THE MUFFIN SONG (asdfmovie feat. Schmoyoho)

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Linus Östergren
Linus Östergren - Před minutou
We all gonna die.
Anonymous Bacon
Anonymous Bacon - Před minutou
0:41 LOOK AT THAT DAB!👌👌👌😩😩😩💯💯💯
Ian Erxleben
Ian Erxleben - Před 2 minutami
He wants to die!
V Sen
V Sen - Před 8 minutami
3:00 heaven!!!
Wing Lord
Wing Lord - Před 9 minutami
this made me suicidal
EzTexStep - Před 13 minutami
Cheats4 Life
Cheats4 Life - Před 15 minutami
I’m gonna make this clear Tom has confirmed that he doesn’t have depression or hates the asdfmovie so please stop posting comments about it please and thank you
DareBear - Před 16 minutami
Bob Minor
Bob Minor - Před 28 minutami
They said my favorite word 50+ times
Monric yt
Monric yt - Před 31 minutou
sdfright 36
sdfright 36 - Před 31 minutou
I will eat a potato instead "nooooooo"
Seth Kilberg
Seth Kilberg - Před 35 minutami
My life on a daily basis
Bey Bros
Bey Bros - Před 35 minutami
I wanna oof oof oof
Silence of the hills
Silence of the hills - Před 35 minutami
Auto tune ruins everything.
Jordan Jia
Jordan Jia - Před 36 minutami
I've never heard a more depressing song...
Doki pixel
Doki pixel - Před 39 minutami
This represents me when I have to take a test for 3hrs in a row for 4 days in school
slime lover
slime lover - Před 45 minutami
I love muffin even muffin time make merch muffin time shirt and plush
Emma rose
Emma rose - Před 46 minutami
Hola Steve
nibroC wueesnA
nibroC wueesnA - Před 50 minutami
Is it better to fufil the muffin's wish to die as it appears to be intelligent, or to study it
lol Bit gameing
lol Bit gameing - Před 50 minutami
Omg.that that's voice ......that music......... those lyrics
Nicole Flint
Nicole Flint - Před 55 minutami
This song weird but pretty catchy to listen to
The Pioneer
The Pioneer - Před 55 minutami
This means so much more than Donald Glover's This Is America could ever
Isaac Pelkey
Isaac Pelkey - Před 55 minutami
1:55 edd....r.i.p edd Tom and Matt hang in there maybe tord 💚💙💜❤💚💙💜❤💚💙💜❤💚💙💜❤💚💙💜❤💚💙💜❤💚💜💙❤💚💜💙💙💜💚❤💜💙💚💜❤💙💜💚❤
Corban Barber
Corban Barber - Před 56 minutami
Yknow, i WAS gonna eat him, then the chorus hit, and he started laying on the ground and mung all over, and....nah, im good thanks.
Hakan Okumuş
Hakan Okumuş - Před 57 minutami
Sayım var, Türkler bi like atsın
Zach Juarez
Zach Juarez - Před 59 minutami
I like the guy who said got your noise voice
mlg bro
mlg bro - Před hodinou
Hey Tom, I'm also suffering from critical depression, and feel like that I should just end my life, and videos like these are one of the very few reasons that keep me from killing myself, and I sincerely thank you Tom and all the other people that create amazing content like this for making my world a better place, and keeping me happy and healthy through the toughest times in my life, and even though I know you won't see this, I sincerely thank you for taking your time out of your life just to make other people happy, it makes me feel really good, and I love all of your content, and whenever I'm bored or I just look up ASDF movie, and I get cheered up almost instantly, sincerely, a random kid on the internet.
pug power
pug power - Před hodinou
beep beep im a sheep
RAINBOW cookie2917
RAINBOW cookie2917 - Před hodinou
Im hungry, Who has a muffin? Seriously Im Hungggrrryyy😳😳🍫🍩🍪🍮🍯🍧
LeorickWorldFun K. Kirby
LeorickWorldFun K. Kirby - Před hodinou
LeorickWorldFun K. Kirby
LeorickWorldFun K. Kirby - Před hodinou
LeorickWorldFun K. Kirby
LeorickWorldFun K. Kirby - Před hodinou
Will McClelland
Will McClelland - Před hodinou
Lance Wright
Lance Wright - Před hodinou
Hope you're not bottling out on us. But, if you are, that's a high note to exit the stage. Hang strong, and know you have fans of your creative work who wish you nothing but the best, and want you to succeed in your ventures.
Amethyst_Woof - Před hodinou
I.. I don’t... I don’t understand
Jake Gaming 2
Jake Gaming 2 - Před hodinou
angie chan
angie chan - Před hodinou
=^ I wanna DIE pls
Kermit Animation
Kermit Animation - Před hodinou
Depression get with the program everyone or we will take your noses
Panda Kat
Panda Kat - Před hodinou
I did an internet and found art tonight
TheOddFireCat - Před hodinou
tom and all the animators good job
DenDen Chin
DenDen Chin - Před hodinou
This is mixed up😆
William Welford
William Welford - Před hodinou
Where all going to die
Kayleb Knapp
Kayleb Knapp - Před hodinou
What kind of muffin is he?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ticci Toby
Ticci Toby - Před hodinou
This song represents me..

I feel depressed...

I'll stop now...


I wanna read a book right now..

I ran out of words..

Oooh heres one!





Ok stoping now...
MaxRBLX - Random comedy
MaxRBLX - Random comedy - Před hodinou
So nows there is two muffin time songs.....
Sylvan Osman
Sylvan Osman - Před hodinou
10 out of 10
ᴷᴱᴿᴹᴵᵀ - Před hodinou
Even though it’s been 6 years but still R.I.P. Edd Gould
DavidDimensions 01
DavidDimensions 01 - Před hodinou
I now have crippling depression
KeyRex 360
KeyRex 360 - Před hodinou
This is strangely relatable, my mom said if I killed myself she would wake me up and kill me again...

Do I have a problem? 😟
M.Sharif Bakhshi
M.Sharif Bakhshi - Před hodinou
Mister: Die potato die. Potato: i baked you a pie 😂😂😂😂😂
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