A REALLY Weird PC… - System76 Thelio Review

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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips - Před měsícem
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midnightwolf - Před 9 dny
Still not big enough to replace my old Targus built for 2 very thick laptops, and tons of accessories.
alysdexia - Před 14 dny
@lazypizzaguy gibberish
pxc - Před 22 dny
@alysdexia is the pricing actually that tilted in Apple's favor?
lazypizzaguy - Před 22 dny
@alysdexia learn how to not be an trump.
alysdexia - Před 22 dny
@Biophosphorodellecrystalluminicent Archetype luminescent, dolt
nooboobtoob - Před 8 hodinami
I use PopOS as my second partition. Love it so far.
carringbushpet - Před dnem
There is a lot of dislikes about the 'seizure inducing' B-Roll footage. I think the concept of it was simple and brilliant, it was aesthetically great. Probably just needed a little less strobe type footage.
xaGe - Před dnem
Listening to you speak about Linux in the 1st few minutes you can definitely tell you are not familiar with anything Linux from the last 3+ years. I cringed when you start talking about having to compile kernels or finding the necessary repos.
Wsdag Saesrgt
Wsdag Saesrgt - Před 8 hodinami
I agree. These days Linux will install and run just as simply and reliably for most users as either Windows of MacOS. The most likely fail case would be wifi cards, arising from selecting one of those distros that requires you to add a repo for "non-free" drivers. Even a small amount of research should help you avoid this problem. Since Windows users sometimes have to spend a lot of time finding and installing drivers, it' would be disingenuous to suggest that's a "Linux problem".
homelessEh - Před dnem
The ultimate Hipster Compy!!!! its nostalgic looking free open source os bra and its expencive..social signal for both hey im frugal look i use a free os but paid the same or more for a shillputer.
homelessEh - Před dnem
pop os has me sold i refuse to Pay for winblows 10 .. once 7 becomes Deader then vista.. its pop os by then it will be super mature and fully fleshed out by then.
Zi&D - Před dnem
I always thought Linus was for Linux
Dave - Před dnem
Rossmann quote: Dont Delay, Buy Today
Sai Nai
Sai Nai - Před dnem
bullshit content
Daniel Rios
Daniel Rios - Před dnem
"Normals" manufacturers should use Linux in their products as well, Linux has a lot of preconception, it is much better than the normal user ever thought
nope - Před dnem
{interviewing the thelio parts and quality chart} ....thats a ali express button .
George B
George B - Před dnem
Theleos is Greek for perfect
Littletweeter - Před dnem
this pc company is for people that have fuck you money lmao
Nick Slouka
Nick Slouka - Před dnem
*LGR signal appears in the sky*
Christopher Council
Christopher Council - Před dnem
Did you guys call there support?
Lanngreen - Před dnem
had to stop halfway the video because my eyes started hurting from the footage ._.
Mikael Kiviniemi
Mikael Kiviniemi - Před dnem
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Help me
I deleted system32
skillzorz101 - Před dnem
I think you put the wrong sponsor link in the bio. I'm actually interested in those laptop bags, but Dollar Shave Club is listed.
Chrash - Před dnem
A couple years ago I was at my grandma's house to use her printer and I got on her PC and it had Linux on it. I couldn't figure out how to navigate it so my grandma had to teach me how to use Linux...
sinni800 - Před 2 dny
"No motherboard upgrade", but can the BIOS be upgraded to use Ryzen 3? If yes, could probably pop a 3900X in and upgrade the perf a lot?
Diego Linde
Diego Linde - Před 2 dny
Sorry, System76 is too expensive.
Leslie Savege
Leslie Savege - Před 4 dny
I didn't like the website either for the same reasons Linus mentioned.

Linus shows his ignorance of Linux, when he talks about it, like the way software is loaded, which is pretty standard now. 2:35

