Avengers: Endgame Trailer Breakdown

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ching chong
ching chong - Před dnem
Is there gonna be any fighting ????
XdeadplayX gaming
XdeadplayX gaming - Před 15 dny
What if ant man goes in thannos ear and expanded we know he won’t implode it because like the school scene in Ant man 2 he can’t grow bigger than the room so he will probably be somewhat tiny and then beat the shit out of his brain or the entire team could Throw these stars at him to make him smaller he wood explode without a suit
Really love avengers
Love you all
Rich Lewis
Rich Lewis - Před 27 dny
You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means. Decimation means 1 out 10. It dates back to roman times. Decimation was a punishment inflicted by Roman Legions when they failed in their duty Decimation was when 1 in 10 legionaires was beaten to death by the other 9. The snap killed 5 out of 10. Ergo, you sound foolish when you refer to the snap as a "decimation". Other than that, your videos are AWESOME!
x6King6x - Před měsícem
Dude really said Captain America wasn't on the shot with the white suits. Wow thats dumb. Know the difference between the two captains.
jobbor ali
jobbor ali - Před měsícem
not a single word for banner
Bill Whalen
Bill Whalen - Před měsícem
“A talented arrow user”?! The term is ARCHER sir!
Elijah Owens
Elijah Owens - Před měsícem
Thanos said after he finished his mission he would watch the sun set or something like that so umm
Elijah Owens
Elijah Owens - Před měsícem
The movie at least most of it will prob be about how they prepare to deafest Thanos and the will prob fight him at the end
IAN VINCENT - Před měsícem
thor and captain marvel cant be seen on the superbot shot simply because they are busy getting intimate on a vibranium bed
Pratik Dash
Pratik Dash - Před měsícem
Bruce banner is also not in there
syed ali
syed ali - Před měsícem
Boring trailer
jameskgeary - Před měsícem
We're all focusing on the "team up" shots dressed in the white suits. HOWEVER, the big "team up" running shot from the IW trailer didn't happen in the actual movie.
Thomas Cruise
Thomas Cruise - Před měsícem
Speaking of Hawkeye, Black Widow makes a point to say that Hawkeye isn't with them because "he took a deal" after Civil War because he's got family and is on house arrest. Same with Ant Man. So I'd assume since we see him in the trailer for Endgame, something particularly unfortunate had happened to his family (and possibly Ant Man's). If the apocalypse scenario of needing to prevent Thanos from getting the infinity stones in the first place wasn't enough to get him to leave them, I don't think it's likely he'd leave them at all given the crisis the world is in at that moment. Which to me suggests he was indeed very unlucky when the snap happened and probably lost all of them.
Janet Homola
Janet Homola - Před měsícem
Why does Thor have his hammer and not the ax when he is with Captain Marvel? I am assuming since Black Widow has a different hair color and length, that this is in a parallel/or multiple timeline? And do you think that Goose gave Thanos those scratches on his face?
The Judge
The Judge - Před měsícem
Spoiler alert... Avengers are going to spend an hour and a half preparing, Luis is going to steal a quantum realm suit, find a time vortex, appear behind star lord just before he hits thanos, use his knockout punch power on star lord. Then go into a three minute signature monologue about how he got there.
jamel lothian
jamel lothian - Před měsícem
didn't see the Hulk or Bruce banner in this trailer
HM2 [live]
HM2 [live] - Před měsícem
Space/ Quantum realm? In movie terms, what's the difference?
HM2 [live]
HM2 [live] - Před měsícem
The "hair" issue was ironically the least important thing to have an opnion about. #dumb 👎
Jr Juniors
Jr Juniors - Před měsícem
Okay just point out the obvious.
Cameron Janson
Cameron Janson - Před měsícem
So basically what I think is going to happen is Tony will have made a bot to fight thanos, more specifically a bot that can learn the power of each specific stone and create advanced algorithms to counter them. To which the robot will be able to remove the gauntlet from thanos. Tony will have had to use the most advanced technology he has ever created in order for it to work. After thanos is defeated the robot will not relinquish the gauntlet and then will reveal him self to be ultron. (I took this idea from the avengers cartoon as that’s pretty much how it ends) the reason I think this is when Spider-Man in home coming is shifting through the stolen tech. There is a head of a robot with red glowing eyes. You could always tell what body ultrons conscious was in because of the glowing red eyes. Also Tony has a bad habit of creating one evil in the pursuit defeating another. Idk if I’ll be any we’re close. There’s so many possibilities!!! Hurry up April 26th!!
Betta vlogs
Betta vlogs - Před měsícem
It would of sucked for Thanos to snap his fingers and then he disappeared to.
James Criss
James Criss - Před měsícem
Ok but why is no one talking about Shuri?? We don't know if she was snapped or not. Feels like she should be an integral part of the part of the movie before Nebula and Tony return to Earth.
Extreme Thunder9
Extreme Thunder9 - Před měsícem
Captain America is in the shot. He was the one in the front.
Josh Madsen
Josh Madsen - Před měsícem
fuck hulk right?
