Marshmello x Juicy J - You Can Cry (Ft. James Arthur) (Official Lyric Video)

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Marshmello - Před 5 měsíci
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It’s OK to cry...Comment below and tell me about a time that you cried.
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Anita Castillo
Anita Castillo - Před 22 dny
oh i love this song! i thought "silence" would alone be my fave, but this here is like balm on my heart!
Golden Souls
Golden Souls - Před měsícem
Just my eyes sweating
Samantha Vaughn
Samantha Vaughn - Před měsícem
Marshmello you want we are in re e to be in the same room with a bunch of other stuff Sam Cooll
Valentina Ordonez
Valentina Ordonez - Před měsícem
My grandpa died and I never saw him and I also dont have a dad
Hackers Life
Hackers Life - Před 3 měsíci
Yes mello i was cried and big fan
Samantha McManus
Samantha McManus - Před hodinou
BranDoNinJo - Před 2 dny
Adrián Muñoz
Adrián Muñoz - Před 3 dny
Oh, you can cry on my shoulder
Everything's alright
All the pain is finally over
You can close your eyes
Listen to me, close your eyes baby, picture this:
Sunset, on the ocean, that's Pacific
New whips, new tiffs, now your wrist lit
You can get anything off your wish list
Every day is Christmas (I got you)
Look, I promise you won’t wanna miss this (I got you)
All I got is bread like a biscuit (biscuit)
Got a secret location, unlisted
We can get twisted (woo)
I don’t wanna wait (hey)
I don’t need a break (hey)
You just bring the gift (hey)
I’ma bring the cake (uh-huh)
Go for two rounds
Light a spliff (uh-huh)
You laying next to a star, make a wish (a wish)
I got somethin’ you can ride if you need a lift (yessir)
Whenever you with me, the problems don’t exist
Anywhere you wanna go, scratch it off your list
You wouldn’t even wanna cry if you imagine this
Oh, you can cry on my shoulder
Everything's alright (I got you)
All the pain is finally over
You can close your eyes
You was up late night callin' (woo)
I was up late night ballin' (woo)
Almost made you wanna throw the towel in (hey)
Almost made you wanna trade the style in (uh-oh)
Countin' up hundreds by the thousands (uh-oh)
100 stacks, run it back, Hester
Double up, one more time, no pressure (no pressure)
I believe in you, so you next up
I put diamonds in your cross, God bless ya
You put the work in (woo), you deserve that
Hard work pays off, I know you heard of that (heard of that)
Slow it down, lemme show you how to work that (oh)
That coupe you was dreamin' 'bout, you can swerve that (it's yours)
You just gotta take a chance, take control of that
You just gotta chase the dream, get a hold of that (uh-huh)
Then you put in overtime, nothing over that
Then you do it one more time, gotta run it back
Oh, you can cry on my shoulder
Everything's alright
All the pain is finally over
You can close your eyes
You can get anythin' you want
You what I'm sayin'?
You want that over there? You want that over there?
I got you
Oh, you can cry on my shoulder
Everything's alright
All the pain is finally over
You can close your eyes
Adrián Muñoz
Adrián Muñoz - Před 3 dny
║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X X ║
maria fernanda paz
maria fernanda paz - Před 3 dny
muy chulo marshmellito muy cool :D
exdycz cwte
exdycz cwte - Před 4 dny
Hetlly Serrano
Hetlly Serrano - Před 4 dny
your songs ar the best
The_huskie_gamer :P
The_huskie_gamer :P - Před 5 dny
Cool Song Guys :D
Sivin Sivinwilson
Sivin Sivinwilson - Před 5 dny
Super bro marshmello
TheGoblinNation - Před 6 dny
Best song ever
L Lawliet
L Lawliet - Před 7 dny
I cry for me.....hope u get what i tried to say.....
Reannon Westra
Reannon Westra - Před 7 dny
My sis died in I'm depressed please dislike
Tristan Love
Tristan Love - Před 8 dny
Thank you marshmello for being a great person GOD BLESS YOUR soul.
Tristan Love
Tristan Love - Před 8 dny
I'm crying right now because DJ Pera's comment is so sweet😭😭
Patrick Cano
Patrick Cano - Před 9 dny
this song made me cry ):.
