Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Mia Rossman
Mia Rossman - Před 20 vteřinami
Bill Nye the pissed of guy!
ArachCobra - Před 2 hodinami
I guess even for the infamously dense republicans it's becoming kinda hard to ignore all the effects all this pollution is having.
Chad Kirk
Chad Kirk - Před 4 hodinami
Nah Lewis Black does skits on The Daily Show maybe if we can get Bill Nye to play the part. What do you say?
Bill Nye: Here's some fucking mentos! And a bottle of diet coke.
Glenom - Před 5 hodinami
the planet’s on f**king fire
John Arispe
John Arispe - Před 6 hodinami
If he does a new show talking like that I will f****** watch that show no sensors realshit. We suck. it's like saying there's an asteroid going to hit us and it's going to cost a lot of money just to try to blow that thing up with a million missiles but wait it's going to cost a lot of money so f****** it let's all die. It will save us some money.both the Republicans and the Democrats are going through hell they both want to say they want to help Americans but it's all about their own agendas so no one gives a f***
NoMic - Před 7 hodinami
10:21 you welcome
nova nova
nova nova - Před 7 hodinami
nova nova
nova nova - Před 7 hodinami
youmeddlingkids - Před 7 hodinami
It's sad to see so much beef recalled, so those cows were raised and butchered just to end up in the trash.
yelow dino
yelow dino - Před 8 hodinami
please, consider the following
Go crazy go stupid
Go crazy go stupid - Před 8 hodinami
10:19 this is where bill comes in
Baby Virgin Eyes
Baby Virgin Eyes - Před 8 hodinami
I came here bcz of bill nye oof XD
pettyparty - loser
pettyparty - loser - Před 10 hodinami
Bill Nye has become the Gordon Ramsay of science.
Das Snek
Das Snek - Před 7 hodinami
That's an insult to both the scientific community and Gordon Ramsay.
Isabella Rana
Isabella Rana - Před 13 hodinami
6:45 i was only half-listening but my name's isabella and i was completely unprepared to hear that
Cheese And Quackers
Cheese And Quackers - Před 14 hodinami
*_Enjoyable, light-hearted demonstrations_*
smugman - Před 14 hodinami
had no idea most cow farts came out of their mouths.
M Balazs
M Balazs - Před 15 hodinami
11:34 menthos droop
Donovan Childers
Donovan Childers - Před 15 hodinami
Hold on now while I go follow Bill Nye on social media...
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash - Před 16 hodinami
Nobody wants it
Susan Brooks
Susan Brooks - Před 17 hodinami
It's not actually funny... people will kill this our species in order to not have to sacrifice their comfort and convenience. Doing things the way we've always done them only works in an unchanging environment.
And the likelihood of radically changing out society and culture is low. We shall perish.
Srecna Mim
Srecna Mim - Před 17 hodinami
John was just talking about green part of "Green New Deal"..........what about "New Deal" part ........................the point of this deal is to create new good paying real jobs through huge public "green" projects with emphases on creating jobs............if we continue like this and majority of people die from hunger do we really care what kind of planet we will leave to couple of zillioners John do one show about New Deal part if you dare
Tante Alfred
Tante Alfred - Před 19 hodinami
Watching Brits making fun of Americans is like watching midgets fighting. Very funny and pathetic at once.
random one.niner
random one.niner - Před 19 hodinami
Oddly enough, Al Gore told us the ice caps would melt by 2014..
Keep em coming Nostradamus..
maniXCX - Před 20 hodinami
americans your green new deal won't do shit for environment , even if u bring ur carbon emission to net zero , the rest of the world will continue to pollute the earth
Wesleygamer1 - Před 21 hodinou
I now want a return to Bill Nye The Science Guy now more than ever. ..........They'd have to put that show on HBO. Which I'm fine with I hear they have a time slot available...........
Mark Moncada
Mark Moncada - Před 22 hodinami
Another great show John but Bill Nye the pissed off guy is golden!! HBO, please give that man an HBO comedy special. He can spout some science facts while using profanity and insulting us. I would pay to watch that.
true.a c
true.a c - Před 22 hodinami
10:21 18:33
John Tomlinson
John Tomlinson - Před 23 hodinami
Fuck pie
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez - Před dnem
We need the Green Deal, get someone competent enough to get it done, not a bumbling idiot like AOC.
Jason T
Jason T - Před dnem
10:22 & 18:34
YouTubeWatcher - Před dnem
There's a bill for example the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that gives tax revenues back to the people. The carbon tax or cap and trade sets has goal of the negative externalities of emissions, not merely for generating revenue. In economic terms, it puts output at the equilibrium. Why do people seem to oppose? Lack of information?
B. Nyhof
B. Nyhof - Před dnem
The Green New Deal cannot be just a conversation starter. If it was it would not have been rejected by literally EVERYONE WHO VOTED ON IT.
Guamby Guambelle
Guamby Guambelle - Před dnem
Bill Nye probably wants to use a lot of foul language these days! (LOL)
I wants some beans ok
I wants some beans ok - Před dnem
Why bill why you know you want say that
John Harn
John Harn - Před dnem
Unfortunately, if the US government collects a tax on carbon, there is little to no chance the proceeds will find its way to investment in clean technology. They will spend it on kickbacks to the same oligarchs who will pay a disproportionately lower rate for the carbon they produce.
Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde - Před dnem
I read the Green New Deal and it was pretty stupid.

