Fortnite - Season 8 - Cinematic Trailer

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The Shadowless
The Shadowless - Před 21 hodinou
And the season trailers are recommended up to season 8!
Meys Kitty
Meys Kitty - Před 5 dny
Season 8 gave us a spoiler from the event . At the end where it says ,, X marks the spot ,, the x is actually on the castle and .. now looks like It's about to fall because of the volcano .
Todo 124
Todo 124 - Před 8 dny
Season 9 person was here
Wind Productions
Wind Productions - Před 8 dny
This may not be my favorite season, but this trailer is my favorite.
JohnnyGoesBoom More
JohnnyGoesBoom More - Před 8 dny
Good old days my friend
Beaver Man Animations
Beaver Man Animations - Před 9 dny
Season 8 turned out to be very disappointing, glad to see that season 9 is absolutely amazing and fantastic!
el Jeliverto :v
el Jeliverto :v - Před 9 dny
Best trailer ever !
Season 3(week5) squad where you at
Ryan Hong
Ryan Hong - Před 10 dny
0:36 *I’m about to yeet yo pickle chin ass*

crazycorn . 1
crazycorn . 1 - Před 10 dny
Scary poo poo
Jacob - Random Content
Jacob - Random Content - Před 10 dny
Yes! The story is progressing!
Puffy - Před 11 dny
what did this have to do with anything
Bizarre - Před 11 dny
Hmmm is season 9 really that bad? I see no complaining in this comment section. I wouldn’t know cus I haven’t played yet
Nave0819 - Před 11 dny
2nd best season
AVRAHAM skills
AVRAHAM skills - Před 12 dny
You can put Thanos in Creative thanks
Bunty Fan1
Bunty Fan1 - Před 12 dny
Anyone here in season 9?
kostas xaros
kostas xaros - Před 12 dny
Playback is required to do it out fornite and even fieu and even if I am a
Ghislaine Gigo Paermentier
Like jf your watching when its season 9
Malik Mussa
Malik Mussa - Před 12 dny
Season 9 btw
Khuza - Před 12 dny
Whos here season 9
DecayingKing ____
DecayingKing ____ - Před 12 dny
Everyday we stray further and further epic let it go its ok move on
Deyan Rosen Georgiev
Deyan Rosen Georgiev - Před 12 dny
Fortnite where is seoson 9
xMirani - Před 12 dny
Season 10?
Norûk The wicked
Norûk The wicked - Před 12 dny
xd AlvinTheB3ast23
xd AlvinTheB3ast23 - Před 12 dny
The future looks sweaty fortnite season 9
DeRpY - Před 12 dny
They put a x on polar peak, its leaving season 9
ItzKingChemical - Před 12 dny
and still turned out to be a garbage game
Anthony Prieto
Anthony Prieto - Před 12 dny
Anyone else here from the final hours of Season 8 and waiting for Season 9?
the savage rock 669
the savage rock 669 - Před 12 dny
Who else thought it said season 9
Michelle Soriano
Michelle Soriano - Před 13 dny
Season 6
the last ones
the last ones - Před 13 dny
Epic I say this for all the deafults out there that we all deserve a battle pass the only things the can afford is things that are 200 vbucks
Who Are These Youtubers?
Who Are These Youtubers? - Před 13 dny
It felt like Season 8 started yesterday and today it leaving 😩😩
Joandro Maldonado
Joandro Maldonado - Před 13 dny
You love fornite
give me vbucks please
give me vbucks please - Před 13 dny
Who’s here from Season 9?
Reaper Playz
Reaper Playz - Před 12 dny
Season 9 didn't start
Dark ColombusFN
Dark ColombusFN - Před 13 dny
season 9 here
Random Gamer
Random Gamer - Před 13 dny
season 9 here
LegendaryGaming - Před 13 dny
who here before season 9?
your mom
your mom - Před 12 dny
Bro season 9 just released a few seconds ago
elnegro xd
elnegro xd - Před 12 dny
Eman Alnaser
Eman Alnaser - Před 13 dny
I want season 7 Back please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
sean battersby
sean battersby - Před 13 dny

