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Andrea Tamez
Andrea Tamez - Před 5 hodinami
I love the videos with Scott ❤
Lisa Christine
Lisa Christine - Před 6 hodinami
Loving me some Tati and Scott Barnes!
Georgia Stoeva
Georgia Stoeva - Před 7 hodinami
Since Scott said about putting contour on Jlo this is the only thing I see when I watch her. In some pictures looks like mustaches hahaha
omsalem aldhaheri
omsalem aldhaheri - Před 17 hodinami
It’s one of your best videos. Hope see him more to learn more from him
Jennifer Mohler
Jennifer Mohler - Před 23 hodinami
Yes! Scott! Loving the series!!!!
Cher cher
Cher cher - Před dnem
Can scott barnes show his technique for hooded eyes?? Please!!
sara aryani
sara aryani - Před dnem
Ashley WPL
Ashley WPL - Před dnem
I've want that brush bar. I constantly dropped my damn brushes in the sink when I'm using them.
For The Love Of
For The Love Of - Před dnem
What is the name of the Amazon high coverage foundation that Tati said she doesn't use as foundation, but spot treatment? If they said the name I did not catch it.
For The Love Of
For The Love Of - Před dnem
Never mind. I totally overlooked it in the description. Silly me!
mbr715 - Před dnem
"recurring guest role"
Jamie T B
Jamie T B - Před dnem
Why doesn't this video have more views. Just cause she doesn't swear or isn't young doesn't mean her videos aren't entertaining
Planetpulse - Před 2 dny
Gotta make him a series regular, not just reoccurring :)
Amy West
Amy West - Před 2 dny
I absolutely LOVE the two of y’all together. These “series regular” videos have become my all time fave Tati videos.
danielcolomina - Před 4 dny
Scott definitely said the Dyson dicc sucker lol
Cintia Cin
Cintia Cin - Před 4 dny
I love it when Scott is in your channel!
G C - Před 4 dny
Honestly, can we get Scott's skincare regime please thank you
Misha Marx
Misha Marx - Před 5 dny
Those lights just arrived at my hotel. Talk about a life saver. And I don’t have to carry 4’ LED strips anymore. AND Melt just has a sale, and I got 5 of those pencil books for 50$. Those will be great for makeup *and* art supplies. I’m just gonna make a Scott Barnes list on my amazon account. 🤣
Lexie Lyn
Lexie Lyn - Před 5 dny
Scott Barnes is the friend that you needed all along! Teaches you techniques you never knew you needed, compliments the products you own/use, and supports your product line!
Lexie Lyn
Lexie Lyn - Před 5 dny
"re-occurring character" I think that's the term you were looking for!
Gabby Barnes
Gabby Barnes - Před 5 dny
Roach Spray lmaooo
Priscilla Casas
Priscilla Casas - Před 5 dny
His comment about Tati 00:45 is 💯. We all see it and that's why we love her.
Clara Song
Clara Song - Před 5 dny
They both look like oranges
Christina Campdera
Christina Campdera - Před 6 dny
LOVE you two!!!
Christina Campdera
Christina Campdera - Před 6 dny
Alissa Self
Alissa Self - Před 6 dny
I love, love Scott Barnes!!
Maribel Tinajero
Maribel Tinajero - Před 6 dny
Tati I just love Scott Barnes on your channel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Madisyn Doiron
Madisyn Doiron - Před 7 dny
xiumin loves you
xiumin loves you - Před 7 dny
Totally GLOWING and HOEING this summer
maddielovelee - Před 8 dny
17:00 🙄
Krista Raymond
Krista Raymond - Před 8 dny
These videos with Scott make me so happy. What a genuine guy. It would be a DREAM to have him look at my face and tell me how to do my make up better. Thanks, you guys, for making me smile. 💕
Jarred Everert
Jarred Everert - Před 9 dny
Jarred Everert
Jarred Everert - Před 9 dny
She is not generous
Giselle Velazquez
Giselle Velazquez - Před 9 dny
Please please pleaaaaseee stop by more often! I’m learning so much from you guys!
Lori Watson
Lori Watson - Před 9 dny
I loovvveeeeee your Scott videos!!
Holly Foyle
Holly Foyle - Před 10 dny
i LOVE this video. all the faves i am going to buy the second i am not broke
PocahontasButter - Před 10 dny
Eric Antonio
Eric Antonio - Před 10 dny
You two are my favorite!!!! Glowy and hoey 🤣🤣
LauraSofia071 - Před 10 dny
Scott is so legendary and the fact that Tati has him on her channel is amazing
Monica smarttoes
Monica smarttoes - Před 10 dny
I like this guy
Gavin Hebert
Gavin Hebert - Před 11 dny
I love LITERALLY everything about this! After being a makeup artist for over 18 years- this is so epic!
Liz W
Liz W - Před 11 dny
oh hi there 🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘
Sarah Leblanc
Sarah Leblanc - Před 11 dny
Scott is so serious and I would be that girl that would be totally nervous to be around him and probably no say a word In fear of sticking my foot in my mouth .. but I love love love him and his craft
Paige Sherman
Paige Sherman - Před 11 dny
Hi I need links to all of the storage products
Amber Jorgenson
Amber Jorgenson - Před 11 dny
Is Scott wearing makeup? Because everytime I see him he looks the exact same! So if he is wearing makeup, OMG he has perfected his make up to the point it is perfect everytime! He is amazing.
Amber Jorgenson
Amber Jorgenson - Před 11 dny
Also don't drag me for asking this question. I really don't follow him and don't know anything about him. I found out about him from Tati's videos.
kat kovtunova
kat kovtunova - Před 12 dny
God, I love the way he speaks.
Rachael Prestridge
Rachael Prestridge - Před 12 dny
I just love the two of them together its so much fun to watch and I always feel like I walk away with some new makeup info that I didn't have before. Here's to Glowin and Hoein!
Alyha Castellanos
Alyha Castellanos - Před 12 dny
Scott Barnes’ drugstore holy grails
Kathryn - Před 13 dny
Thanks to Tati introducing me to Scott, I want everything he makes....especially his lashes🥰
Francesca Holmes
Francesca Holmes - Před 13 dny
If I win the lottery I’m stealing him from Jlo to do my makeup every day.
Alex Andra
Alex Andra - Před 13 dny
What is the last product +Tati ? Not listed in the description box
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