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez - Před měsícem
Thor has his hammer back!
Yesi V
Yesi V - Před měsícem
Time to wake up Starseeds. Give love, Receive love.
Mark Panella
Mark Panella - Před měsícem
Thor’s Hammer is back?
Lumos - Před měsícem
hey I doubt that anyone will even see this, but if only one person reads this it will make my day
Kaden Austin
Kaden Austin - Před měsícem
Doctor strange: “Were in the end game now.” TELL ME NOBODY PREDICTED THIS!!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!
Matthew I
Matthew I - Před měsícem
That music in the background is cheesy and distracting.
Hernani Duarte
Hernani Duarte - Před měsícem
Dr strange made a timeloop
Spencer Berklite
Spencer Berklite - Před měsícem
"arrow user" > archer
SUPER Spicy Memes
SUPER Spicy Memes - Před měsícem
I am sick and tired of this motherflerkin kitty on this motherflerkin plane! -Nick Fury
Rhys films
Rhys films - Před měsícem
I love how the other guy didn't get the Ghostbusters reference
Gordie R
Gordie R - Před měsícem
Maybe he did and just didn’t say it
King0fDepravity - Před měsícem
Y’all have short hair lmao
Graf Aramaic
Graf Aramaic - Před měsícem
"Eeeehhh I hope it's not time travel. ." Wtf the dude in the grey sweat is fkng boring.
Graf Aramaic
Graf Aramaic - Před měsícem
"Two people who are not here .. Thor and Captain America" ?? Thor ain't in the procession but clearly cap is right up front.
Senator Ben Carson
Senator Ben Carson - Před měsícem
Better lighting pleas!
yofolks3 - Před měsícem
I'm going to see Captain Marvel Tuesday (wrote this Sunday afternoon). But I think Thanos will again destroy 50% of the last 50% of Earth that is still remaining. Thus, leaving only Thor and Captain Marvel. They eventually hook-up and have a baby boy! So, get ready for a Endgame II whereas the trio finally kills Thanos! My Theory yall !! LOL
WildSPAZZERS - Před měsícem
The thumbnail tho.
XtalVoldaren - Před měsícem
I think the boats around liberty island have drifted there and aren't docked there. They drifted there as they've been abandoned by their dusted owners.
purplesyndrome - Před měsícem
fuck real madrid
Sasha Beckford
Sasha Beckford - Před měsícem
Captain America is in the shot in the trailer. When the first scene when it shows the white armored suits
bomber_mobileBTW hss
bomber_mobileBTW hss - Před měsícem
There suits R just for looks
John Jammer
John Jammer - Před měsícem
Man this was grueling. I couldn’t watch these two nerds breakdown a swimsuit competition....
I’m such
I’m such - Před měsícem
Homer: Nerrrrrd!
DJ Lafleur
DJ Lafleur - Před měsícem
Pepper isn't there.... She was one of the ones taken in the snap... Tony gets back to earth, finds this out, uses entire brain to figure out how to kill thanos....end game....
Max Studio9
Max Studio9 - Před měsícem
Wawwww amazyng
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - Před měsícem
I'm curious, how and where does Thanos use the toilet?
Daniel Riveros
Daniel Riveros - Před měsícem
Hala Madrid
sorry m8
sorry m8 - Před měsícem
Am I the only one who thinks Brie Larson isn't that great og an actor? I just don't think her acting chops are just not A list. She's missing minor but important cues.
Horizon - Před měsícem
that guy on the left is so clueless, why is he there did he even watch a a marvel film
he also makes the most stupidest theory's
Tj - Před měsícem
These guys hated eachother
Mr Trash Bucks
Mr Trash Bucks - Před měsícem
I can't stop looking at the "ojo" part of WatchMojo
Michaelxyz2019 - Před měsícem
U don't deserve to be on trending
TheForgottenMenace - Před měsícem
Not gonna lie, new suits are giving me a Neon Genesis/Mobile Suit Gundam vibe. That might just be me.
Helder De Almeida
Helder De Almeida - Před měsícem
How idiot can you be? Just ask the guy in the gray shirt
Joe Paez
Joe Paez - Před měsícem
You guys are sleeping on the Hulk !
Kitty's Melody
Kitty's Melody - Před měsícem
Once again your attempts to breakdown a trailer fails miserably. It's a joke. Get people who actually know how to do this and don't focus on stupid things and waste time pointing out things that just don't really matter.
Spawnie - Před měsícem
Thor and Marvel will be fighting Thanos to prevent him from interrupting.
The rest of the avengers will travel back in time to warn Asgard and prevent thanos from killing loki. Together they stop thanos from collecting all the stones.
Dr strange need the snap to happen because its the way fury will summon marvel back to earth and she is instrumental with thor to prevent him from interrupting.
Jonathan Ochoa
Jonathan Ochoa - Před měsícem
Why would they fight each other? Redheads questions are irrelevant
Alex7sc - Před měsícem
White knights of captain marvel....
Nilda Salazar
Nilda Salazar - Před měsícem
How did Thor got mjolnir?