Dan Stoica
Dan Stoica - Před 10 dny
"Oh you can cry on my shoulder
Everything's allright
All the pain is finaly over
You can close your eyes"
Every person with social anxiety want's to hear this
Akuma Test
Akuma Test - Před 10 dny
Natalia Lorena Rivero
Natalia Lorena Rivero - Před 11 dny
Y love marshmello
Lindsie Beth
Lindsie Beth - Před 11 dny
I Love You Marshmello Your Music is so Good I Love The Light Trap and Deep Trap Music
Marlon Garcia
Marlon Garcia - Před 11 dny
Vince Staples - Big Fish ft Juicy J
Marleni Garcia
Marleni Garcia - Před 12 dny
My gf cried on my shoulder when she left me and I cried for her and I sang this song for her and I got a kiss :p
Adam_ MakeVid
Adam_ MakeVid - Před 13 dny
hi marshmello you the best dj and you alan walker the best dj
Bianca Avellar
Bianca Avellar - Před 13 dny
Boa noite
Faze kingiii
Faze kingiii - Před 13 dny
This song reminds me of playing in the fortnite pro AM and summer skirmish because ever since that day I never regret it I played hard didn't think I would do so good people kept bullying me saying it won't happen and I proved them wrong so thank you because your music kept me going and I did fantastic in summer skirmish fortnite so thank you mello☀😊
Sho Bee
Sho Bee - Před 13 dny
This is the kind of song I always wanted to crave on
leoribeiro Henrique
leoribeiro Henrique - Před 14 dny
Adorei essa musica
Mike Quenzy Parker
Mike Quenzy Parker - Před 14 dny
Do someone know the original song? I mean the starting instrumental
Antwərp52 - Před 15 dny
I love this song so much. ♡♡♡ it got me through some stuff. First my friend making fun of my gf (calling her a whore and shit). Then when me and that same gf broke up. I love this collab ♡♡♡♡♡
Nidhi Pusalkar
Nidhi Pusalkar - Před 15 dny
I cried because this song frickin moved me.......
Starswag TV
Starswag TV - Před 15 dny
I get bullyed and this song makes me feel better about my self
anhkhoa tran
anhkhoa tran - Před 16 dny
fantastic music.
solin rodriguez
solin rodriguez - Před 18 dny
Little Jiminie
Little Jiminie - Před 19 dny
I love this song
аст некит
аст некит - Před 23 dny
Есть русский человек
Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer Hernandez - Před 24 dny
I love your song I cry all the time😭😭💜😢😢😘
Bea HUFFMAN - Před 24 dny
veronica kline
veronica kline - Před 27 dny
You can cry on my shoulder, everything is alright (X_X)
Progamer80 - Před 27 dny
I cried when I first started school LOL (x x)
Armandas armandas
Armandas armandas - Před 27 dny
Cool Hopes
Cool Hopes - Před 29 dny
Sandra Dzikus
Sandra Dzikus - Před 29 dny
I love you music
Sandra Dzikus
Sandra Dzikus - Před 29 dny
Jilaveanu Radu
Jilaveanu Radu - Před 29 dny
I LOVE this music
Jasman Ranu - Walnut Grove PS (1416)
I will admit I CRIED
spider gwen
spider gwen - Před měsícem
It's so pretty
KrooX - Před měsícem
All the pain is finally over
Shreya karmakar
Shreya karmakar - Před měsícem
This song make me imotinal....😢😢😢....too much pain is carried by marshmallow...but he still smiling....but he actually................😭😭😭😭
Golden Souls
Golden Souls - Před měsícem
I cried when my bird escaped 😭😭😭😭😭
Cool Hopes
Cool Hopes - Před měsícem
Ur lyrics vids r always cool
Guoda Kemešytė
Guoda Kemešytė - Před měsícem
I CRY BECOUSE I STUDY PHARMACY 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Side Of Fries
Side Of Fries - Před měsícem
Marshmello Charlie Puth was involved right?? In 2016 on instagram he put a video on instagram story of him singing the chorus... so hes involved??
the bloody gamer gaming
the bloody gamer gaming - Před měsícem
That i always wanted 2 kill myself 4 everything that happens in my life
Sonny Corry
Sonny Corry - Před měsícem
that's the northbank text font (northbank is a ultras from paisley in scotland called st mirren)
Sou fã desse cara
a HSN Siddique
a HSN Siddique - Před měsícem
Q kun idk
Chris Marsh
Chris Marsh - Před měsícem
i watch your videos
Chris Marsh
Chris Marsh - Před měsícem
you are amazing [] []
StarDragoN 165
StarDragoN 165 - Před měsícem
\/ \/
Doğan Yalçınkaya
Doğan Yalçınkaya - Před měsícem
Ve bizler için altyazı yaptırması 👌
malachi ninja
malachi ninja - Před měsícem
Syahcute 987
Syahcute 987 - Před měsícem
Why this is so sad 😭.
Everything is alright because the pain is over.
