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Felicia lorbacher
Felicia lorbacher - Před dnem
i need all of those books he has for lip liners and lip glosses and lipsticks... where can i get them at ...... I NEED THEM SO BAD........
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia - Před 2 dny
I understand how mink lashes are very beautiful but please don’t use them. Minks are being killed for their fur to make those lashes .
Valderez Asada
Valderez Asada - Před 3 dny
MyFaithInChrist - Před 8 dny
Lovely human beings. Such humility. It's a joy seeing two people love their craft.
Kara Quinn
Kara Quinn - Před 8 dny
PLEASE have scott as a regular
stormy spires
stormy spires - Před 8 dny
make this a regular thing please !!!! love you two together xx
Rebecca MacMillan
Rebecca MacMillan - Před 9 dny
Cant get enough of Scott
Robyn Jeart
Robyn Jeart - Před 10 dny
Scott is such a beautiful man
And his laugh makes my day😂
Laura Compton
Laura Compton - Před 11 dny
Nicole Gearty
Nicole Gearty - Před 12 dny
I think we need to have a Scott Barnes video at least once a week!
Tricia Sunderland
Tricia Sunderland - Před 12 dny
More scott and tati!
Mari Olivares
Mari Olivares - Před 13 dny
can scott do a bridal tutorial with you??? please!
Gina Biannchini
Gina Biannchini - Před 13 dny
Please bring him back
Stephanie Danes79
Stephanie Danes79 - Před 13 dny
Omg. So addicted to Scott Barnes and Tati. I cannot get enough. I want more!!!!!!!
Aanya - Před 13 dny
scott sounded so sad when he said "now everybody has copied it"
Natasha Christie
Natasha Christie - Před 14 dny
I Just love you 2 together, you both have a genuine respect for each other and we can tell you get on really well! xoxo
Rainy Sundays
Rainy Sundays - Před 14 dny
Why is he so adorable!
esther bondy
esther bondy - Před 16 dny
A cameo appearance?! I thought that was the word you were looking for🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️.
Monica Lozano
Monica Lozano - Před 17 dny
I have watched this one about 5 times now.
adntigger71015 - Před 18 dny
Holy beauty lighting, Batman! That setup looks amazing, lol.
Viancy C
Viancy C - Před 21 dnem
Maerin Ha
Maerin Ha - Před 22 dny
You’d think Scott works out, but carrying his lippie books around is all the exercise he needs
Jenna Derby
Jenna Derby - Před 22 dny
I want to be Tati when I grow up!
Kalee McDonald
Kalee McDonald - Před 22 dny
Love Scott!! Keep the videos coming!!!
Candice Sams
Candice Sams - Před 23 dny
Tati!!! When is Scott Barnes coming back?? The collabs the 2 of you do together are the absolute best!!! The vibes together are ICONIC!!💗
Sydney Ronquist
Sydney Ronquist - Před 23 dny
Scott needs to do a look on you where he goes in depth on his eye looks
Katherine - Před 23 dny
He's not proud and cocky not does he PUSH his products as if only his work. Stop playing with your hair Tato lol
Hanizah Jonaidie
Hanizah Jonaidie - Před 23 dny
Scott and Tati .. their voices together is so soothing 😍
Jade Larocque
Jade Larocque - Před 23 dny
Is it just me or scott never look at the camera
K.Kleopatra K.
K.Kleopatra K. - Před 24 dny
Would you be kind and tell me what is the name of the booster at the end of your filming, as I can not understand nor from you or video. Thanks!
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace - Před 24 dny
Didn’t even watched it but liked it immediately because of Scott love you 😍 so talented
Geehan El
Geehan El - Před 25 dny
Please bring him back. I know he has sooo many products coming out and I just wanna watch you guys talk about the product or makeup in general for hoursss
N Dines
N Dines - Před 25 dny
I could listen to him talk all day 💋
N Dines
N Dines - Před 25 dny
Please be a series regular! I can’t tell you how much I admire Scott Barnes! Plus he’s talented as f**k!
Vixx's Manager
Vixx's Manager - Před 27 dny
Please bring scott on your channel more often! He's so entertaining!
Michelle Bolieiro
Michelle Bolieiro - Před 28 dny
Scott is such a handsome person. 🤩😚
Linda Mcgonigle
Linda Mcgonigle - Před 29 dny
I could listen and watch Scott for ever 💕💕
Soksy - Před 29 dny
“No i have a good carma”
Rabia ehtisham
Rabia ehtisham - Před měsícem
you do scott's makeup
kim mcdonald
kim mcdonald - Před měsícem
Scott has a reoccurring guest role. His part is the expert celebrity mua.
kim mcdonald
kim mcdonald - Před měsícem
Dermacol is a good mixer.
Dez - Před měsícem
Yaaaaas!! Would be amazi g. You two jive so well.
Emily A
Emily A - Před měsícem
What spray tan does he use :)
Cindy K
Cindy K - Před měsícem
I love Scott Barnes....he’s a phenomenal artist! I wish his amazing products were available in South Africa!
Marina Quino
Marina Quino - Před měsícem
Love Tati and Scott Barnes,,you guys are amazing make up artist thanks for the tips and tricks! Thank you, best make up artists!
C Cruz
C Cruz - Před měsícem
We all just want more Scott and Tati!
Aafreen Mamaji
Aafreen Mamaji - Před měsícem
Please make Scott Barnes a series regular. It's been ages since you did a video with him. Please bring him back Tati.
Meghan McInerney
Meghan McInerney - Před měsícem
Bring Scott Barnes back!!
M Blair
M Blair - Před měsícem
Just listening to Scott speak makes me feel pretty. Love him!
Sandra Bowechop
Sandra Bowechop - Před měsícem
Re watching all the Tati and Scott videos. Bring Scott back! Genuinely love them both so much
Megamagsy Kerr
Megamagsy Kerr - Před měsícem
We need a tati and Scott collaboration product like yesterday! Both my beauty gurus at once! You guys are the reason I don't look 48 - people have taken 10 years off my age due to my make up skills and skin care! And tati darling - keep the faith. I went through fertility treatment and if you need it - lady you are strong enough
Much love and loyalty
Mags from Scotland xxx
Lilly Madigan
Lilly Madigan - Před měsícem
A gap in the market
Jess Robbins
Jess Robbins - Před měsícem
Omg I got one of those brush bars at 5 below!! I love it
Cresta Christensen
Cresta Christensen - Před měsícem
PLEEEAAASSEEE make a Scott brush video just dedicated to his brushes and how you use them!!
Jayne Baker
Jayne Baker - Před měsícem
Love you two together
Judith van den Dool - Mezzosoprano
Are the highlights out???? 🤩 It’s September!
StephanieMarie 1336
StephanieMarie 1336 - Před měsícem
We have seen him do movie looks and media looks I would love to see his idea of an everyday look.
StephanieMarie 1336
StephanieMarie 1336 - Před měsícem
I love him he’s an amazing artist! I wish he would do his own channel
Kelly Kautzman
Kelly Kautzman - Před měsícem
Yes, bring back Scott Barnes! He's so fun and you guys have great chemistry
Sharon Tiger
Sharon Tiger - Před měsícem
Scott Barnes love his humor....thanks for sharing your tips.
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