Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)

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Rod Wave
Rod Wave - Před měsícem
im gon die in these cuban links
DGProduction Tv
DGProduction Tv - Před 6 hodinami
casper - Před 9 hodinami
You ft with that nigga Kevin gates been a fan since his 1st album then make em believe Kevin gates if you see this my brother bought all your products plz follow him he all abt you follow his insta waylonsalinas
casper - Před 9 hodinami
Glad you came up die in these Cuban links
looney daleo
looney daleo - Před 13 hodinami
Idgaf wat u gone do
Shykiera Wheeler
Shykiera Wheeler - Před dnem
Jay Cash
Jay Cash - Před 7 hodinami
I need everything when it lock in the pot yeee 🔥
Tammy Lee
Tammy Lee - Před 7 hodinami
When you fall off you find out who really love you. That part.
Tammy Lee
Tammy Lee - Před 7 hodinami
When you fall off you find out who really love you. That part.
Monica Hauser
Monica Hauser - Před 8 hodinami
Aye Kevin gates Artist or no cause he fuckin gates lit....I love him aye listen to Kevin gates and my new rod wave cause they the only one rise the pain from my heart
XChanged - Před 8 hodinami
Light bill due, envelope blue
pressure mania
pressure mania - Před 8 hodinami
Big boys season
Rodreges Strum
Rodreges Strum - Před 10 hodinami
Levi Dyer
Levi Dyer - Před 14 hodinami
Anyone besides me remember when Kevin Gates was good and didn't sound like Fetty Wap in every song?
johnny green
johnny green - Před 16 hodinami
Who produced this?💿😯
Young Stoney
Young Stoney - Před 17 hodinami
Bruv have to say this shit 🔥🔥💯 found u on #NoLifeshap keep putting out work bruv 💯🤙🏻
you're gonna laugh at my comment
you're gonna laugh at my comment - Před 17 hodinami
RoD wave is different! Kevin gates couldn't keep with him on this song both verses was tough but that boy Wave different 💯💯💯
jendbenne kwofkdnn
jendbenne kwofkdnn - Před 17 hodinami
dis shyt trash how mfs like dis shyt 😂😂😂😂
U.A.G Colorado 100 Cumberland at
U.A.G Colorado 100 Cumberland at - Před 18 hodinami
That's a hard as hook for a Gospel Rapper.
they_watching mehh
they_watching mehh - Před 19 hodinami
Totally shocked!!! Soon he jump on the beat 💥😎 nice flow very aggressive raw lyrics 🤞🏽 #cubanlinks #grownmenonly
JPXJ - Před 21 hodinou
money-man_ Jenkins
money-man_ Jenkins - Před 21 hodinou
Best calabe if you think like
Darrick Mclaurin
Darrick Mclaurin - Před 21 hodinou
Bro, Rod. Thanks man, motivation. Broke down in the car... “when I think about my past that sh** give me chills”
Darkboyz Jackson
Darkboyz Jackson - Před 22 hodinami
Street anthem
D Jr
D Jr - Před dnem
Boosie would go hard on this song...
Ali Aboujouraif
Ali Aboujouraif - Před dnem
Kevin gates Moroccan 🇲🇦🇲🇦
Shykiera Wheeler
Shykiera Wheeler - Před dnem
Cuban links 💕💕💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Keeping Up With Alexx
Keeping Up With Alexx - Před dnem
Yfn_ Kayleb
Yfn_ Kayleb - Před dnem
Federal pressure 💯
Adan Ortiz montealegre
Adan Ortiz montealegre - Před dnem
"All my life have been a struggle you wanna fall you off find sum 1 who rlly love you" 🥶🔥
QUASHA VLOGS - Před dnem
Eric GoodLife Johnson
Eric GoodLife Johnson - Před dnem
He next up 💯💯
CincoJayMaio - Před dnem
This 90s video effect is godly
Suleyka Alvarez
Suleyka Alvarez - Před dnem
Kavin gates has a good heart
xmîn_soundcloud - Před dnem
am i the only one who fines kevin gates so attractive
Andre Collins
Andre Collins - Před dnem
What up common Dom is the best way possible to see the house on the office phone number is not reachable on my way home now
Orlizin culp
Orlizin culp - Před dnem
Love this... Beautiful!!
Mike T
Mike T - Před dnem
“Back when I was tryna find a way for all my partnas” this shit touched soul‼️🤦🏾‍♂️💪🏾
33 Gunzz
33 Gunzz - Před dnem
If u hurting in u feeling dis only the real understand
pLaYbOy WiLL
pLaYbOy WiLL - Před dnem
“When I think about my past it gives me chills”😔💚
lilquell1 - Před dnem
Shiit been on repeat every since I heard it
Javonna Goldsberry
Javonna Goldsberry - Před dnem
Im feelin es 🔥 🔥 🔥 Da lyrics & da beat/ hook💯💯💪 💪
Lucas - Před dnem
pops and cuban links is like what ? i dont speak english, plz someone tell me
Kamden Martin
Kamden Martin - Před dnem
📠 🔥
Daniel Andre
Daniel Andre - Před dnem
Homeboy comin to save the game
Jessica Grimes
Jessica Grimes - Před dnem
Ayo he need to get on a song wit derez deshon they flow would go perfectly together
Ty Ful
Ty Ful - Před dnem
This shyt so real n playa
John Lopez
John Lopez - Před 2 dny
0:29 they look like the number 10
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Oh yes!!! 💕🎹🎤🎧🔊🔊
Mona Lysa
Mona Lysa - Před 2 dny
Kyle Yarrington
Kyle Yarrington - Před 2 dny
Saint Petersburg stand up 💪🏽👑
Robert Henton
Robert Henton - Před 2 dny
He made 10 million veiws in 1 month he finna be rich rich
HomieOnIce - Před 2 dny
10 mill in 1 month wtf
Miranda Aurora
Miranda Aurora - Před 2 dny
Die in these Cuban links💎
Tishelle black
Tishelle black - Před 2 dny
Im in love😍😍😍😍...shit most definitely on repeat ×10
Quan Entertainment
Quan Entertainment - Před 2 dny go play that
Dyllan Bass
Dyllan Bass - Před 2 dny
ItzTeo - Před 2 dny
MoneyMurk - Před 2 dny
Man this shii need 100m onbro🗣🖤💯
Austin Winnick
Austin Winnick - Před 2 dny
Cuban links dieing in. Remember When @rodwave
Toni Lichel
Toni Lichel - Před 2 dny
I love our black men ugh
Toni Lichel
Toni Lichel - Před 2 dny
On repeat .
Frenxh Kleo
Frenxh Kleo - Před 2 dny
YouTube: FrenxhGangKleo- FromTheStruggle feat. RodWave
christine wright
christine wright - Před 2 dny
Rod wave wdy you listen your songs everyday do you rod wave Kevin gates wdy Kevin gates I follow every day and rod wave I follow you everyday rod wave said I'm going to die these cuban links I love you rod wave I love you Kevin gates
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