thebest_ of gamer ayal
thebest_ of gamer ayal - Před 13 dny
fuk you epic every day lag
Reuben De Villiers
Reuben De Villiers - Před 13 dny
We need African servers epic
HAROON 1 - Před 13 dny
Rip season 8
Cow with no videos with 1000 Subscribers
Likmif started playing in season 1
Duolingo Com
Duolingo Com - Před 13 dny
I have a idea for season 9 you can go in a alien ship but are at risk of getting shot from alien npc
Ainis_ yt09
Ainis_ yt09 - Před 13 dny
Bober Onepunchman
Bober Onepunchman - Před 13 dny
C'est nul
Bober Onepunchman
Bober Onepunchman - Před 13 dny
Cameron Woods
Cameron Woods - Před 13 dny
What season did you start in?

Yeah I know no one cares
spectre 799
spectre 799 - Před 7 dny
Ryn Mckinley
Ryn Mckinley - Před 9 dny
MK100_BG - Před 12 dny
Thank god
Secret_Skillzz - Před 13 dny
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina - Před 13 dny
Sesion 3
RacersHockey420 BTW
RacersHockey420 BTW - Před 13 dny
Only season 9 players can like this
PedroCRAFT - Před 13 dny
Salvem os sem Skins eles estao entrando em extinção
FredCakes 102
FredCakes 102 - Před 13 dny
Fornite creen a un abuelo 👴 y que su bastón sea una escopeta soy el pro de 2008
Felipe Nascimento
Felipe Nascimento - Před 14 dny
Esse jogo tá uma bosta com esses erros de texturas
APL Joao
APL Joao - Před 14 dny
Oi eu queria faler que eu nao vi o evento do cofre pq bugou para mim .vcs colocaraoum aviso no fortinite que vcs iao dar para nos uma asa-delta eu nao ganhei purfavor vcs podem me inviar para mim a asa-delta
abner Gamer
abner Gamer - Před 14 dny
the fortnite did not leave for moto G5 play?
ayuki kazukawa
ayuki kazukawa - Před 14 dny
Season 9 Hypeee
Carbon_8t9 - Před 14 dny
Fortnite Fools everybody for long time guys .. time to leave
froggy2555 - Před 14 dny
every season this game gets worse and worse
BLACK PANTHER - Před 14 dny
why fortnite is not released on Android
The Marvel Kids
The Marvel Kids - Před 14 dny
Season 9: The Future Is Now.
Alexander Moran
Alexander Moran - Před 14 dny
Who’s here after season 8 end and watched season 9 trailer
Jonah Sandwich
Jonah Sandwich - Před 14 dny
Fortnite alot of players like the ahoy soundtrack add this soundtrack to all of the players lockers
blaze clan
blaze clan - Před 14 dny
I’m a big big big fan of fortnite
Tracy Martyn
Tracy Martyn - Před 14 dny
Hi IAM LilbabyVoid
Valter1275Plays - Před 16 dny
Make it in Acer iconia one 7
Vaversky [Kanał chwilowo zamknięty]
Fortnite seriously 😤😠 ?! Plagiarizes from Sea from Thives because most players have decided to play a different game
marshmello - Před 17 dny
Prisoner+boogie bomb= all server dancing
MunasarPlayz - Před 17 dny
Pause at 0:51 the X is at tilted towers!
The Marvel Kids
The Marvel Kids - Před 14 dny
That’s Polar Peak
Garbage Human
Garbage Human - Před 16 dny
MunasarPlayz and now it's gone
P D - Před 18 dny
Just here to say goodbye to season 8
- Khadeejok -
- Khadeejok - - Před 18 dny
That’s me and my siblings fighting for the last cookie
Boi Oil
Boi Oil - Před 18 dny
I'm always excited to wake up and watch these cinematic trailers on the day of a new season
whyWesT - Před 19 dny
Ceeday: Y’all kind of i season 8?
Epic: y’all mind if we take away syphon
Krispy samuel degville
Krispy samuel degville - Před 19 dny
I love season 8
La Araña Humana ;v
La Araña Humana ;v - Před 19 dny
Qué sigue? Papas Fritas con lazos?:vvv
KK Play
KK Play - Před 20 dny
My favourite trailer is season 8 I love that trailer so much!!
Naveen Cooray
Naveen Cooray - Před 20 dny
Anyone watching in season 748495937375849929203595858839293848583929487484?
Rolo the rat
Rolo the rat - Před 17 dny
Feros - Před 20 dny
season 4: Begins now
season 5: worlds collide:
season6: darkness rises
season 7: You better watch out
season 8: x marks the spot.
season 9: Thanos invades:
season 10: Were running out of ideas.
Season 11: uhdjhshsjkdhwekufyewuifwegvkwelhkngwuigywehip
DerpyPlayzYT - Před 21 dnem
if season 9 doesn’t have siphon and FOV resolutions, yeah this will die as fast as light can travel
Boudosaved - Před 21 dnem
*99% of comments:* Tries to get likes by saying "what season you start in"
*1% of comments:* Banana should be tier 100.
doedoedahunter_ YT
doedoedahunter_ YT - Před 22 dny
Season 9 is actually...
Beware nexus
doedoedahunter_ YT
doedoedahunter_ YT - Před 13 dny
Your right im most likely going with the future is neo
Naganata - Před 13 dny
"Future is Now" will be the motto i think of how they're setting up the teasers
Wowa M
Wowa M - Před 24 dny
Itzgaming Withcaleb
Itzgaming Withcaleb - Před 26 dny
0:14 this is how many pepole like season 8

