Boris Johnson leads race to replace Teresa May after first-round vote

James Dyer
James Dyer - Před 27 dny
Johnson is a lazy habitual liar "at least that's what many of his parliamentary colleagues call him" he has studiously confected a foppish persona to help mask the true arsehole he most surely is.
Nicola Elliott
Nicola Elliott - Před 28 dny
This is Nicola Elliott what's boris doing the community transport has been cut down to two days i want him to sort it out now
B.M. Whindle
B.M. Whindle - Před 28 dny
Us Brits wanna complain about democracy in the EU when we don't get our own choice of leader x) screaming
Jan Holik
Jan Holik - Před 28 dny
It's Theresa, not Teresa, CNN !
northofthewall2017 - Před měsícem
good luck with a trump of your own.  he will ruin your country!
tohopes - Před měsícem
I like him because he has messy light blonde hair. And he's 5'9". He's practically Cloud Strife.
tohopes - Před měsícem
1:48 "If you're Muslim you would call them racist."

No, she's not bigoted at all.
laurejon - Před měsícem
The liberal left are the disease, Boris and Trump are the cure.
Layla - Před měsícem
Why would Boris give his strategy? It would only give the EU time to develop a counter arguement. What’s important is that he states the uk will leave as per the democratic vote. If he goes back on this that’s the end of his party and his career.
Hernan Nicolas
Hernan Nicolas - Před měsícem
Freaky Fred for prime minister.
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong - Před měsícem
This why i love Trump he making other people in other countries waking up on how truly Evil Liberals really are because Liberalism is a Mental disorder that is like a cancer that will destroy countries
Down_ Shift
Down_ Shift - Před měsícem
This is awesome.. B) #Boris2020
Fancy Brooks
Fancy Brooks - Před měsícem
Brits, if you elect Johnson as your new PM, then you have NO RIGHT to criticize America for electing trump!
Doo Haast
Doo Haast - Před měsícem
TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY ROBINSON! oh ya, fuck you cnn
Mark W.
Mark W. - Před měsícem
Gary Busey wins.
George Vera
George Vera - Před měsícem
Pip pip hurray
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz - Před měsícem
America has just elected the worst leader in history.
UK: Hold my pint
Andrew W MacFadyen
Andrew W MacFadyen - Před měsícem
It always had been said that happens in the USA is mirrored in the UK 3 Years later a fake PM is the last thing the UK needs.
Sam Ludendorff
Sam Ludendorff - Před měsícem
Exactly why would Boris be “a fake PM”?
Rajesh Iyer
Rajesh Iyer - Před měsícem
Will he negotiate a deal? He ran away the first time around
Ray Han
Ray Han - Před měsícem
The West world is awakening and taking their countries back from their evil enemies.
Sue Sally
Sue Sally - Před měsícem
Awe what matter CNN the uk is just becoming to. Conservative for you 👊
SB SB - Před měsícem
WHAT A CLOWN, but if the alternative is The Ugliest Man in Britain ( Corbyn), than fck it,
Fernando Luna
Fernando Luna - Před měsícem
Well seems Americunts are not the only ones retarded...
Swift chopper
Swift chopper - Před měsícem
Another toff
dave009ish - Před měsícem
If he fails to deliver Brexit by 31 October, he will only be PM for months.
T T - Před měsícem
Oh god no
James Lane
James Lane - Před měsícem
I'll let you know when to put your stock in a certain category
Nicola Elliott
Nicola Elliott - Před 28 dny
I need north coast bus sort it out now tell boris on the news
James Lane
James Lane - Před měsícem
There's nothing more I like then a car load of black people driving around smoking crack and Mac ten
James Lane
James Lane - Před měsícem
Almost everybody in the world is Rachel to a certain extent
James Lane
James Lane - Před měsícem
Did you receive the middle finger in the mail
Zanzibar979 - Před měsícem
Utha - Před měsícem
Let me guess, Boris knows the best people, the best words, and is the party of law.
Beyonder - Před měsícem
Some Trumptard Americans are calling him British Trump but they will be very wrong. He might have some characteristics of a Sociopath like Trump but he is not like Trump and these days even a British conservative might be considered a liberal or center left in American politics which is odd in Britian and western europe.
