Behind the Scenes Dream Out Loud Photoshoot

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ruha kh
ruha kh - Před 25 dny
I love u Selena u are amazing♥♥♥
Daniel Nishida
Daniel Nishida - Před 6 měsíci
THE LEGEND OF TEEN POP IS BACK!!! Can't wait to see ur next album, SG!! I hope it rocks!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 #luvthee
Michelle Morera
Michelle Morera - Před 9 měsíci
Omg Baylor 💛
Anne Gabriely
Anne Gabriely - Před 10 měsíci
E AI POVÃO, 2018
ilbwfy •
ilbwfy • - Před rokem
Baylor :(
Taha Bahadır
Taha Bahadır - Před 2 lety
I m big fan you
Ijaz Saki
Ijaz Saki - Před 3 lety
I leik
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez - Před 3 lety
Karynn Dragonova
Karynn Dragonova - Před 4 lety
Hi Ms. Selena Gomez. Thank you for inspiring me and a lot more people all these years. I love you. God bless 💖 🙏 😍
amir ali oliaee
amir ali oliaee - Před 4 lety
big like
Marlie - Před 4 lety
+Selena Gomez LOVE YOU
Zb.leksana Zb.leksana
Zb.leksana Zb.leksana - Před 2 lety
siapa ?
Betsabe Nina Villca
Betsabe Nina Villca - Před 4 lety
Sta supr las fotos d Sel
Lea Schnieber
Lea Schnieber - Před 4 lety
+Rose_ 1DFan Aww da kommt Baylor, ihr Hundii vor ♥.♥
Rosanna - Před 4 lety
Der Wind, der durch Sellys Haare weht... und ihre Stimme und DIESER MEGAHAMMERSÜSSE HUNDIIIII!!!!! <3<3<3 - ♥-♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ Aaaawwww!!! - ^-^
Lea Schnieber
Lea Schnieber - Před 4 lety
+Rose_ 1DFan Aww da kommt Baylor, ihr Hundii vor ♥.♥
Juliette Heba
Juliette Heba - Před 4 lety
selenas not that beautiful she just puts makeup in her face to look that beautiful.
Have a magical day
Have a magical day - Před rokem
Makeup can’t make a person beautiful without the person already being beautiful, she is beautiful AND KIND. Outside looks doesn’t matter as much as personality and your jealous personality is rotten. Get a life
Shefali D
Shefali D - Před rokem
Shes pretty without makeup also<3such a beautiful skin she has:-)
i eat pasta for brakefast
i eat pasta for brakefast - Před 2 lety
Juliette Heba The haters gonna hate hate hate
Azzle Adila
Azzle Adila - Před 3 lety
She's so beautiful inside and out
Juliette Heba
Juliette Heba - Před 4 lety
selenas not that beautiful she just puts makeup in her face to look that beautiful
Chico Chicano
Chico Chicano - Před 5 lety
Amelia Jasinska
Amelia Jasinska - Před 5 lety
OMG!!!!, you're sooooooooooooooooo pretty!I
Marc V
Marc V - Před 5 lety
Her clothing line is about us her music is about us the stars dance tour is about us thats why i love our queen soooo much
Atina Shalamanova
Atina Shalamanova - Před 5 lety
Please I want this collection to come in Bulgaria! I love you Selena
sarah hornung
sarah hornung - Před 5 lety
i want to have things from your collection! But the collection is not in germany :(
J P - Před 5 lety
I want to go to Selena Gomez concert again even though i went before
Shoshilush - Před 5 lety
I freaking love her and always will, she's just so real.
Engie SG
Engie SG - Před 5 lety
she NEVER posted for playboy....if you were a real selenator you would recognize the photoshop....and you would probably know that selena would never do that...
MGT GaMeR - Před 5 lety

faivkangurxn - Před 5 lety
Little Baylor 3
Juliana Shell
Juliana Shell - Před 5 lety
You go gurl
raiza cor
raiza cor - Před 6 lety
eres la mejor selena gomez
selenator4everyeah - Před 6 lety
Katrina Scheetz
Katrina Scheetz - Před 6 lety
its fake, you do know that write?
Anna Lopez
Anna Lopez - Před 6 lety
you do know those pictures are fake right..? theyre photoshopped.
Derp Guy
Derp Guy - Před 6 lety
Now that she started posing for playboy, it makes it hard for me to like her..... Im not saying that i hate her, Im still a selenator
Alina Khlibna
Alina Khlibna - Před 6 lety
you clas forever
Sophia Magalhaes
Sophia Magalhaes - Před 6 lety
i'll be a selenator forever
Kåłë Glãdkoßá
Kåłë Glãdkoßá - Před 6 lety
I'm your fan, I adore you, I know the song Come and get it by heart, write your Skype talk;)
Arianna Baity
Arianna Baity - Před 6 lety
She so sweet
Daniel - Před 6 lety
Elisa - Před 6 lety
selena creat neo adidas je crois and dream and lout she is subliminable I 3 you Selena I'm can be singing my best friend love wati B donnez lui des places de concert si possible se serais tres gentil thank you very munch i love selena
Adriana Diaz
Adriana Diaz - Před 6 lety
Te amo Sel
mari c
mari c - Před 6 lety
you tell them Selena! cx c;
embrace1another - Před 6 lety
Please check out my cover of
"Come & Get It" By Selena Gomez!