Mohd Abid
Mohd Abid - Před měsícem
Awesome song
Rode work ahead, uh yeah I sure hope it does
GriM Inky Suns
GriM Inky Suns - Před měsícem
Thanks for 2k likes on my other comment💙
StephaniaPlayz - Před měsícem
Last year in fourth grade I was in a combo class with some 5th graders in my classroom and there was this one guy which was my BESTEST friend and his name was Evan. We had a lot of things in common. We liked to draw, roleplay, and watch funny videos on YouTube together. But when the school year was ending I was kinda sad that he was going to middle school and I was still staying in the school. But I shook the bad thoughts in my head and thought of positive things. Like what if he was going to visit the school and what if i get to visit his house. But when there were a couple of months left of the school year and Evan was still my friend, it got to the point where i started having a crush on Evan. I only wanted to be his friend and I hated myself for liking him. But then my parents told me that we were moving to another city I never heard of. That made me depressed because never in my life have I moved to another house and another school. I've been in LA all my life. I'm still sad about it and thanks for reminding me about my friend. I'll never forget him. 😭😟💧💜❤🌹🌈
ZeeMAN V-Logs
ZeeMAN V-Logs - Před měsícem
He clearly says "You *can't* cry" ... XD
علي يحيى
علي يحيى - Před měsícem
master pice
Sribhashyam Krishna Priya
Sribhashyam Krishna Priya - Před měsícem
Michael jackson😢😭😭
Rheaven YurI
Rheaven YurI - Před měsícem
I Love You mello ❤
Irixgamer :D
Irixgamer :D - Před měsícem
Don't cry marshellow :'c
Rey pro Gamer
Rey pro Gamer - Před měsícem
Joseph Edworthy
Joseph Edworthy - Před měsícem
Love all your songs marshmello
adhi_ LUHUNG
adhi_ LUHUNG - Před měsícem
Masuk Pak Eko
Kyra Bunsold
Kyra Bunsold - Před měsícem
this song needs to be in 8d !!!!!
Valery vlogs
Valery vlogs - Před měsícem
Like yes speak spanish
Valery vlogs
Valery vlogs - Před měsícem
I LOVE YOU Marshmello
KEMZ! - Před měsícem
Masuk Pak Eko
None Asdfghj
None Asdfghj - Před měsícem
Sabrina Sykes
Sabrina Sykes - Před měsícem
Everything can never be alright...
Beatriz Sophia Santos Alves
Beatriz Sophia Santos Alves - Před měsícem
CanalDosAlcantrinos: Que dó de mim gente! Exclui esses vídeo clipes! Principalmente esse. Porque o cantor da minha canção ta chorando
Beatriz Sophia Santos Alves
CanalDosAlcantrinos: Vivi. Não adianta me zuar não só pq o marshmello ta chorando muito. 😠😠😠
Beatriz Sophia Santos Alves
Beatriz Sophia Santos Alves - Před měsícem
Canal das bairras: Oiii é a vivi meu celular descarregou oi vc quer foguinho na cabeça?? 😂😂😁😁
Trey Hinnant
Trey Hinnant - Před měsícem
Before 100mill views
Erfan Beyrami
Erfan Beyrami - Před měsícem
💎Marshmello💎 is the besssssssst Dj in the fucking world!
Jaiden Nix
Jaiden Nix - Před měsícem
Juan Carlos López
Juan Carlos López - Před měsícem
Наталія Крупач
Наталія Крупач - Před měsícem
Jerald Reyes
Jerald Reyes - Před 2 měsíci
Hải Đức
Hải Đức - Před 2 měsíci
zzz zzz
zzz zzz - Před 2 měsíci
*all the pain is finally over u get girls and ice* u cant unhear it now ur welcome
zzz zzz
zzz zzz - Před 2 měsíci
1.25x idk i just feel like normal is too slow and sad
Candee Cabezas
Candee Cabezas - Před 2 měsíci
Thank you
Mercedes Ghislaine Dumani Arana
Mercedes Ghislaine Dumani Arana - Před 2 měsíci
Me encanta este tema Marshmello
nico Gonzalez Cárdenas
nico Gonzalez Cárdenas - Před 2 měsíci
Htoo Htoo
Htoo Htoo - Před 2 měsíci
my all time listen this song . . . bro very very very . . . nice
ARD - Před 2 měsíci
Rani Evans Evans
Rani Evans Evans - Před 2 měsíci
So sad to the memories
ItsYaBoyGenji - Před 2 měsíci
IceBearNinja 147
IceBearNinja 147 - Před 2 měsíci
Rest in peace avicii 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
IceBearNinja 147
IceBearNinja 147 - Před 2 měsíci
I played this song at the end of my school I was marshmello my bro was juicy J and my other bro was James Arthur It made everyone cry i said "this for everyone who lost a family member
tawsif mahbub19
tawsif mahbub19 - Před 2 měsíci
Juicy J's verse is the best! ♥️
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