Muse - Psycho [Official Lyric Video]

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Hita Yuyu Garcia
Hita Yuyu Garcia - Před 18 hodinami
gargantuan kiwi
gargantuan kiwi - Před 23 hodinami
really love muse but, 1:21 that's the wrong you're
Vido 345
Vido 345 - Před dnem
I can play this fully on bass guitar
jean-claude breure-montagne
The new age generation of The Beatles ! It's genious !
Alexa Ruiz
Alexa Ruiz - Před 2 dny
Son los Mejores los amo ❤✌ fucking psychooooo!!!!belongs to me nooww
Mina - Před 3 dny
I didn't like this song until I heard it live and now I'm obsessed
Is this the beginning of a new better life(?? 💚
Michael ‘s Channel of Random
Anyone here because of Hellboy?
Rafael Moreno
Rafael Moreno - Před 5 dny
mejor cancion like si lo ves en 2018
Kill Me Pls
Kill Me Pls - Před 5 dny
0:00 - 0:28 Shit I forgot what I was going to say
Paolo Velasquez
Paolo Velasquez - Před 5 dny
I love this Masterpiece...
Hani Mustafa
Hani Mustafa - Před 5 dny
This song was supposed to be the opening song for Full Metal Jacket
Gabriela Araya
Gabriela Araya - Před 6 dny
Matt: Your ass belongs to me now
Me: Oh stop it 🙈🙊
Perry The platypus
Perry The platypus - Před 6 dny
Looked all over for this track after hearing it from hellboy. Epic song!!
Alejandro Solís
Alejandro Solís - Před 6 dny
A solo 3 días para el concierto en Perú!!! 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
Laura Castillo
Laura Castillo - Před 7 dny
Ando aquí después del Rock in Rio
Juan Cortes
Juan Cortes - Před 7 dny
That bulls shit!!
That's musica and drugs
marilyn pe
marilyn pe - Před 7 dny
Marielle Charland
Marielle Charland - Před 7 dny
Cristina Coro
Cristina Coro - Před 9 dny
Erick Oliveira
Erick Oliveira - Před 9 dny
Rock Lee saying 'Aye Sir'
George Alexandru
George Alexandru - Před 10 dny
That drill sergeant is a poor man's gunnery sergeant Hartmann.
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards - Před 10 dny
Who else loves this song because they're fucking psycho?
Rainkid - Před 11 dny
Hi guys! Rainkid on the speaker🔊 Check out our music and give us some feedback, we would love that.

Rainkid xx❤
felipe oliveira
felipe oliveira - Před 11 dny
Quem veio pelo o rock in Rio 2019? Kkkk
Luiz Fernando
Luiz Fernando - Před 9 dny
Sempre curti Muse, mas nunca fui muito fã. Essa música eu ouvi no RIR19 e fiquei vidrado, e agora to viciado nela. Que porrada!
androide yerard
androide yerard - Před 11 dny
Que viva el rok México México
The Starman
The Starman - Před 12 dny
The best
No inventes!!!
No inventes!!! - Před 12 dny
Like si eres de España 🇪🇸
Benjamin Carmelo Borg
Benjamin Carmelo Borg - Před 12 dny
I can't hear you!
Aye, Aye, Captain!
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Spongebob Squarepants!
mrsomvm Trovador Lo-fi
mrsomvm Trovador Lo-fi - Před 13 dny
" seu cool é meu agora.." kkkkk, é ruim hein! Isso é Punk? parece, e é um elogio!!
Halo N Horns
Halo N Horns - Před 14 dny
Camilla Lecca
Camilla Lecca - Před 15 dny
delfi piña
delfi piña - Před 15 dny
Me encanta green day
Sasa Lakic
Sasa Lakic - Před 15 dny
Beginning like Rob Zombie
Neon Fog
Neon Fog - Před 15 dny
Piano version "Starlight" on my channel. Welcome✌
Francesco Nagni
Francesco Nagni - Před 6 dny
I'm arriving
Luis Alberto Reyes Sánchez
CDMX 2019 🔥🔥🔥
Marco Dávila
Marco Dávila - Před 15 dny
Like si los estás escuchando y llorando al mismo tiempo porque lo fuiste a su concierto en México 😢
pumaniaco1 - Před 16 dny
Maldicion!! No voy a ir al concierto e mañana!!!!
Sgt Potato gaming
Sgt Potato gaming - Před 16 dny
Man really ptsd sucks, hell its what killed kris kyle,when all he wanted to do is help others like him
this is a rock !!
Leandro Jean
Leandro Jean - Před 18 dny
Dia 06/10 no Rock in Rio, não pode faltar a Pyscho!
Esme Castro
Esme Castro - Před 18 dny
Seth Lien
Seth Lien - Před 18 dny
Anyone here from SerpentAU?
Vamma Rotta
Vamma Rotta - Před 19 dny
Better than Post Malone
- - Před 19 dny
Hibbity Hobbity your ass is now my property!
Oxdox - Před 20 dny
These are the ones we consider heroes: psycho killing machines.
Raigar Müllerson
Raigar Müllerson - Před 21 dnem
fucking high listening to this. fuck jeeeeaaaa
Cristián Reyes
Cristián Reyes - Před 23 dny
A la gente de México deberían de enseñar inglés y música con este tipo de música que opinan así si aprendería rápidamente inglés
Kristina Time
Kristina Time - Před 24 dny
Back to their roots
Dmitriay Ch
Dmitriay Ch - Před 24 dny
Только спустя 4 года Ютуб порекомендовал мне это видео
Galaxynoob 74
Galaxynoob 74 - Před 25 dny
Love, it will get you nowhere
You are on your own
Lost in the wild
So come to me now
I could use someone like you
Someone who'll kill on my command
And asks no questions
I'm gonna make you
I'm gonna break you
I'm gonna make you
A fucking psycho
A fucking psycho
A fucking psycho
Your ass belongs to me now
Are you a human drone?
(Aye, sir!)
Are you a killing machine?
(Aye, sir!)
I'm in control, motherfucker, do you understand?
(Aye, sir!)
Your mind is just a program
And I'm the virus
I'm changing the station
I'll improve your thresholds
I'll turn you into a super drone (super drone)
And you will kill on my command
And I won't be responsible
I'm gonna make you
I'm gonna break you
I'm gonna make you
A fucking psycho
A fucking psycho
A fucking psycho
Your ass belongs to me now
Miguel Diegues
Miguel Diegues - Před 25 dny
the song it's awsome....but the lyrics even better ...god save muse :)
Gotzer Drake Zerora Venandi
Hellboy vs Giants.
MsPopota69 - Před 27 dny
Reminds me of Beautiful People by Manson!
Dom Collomosse
Dom Collomosse - Před 29 dny
Just me that thinks the whispering sounds like Marilyn Manson?
Danielle K
Danielle K - Před měsícem
HOW DO PEOPLE FUCKING COME UP WITH SUCH SICK TUNES??! like where do their ideas come from♥️🎶🎶🎶🔥
Eduarda Monteiro
Eduarda Monteiro - Před měsícem caralho
mimometal26 - Před měsícem
Que delicia de canción!!
You made my day, Now get some rest.
Yulian - Před měsícem
Elorynn Palor
Elorynn Palor - Před měsícem
your ass belongs to me now
PUC - Před měsícem
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