It runs faster and leaner than Windoze, who likes to look over your shoulder.
peabody - Před 5 dny
I bought a thelio and its very stylish very powerful and DESIGNED to run Linux 0 compatibility issues. Yes i could have built my own, then you are stuck with individual parts that you need to rma if something goes wrong AND may not be compatible with Linux. You see, Ive been running Linux for 3 yrs and will NOT go back to windows........EVER! Hell, windows will not even install on this machine at all. Trust me Ive tried multiple ways and times! IMO it's money well spent!
Force - Před 5 dny
I don't like that 76!
Vaijanath Madugolkar
Vaijanath Madugolkar - Před 5 dny
I installed POP on my dell XPS 12. Since POP OS have enforced the disc encryption most of the time when i start my computer it just sits on auth page without response.
When i install ubuntu i have choice to not encrypt my disc.
gilkesisking - Před 4 dny
@Vaijanath Madugolkar :) yeah cool, but you probably want to make yourself one anyway for security. sudo passwd username Just to be on the safe side.
Vaijanath Madugolkar
Vaijanath Madugolkar - Před 4 dny
gilkesisking I just tried installing solution is simply " Simply select to not set a password, and you don't have encryption"
gilkesisking - Před 4 dny
Disc encryption is done by default during the PopOS install. Its not "enforced", if you don't want that ( say you're a storing game files on the same disk ) then you can select the advanced install option and set it up how you want, with or without encryption.
Jan Enemark
Jan Enemark - Před 5 dny
Linus, you should watch https://destinationlinux.org, and then join the program once. These guys will make you much wiser on the posibilities using Linux OS.
Snypa007 - Před 11 dny
the 80's background interference is more annoying than the review! I literally can not watch this because of it!
Defunct Lizard
Defunct Lizard - Před 14 dny
You don't need to compile a kernel to install linux, Not everything is gentoo. Jeez linux is super easy to install, learn, and use.
Clovet Music
Clovet Music - Před 15 dny
Expensive done right
Lindsay - Před 16 dny
Proprietary case with open source software thats been unpopular for decades?
Vinicio Coelho
Vinicio Coelho - Před 17 dny
They are awesome bit expensive.
Generic Eric
Generic Eric - Před 17 dny
It's imperative to mention Lutris as well as Proton.
Eli Santana
Eli Santana - Před 17 dny
I know System 76 has to make money but their mark-up on hardware is unacceptably high. They charge RTX 2080 price for a 2070. Come on now. Sell the cards at cost at least.
Kagyu Breigh
Kagyu Breigh - Před 17 dny
OMG, this song is from a game or sounds super similar to one! It's on the tip of my brain... uggghh .. I can't even hear what Linus is saying anymore. This.. is killing me
bean stalker
bean stalker - Před 17 dny
Let me introduce your IO to my Dremel.
Captain Comrade
Captain Comrade - Před 18 dny
When are you going to bring back 16:9 videos?
greg roberts
greg roberts - Před 18 dny
I love seeing people building a machine like this, great review linus
Anil Gulati
Anil Gulati - Před 19 dny
Better than a cheese grater
Techboy235 FK8
Techboy235 FK8 - Před 17 dny
Mike M
Mike M - Před 20 dny
I'm watching this on Pop OS 19.04 on my W3690 Dell Workstation with an RX 560. And it runs fast!
J 984
J 984 - Před 18 dny
I'm watching this on Windows xp and it runs..... NOSTALGIC!
MaDoTPG - Před 20 dny
linux tech tips
Bon Bonjovi
Bon Bonjovi - Před 20 dny
Linus is the type of guy who drinks soda out a can
kakaido - Před 21 dnem
Just disable telemetry and use Windows 10
Anton Zadorozhniy
Anton Zadorozhniy - Před 21 dnem
System76 is great but you should really check out Raptor Talos systems, that’s way more OSS friendly (no hidden microcode or firmwares)
Gd moo5555
Gd moo5555 - Před 21 dnem
Who else cringed when it said counter strike go
Assbender666 - Před 21 dnem
Overboard with the effects, who thought that looked good?
05Matz - Před 21 dnem
I've been using Linux Mint (Cinnamon) for years now -- I find it somewhat easier to install, maintain, and install/uninstall software on than the Windows 7 I used to use (Why, oh WHY doesn't Windows have a package manager?), and FAR less of a chore than the Windows 10 computers I'm occasionally forced to struggle with for family. My laptop is from System76, and I pretty much couldn't be happier with the product or service (it came with Ubuntu when shipped, but I installed Mint on it later) but I built my desktop myself -- and I'd do it again, since I can't justify the premium price over commodity hardware. PopOS sounds interesting, and I've been casually looking at it every now and then, but I think I'll stick with Mint for now. The 'classic' Mint-X interface style is basically the Windows 7 replacement I wanted in the beginning, and I've become very used to it by now.
wompshmack - Před 22 dny
I was a hardware nerd even as a little kid, didn't get into linux until I was a teenager. When I met linux nerds I assumed they'd know things about hardware, but that really wasn't my experience. I had to install for them, in different situations, a power supply and a CD drive. I think it's even worse now. Hardware is much easier, but there's even fewer people into it.
Deryk Lister
Deryk Lister - Před 22 dny
NVidia GPU is an interesting choice on a Linux machine
Reprisal - Před 22 dny
Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.
Holret - Před 22 dny
I would love to see more Linux systems being introduced in one complete package. I have been wanting to get into it for a while because well, Windows 10 isnt the most ideal OS I have ever used.
gilkesisking - Před 22 dny
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