Help decide Selena's new fragrance

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Loc Kittiraj
Loc Kittiraj - Před 3 měsíci
The third one, Selena. It will match u better. I love u. I’m a big fan.
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez - Před 7 měsíci
Got it
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez - Před 7 měsíci
What's the name of the fragrance ?
Liv S
Liv S - Před 7 měsíci
Eau de Parfum is the main one. There is also one called Vivamore
Ariana is queen Edit tutorials
Ariana is queen Edit tutorials - Před 8 měsíci
I’m sending love to you selena!

Queen selena ( even through I’m Ariana fan still QUEEN!
Lucky was here.
Lucky was here. - Před 5 měsíci
Dalal - Před 2 lety
Big love for u selena💕
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly - Před 3 lety
selena look favij on youtube talk about you
Abde London
Abde London - Před 3 lety
I love you Selena Gomez
Sarah Luwesi
Sarah Luwesi - Před 3 měsíci
Selena Gomez ?
selenagirl63 - Před 4 lety
I was one of the first
Eylem Özdemir
Eylem Özdemir - Před 4 lety
Emily Hamilton
Emily Hamilton - Před 5 lety
I got my sample from her
iloveselenagomez yeah
iloveselenagomez yeah - Před 5 lety
Sad for you that place is taken by MOI!!!!!!!!!!
Emman Bangug
Emman Bangug - Před 6 lety
Can You Do A Video Fragrance With Mattyb!! Pls Do A Perfume That's Is A In Love Perfume. Do The Best Perfume In The world!!! You are the best!
endlessephemeral - Před 6 lety
i was one of the hundred thousand
Nicole Woods
Nicole Woods - Před 6 lety
thats really mean to say about her...she didnt just use Justin for more fans, she loved him! she isnt a liar and theres no reason to hate her.. and if you hate her so much why the hell would you buy her perfurme, thats stupid. think girl.. think
drone dji
drone dji - Před rokem
Debasree Dutta don't blame her for no reason. Justin Bieber had used her. Selena Gomez life performance are pretty good.
awesome chan
awesome chan - Před rokem
Nicole Woods she's good for nothing girl. She did use Justin for more fans and when her plan was over they broke up leaving him miserable. That stupid girl has no idea how to sing and if u don't believe watch her live performances
Vanessa Styles
Vanessa Styles - Před 6 lety
CALL ME AT 519-668-7106
Jasmine Hayter
Jasmine Hayter - Před 6 lety
love, Jasmine (#1 FAN EVER AND IN THE UNIVERSE!!!)
:) :) :) :)
Анжелика Гулиева
Love you Selena! please write to me on Skype. I have to tell you something. it is very important. My Skype "anzhelika.gulieva1"
Katelynn Shandik
Katelynn Shandik - Před 6 lety
Angelamarottakw your jacked up
aangellax - Před 6 lety
Make it smell like cat shit or should I say make it smell like u
Lovaticgiirl15〈3 - Před 6 lety
She's so kind.:) No one lets her/his fans to decide how her/his fragrance smells like.(I don't really like her,but I love her films and she's so kind.:))
Brooke Littlely
Brooke Littlely - Před 6 lety
If you think it smells like "cat shit" then why buy it in the first place idiot? Go attention seek somewhere else
helin oncu
helin oncu - Před 6 lety
selena is your fragrance coming out in sweden
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen - Před 6 lety
It's really impolite and rude to call someone's perfume cat shit! Big fat liar? Firstly, she's not fat. Secondly, What did she lie about? And let me tell you "bitch" means someone who sleeps with different people to get money, well, she doesn't! And she mostly got haters for dating Bieber, not fans. She probably doesn't need Bieber to be more famous! Got my point? Your punctuation is bad so i'm just afraid you can't get it.
Hayley Ware
Hayley Ware - Před 6 lety
OMG she's perfect, her fragrance has just come out here in New Zealand!! It smells soooooo good!!! And I love selena sooooo much, I'm also a belieber!! Us beliebers aren't all like this ungrateful skank called sasha12280. Most if us are quite nice!! But I am a selenator Nd a belieber for life!!! love you sel!!! xox
Angela Maria
Angela Maria - Před 6 lety
she's too pretty for life omg
Darwin Watterson
Darwin Watterson - Před 6 lety
If you hate her then why bother buying her fragrance? She's not a liar, nor is she big or fat. She's not trying to get money from people she's really nice. You're lying. I like her, you're it instead! She wasn't using JB, personally I think JB and Selena have the same height of popularity.
P.S. Your punctuation is awful. Go start pre-school and UNDERSTAND it.
Tori Suslova
Tori Suslova - Před 6 lety
Gabrielle Mila Popovic
Gabrielle Mila Popovic - Před 6 lety
Perfect Selena
Anilasita - Před 6 lety
make a summery one !
Ademar vilhena
Ademar vilhena - Před 6 lety
vc e linda amor da minha vida
embrace1another - Před 6 lety
Please check out my cover of
"Come & Get It" By Selena Gomez!
100stacy - Před 6 lety
i hate the dumb people who think this is new, december 2011 you don't see?
