Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Clippers Full Game Highlights | October 3, 2019 | FreeDawkins

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C Clem
C Clem - Před 6 dny
Harden is garbage and we all know it. Just wait until the playoffs and he's the greatest majician ever. He will do his famous dissappearing act......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
kamache Apachi
kamache Apachi - Před měsícem
Not one superstar played for the clippers while harden played for the rockets
Abe D
Abe D - Před měsícem
I really love how Dawkins smoothly transitions the commentary of the clips without sacrificing the quality of the video amazing!!
BshaqIso - Před měsícem
This is boring wth are PG and Kawhi ?
Jeongwoo Park
Jeongwoo Park - Před měsícem
Antonio Collie
Antonio Collie - Před měsícem
The clippers don’t stand a chance
Bobby shmurda Hat
Bobby shmurda Hat - Před měsícem
Clippers going need sg and center
Josh Fewtrell
Josh Fewtrell - Před měsícem
Chris Clemens had glimpses of greatness
Andre Williams
Andre Williams - Před měsícem
Could the all star game be here... or make a pre season tournament here to switch it up
Gabriel Fernand
Gabriel Fernand - Před měsícem
This Beverly it's a jonkey 🤣
Mark Bornilla Leria
Mark Bornilla Leria - Před měsícem
Imagine Kawhi and PG play
E Cov
E Cov - Před měsícem
of course Kawhi Leonard didn't play....
Gary Gadingan
Gary Gadingan - Před měsícem
8:03 is that a travel?😂
Legaspi Justine
Legaspi Justine - Před měsícem
In your face 😹
Hassie Matthews
Hassie Matthews - Před měsícem
Rus is not injured wtf
Alexis Frinz Agawin
Alexis Frinz Agawin - Před měsícem
Why didnt kawhi and pg and Westbrook play?
Bobby shmurda Hat
Bobby shmurda Hat - Před měsícem
Bc they for usa too watch only
wachira david
wachira david - Před měsícem
This is exactly how it's going down in the season. I already said Rockets are the best in the west right now
Skye Higa
Skye Higa - Před měsícem
Most of the stars didn't even play. It is not going to be like this lol
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams - Před měsícem
Fuck Kawhi
Ontario360 VR
Ontario360 VR - Před měsícem
If this game is an indication of the Clippers season to come, Leonard will regret leaving Toronto come post season
ray herrera
ray herrera - Před měsícem
I really like Clemons and the addition of McLemore maybe now he can tap in to that immense potential he came in to the league with
Sonny Lo
Sonny Lo - Před měsícem
K-dubs Entertainment
K-dubs Entertainment - Před měsícem
Where kawhi 😒
M.Wade - Před měsícem
They need more games in Hawaii that crowd cheered on every single thing
M.Wade - Před měsícem
It’s preseason I get it but I don’t think the clippers need to be trying to play fast, they are not that type of team do not try to shoot with the run and gun teams
Gurinder Hundal
Gurinder Hundal - Před měsícem
wanted to see some russel action!
UnReal Gaming
UnReal Gaming - Před měsícem
awesome court design
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page - Před měsícem
Clippers already stacking "Ls." 😞😞😞
Kawhi Leonard already missing games.
SHaNkkK SHHTICk - Před měsícem
DeAndre Page and PG gonna be out
Scalping Forever
Scalping Forever - Před měsícem
Harden is fat man.
Issam otaku
Issam otaku - Před měsícem
Harden mvp
Enstro Hacu
Enstro Hacu - Před měsícem
you can tell harden just wants to play ball
KINGPanda - Před měsícem
I love this crowd they are so hype
francis david
francis david - Před měsícem
For the third straight year, the Los Angeles Clippers open their prison.. Preseason

