Ed Sheeran - South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) [Official Video]

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Ari Nava
Ari Nava - Před 3 hodinami
WTH with the ending? Hahaha
spider fire 3D
spider fire 3D - Před 3 hodinami
amna umar
amna umar - Před 3 hodinami
'You thought you were smart,but you ain't tho"
Story of my life
Hector Albertorio
Hector Albertorio - Před 3 hodinami
Viva mexico
bobapop gongcha
bobapop gongcha - Před 3 hodinami
Love Ed Sheeran
Please support my first youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex7SNI3amVQ
Gamer Thrower
Gamer Thrower - Před 3 hodinami
4:43 is my favourite part
Football Geeks
Football Geeks - Před 3 hodinami
shifat arafin shuvo
shifat arafin shuvo - Před 3 hodinami
sounds like the song *shape of u*
Peter Sara
Peter Sara - Před 3 hodinami
Cardi b might be the next Nicki Minaj.
EATMN TEAM - Před 3 hodinami
Is there a version of the song without Cardi B ?
Joud AlMalki
Joud AlMalki - Před 3 hodinami
Shawn must be jealous of the boy and Camilla
Ro ni sh
Ro ni sh - Před 3 hodinami
Ed is looking very innocent.
Ad Greenwood
Ad Greenwood - Před 3 hodinami
Welcome to the New State 🙋‍♂️ not that far from Ipswich, the Cocks won the footy after all this season, we told everyone 😆 in BrisVagus about living Dicks and Cocks 🤔 pretty obvious that Richards Roosters might be a good pick, the Southern residing up north, or is it the northern down south in some ways I’m still a bit of a Dick of a puddin’s 😆
Valkyrie - Před 3 hodinami
selimul hoque Music
selimul hoque Music - Před 3 hodinami
Hi ED im trying to make music like you. Do you want to watch it?
Elnara Kerimova
Elnara Kerimova - Před 3 hodinami
I love you!
Heli Turyale
Heli Turyale - Před 4 hodinami
Cardi b 🤣
Uzdawg - Před 4 hodinami
This 🔥🔥🔥ima make this kinda music sooon
Let Us Say Grace
Let Us Say Grace - Před 4 hodinami
I don't get it at all
LittleZeph 17
LittleZeph 17 - Před 4 hodinami
4:07 to the end lol mdr
devendar singh
devendar singh - Před 4 hodinami
By the white dress he meant the dress camila wore and by green eyes she meant the guy who's eyes once turned green
(For those who say red is the new white)
Lhester Soler
Lhester Soler - Před 4 hodinami
I love this Music Video..😊❤
Lol Cardi B's Last part is Hilarious. 😂
Anant Chawla
Anant Chawla - Před 4 hodinami
Cardi B is looking so damn hot
I mean look at the responsibility she holds at her chest👙
xxyoung baexx official
xxyoung baexx official - Před 5 hodinami
cardi b at the last omg 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Boston _
Boston _ - Před 5 hodinami
1:22 Ed’s smile kills me 😂
vinesh ramsundhar
vinesh ramsundhar - Před 5 hodinami
These peoplez should really consider making a movie together💝😘😍😇
blazy 101
blazy 101 - Před 5 hodinami
good until cardi b sang
Kim Ayo
Kim Ayo - Před 5 hodinami
Cardi b was like y'all not busting my implants.
maisy d
maisy d - Před 5 hodinami
Camila love, be careful with that knife by your lip 😂
S.S GAMER - Před 5 hodinami
1:34 camila expression rocked!
Kieran Nariac
Kieran Nariac - Před 5 hodinami
Osiris Tuberquia
Osiris Tuberquia - Před 5 hodinami
No entendí una vrg se este video xdxd pero está cool
danny gomez
danny gomez - Před 5 hodinami
Literally no one:

Cardi: doing that 'u huh' after getting the ugly ass necklace
spastic child
spastic child - Před 5 hodinami
Card b shit as always
Ay Men
Ay Men - Před 5 hodinami
Camila : He got that, mm, green eyes
Me : shawn show me your eyes
Also me : wth he got brown eyes not green ones, ha ur wrong hahahah motherfucker (with cardi B voice) 😂😂😂
Evelyn Munoz
Evelyn Munoz - Před 5 hodinami
I'm so confused😂
Xd IAmAVictim
Xd IAmAVictim - Před 5 hodinami
Why is a trash can acting as Cardi B?
Can Ceylan
Can Ceylan - Před 6 hodinami
Like Turkey-Sryia Border.
I love this song.
Ooo.. oooh.
Foureira Lover
Foureira Lover - Před 6 hodinami
Everything was perfect when cardi b started "singing"😂
Amin Ardon
Amin Ardon - Před 6 hodinami
Drop album drop a baby but I never drop a ball. 👀😛
Card b being Cardi b😂😂👌
Shalja Narula Dang
Shalja Narula Dang - Před 6 hodinami
Cardi b love yaa🤣🤣🤣 u r funny 😘😂😂 n Camila cabello 😘
Grantley Auguste
Grantley Auguste - Před 6 hodinami
This should be a movie
Yukio's Music Channel
Yukio's Music Channel - Před 6 hodinami
Cardi B would be a good villain character for some action comedy movie.
hippy heart love up
hippy heart love up - Před 6 hodinami
That was good 🔥
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali - Před 6 hodinami
Cardi b 🤣🤣😂
Jubana Crux
Jubana Crux - Před 6 hodinami
Wow Camilla Cabello❤️❤️
Sayed Aly Faizan
Sayed Aly Faizan - Před 6 hodinami
Excluding cardi b everything is perfect in this song, Dont add that slut please
Jair Bessa
Jair Bessa - Před 6 hodinami
Muy buena canción, los fans de Anitta apoyan Cardi B e Camila Cabello
Thomas Gabriel
Thomas Gabriel - Před 6 hodinami
ok. that was a bit confusing. i;ll be totally honest.
hajira masood
hajira masood - Před 6 hodinami
Cardi b is legend
Keskin_81 - Před 6 hodinami
best combination: ed-camila-cardi—B
Joyce Gabrielle
Joyce Gabrielle - Před 6 hodinami
i couldn't expect Cardi B as someone else she is just so cool as herself
Luiz Otávio
Luiz Otávio - Před 6 hodinami
Px, nem fez muito sucesso
kenul_ Dulmin
kenul_ Dulmin - Před 6 hodinami
“My music doesn’t really hit everyone otherwise I’d be a very lucky man”
-Ed Sheehan a long time ago
Sena Galesic
Sena Galesic - Před 6 hodinami
WAS THAT MAKENZIE at the end or am I blind
Michelle Gonzalez
Michelle Gonzalez - Před 6 hodinami
Te amo Mummy 😂😂😂
Kaye Kpellen
Kaye Kpellen - Před 6 hodinami
ugly ass necklace IM DEAD
Alissa Hipke
Alissa Hipke - Před 6 hodinami
Camilla have you forgot Shawn ?
Kora Marie
Kora Marie - Před 6 hodinami
"Dropped a baby dropped an album but I never drop a bar" classic cardi
ROBLOX R.I.P. - Před 7 hodinami
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