Silv er
Silv er - Před 27 dny
Gijs Hoen
Gijs Hoen - Před 27 dny
worst trailer so fat
XmanTheConMan Thanos
XmanTheConMan Thanos - Před 29 dny
I played since season 1
XmanTheConMan Thanos
XmanTheConMan Thanos - Před 29 dny
I played some season 1
F0TG2 - Před měsícem
*_season 8 the buggest season of all time_*
RAYMER 31 - Před měsícem
AYBERKTR2005 - Před měsícem
The baddest Bartel aps ever
CgalGaming - Před měsícem
0:50 was on polar peak😯
k c
k c - Před měsícem
Can you please put more zip lines in the game
Danny Venter
Danny Venter - Před měsícem
When will you have splitscrean!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danger Denis
Danger Denis - Před měsícem
pls in future its still free
Stumpy Bear
Stumpy Bear - Před měsícem
We got 2 more weeks of season 8 I wounder what season 9 going to be like
Bunty Fan1
Bunty Fan1 - Před měsícem
WE ALL HOPE season 9 will be better
Estiben - Před měsícem
Best season skins = (season 3)
Le Roi des Poulpes
Le Roi des Poulpes - Před měsícem
Who want Fortnite season 1 2 3 4 back and Fortnite on Wii U
Turtle 358
Turtle 358 - Před 14 dny
Fortnite on switch only has 30 FPS, so on the wii u it would only have like 15, lol
Crashing Bailey
Crashing Bailey - Před 25 dny
Le Roi des Poulpes It wouldn’t come to the wii u because the switch has it and the wii u stop production with games a while back
TheMighty trex5
TheMighty trex5 - Před měsícem
My favorite part of the video 0:55
Zakia TAOUTAOU - Před měsícem
50 hpi plizs
W-I-C-K Wick
W-I-C-K Wick - Před měsícem
Something is going to happen at polar peak bcuzz if u notice carefully at the end the X land on polar peaks castle
W-I-C-K Wick
W-I-C-K Wick - Před měsícem
I think big moto moto like it wet
Super Mario Maker 2 Channel
Super Mario Maker 2 Channel - Před měsícem
Rolo the rat
Rolo the rat - Před měsícem
Moto moto
gta5kid narsay icho
gta5kid narsay icho - Před měsícem
Aber nur wenn mein Bruder da sehe ich oh das macht ok also ich gerade spielt.
gta5kid narsay icho
gta5kid narsay icho - Před měsícem
Epic Games lösch bitte Foto mal mein Bruder komplett durch Stress
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