"Come & Get It" Listen Early!

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BelieberSelenator Forever
this is tooo cute 😍😍❤❤❤❤❤love you selena so so so so much
Daniel Nishida
Daniel Nishida - Před 2 měsíci
Ömer Demirayak
Ömer Demirayak - Před 7 měsíci
Kia Brown
Kia Brown - Před 8 měsíci
This is my most favourite song ever till now on 2018 😍
Nikol Canter
Nikol Canter - Před 10 měsíci
2018 is here, lol
Francisco Morales
Francisco Morales - Před 11 měsíci
Fire Heart
Fire Heart - Před rokem
Back then when Selena was happy with life....
Kity Kyot
Kity Kyot - Před rokem
I am look like selena :)
net flix
net flix - Před rokem
2017 anyone
Samim Islam
Samim Islam - Před rokem
I love you SELENA gomze
Fionasbeautytipps Fionasbeautytipps
Selina I LOVE jou
Zb.leksana Zb.leksana
Zb.leksana Zb.leksana - Před 2 lety
love u
Zb.leksana Zb.leksana
Zb.leksana Zb.leksana - Před 2 lety
di you tub banyakan fidio yang kau kirim untuk aku, hihihihi, kamu tetep sip.... !!! Love selena
Zb.leksana Zb.leksana
Zb.leksana Zb.leksana - Před 2 lety
Love you
Кристина Цивадзе
Selena good
Nahaliel Black
Nahaliel Black - Před 3 lety
Turkey loves you Selena! Please Come To Turkey ❤️
Sarah Bnd
Sarah Bnd - Před 3 lety
her life is goals :'(
Jennioz - Před 3 lety
You made me smile.
helena - Před 2 lety
I'm a Selenator and a Kubz Scout too!
Zoe - Před 3 lety
@starlet russe thats not under wear i think its a swin suit
Sanju Beria
Sanju Beria - Před 3 lety
You are awsome Selena and I love u and I am your biggest fan no.1
Margie Gutierrez
Margie Gutierrez - Před 3 lety
Hi Selena my name is Margie I am your favorite fan and I like your songs I am 26 year old girl
Louiza Hadid
Louiza Hadid - Před 4 lety
Ma perfection ..
Ashley Kay
Ashley Kay - Před 4 lety
If u don't have someting nice to say don't say it at all people I ❤️ U selena
I’m sensitive Aubrey
I’m sensitive Aubrey - Před 4 lety
lol this was 2 days after my birthday
Caitlin DiBiase
Caitlin DiBiase - Před 4 lety
AdRiAnA RoDrIgUeZ - Před 4 lety
Hi Selena 🙋
Aruzhan Ussenbay
Aruzhan Ussenbay - Před 4 lety
Call me Selena! 87788758647
imCraCra - Před 4 lety
i hate her she acts like a good girl then a bad girl like which one are you a good girl or bad girl ?
Sanju Beria
Sanju Beria - Před 3 lety
Noo Selena Gomez u are the best singer and I love u and haters gonna hate plzz dont listen to them u are a good girl
Selenagomez Best celebrity ever
Lol heard that a lot
caitlin - Před 4 lety
good girls are bad girl that haven't been caught ;)
Selenagomez Best celebrity ever
I'm a good girl
sandra hiska
sandra hiska - Před 4 lety
I love you I love you 
Pliss call me this is my number 690527298
Jessica - Před 4 lety
It got leaked two days early and instead of being upset and mad, she was happy and excited that we finally got to hear it. Awww
Kia Brown
Kia Brown - Před 8 měsíci
Jessica Selena is perfect she is so kind 😍😭
Dina Collins
Dina Collins - Před 4 lety
sooo cute
Amonie Amore
Amonie Amore - Před 4 lety
OMG all right saw it like so later 2014 come on but it was a good song love love.
Olga Borges
Olga Borges - Před 5 lety
Selena gomez lindaaa
Thasia Gomez
Thasia Gomez - Před 5 lety
Neelam Khatri
Neelam Khatri - Před 5 lety
Wow. She seemed so excited..
Love her ♥
Danilo Gonzalez
Danilo Gonzalez - Před 5 lety
zehra öz
zehra öz - Před 5 lety
ahmed sameh
ahmed sameh - Před 5 lety
0:21 blue pussy ! :D
cels 🐨
cels 🐨 - Před 5 lety
it's a short.
Ola Kucharska
Ola Kucharska - Před 5 lety
c m g
c m g - Před 5 lety
Love this song
SasukeUchiha986 - Před 5 lety
Sanju Beria
Sanju Beria - Před 3 lety
Shut up
LilchanTvT - Před 4 lety
Lol may I know why XD
sofilette sofilette
sofilette sofilette - Před 5 lety
Debora Anna
Debora Anna - Před 5 lety
This is so cute.. omg..
Miri Alina
Miri Alina - Před 5 lety
Oooh nein du warst nicht angeschnallt :o xD
saragomez121 - Před 5 lety
Elizabeth hila Ginzburg
Elizabeth hila Ginzburg - Před 5 lety
Love you!!!!
hafidzdrew - Před 5 lety
y u so beautiful :)
מייסי רפטר
מייסי רפטר - Před 5 lety
the time that a car have more luck because selena sit inside of it.