Jenna Hall
Jenna Hall - Před 6 lety
She should do a make up tutorial!! She's beautiful
Cristina Selenator
Cristina Selenator - Před 6 lety
Yesenia Navarro
Yesenia Navarro - Před 6 lety
Lol I'm wearing DREAM OUT LOUD right now!!:)
lutove94 - Před 6 lety
yeah se llama baylor :'( hasta fue adoptado... :(
Ella Nina
Ella Nina - Před 6 lety
monze de luna
monze de luna - Před 6 lety
:3 pretty..!!
asmaa pretty
asmaa pretty - Před 6 lety
How about a long skirt Selena ooh oh how about summer drees that would be nice
Momina Malik
Momina Malik - Před 6 lety
Lucky Dog !
Cam corder
Cam corder - Před 6 lety
she look like Julia Robert
dymondgirl5555 - Před 6 lety
I dont know why it says only at kmart because they now have the clothes at walmart if you live in canada, so if your not from canada and you have a walmart check out the stores there
Taylor Schandler
Taylor Schandler - Před 6 lety
she is so pretty
Carla Jessica
Carla Jessica - Před 6 lety
Adriana Diaz
Adriana Diaz - Před 6 lety
I lov sel
Valentina Romero
Valentina Romero - Před 6 lety
I just love some of the clothes, but there's no k mart where I live :(
TheLGAGirl - Před 6 lety
Wish we had a k-mart
Karen calzada
Karen calzada - Před 6 lety
She has the most sexiest voice ever
UnknownJ - Před 6 lety
Kmart WOWWW Big No :|
Karishma - Před 6 lety
Wauw. I live your hair
Shriya Sharma
Shriya Sharma - Před 6 lety
Wow !!!! Awesome
Oumou Ba
Oumou Ba - Před 6 lety
leonela taveras
leonela taveras - Před 6 lety
Is it true you and Justin broke up
Yeliana Gomez
Yeliana Gomez - Před 6 lety
Me parese tan Liindo el peritho
ASta un Perrito tiene mas suerte k Yo ♥
Ника Ангел
Ника Ангел - Před 6 lety
ты супер!
MissSelenaPassion - Před 6 lety
Love you
kristine bassett
kristine bassett - Před 6 lety
I like to wear sweats. LOL. but that's just me, I like being comfortable
Sara R.
Sara R. - Před 6 lety
Awwww Baylor is there :))) i want a dog just like dat, it has the most adorable eyes ever!!! Lol :D
bob good
bob good - Před 6 lety
Hey your my biggest player i am your # 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!! text back thanks
mikhaila knight
mikhaila knight - Před 6 lety
wooow selena you dont know how much u inspire me i love u so much if i saw u i will not get your autograph cuz i will faint and not wake i love u so much i love to sing and dance and stuff i listen to ur songs alot
Charlotte Courtney
Charlotte Courtney - Před 6 lety
You're such an inspiration
Zach Tarrant
Zach Tarrant - Před 6 lety
Sorry will you marry me
Zach Tarrant
Zach Tarrant - Před 6 lety
Will u Marty me
yungfine - Před 6 lety
Look when this was uploaded
Sabah Aslam
Sabah Aslam - Před 6 lety
Plz plz selena can you bring dream out loud to the uk I am dying to by some.
jazmine natal
jazmine natal - Před 6 lety
I love UR collection
chastity Hooper
chastity Hooper - Před 6 lety
I wish I was her! She looks great in EVERYTHING!!!!
mary mary
mary mary - Před 6 lety
aww baylor is so cute :) he's a lucky dog !
jolie L
jolie L - Před 6 lety
She wears skinny jeans reliogiously?
natalee suez
natalee suez - Před 6 lety
you funny selena ...
Alexandra Ramirez
Alexandra Ramirez - Před 6 lety
She is not a it she is a her. God what's wrong with people this days.
Rykc - Před 6 lety
love you selenar kiss
Aurora Ernster
Aurora Ernster - Před 6 lety
mine too
Aurora Ernster
Aurora Ernster - Před 6 lety
its a girl
daiana escobar
daiana escobar - Před 6 lety
i lovwe baylor that dog is very beautiful :D kiss
محمدج محمدسهلواني
Jesper Petersson
Jesper Petersson - Před 6 lety
would you have called?:P
Isa Gomez
Isa Gomez - Před 6 lety
I love his clothing line
Alicia aliciawebb
Alicia aliciawebb - Před 6 lety
Baylor Is A Beautiful Dog
duvet vem
duvet vem - Před 6 lety
Have you kik Selena?
DesireeIvy99 - Před 6 lety
i loveeee you selena you are my role model ,fashion icon, insperation :)
laxplayer224 - Před 6 lety
umamifhaiu mith
umamifhaiu mith - Před 6 lety
lol some people are idiots
TheSingingDivas - Před 6 lety
no selena gomezs real account is Selenagomezvevo
Lo Lbgr
Lo Lbgr - Před 6 lety
Beautiful sel
Hajab Fatima
Hajab Fatima - Před 6 lety
luv u Selena luv your style and music
Guilherme Souza
Guilherme Souza - Před 6 lety
DarinaAvenion - Před 6 lety
yes it is
Amy Rubio
Amy Rubio - Před 6 lety
Is this Selena real account?
Sophie Scott
Sophie Scott - Před 6 lety
That Is True You Should Wear What You Want And Not Be Judged
VanessaVSH - Před 6 lety
Sabrina C.
Sabrina C. - Před 6 lety
there are candids ,a lot of, and shes wearing all that stuff
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