It can be read here:

On several occasions AOC goes off on numerous, irrelevant tangents. For example, on pg. 4 she talks about the "gender wage gap" which has been disproven time and time again (see Claudia Goldin a female economist from Harvard if you want a good read of the subject). Go figure. I don't know why that was relevant to CO2 in terms of ppm.

Anyway, read it yourself. It more like a poem than anything truly tenable. IF YOU WANT TO READ SOMETHING GOOD ON TENABLE SOLUTIONS, see what NASA posits instead:

Or Google "scientific american climate change".
Paul Ferrara
Paul Ferrara - Před dnem
You killed the "bill!!" The bill is dead!! Love Bill Nye!!
Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde - Před dnem
"Dale, you giblet-head, we live in Texas. It's already 110° in the summer, and if it gets one degree hotter, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

-Hank Hill, Episode 1

King of the Hill over 20 years ago. That's how long democrats and republicans have been ignoring global warming, heck, even longer.
Russell Cunningham
Russell Cunningham - Před dnem
Austin Do
Austin Do - Před dnem
I was in a mock Congress for my Civics class and proposed to put a price on carbon (modeling it after John Oliver’s suggestions) and it failed to pass :(((
No One
No One - Před dnem
AOC was joking about the world ending in 12 years
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano - Před dnem
Bill Nye managed to explain Climate Change in such an easy and direct manner even a conservative could understand it! wow!
avencree - Před dnem
....Bill Nye 10 year old self and 31 year old self are now scandalized.