Juno Dovah
Juno Dovah - Před 5 lety
Or we can just hear it in the background
Fun Fun Fridays
Fun Fun Fridays - Před 5 lety
Omg selena i love come and get it thats my fav song of yhu
- - Před 5 lety
she;s so cute
Фарид Шафиев
Фарид Шафиев - Před 5 lety
Lolo Tran
Lolo Tran - Před 5 lety
You know she's really in it to make her fans happy when she's actually excited that her music leaked instead of getting mad because it takes away the money. Good job Sel.
anya S
anya S - Před 5 lety
Oh my gosh I love you Selena! I've always wanted to come to a concert I have a bunch of posters of you in my room!! I wish I could see you preform sometime!
dema - Před 5 lety
Ilove you :(
sunshinee176 - Před 5 lety
she should be wearing her seatbelt lol
Lucy Alice
Lucy Alice - Před 5 lety
That's so sad :(
Kimberly Solis
Kimberly Solis - Před 5 lety
I love you selena ! I wish I could go to see you in LA in November but I can't afford it ); But I'm really proud of you ! I love you !!
Debra-Ann Walker
Debra-Ann Walker - Před 5 lety
why are you looking there
Oriana Safi
Oriana Safi - Před 5 lety
you are so cute selena , i love u :)
Vyacheslav Grzhibovskiy
Vyacheslav Grzhibovskiy - Před 5 lety
Love'n You Sel Mari
Emman Bangug
Emman Bangug - Před 5 lety
You Know, She's Such A Nice Person So Stop HATING her. If You Hate Her Then Why You Are Watching This!! That's Why People Crush On Her So If You Crush On Someone So Act Like Her!! Be Nice To Your Crush!!
KALA - Před 5 lety
I covered come&get it on my channel!check it out
Selena Gomez Lover
Selena Gomez Lover - Před 5 lety
Aww! Selena you look cute! #Selenator4ever
Jessy - Před 5 lety
of course she is jskndjsjsdjsbdbd :3
Ariana grande
Ariana grande - Před 5 lety
shutt up bitch of motjher
Araceli amarillo
Araceli amarillo - Před 5 lety
xxZeldaQueenxx - Před 5 lety
U should do a ask #askselena
A aomn
A aomn - Před 5 lety
i think she was wearing bikini on her top and shorts
Rihanna Selena Gomez
Rihanna Selena Gomez - Před 5 lety
You Rock Selena!!
- Rihanna&Selena :) xD
Mirko Angelini
Mirko Angelini - Před 5 lety
Selena i love youuuuu
djshakedbenzikri - Před 5 lety
rebecca_ - Před 5 lety
or maybe shes been to the beach and thats her bikini?
MiaGreenway - Před 5 lety
Selena, Justttt.. never stop doing what your doing, i love you, the fans love you. OMG! your amazing & So talented
murat darçın
murat darçın - Před 5 lety
alex dick
alex dick - Před 5 lety
53Spiderbird - Před 5 lety
Hey Selena I think you should make a Harlem Shake video
ss vv
ss vv - Před 5 lety
this vid made me smile tho, she is so cute
Meaghan Xo
Meaghan Xo - Před 5 lety
Your so real and unfake i hope you never turn into something like miley cyrus a fake
Little Meah
Little Meah - Před 5 lety
So hot
Hamad Saheem
Hamad Saheem - Před 5 lety
yeah she does and lucy hale looks like phoebe tonkin too from tvd and h2o
JMBtv100 - Před 5 lety
I don't listen to much modern music but I love your music selena
sai26oct - Před 5 lety
yippee. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire :) . dont think its funny, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. its worth a try here => bit.ly/138Sceo?=hksqcx
KeepingUpWithLeyna - Před 5 lety
those are her shorts lmao
Catalina Isidora
Catalina Isidora - Před 5 lety
ThatOneLovatic - Před 5 lety
Briannaa - Před 5 lety
Exactly Lol
Areeba Noor Ali
Areeba Noor Ali - Před 5 lety
Oh, Lucy Hale? They actually quite look-a-like.
Areeba Noor Ali
Areeba Noor Ali - Před 5 lety
The girl with the pink hair is one of her dancers, but the rest are just Selena's close friends:)
Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson - Před 5 lety
Are those other people her dancers?
Tori Chase
Tori Chase - Před 5 lety
no it's some look a like, remarkable huh?
Tori Chase
Tori Chase - Před 5 lety
those were shorts. check out the candid pictures for that day. byeeeeeeeeeeeee
Maddy Delvalle
Maddy Delvalle - Před 5 lety
Aww she's so excited
Areta Škopac
Areta Škopac - Před 5 lety
i love you selena
hhhhhhhhhhhhhh124 - Před 5 lety
Your soo cool
Taylor Reid
Taylor Reid - Před 5 lety
those are shorts...
Helen K
Helen K - Před 5 lety
Hope someone will see this.
I know people on Youtube hate these comments and I'm sorry to be a bother.
My name is Helen and I am a 15 year old singer/songwriter. Music is my life and I am working my butt off to make my dreams come true. If you all can, please please take just a second and check out some of my covers (like "come and Get It") and some of my original songs! Thanks :)
Valentina Fernandez
Valentina Fernandez - Před 5 lety
Turkish bieber die you
Maria Clara
Maria Clara - Před 5 lety
love u so much selena
Limonlu Kek
Limonlu Kek - Před 5 lety
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