LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

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Libs And jas
Libs And jas - Před dnem
Noah: you cant have the vinegar
Grayson: Is iT ThE SEEds
Adelaide Mills
Adelaide Mills - Před dnem
no one:

Grayson crying over pickles
Carissa Benavidez
Carissa Benavidez - Před 2 dny
17:33 “yoU cAnt eAt cUCumBers”
jaymiek09 - Před 2 dny
12:40 is the Joyce Byers moment
Julia Francis
Julia Francis - Před 3 dny
9:38 Improve time!!
Jaiden Barstad?!
Jaiden Barstad?! - Před 4 dny
17:55 same noah.. same
Kaitlyn TubeHD
Kaitlyn TubeHD - Před 4 dny
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Not a single soul in the world:
Noah: I like crying!
Ed. 101
Ed. 101 - Před 5 dny
Dolan and Grayson : *Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers*
Jadore Spottsville
Jadore Spottsville - Před 5 dny
Of course this got millions of views
zavry nelson !
zavry nelson ! - Před dnem
Jadore Spottsville all of the twins’ video have at least one million view lolol
1000 Subs and I will start making videos
Dolan twins:💪🏻

Noah: 📎
Milicent Seguin
Milicent Seguin - Před 7 dny
17:28 those voice cracks tho 😂
ilove you
ilove you - Před 9 dny
ilove you
ilove you - Před 9 dny
bruh them voice cracks after “can i eat cucumbers?”
Sillian Jloth
Sillian Jloth - Před 10 dny
Noah"I love crying"
Sillian Jloth
Sillian Jloth - Před 10 dny
anytime Noah does any amount of real acting...
SkytzHD - Před 11 dny
Does anyone know which shoes Noah is wearing?
Giraffe Bubblegum
Giraffe Bubblegum - Před 16 dny
Who else watched Noah's vid first and then the Dolan Twin's vid .
Bruhitz Kiki
Bruhitz Kiki - Před 16 dny
U can’t eat cucumbers🥺
Sharki - Před 17 dny
Was he coughing up a slug at start
it and stranger things
it and stranger things - Před 18 dny
the way ethan and grayson were arguing...i am dying😂😂
Regina Wahyu Febriyanti
Regina Wahyu Febriyanti - Před 18 dny
why do I laugh so hard during the pickle scene😂😂😂
Regina Wahyu Febriyanti
Regina Wahyu Febriyanti - Před 18 dny
Will Byers is so good at impersonating Noah
mElOdY doNthNiEr
mElOdY doNthNiEr - Před 19 dny
Aaliyah H
Aaliyah H - Před 20 dny
Am I the only one who started crying because I was trying to act as well?
Getruda Klassen
Getruda Klassen - Před 24 dny
Bro I teared up listening to Ethan and Noah talking bout the accident🥺😂

Bro y did i cry about not being able to eat pickles😭 they’re so good!!
billie eilish
billie eilish - Před 25 dny
lmao i’d laugh every second of acting😂😂
ѕυииу вσι
ѕυииу вσι - Před 25 dny
Am I the only one who started to cry when Noah started to
Stupid Funny
Stupid Funny - Před 26 dny
Does anyone else think Noah is soooo cute
Saoirse Hegarty
Saoirse Hegarty - Před 28 dny
19:36 I'm the bad guy duh
Saoirse Hegarty
Saoirse Hegarty - Před 28 dny
I think people had an anxiety attack watching the acting because it was so realistic wow he truly is an amazing actor
Karsyn - Před 29 dny
Noah: randomly breaks leg on “bouncy mattress”
Ethan: uuuhhh I don’t know where my phone is uuuhhhh. Is there a medic in this mattress store??
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh - Před 29 dny
you literally have no idea how many times i rewind-ed the after next week scenes, i mean oh my god, i laughed my ass out
Aiech gio
Aiech gio - Před měsícem
Why are the twins actually really good actors¿
Sarah Mc Nulty
Sarah Mc Nulty - Před měsícem
23:36 noah:I lOvE CrYiNg!
ananya sakle
ananya sakle - Před měsícem
At some places you can't help but cringe🤦🏻‍♀️
Savannah Jackson
Savannah Jackson - Před měsícem
Esmeralda has left the chat.
Dassi YL
Dassi YL - Před měsícem
17:57 I love crying. well Noah you would love being me
Kyrie Foskey
Kyrie Foskey - Před měsícem
My eyes. They can't. They put a fricking picture of Tom Holland, and then they are in the video... Obviously, but those are the 3 mostest hottest people in the world, in 1 video, I can't!❤❤
Blank Space
Blank Space - Před měsícem
No one:
ombremermaid8 :3
ombremermaid8 :3 - Před měsícem
Play 5:32 in 0.25 speed...that's really awkward...

Grayson: How old are you now?

Noah: I'mmmm *awkward laughs* *looks around nervously* ...Fourteen...

Ethan: Fourteen.

Grayson: Fourteen.


Grayson: Yeahhhh...Okaaay...

*Grayson and Ethan both smile creepily*
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