Cardi B Carpool Karaoke

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WubDubSteph - Před 24 minutami
James Corden Is fake media
Bombón Orellana
Bombón Orellana - Před 24 minutami
Gunter 😂😂😂 Are you looking for a significant other 💀
Brandon Padilla
Brandon Padilla - Před 24 minutami
Emma Hehl
Emma Hehl - Před 24 minutami
she really had me on the ground when she said “ that sounds perverted”
Emma Fenton
Emma Fenton - Před 24 minutami
Why am I a better driver than cardi... I’m not even old enough to have a licence 💀
Soldier of Science
Soldier of Science - Před 24 minutami
Actually first time I have ever heard her and i was impressed
Yazmine Melendez
Yazmine Melendez - Před 24 minutami
Tomb - Před 24 minutami
do paramore
Samantha Elbert
Samantha Elbert - Před 24 minutami
I love her outfit soooooooo much!! It’s my favorite color!! 😍😍😍😍
Adriana Orozco H.
Adriana Orozco H. - Před 24 minutami
her personality and makeup are everything
A G M - Před 24 minutami
Those kids at the park were soooo lucky!!😂 Cardi inspires me!!❤️
Sophia Jones-Ramirez
Sophia Jones-Ramirez - Před 24 minutami
I'm literally dead! XD
aljon scott
aljon scott - Před 24 minutami
Looking at those breast the whole time sorry
The Perez Cousins
The Perez Cousins - Před 24 minutami
Those were some freaky elderlys😂
Bella Jarts
Bella Jarts - Před 24 minutami
omg why are they singing the same song over and over??? wait? those aren't the same songs? had me fooled.
LegendBTV - Před 25 minutami
Here's my reaction to this masterpiece ! :)
Baby Amb's Official
Baby Amb's Official - Před 25 minutami
aye I love her personality I also really love her music!💕 @cardib
radioactive ood
radioactive ood - Před 25 minutami
She drove like how I used to drive in midtown madness lmao 😆
Joshua Ramos
Joshua Ramos - Před 25 minutami
"Getting chased by the puhhlease"
Klaudia E
Klaudia E - Před 25 minutami
Maramawit Tilahun
Maramawit Tilahun - Před 25 minutami
"are you look Iooking for a significant other" I choked on my cookies
Lilac Nostalgia
Lilac Nostalgia - Před 25 minutami
The contrast of their accents tho. ❤️😂
Kevacado - Před 25 minutami
why. just, why.
Levi Qeen
Levi Qeen - Před 25 minutami
love it when she wears light makeup
Tiff !
Tiff ! - Před 25 minutami
This was the cutest and purest thing I’ve seen in min
Booper Duooper
Booper Duooper - Před 25 minutami
BLACK BUTTERFLY - Před 25 minutami
iOsven - Před 26 minutami
4:17 that orgasm, my god
Gaming Life
Gaming Life - Před 26 minutami
0:13 10/10 singing
Booper Duooper
Booper Duooper - Před 26 minutami
Malik Jones
Malik Jones - Před 26 minutami
Cardi Drivin' AINT NO JOKE... As Cardi just said HE HE HE HE HA HA HA HA 🤣🤣🤣 That personality! "Brighten Ppl Days"
PiscesWhispers - Před 26 minutami
Cardi always showing love to the ASMR community 👏🏼💖
VoLtAgE _1453
VoLtAgE _1453 - Před 26 minutami
That was hilarious
Michael Milazzo
Michael Milazzo - Před 26 minutami
This was real nice cardi b show some love ❤️
Booper Duooper
Booper Duooper - Před 26 minutami
Booper Duooper
Booper Duooper - Před 26 minutami
TaeTae yes!
TaeTae yes! - Před 26 minutami
“you can say that on tv” 😂😂😂😂
Much love for cardi ❤️❤️❤️
Diy queen_ der Kimball
Diy queen_ der Kimball - Před 26 minutami
Do Nicki pls like if y’all want her
Kerby Galang
Kerby Galang - Před 26 minutami
cardi b be like : *_ehe u cant fck with me nicki_*
A.D.E TV - Před 26 minutami
Hi guys I just need you to open the link and view our video.
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A.D.E TV - Před 26 minutami
Hi guys I just need you to open the link and view our video.
Don't forget to click subscribe.
uyanga enkhbat
uyanga enkhbat - Před 26 minutami
her face expression discusting uufff
Red Velvet And other Kpop random vidy
So basically they gonna sing with each like idiot out from nowhere
The Unknown Gamer
The Unknown Gamer - Před 26 minutami
Don't tell me that she doesn't act like j-roc
Bridget Simpson
Bridget Simpson - Před 26 minutami
I caught myself smiling this whole video 🤗🤗
Prodigy - Před 26 minutami
Lockie cringy
ftevelyn - Před 26 minutami
10:29 I felt that 😂 she so into the song
reina patel
reina patel - Před 27 minutami
Okuu okkku okku kuku
Balfred Rosas
Balfred Rosas - Před 27 minutami
Bye offset 💔☹️
victoria man
victoria man - Před 27 minutami
Thank you James Gorden for reminding me of my blessings this Christmas!
Thank God I did not have to talk too a complete retard for 15 minutes today...
Fidel Mackenzie Visbal
Fidel Mackenzie Visbal - Před 27 minutami
Xo jailyn Xo
Xo jailyn Xo - Před 27 minutami
Love her personality ❣️😂 part2?