Noony - Před měsícem
Dislike for the Madrid jersey, Forza Barca!
Junaid Naveed
Junaid Naveed - Před měsícem
"Arrowuser" WTF!!!
Orvossy Istvan
Orvossy Istvan - Před měsícem
Talented arrow user is called an archer...
Azka Kenzo
Azka Kenzo - Před měsícem
Ccccccccc,,ccccccccccccccc,ccccccccccccccccc,vcd,vcd,cd,vcd,c,ccccc,vcd,c,,c,,vcd,c,,,cd,cd,c,c,,,c,,,,c,c,,cccccccccccccccccccccccc,,ccC,,,cd,c,,,vcd ccc7.
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis - Před měsícem
Don't worry, guy in the sweater: I got your Ghostbusters joke.
Jose the Vegan
Jose the Vegan - Před měsícem
Ok but, where the hell is hulk? Can anyone explain that to me please? 😂🙏🏽😭🙏🏽
Rina Islam
Rina Islam - Před měsícem
Is ironman wearing his suit??????
Omar Meza
Omar Meza - Před měsícem
Hi there it Erik Voss Here
Chris engler
Chris engler - Před měsícem
He said captain America wasn’t in the avengers suit shot and I was like wtf he was right smack in the front.
Matt Geerlings
Matt Geerlings - Před měsícem
I’d be sooo happy if Goose made an appearance. Thatd be soooo great
User - Před měsícem
What about Thor hammer I thought he lost it
GKCcal1ber1 - Před měsícem
Make this blue
Hussain Al-Janaby
Hussain Al-Janaby - Před měsícem
disliked cuz he said “brand spanking new”
Jimmy Miller
Jimmy Miller - Před měsícem
Just a thought but isn’t it called Ellis Island not Liberty island......?
Wig Splitter
Wig Splitter - Před měsícem
This looks like one of those early 2000s IGN reviews
biggwigg - Před měsícem
Very cool.
max dagle
max dagle - Před měsícem
I dont think I've heard anyone say anything about this, but the end credit scene in endgame is going to be WILD. Like what can they do? What is it going to set up?
FORCE_PIE EDITS - Před měsícem
Just saying do y’all remember when captain America almost picked up Thor’s hammer what if he will in this movie ?
Gordie R
Gordie R - Před měsícem
Said everyone when watching age of ultron
bxcuba - Před měsícem
cap is the first guy you see walking in the hanger.
Alfonso Macias
Alfonso Macias - Před měsícem
Ur stupid hair gets wet and it it doesn't look as big because it gets heavier with the water so it looks smaller
DarkSouljah - Před měsícem
Banner is also not the group shot either.
Diego Loera
Diego Loera - Před měsícem
Are they going to space like the comic and animated one
TK Wallace
TK Wallace - Před měsícem
The Avengers headcount (8:21-9:27). *Where’s Bruce?*
He has one appearance in the trailer, and it’s a generic solo shot (presumably on Earth). And he’s the only one of the original six Avengers unaccounted for between the two “teams”. (Also, is that Nat in the last Thor/Carol scene? She then has at least three hair colors in this trailer: red, straw blond, and this straight-from-Part-3 platinum blond.) Do you think he has his own mini-arc, and the trailer makers hoped we wouldn’t notice he’s absent? Or they’re rushing to wrap things up, and deciding how they wanted to portray Bruce/Hulk in a form-fitting team uniform just wasn’t a priority?
Angelo Carter
Angelo Carter - Před měsícem
Hair shrinks when it’s wet. So I believe Hawkeyes hair change is accurate
Olaf Yadii
Olaf Yadii - Před měsícem
Im sorry but this dudes don’t know shit😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Matthew Owen
Matthew Owen - Před měsícem
my man in the grey had no clue what he was there to do and they skipped over so many shots but they’re trending and i’m not soo😅
queen1922 - Před měsícem
Interesting theorys
queen1922 - Před měsícem
Black widow needs to choose a hair color and Hawk eye 👁 needs a new haircut 💇‍♂️ I’m not looking at that ugly thing for the whole movie 🎥 who even said he could be in it
julian t
julian t - Před měsícem
omg! when you started talking about liberty island being a gathering point i literally stopped watching. it's obvious even to a non-marvel fan that the boats have drifted to liberty island because the people on them got snapped! geez
Tsunami Wave
Tsunami Wave - Před měsícem
TzV357 - Před měsícem
Where's Banner?
Kerm Kea
Kerm Kea - Před měsícem
មិចក៏ iron man ចុះមកវិញមិនបាន
Lillian M.
Lillian M. - Před měsícem
“...Thor and Captain America.”
u mean captain marvel?
AYAAN RAHMAN - Před měsícem
Who Is excited For Endgame?????
Gordie R
Gordie R - Před měsícem
Literally every normal person
SpicyEnchiladas - Před měsícem
My theory is that thor and captain marvel go to distract thanks in the present to stop him from going back in time where all the other avengers will bring everything back
王彦琦 - Před měsícem
it comes out is May in China,so we have to wait for a too long time for it
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