartang you should watch some CHvideos clips of you're interested... He basically taught everybody how to be kind and love one another... He was on pbs so if u grew up without cable like i did he was basically a second dad... He saved pbs almost single handedly... A truly remarkable being.
Ivor Christiansen
Ivor Christiansen - Před měsícem
I'm gonna see this by myself so no one can see me weep like a baby
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před měsícem
Ivor Christiansen I'm considering that too lol... Although if i see it with a friend who's a fan, I'm pretty sure everybody will at least shed one tear... I usually drink before the movies so i already know I'm going to be crying like a baby with no shame
Marvel Time
Marvel Time - Před měsícem
We never lost him, he's in all of us. We just need to bring him out.
Asiel MILIAN - Před 7 dny
Marvel Time How?
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před měsícem
Marvel Time excellent comment.
rhijulbec1 - Před měsícem
I just dissolved in tears seeing him again. I wish some could be granted immortality~he would certainly be one. Such a beacon for how great humans can be amidst the daily chaos of life.
I'm going to ugly cry. I just know it.
Jenn 💖 in Canada 🍁
Mary Ceballos
Mary Ceballos - Před měsícem
Oh yay!!!! I'm so happy to see this documentary. I grew up with Mr. Rogers, I loved the Magic Trolley, all of his fairytale friends, and all of the "field trips" we got to go on with him. A fundamental part of my childhood and a national treasure. Such a lovely human being.
c steinau
c steinau - Před měsícem
There can be no Fred Rogers today. Helicopter moms and football dads would immediately report him as a pedophile.
Bridgett Beardsley
Bridgett Beardsley - Před měsícem
Thanks DeFranco!! Ready for an ugly cry!
MoonStruckBunny - Před měsícem
So it's agreed that we're all going to ugly cry in the theater together, right?
Asiel MILIAN - Před 7 dny
MoonStruckBunny Yes and my theater is not showing this movie.
dkelly26666 - Před měsícem
Yep. Big grown up man here, and I'm gonna be choking....
Sean Lauer
Sean Lauer - Před měsícem
MoonStruckBunny Oooooooooh yeah
TheGameSurfer100 - Před měsícem
F*ck yeah.
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před měsícem
I certainly am
Sara Bachofer
Sara Bachofer - Před měsícem
my heart! I love this so much I'll see it as soon as it comes out and I am going to be crying happy tears throughout I guarantee it
Dizzy Ness
Dizzy Ness - Před měsícem
I must see this. 😢 of joy. Mister Roger is exactly what we need
Izzy - Před měsícem
Who disliked this?!
Izzy - Před měsícem
I’m gonna cry....
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před měsícem
Izzy imagine how we're gonna look at the theatre 😂😭
theQiwiMan - Před měsícem
Hey, I'm speaking to the 2 cold, unfeeling monsters that hit the Dislike button:
Mr. Rogers still loves you too.
Zora Chung
Zora Chung - Před měsícem
theQiwiMan They were crying too hard out of love for Mr. Rogers to see the like button and accidentally hit dislike.
Idgarad Lyracant
Idgarad Lyracant - Před měsícem
Dear Pope: This man IS a SAINT. Make it happen already!
Noa Gomez
Noa Gomez - Před 24 dny
No seas mamon
MonkeyZorr - Před 27 dny
You're right
Justin Penhall
Justin Penhall - Před měsícem
Very excited to see this movie. Hope I can find it showing in a theater near me.
Deadmemes27 - Před měsícem
Who is the one person who disliked this and why?
christi land
christi land - Před měsícem
Deadmemes27 Satan
Aku - Před měsícem
I'm sure it's because they're very sad.
Angie White
Angie White - Před měsícem
I am so looking forward to this, but not so much looking forward to sobbing in the theater, happy tears, but still.😂
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před 13 dny
Roscato Marie hugs back 💕
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před 13 dny
Roscato Marie thanks! I really needed that right now.
Roscato Marie
Roscato Marie - Před 14 dny
Rafael Artiga *hugs* 💕🌹
Rafael Artiga
Rafael Artiga - Před měsícem
Angie White I'm a 30 yr old male who's done jail time and grew up in some pretty rough streets... I'll be there sobbing with you.
Senor Frijol
Senor Frijol - Před měsícem
Mister Rogers you were my childhood and I miss you and through your show I felt like I knew you and when I found out you passed away it felt like losing a grandfather Rest In Peace
mata hari
mata hari - Před měsícem
So many of us felt that way ❤️
x0thorn0x - Před měsícem
what an amazing man he was, with such an awesome legacy... Simple, kind, true. I miss the old PBS when this was ‘experimental ‘ television... rather then ‘formulaic’...
Ultimatefighter343 - Před měsícem
He was one of a kind and we lost him. I was very sad when I heard he passed away in 2003 and if he was alive today he probably try to make the world a better place to live or at least try too. Now I want to watch this movie when it comes out.
Noa Gomez
Noa Gomez - Před 24 dny
Ultimatefighter343 funny thing is i always remember where i was when i heard he passed. I was 13 years old and traveling from SoCal to Norcal and we stopped at the very top of the “GrapeVine” (Californians know) at a Mcdonalds. It was snowing and i was waiting for our order and it came on, on the TV they had in the restaurant. Was pretty sad to accept it being a kid. I didnt cry but i felt it.
Galactic123 - Před měsícem
How can you dislike this?
Douchecanoe Mo
Douchecanoe Mo - Před měsícem
At the time of my comment this trailer has zero dislikes.
Trey IM2
Trey IM2 - Před měsícem
That pop-lock move, tho. Lol. Mr. Rogers was the man.
What a Weirdo.
What a Weirdo. - Před měsícem
is this going to be showing in the uk?
Alexia Stewart
Alexia Stewart - Před měsícem
What a Weirdo. You can check the website in the description. If it is playing in the UK you can also check what locations it will be playing and when.
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