Vivianna Osteguin
Vivianna Osteguin - Před 27 minutami
He should carpool with BadBunny
FanTa frostY
FanTa frostY - Před 27 minutami
Did anybody hear that moan ?
rockafelladw - Před 27 minutami
I don't know how people like this woman. She curls my upper lip.
orichalcos 666
orichalcos 666 - Před 27 minutami
Fuck yhese fat british punks
Kimberly Flores
Kimberly Flores - Před 27 minutami
Dont forget to subscribe to pewdiepie 👍
rana jonas
rana jonas - Před 27 minutami
ok so i'm still watching the beginning but i had to pause, does anyone else notice that the eyeliner on her left eye is way thicker then they right 😂 idk if i'm seeing things or its just the camera angle loool.
ps: makeup and outfit on pointttt Cardi ❤️
feiroh is ok
feiroh is ok - Před 27 minutami
Do one with Brendon Urie
King Anthony
King Anthony - Před 27 minutami
Them seniors lit ass shit😂😭
Jafet Salazar
Jafet Salazar - Před 28 minutami
She is very hot
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande - Před 28 minutami
I love Cardi ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Citc Hey yo
Citc Hey yo - Před 28 minutami
Camila Cabello next!!!
Syarif Alkaf
Syarif Alkaf - Před 28 minutami
13:16 hey gunter... hows central perk ? 😂
xHonestly Tropicalx
xHonestly Tropicalx - Před 28 minutami
Cardi’s outfit is fire!!!🔥🔥🔥
Random Things
Random Things - Před 28 minutami
I thought I couldn’t drive 😳
DottieMinerva - Před 28 minutami
Those old people were thirsty as fuck 😂
OhyoOhyo Myoui
OhyoOhyo Myoui - Před 28 minutami
#46 Trending in the Philippines
H&J Tutorials
H&J Tutorials - Před 28 minutami
Shonda Jackson
Shonda Jackson - Před 28 minutami
Vercetti rare
Vercetti rare - Před 28 minutami
She singing at so powerfully like if she really did have a ghostwriter cuz that's how banging her damn lyrics are😂💚
Juranda  Azhari
Juranda Azhari - Před 28 minutami
Nicky minaj should be in that car too🤣🤣
Nini Johnson
Nini Johnson - Před 28 minutami
I made a reaction to this video 😂
Evan Wladkowski
Evan Wladkowski - Před 28 minutami
Dam Gunter gettin it
fahad khan
fahad khan - Před 28 minutami
Kaylie Tube
Kaylie Tube - Před 28 minutami
Lol cardi b is so fun and iconic
Nini Johnson
Nini Johnson - Před 28 minutami
This makes me like cardi even more 😫😃😃
Gisselle Marie Fernandez
Gisselle Marie Fernandez - Před 28 minutami
Cardi is mom.
NoobTaco - Před 28 minutami
Just no.
Camellia CG
Camellia CG - Před 28 minutami
My name is cardi yay 😂😂😂
Eniola Akinola
Eniola Akinola - Před 28 minutami
I love my cardib she real as fuck 😍😘 you go sis 🤗😊 she funny
Crystal Wilson
Crystal Wilson - Před 29 minutami
Omg I just love you Cardi!!❤️❤️❤️
Marnisa Muses
Marnisa Muses - Před 29 minutami
She's herself all day long... Yuck. I don't think I've seen a dumber female making the rest of us look stupid in a very long time.
Billboard Edits
Billboard Edits - Před 29 minutami
Yessenia Factos
Yessenia Factos - Před 29 minutami
wow number one in trends ♥ ️ ♥ ️
ENCubing - Před 29 minutami
she was so in her feelings during be careful
Justin Le
Justin Le - Před 29 minutami
Offset mega jealous of Gunter (don't @ me).
Sara Cullens
Sara Cullens - Před 29 minutami
I hope she goes back to the senior living home because she looked genuinely happy to be there
oneofthefew - Před 29 minutami
cardi is dead the only one that hasn’t let fame change her. she got the best personality i swear
Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright - Před 29 minutami
Too funny and Bodak Yellow is still the best female rap song I have ever heard.
Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani - Před 29 minutami
Love her!!!
Isabella Marie
Isabella Marie - Před 29 minutami
Gunter X Cardi, I ship tf outta it.😂😂💀
Jon Williamson
Jon Williamson - Před 29 minutami
can we replace james with something cooler
FunnyAyeHoles - Před 29 minutami
We get it ppl. You guys like to comment about how she’s real and fun. Stfu already she’s just a grown child we get it.
Corinthos83 - Před 29 minutami
Bruhh Gunter was ready to risk it all 😂😂
Dj smiles
Dj smiles - Před 29 minutami
Who is wearing preston playz merch
Esperanza Juarez
Esperanza Juarez - Před 30 minutami
Here at 7 mill views
I love Nick But I don’t like you
10:40 cardi putting this on blast everytime she sees offset
Stephanie Lopez
Stephanie Lopez - Před 30 minutami
You call this real music?
kill em with KINDNESS
kill em with KINDNESS - Před 30 minutami
If nicki minaj did this, she would be in there acting like a fake ass British barbie and shit. "Darling this, and darling that" BITCH YOU FROM NEW YORK. RELAX🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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