My Rebuilt Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 is the Worlds CHEAPEST! But Is It Safe to Drive?

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Samcrac - Před 22 dny
The name of the song you all are looking for is --------------------------> I'm in Love by Jones Meadow
Googly Eyes
Googly Eyes - Před 9 dny
TY 👍
Mark Khanna
Mark Khanna - Před 13 dny
@Thanks Sam.
Ethan Kent
Ethan Kent - Před 17 dny
Definitely set you apart from the rest! DIY gang never says what songs they are :(
Stephen Meenan
Stephen Meenan - Před 18 dny
Go orange for the colour
Tolga Cayir
Tolga Cayir - Před 18 dny
What is the one at 6:55 ? Please
Torey Parks
Torey Parks - Před dnem
Wish you can finish tge feremrari 360 im tryba fibush watching tge rebuilding process
Craigory - Před dnem
11:55 when your 1969 truck wont start up on a snowy day.
|FeZZa| - Před 2 dny
Colour recommendation: Mat army green like the front reinforcement bar @ 6:50. Would go great with the black/yellow interior
Adrian David Payne
Adrian David Payne - Před 4 dny
Go Preds!
UNION JACK - Před 6 dny
it should be CARBON.
Not loud and bright.
Jamie Pollard
Jamie Pollard - Před 6 dny
Sam this is easily your best video. VTuned is seriously talented. Keep up the good work. Love the videos. JP.
Simply 2wavy
Simply 2wavy - Před 7 dny
Change color
kevin quicker
kevin quicker - Před 8 dny
Don't change the color
James Cooper
James Cooper - Před 9 dny
It would look good in metallic blue
Brock Aparicio
Brock Aparicio - Před 10 dny
Change the color to lime green and black
Albatrosspro - Před 10 dny
Oh yeah they do always have popcorn at hardware stores lol.
BuckRogers - Před 10 dny
I'm done with gassers and all extra moving parts, but loving this channel and just subscribed. Really loving the content. Next car is a Tesla though and next motorcycle is a Zero. :)
NLoff44 - Před 11 dny
All cars should be black.
David Phipps
David Phipps - Před 12 dny
paint it orange
Dan Spector
Dan Spector - Před 14 dny
I want to know what Vtuned charges per hour. You talk like $22 is the only cost.. hahahahahahahahahaha
Big MD
Big MD - Před 15 dny
LOL :'D Rotiform on a lambo, took me a while, had the same rims on my golf.
apple_hacks - Před 16 dny
apple_hacks - Před 16 dny
apple_hacks - Před 16 dny
FoxyLisek - Před 17 dny
Don’t change the color, black suits this car.
Killerean - Před 17 dny
Ooooooooooooooooh watching this video I have learned a trick for repairing my Alfa Romeo. C:
M L - Před 17 dny
Wow. This V Tuned guy is really good.
gii SB
gii SB - Před 18 dny
uffff tough question. black looks sick. but it should be green or purple.... thanos purple wrap not to ruin it
Stephen Meenan
Stephen Meenan - Před 18 dny
Go orange
Almostbakerzero - Před 18 dny
when you see the wooden board flap against the car for the first time at 11:40 and think "woopsie". i was holding my breath waiting for the obvious 2nd time this would happen ... and he even goes extra fast so it hits extra hard ;_; this has me crying
Senshi T
Senshi T - Před 18 dny
I really enjoy the content sam, i always hit thumbs up, but if i had to find a reason for the dislikes, maybe it would be fact that you never finish any proyect, and that maybe hits right on the anxiety haha. Just a productive opinion! keep the good work!
IDK Plays
IDK Plays - Před 18 dny
take it to maaco.. lol jk
Revan Schlossman
Revan Schlossman - Před 18 dny
Ubaid Khan
Ubaid Khan - Před 20 dny
11:57 hahahahahahha
Jordan Carlson
Jordan Carlson - Před 20 dny
Matte black
Todd Wiedmer
Todd Wiedmer - Před 20 dny
Where do you buy your salvage cars. What auction site do you use?
Fms Watchdo
Fms Watchdo - Před 20 dny
Black and red paint scheme would be awesome.
Balleknack - Před 20 dny
vTuned is awesome!
azhar hassan
azhar hassan - Před 20 dny
waiting for the next video i want to see this lambo in action !
360unplugged - Před 20 dny
I am buying a 2011 Gallardo LP560-4 this week and it is the bright lime green, not sure the official Lamborghini color, this is my 1st exotic. But while looking at Lambo's I saw the best colors were Lime Green, Orange or Yellow... Great channel, the content keeps me watching from Dubai.
statikreg - Před 21 dnem
I didn't know Lamborghinis used any metal body panels...Idk why I thought that, but assumed they were all either carbon fiber in the modern ones, or fiber glass in older. Guess you learn some new useless trivia every day!
I am curious now, though, which would be cheaper: to pay a body shop to fix that rear fender, or buy a new one? Given the brand & rarity of the car, but expense of labor, I imagine it could go either way. Obviously, it only costs time to do it yourself but I'm not that skilled, so if I were to take on a project like this, it's something i'd need to figure out....
Grant Butler
Grant Butler - Před 21 dnem
You should make it lightning blue!
Jasper Holland
Jasper Holland - Před 21 dnem
You should make it metallic Pink
Harley D boy
Harley D boy - Před 21 dnem
Cheapest lambo .. how much ... ?
Craig Mullen
Craig Mullen - Před 21 dnem
Spray it Matt Yellow!! With black everything else
Hunter Markley
Hunter Markley - Před 22 dny
you should make the lambo a grey color with some lighter blue accents
Aegzyye - Před 22 dny
song at 8:40?
Meyou69in _
Meyou69in _ - Před 22 dny
why do i get his feeling you still live in your moms house?
King Kanga
King Kanga - Před 22 dny
Flat ARMY green...With racing line and maybe with some racing Liveries...Would be unique for sure. Never seen one on the road any where and I have traveled the world. So seeing a color like that would be pretty awesome and maybe toss a Rocket Bunny body kit on it or better yet, a Liberty Walk body kit. The one for the Gallardo is sick AF and complete makes that car look BAF!
Michael - Před 22 dny
f00bar3d - Před 23 dny
Change the color, but first publish the playlist on this video!
DT - Před 23 dny
You need to title your vids with 1/3 or part 4 or whatever, just takes out the guess work of watching in the proper order. Enjoyed the project btw
Oscar MDX
Oscar MDX - Před 23 dny
I wasa bout to talk crap about that kid and WoW..... Never judge a book from its cover.
That kid is a wizard!!!!
Richard Rashty
Richard Rashty - Před 23 dny
that car looks like a Shriner car its sooooo SMALL .
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