Also yeah, people need to grow the fuck up and pay the price. I make crap at work but I'm willing to pay a bit more if it means my FUCKING PLANET DOESN'T BURN.
Dolan Hamilton
Dolan Hamilton - Před dnem
Id like you to check your facts and educate yourself b/c frankly if u attended a single course in earth science, it would be taught to you that CO2 is reflecting rays from the sun (A form of Radiation). Therefore heat bouncing off of the atmosphere and back down to the earth, this should generally heat up the surface of the earth. So even with all your fancy PhDs and the oh I got this award and attended this, and I was on the climate conference, doesn't permit you to deny any facts that a majority of the climate science community admits to a drastic increase in the C02 emissions. Also even according to the U.N.(for dumb people U.N.=united nations), WE HAVE YEARS TO CLEAN UP THIS SHIT. But hey ill gives you credit to all people of the generations before this(ahem US-midwest #sciencenonbelivers), I just want to live till I'm 60 but frankly cant b/c your generation is too concerned about the coal industry and industries that frankly emit carbon emissions but provide fewer jobs than clean energy(via solar and wind). SO if u wanna talk shit get your facts straight before you come to the media and try to spread this propaganda of false info, and yes you make call me young and uneducated but at least I want to live until I'm 60 and not try to dip out before shit hits the fan. #Greta Thunberg
Alvaro Ramos
Alvaro Ramos - Před dnem
The oranges? Look at his face. Cancer man!
The Two Clearings
The Two Clearings - Před dnem
What Bill Nye's statement ignores is the lack of elasticity behind fossil fuels. For those of you who have never taken microeconomics, elasticity is defined as the degree to which a demand or supply is sensitive to changes in price or income.
We created a society where people need fossil fuels, no matter the cost. Not to mention, the reckless spending our government perpetuates means you wouldn't be likely to see that tax money again anytime soon.
If we could adapt our society to consume fossil fuels and the atmosphere's ability to clean up pollution at a sustainable rate, fantastic! But let's be real. That isn't going happen unless we reach an event of apocalyptic significance.
Random Person
Random Person - Před dnem
11:25 👩🏻‍🦲
Dolph Youngin
Dolph Youngin - Před dnem
If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives.
Zackapo - Před dnem
The Green New Deal isn't even enough.
Russ Crawford
Russ Crawford - Před dnem
AOC sure is cute when she's angry ... Atom Heart Mother indeed ...
Russ Crawford
Russ Crawford - Před 21 hodinou
+Felix Philippe - Has she done well? ... I'm not familiar with the folks of her district ... she sure has given the Republicans a target though ... hope she lives through that ...
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe - Před dnem
must hurt that she's done so well.
Andy McGuire
Andy McGuire - Před dnem
I think it's been proven that America won't adapt to the changing world on any issue until the very last (and very too late) minute.
Ruth Horowitz
Ruth Horowitz - Před dnem
I'm all for the green new deal. Oddly enough I'm also all for the tariffs on China. Yes, it will make things more expensive, that's a good thing. When things are more expensive people buy less. Rampant over-consumerism is one of the reasons we're in the situation we're in. Go tariffs!!!!! See Trump IS an Environmentalist and he never even knew it.
quoabell - Před dnem
cows belch, huh..
George Fritze
George Fritze - Před dnem
O K no snow
George Fritze
George Fritze - Před dnem
2020 TRUMP
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe - Před dnem
weeny peeny
George Fritze
George Fritze - Před dnem
George Fritze
George Fritze - Před dnem
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe - Před dnem
Sidhendra Sidhu
Sidhendra Sidhu - Před dnem
make a segment on Indian Elections,, its a dance of democracy
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe - Před dnem
india doesn't have elections lol
C. Ahlgren
C. Ahlgren - Před dnem
The European Union is set to reduce it's emissions by 80-95% by 2050.* And 20 out of its 28 Member States already have a carbon tax. Reference:
*Compared to 1990 levels
Captain Cygni
Captain Cygni - Před dnem
11:35 *Y E E T*
Jonathan Buckley
Jonathan Buckley - Před dnem
I agree with John's stance on pie....
Vincent van Lieshout
Vincent van Lieshout - Před dnem
Could this show make an episode on 5G??
Really interested to know if it affects our health and what really drives the governments to want to make haste in this new race...
ClonedGamer001 - Před dnem
It shouldn’t affect health at all. 5G networks would still use either infrared or radio waves, both of which are already in use by various appliances. As for why everyone wants to get 5G first, that’s because it would significantly improve their standing in the global economy
Chris Rod
Chris Rod - Před dnem
If Bill saids we have a problem!!?!
We are just fucked!!! Great skid JOHN and Bill!!?
Tom Vandebroek
Tom Vandebroek - Před dnem
There were only 190 hamsters on the sled, which is below the legal limit. Hence no fine, you lied John :(
WitherWolf33 - Před dnem
Sorry for posting a second comment, but I need to point out that the poet makes a point, "Tax me and my kids to school" This is actually the biggest problem with carbon tax, Americans don't like to do things that cost them more money, and companies that sell gas, or carbon polluting products will simply tack that tax onto the end, passing the cost onto the consumer while keeping the same income. So if we were to drive a carbon tax home, the first step would be to prohibit companies from charging the tax from their customers.
HMFan2010 - Před dnem
When Bill Nye starts swearing, you KNOW things have gotten bad.
salens - Před dnem
Can we have Bill Nye give a similar fiery speech on people taking offence by everything? "Grow the fuck up!"?
Guinness - Před dnem
30 minutes ago, I voted for the European Green party in the EU elections. Let's act now. Vote for the earth by voting blue in the US and Green everywhere else!
Kashika Gokhale
Kashika Gokhale - Před 2 dny
It's so disconcerting to watch Bill Nye swear
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks - Před 2 dny
"Hose Basket" is my new put down.
Hink Hall
Hink Hall - Před 2 dny
conservatives destroyed
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas - Před 2 dny
