7 251 361
318 589
yFocaboy - Před 28 minutami
UpturnedLemur - Před 28 minutami
Bangladeshis aren’t Indian.
Lil MeMeS
Lil MeMeS - Před 28 minutami
This actually got me in tears 😭
Larokan - Před 29 minutami
There are actually some realy sick punchlines from a battle-rap perspective.
itay the gamer meme
itay the gamer meme - Před 29 minutami
יאללה. מסיבה!!!!!
ハマのジョン - Před 32 minutami
Yatta desune!!

Prof Gaming
Prof Gaming - Před 36 minutami
ko zna sprski/bosanski/hrvatski nek lajka da vidimo ko nas prati pewdiepie-a
Ralph Bryan
Ralph Bryan - Před 36 minutami
Pewdiepie : Heres one last brofist from th numba one in the world
WaterSheep : Meeeeeee
DalOne FM
DalOne FM - Před 38 minutami
Ух,что-то на слёзы чуть не пробило
Василина - Před 41 minutou
Кто из Украины??😁
CHINMOY KUMAR SARKER - Před 42 minutami
I am From Bangladesh 🇧🇩😔
Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell - Před 46 minutami
Jokes on you, Felix. I replay this video all the time, meaning that your last brofist was not really your last brofist as #1
ImLostPlzHelp - Před 49 minutami
😭 omg when you search up Tseries... pewdiepie’s channel pops up before tseries does 👍🏻👍🏻
Noot noot
Noot noot - Před 45 minutami
Why were you searching tseries in the first place?!
Damyan van Huffel
Damyan van Huffel - Před 50 minutami
Good song pewdiepie
James Humphreys
James Humphreys - Před 52 minutami
PewDiePie might had been overtaken, but over 97 million is still kick ass !
R.A Plays
R.A Plays - Před 56 minutami
This is how many people listen this everyday
Finn Wolfe
Finn Wolfe - Před hodinou
I’m sad
icewallowcome - Před hodinou
Dislikes from retarded indians that still think that the war is still going
Minjung Kang
Minjung Kang - Před hodinou
Pewdiepie, its amazing.
Nordimo San
Nordimo San - Před hodinou
Best clash ever
Sebas Rodriguez
Sebas Rodriguez - Před hodinou
3:29 YEET
Elena Palomo
Elena Palomo - Před hodinou
bro this slapss
Thiban Raj
Thiban Raj - Před hodinou
T-series: multi millionaire music company
Pewdiepie: makes 2 songs
zWolfie - Před hodinou
India’s poo poo in their head you said? You know pewdiepie most south Asian kids are your fans you gay Swedish old piece of trash
diamond adicshion Plays plays
Now you gotta be the first to get to 250 million or 500 million or even 1 billion be all of us are here to support you there and help you get there
Pubg lovers
Pubg lovers - Před hodinou
Indians cant understand english 😂
Randy Rich
Randy Rich - Před hodinou
What pass bottles with 9 year old army
Wa ng
Wa ng - Před hodinou
1:31 t gei
OgDugme420 - Před hodinou
Sven is going to be in yt rewind 2019
MTG - Před hodinou
Party all day
Eduardo Mendoza
Eduardo Mendoza - Před hodinou
This is god
Oliver Kirkham
Oliver Kirkham - Před hodinou
T series suck
Oliver Kirkham
Oliver Kirkham - Před hodinou
1 like =1 cry for pewdiepie I love u
Tommaso Cavaliere
Tommaso Cavaliere - Před hodinou
The best in the world🕶️⬆️1️⃣🇸🇪
Squidward Testicles
Squidward Testicles - Před hodinou
Let's find a way to delete t series
Paklena Trojka
Paklena Trojka - Před hodinou
Marta Chichvarkin
Marta Chichvarkin - Před hodinou
3:18 i am tearing up
EasyRektPåDig - Před hodinou
**Pontus Petterson has entered the chat**
Na Nguyễn
Na Nguyễn - Před hodinou
Its crazy but i like ittttt 👍🏻
thxmondo - Před 2 hodinami
Pontus Pettersson - BuckWild anyone?
brawl stars
brawl stars - Před 2 hodinami
t series you are gay 😐
Black Dragon
Black Dragon - Před 2 hodinami
I can watch this all day but the end is kinda sad tho 😥 but this song was a burn to t series
Happy Boy
Happy Boy - Před 2 hodinami
Ruck tseries
CodeZ BTW - Před 2 hodinami
When you search t series pewds pops up first.
лент го
лент го - Před 2 hodinami
Filip Zmaic
Filip Zmaic - Před 2 hodinami
Wait did you win?!
Smiley Riley Draws
Smiley Riley Draws - Před 2 hodinami
Filip Zmaic no 😭
David Archbold
David Archbold - Před 2 hodinami
I still cry when I watch this 😢
Fan OfAllYoutubers
Fan OfAllYoutubers - Před 2 hodinami
I Just Don’t Get It How T-Series Not Happy Yet
Noob Block
Noob Block - Před 2 hodinami
At the end
Noob Block
Noob Block - Před 2 hodinami
Why is mr beast here?
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