E. D.
E. D. - Před 6 lety
always these fake fans/selenators win-.- fml
zilarry - Před 6 lety
Guys, who like selena so much! LIKE!
ariel ngor
ariel ngor - Před 6 lety
The last part
Letesha May
Letesha May - Před 6 lety
you should get to the doctor cause i think you have some form of jealousy
Dagmar Ella
Dagmar Ella - Před 6 lety
I love you Selena so much
Tim Carlin
Tim Carlin - Před 6 lety
You soo much
Tim Carlin
Tim Carlin - Před 6 lety
I love
nicole goodman
nicole goodman - Před 6 lety
u r rank just wat is that comment saying u no little kids are probs
smol m
smol m - Před 6 lety
I love it!
riwind rwall
riwind rwall - Před 6 lety
her account is just critisizing selena psh
riwind rwall
riwind rwall - Před 6 lety
every body spam sasha12280s account with thumbs down arrh hatr
Jade Coughlin
Jade Coughlin - Před 6 lety
Ur so pretty Selena I really want to meet u I've got my whole wall filled with ur posters I love u Selena x
Elma Selenator
Elma Selenator - Před 6 lety
Thumbs up If you love Selena , And hate her haters !
Elma Selenator
Elma Selenator - Před 6 lety
I Love You Sel
ddddddddd - Před 6 lety
put Justin's sperms on it. so it will sell
Liyamuruppel Aji
Liyamuruppel Aji - Před 6 lety
love u selena
bianca zunker
bianca zunker - Před 6 lety
MissSelGomezFANS - Před 6 lety
why is she so PERFECT!!
Jbey - Před 6 lety
I don't care about what she's saying but she's so beautifuul..
Kemi116 - Před 6 lety
awww, i rememeber thiss :)) i got so excited for it when i saw it was uploaded a few minutes ago. then i realised it was only for her fans in america lol. and currently her perfume still is too :(
reshma kahrim
reshma kahrim - Před 6 lety
Its nice how Selena gets her fans involved on the things she does, like helping her pick a fragrence.
reshma kahrim
reshma kahrim - Před 6 lety
Guessing your an ungrateful skank bieleber?? Just shut up and go HATE some where eles. You think Selena is on her own? Your WRONG. We are here to protect her and stand up for her from people like you. We are Selenators and were proud.
Julia Sowinska
Julia Sowinska - Před 6 lety
Sasha12280 You really shouldn't waste your time on worthless comments.....
And if you think Selena is a big fat liar you should think again! So if you don't like her,why are you watching Selena's video and commenting rude stuff.
I think no one will agree with your shit. So yeah. Thumbs up for Selena ;)))
Zainab Al Lbabidi
Zainab Al Lbabidi - Před 6 lety
To much makeup...
Valerie Horan
Valerie Horan - Před 6 lety
And i won :)
adriana nosko
adriana nosko - Před 6 lety
to her Selena's the bitch, but she's not!! She is beautiful, talented, smart, cute and has a wonderful lovegiving heart, that helps the weak and poor. I really appreciate you, Selena ! I love you!!!
errika98 - Před 6 lety
wow whait a sec . I'm confused who's da bitch here ?
tia price
tia price - Před 6 lety
How about it could be called. I'm so upset that I broke up with Justin bieber and the scent I'm a bitch
Jimme Aleman
Jimme Aleman - Před 6 lety
Selena Gomez I love you
TheInfinitysmile - Před 6 lety
ImperfectGees - Před 6 lety
SItting here freaking out... I remember when this video came out I hurried up and when to vote! I was one of the 100,000! Love herrr
jonathan jimbo
jonathan jimbo - Před 6 lety
I love U
HaleynEmi - Před 6 lety
I love sel Gomez!!!!
Salleh - Před 6 lety
I got ur perfume on christmas, Selena. My friend said just imagine how awesome it would be it you dipped your fingerinto every bottle :) that would be SO cool, u r my idal xxxxx my teacher was playing love you like a love song today in school, because she was playing love songs and can I just say, I love YOU like a love song, Selena Marie Gomez :) I'm ur biggest selenator 4 life, my bedroom is a shrine for u
Salleh - Před 6 lety
pretty12preteen yes, selena gomez nd the crew r making a new wozards movie reunion called alex vs. alex :) I can't wait xD
paprika - Před 6 lety
Selena, can you please check out my cover of B-e-a-utiful by Megan Nicole? I'd appreciate it. You don't have to if you don't want to.
Mariana - Před 6 lety
eu amo a selena ela e todas as telas de minhas coisas eletricas i love you selena
shahad alahmad
shahad alahmad - Před 6 lety
nomiz97 - Před 6 lety
your sooooooo hot and my friend Dallo (russian) is g*y and thinks your not hot so i killed him now its no Dallo
Taylor Fowler
Taylor Fowler - Před 6 lety
You are my lock screen background on my iphone
Princesa Enara
Princesa Enara - Před 6 lety
shes amazing yeah
selenasfanc yea
selenasfanc yea - Před 6 lety
selena we love ya and we know that u Are doing the best loveeeeeeeeeeeee you .
kasia5209 - Před 6 lety
haha you're funny cos i also got the fregrance and it it has the most beautiful
Lucas Gegunde
Lucas Gegunde - Před 6 lety
ur hot
Tamara - Před 6 lety
no entiendo nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
yazzie phillips
yazzie phillips - Před 6 lety
can u still help pick the fragrances?
emily blackwell
emily blackwell - Před 6 lety
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amelia T
Amelia T - Před 6 lety
if you hate her so much, why did you buy her fragrance :L
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