Aren’t you talking about the green deal like the people you’re trying to be funny about?
Peter Hooper
Peter Hooper - Před 2 dny
99% of Americans are simply unwilling to make the changes and accept the sacrifices that are necessary to confront climate change/global warming. Stand by for famine and disease and disaster.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow - Před 2 dny
I can't unsee this.
Whenever our class watches something with Bill Nye, I will always be reminded of this
John Marston
John Marston - Před 2 dny
“Here’s some fucking mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke "
Melissa Carrasco
Melissa Carrasco - Před 2 dny
Yeah, I think we will feel the pinch, I don't know...when the world is ending.
Nathan Schubert
Nathan Schubert - Před 2 dny
Isn't carbon dioxide essential to the continued existence of plants though? Won't more CO2 just cause plants to grow better and faster until they balance out?
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe - Před dnem
humans are 60% water, surely dropping them in the atlantic will just help them grow better and faster until they balance out?
Suzanne Chazin
Suzanne Chazin - Před 2 dny
Not with so much of our forests disappearing. Many parts of the Amazon rainforest have been cut down. Cities are growing. the human population is expected to top out at about 11 billion. We're at about 7 now. I'm no scientist, but I think that only works if you have enough plants to absorb the CO2--and we're making more than can be absorbed.
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen - Před 2 dny
Nathan Schubert not necessarily
Nathan Schubert
Nathan Schubert - Před 2 dny
8:47 as far as building a new power grid goes, we could try supplying all of our urban and most of our rural electricity needs with nuclear power. Safe, long term power for much lower cost than any other form of power available, and with its only emissions coming from the initial construction it is also the cleanest. This could even boost the economy massively because cheap power means cheaper production, which means cheaper products, which means you can buy more with the same amount of money.
For those wondering about nuclear "waste" we have luckily solved that with breeder reactors utilizing the "waste" as yet more fuel and removing it from ever being a problem again.
In fact, with power so cheap we could even have widespread electric cars with much smaller batteries (the main problem with e-cars) because they could be powered by induction on the main roads. Yet one more goal of environmentalists achieved.
Now to just persuade those in power of this plan. Hmm...
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe - Před dnem
so weird that people aren't listening to you, youtuber nathan.
ViNL Bobster
ViNL Bobster - Před 2 dny
Bill nye for president
Phoenix Scp
Phoenix Scp - Před 2 dny
Capt it ain’t turning.
Bye bye.
NaniDemon - Před 2 dny
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett - Před 2 dny
Because it is a tax trying to be renamed with less intrusive words... They just want someone to say it how it is.
BIG Bulldozer
BIG Bulldozer - Před 2 dny
Problem with a carbon tax in the US is that it will just line the pockets of the rich like all other American taxes do. No good programs and policies can be implemented in America without being molested by payed off politicians to pinch working class Americans
awesome weirdness 1 vip
awesome weirdness 1 vip - Před 2 dny
I would say environment fee then
Marty Mart
Marty Mart - Před 2 dny
Rewind 12:29 to 12:30 & see if you see it. Hint - look at his mouth.
herbyverstink - Před 2 dny
such bullshit over simplification ..bill nye is an assclown...all these slobbering hyperbolic democrat people are so dumb im surprised you can read
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe - Před dnem
the spastic spluttered spastically, with poor grammar and spelling to boot.
姚澜 - Před 2 dny
5:50 Guy next to AOC nodding for every word she said, this is wonderful
muther1997 - Před 2 dny
Man i cant wait to dive deeper into poverty so we can encourage new technologies. Command economies are awesome.
Fuck off with your national one fits all policies. Youre condescending cunts that have no idea what is good for the country at all and are far from morally correct despite what you delusional self-perception
cro4591 - Před 2 dny
I watched the whole thing and the only thing I remember is that cows don't fart, they belch.
cro4591 - Před 2 dny
Pie IS better than cake...unless it's pie-cake.
Alexis Poole
Alexis Poole - Před 2 dny
Join the climate revolution
Giulio Maggioni
Giulio Maggioni - Před 2 dny
Are people really giving credit to AOC? This show is just like: “literally ANYTHING against Trupm”... ANYTHING!!! Come onnnnnnn
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe - Před dnem
ty 4 ur input gaylio maggotoni
Cole Mair
Cole Mair - Před 2 dny
Green New Deal is only 5 pages you increase the font and printed single pages not front and back.
Cole Mair
Cole Mair - Před 2 dny
You can read the green New Deal yourself it's only five pages it's shorter than the Declaration of Independence
YouTubeWatcher - Před dnem
+Oscar Wilde Dang I hate math sometimes. I thought it was 280%. But I'd use the i word with caution.
Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde - Před dnem
Actually, it's 14 pages. That's 180% more than what you stated. Pretty big difference. Don't be ignorant.
Cole Mair
Cole Mair - Před 2 dny
It's of the same thing about 2020 in 2000
sandtigerwolf - Před 2 dny
John Oliver thank you for bringing attention to issues and news that we don't always see a lot of coverage of. I dont know if you are enough to save my HBONOW subscription, but I think you already knew that. 😁
Random Argument
Random Argument - Před 2 dny
Bill Nye should have used flat earth chart as well not to insult flatearthers xD

On 4 elephants and turtle
1K_Michael - Před 2 dny
18:34 you’re welcome
Jesse Lioce
Jesse Lioce - Před 2 dny
Am i the only one who sees the irony in nothing is free? It's literally the go to response of conservatives when it comes to socialism. Bit when it comes to the climate they want a free solution?
Bootea Likher
Bootea Likher - Před 2 dny
Pie is better because the cake was a lie. 🥧
ClonedGamer001 - Před dnem
Is that a Portal reference in 2019? Glad I’m not the only one who remembers Source games
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