Yeah we know what you did there
Chou Plays
Chou Plays - Před měsícem
Damn clemons is undrafted yet he's better than other rookie that is drafted nice steal htown
Taz Blaize
Taz Blaize - Před měsícem
Best pre season game I’ve seen in a minute
Jezreel Malate
Jezreel Malate - Před měsícem
fuck the clippers lost
Flying V
Flying V - Před měsícem
Jezreel Malate Kawhi and PG weren’t playing. Of course they did.
InFaMOus187NYC - Před měsícem
5:59 On God I thought Harden had 2 left foot sneakers on I'm like wtf lmao 😂
Yee Lahowah
Yee Lahowah - Před měsícem
One of these teams is winning the West...
john dave dacalos
john dave dacalos - Před měsícem
Houston got some new SHOOTERS! in Macklemore and that Rookie!
whatudoin1 - Před měsícem
why is this generation so obsessed with the fear of an injury ?
metalsadman - Před měsícem
Umm who wants to get injured? Are you dumb? It's prevention, this is not a game that matter shthead.
Tino Olivas
Tino Olivas - Před měsícem
Rockets look good .. better than the wack ass defensive team Flippers..
Jayven Terrell
Jayven Terrell - Před měsícem
My boy lou Williams pickin up right where he left off last season🔥🤪
BoogieMan - Před měsícem
Lakers vs gsw is tmr😰
Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea - Před měsícem
I feel like everyone else is sleeping on Zubac.
The dudes going to be a beast.
Dragonspheres - Před měsícem
nah he overrated
Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea - Před měsícem
@Callene Reese true
Callene Reese
Callene Reese - Před měsícem
He disappear against big centers and he is great against small centers.
Flying V
Flying V - Před měsícem
Oolong Tea I hope so. If he doesn’t they’re gonna have to find another big man at the trade deadline.
mjumbe nyawa
mjumbe nyawa - Před měsícem
I wished kawhi never moved
To the clippers
Big Jay 14
Big Jay 14 - Před měsícem
That’s definitely gon work
Rico Suave The Don
Rico Suave The Don - Před měsícem
I like what I'm seeing from Zubac
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic - Před měsícem
Rooster Food
Rooster Food - Před měsícem
[Kawhi wipes nose after Harden euro] 💶 😆
Rooster Food
Rooster Food - Před měsícem
How could they HATE HARDEN ?
Sebastien Plaisir
Sebastien Plaisir - Před měsícem
Clippers season looking *JUICY* record 82-0...
Cristian Estrada
Cristian Estrada - Před měsícem
That's because they didn't change their tampons
Kanye of the North
Kanye of the North - Před měsícem
Sebastien Plaisir Rockets in 6
Happy Singh
Happy Singh - Před měsícem
Bouldercrest !!
Bouldercrest !! - Před měsícem
0:09 “preseaning” 😂
Close It
Close It - Před měsícem
sidms fairview
sidms fairview - Před měsícem
traveling 8:06
Dr Phil
Dr Phil - Před měsícem
Clippers got their wings clipped.
HOF Limitless rangee
HOF Limitless rangee - Před měsícem
GibbyGames - Před měsícem
No PG13 or Kawhi and still held up. This... does put a smile on my face
Dan The Man
Dan The Man - Před měsícem
the rockets still had gordan, house, tucker and westbrook out as well
Justin Peterson
Justin Peterson - Před měsícem
Knock off Rockets v Super Knock off Clippers

So ready for the season to start!
Savage Opress
Savage Opress - Před měsícem
James harden is rude 🤦🏾‍♂️the audacity to try that one legged shot with rodney mcgruder right on him. It almost dropped too.
Savage Opress
Savage Opress - Před měsícem
James harden literally has so much control of the game. Hes in his absolute prime and the game seems so slow for him. The guy is literally unguardable its ridiculous. He might average over 30 easily again. But also depends on how much work load westbrook is going to carry and the rest of the team such as eric Gordon and capela
Ky - Před měsícem
Its gone be a Lebron & Dwade type of duo, Harden being Lebron & Russ bring Dwade
Richard Bourke
Richard Bourke - Před měsícem
As a Warriors fan I was sad Harden didn't win a ring last season - after Durat went down the Rockets were easily the best team left. Harden is so talented and also so fun to watch. And every year he has improved. Good luck this season (hopefully Russ doesn't cause trouble like CP3!)
Alex Vayner
Alex Vayner - Před měsícem
I’m a huge clipper fan and I think rockets have a shot at first seed they’re that good. Harden is this generation’s Kobe
Rooster Food
Rooster Food - Před měsícem
He'll average a triple double for sure. Just a matter of time
AsiteStun - Před měsícem
Hyped as crowd Hawaii needs a team
Jc L
Jc L - Před měsícem
Harden with that left handed shot 😫
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