Ishri Rampersad
Ishri Rampersad - Před měsícem
Coming from an outsider, this story looks so much like the moth thundering it’s way to the flame. Every thinking body knows the flame will claim it, inexorably, it claims the flame. Mr Boris Johnson(Bo Jo) has only flamboyance. What has he achieved for the country? NOTHING! He does not have the personality for that vaulted Office. The UK has lost it’s way. Go ahead England, make the mistake.
John Carter
John Carter - Před měsícem
Trump likes him. Tories apparently like him. Therefore, he probably sucks as a human being and as a statesman. Apparently, conservatives believe they merit punishment or perhaps like the 1% in America, believe they can best continue to loot and pillage the nation with a scofflaw oaf in charge.
Puppets & Traitors
Puppets & Traitors - Před měsícem
A version of Drumpfkin but with a cape 😏
Wonder if he's slogan gonna be "MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN"
John Carter
John Carter - Před měsícem
Hard to pronounce ... probably Make England Great Again ... MEGA. It's going to be Huge.
Joe S.
Joe S. - Před měsícem
We cant have another country leader with shitty hair like Trump....
Way to go, Boris Johnson!!!!
Maybe England can return to greatness now. Run those fucking muslims OUT.🇬🇧
KiTT FOXXE - Před měsícem
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark - Před měsícem
Tories need a pro-Brexit leader. Their party is about to get replaced
Lofoten - Před měsícem
Whats happened to Britain? When all other countries understand that building strong alliances is necessary to survive, England leaves to go alone! Rethink you do not have colonies that you can exploit any more!
Karma Leigh
Karma Leigh - Před měsícem
Populism for Britain!!
Make your country great again.
Karma Leigh
Karma Leigh - Před měsícem
@Puppets & Traitors that's a commie comment if ever I read one. If you can't beat em, kill em smh. No thanks. Let's just do the right thing and let the people vote.
Puppets & Traitors
Puppets & Traitors - Před měsícem
Karma Leigh Why don't we just start WW3 and let it deside?
Danny v
Danny v - Před měsícem
Turns out people still hate child rape gangs no matter how high Muslims occupy victim hierarchy
Ivan Nicholas
Ivan Nicholas - Před měsícem
Boorish Johnson in da house!
Hazel McCloy
Hazel McCloy - Před měsícem
What a dolt - I would much rather have his brother.
Gavin Coleman
Gavin Coleman - Před měsícem
Hope Boris wins and as Britain goes into recession the clowns that voted for BREXIT turn on the maggot and run him out of the country as the idiots realise they were conned for the idiots they are
Cannot waIt for the Karma coming for Boris and Farage .
Gavin Coleman
Gavin Coleman - Před měsícem
@C Mc Bye LOSER.
C Mc
C Mc - Před měsícem
@Gavin Coleman That's because you are. I'll say it again, See ya later kid 👍enjoy crèche.
Gavin Coleman
Gavin Coleman - Před měsícem
@C Mc See you still supporting that adult PATHETIC child .YOUR WORDS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gavin Coleman
Gavin Coleman - Před měsícem
@C Mc Thanks for making yourself look the idiot How them feet ? 😀😀😀😀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡
Gavin Coleman
Gavin Coleman - Před měsícem
@C Mc Idiot like the moron you are It takes time to deploy 6000 border guards ,transport accommodation ,food With that number probably have to recruit and train . So stop your sooking and wake up to how the real world world . Again Trump was the one saying the deal was made due to tarriffs ,HIS WORDS, when the deal had already been done in March passed by the Mexican Congress.. He also said they had agreed to having ASYLUM seekers stay in Mexico till they were processed . That again was decided in December and carried out enforced . He was once again lying and trying to cover his arse that he did not want to be seen as backing down . Real reason he backed down was the Senate telling him they would veto him if he put in tarriffs . Google it what the Senate was planning to do if Trump put in tarriffs .
T T - Před měsícem
This guy is remind me of Barney Rubble and Donald Trump is Alf and Mike Pompeo is Pepe Le Pew
Baxter Powel
Baxter Powel - Před měsícem
The Tory 's way is a regression's way.I never see conservatism be a good think for democratic's country.Boris look's like a trump 2.0 with a brain.
A Wee Scots Dog
A Wee Scots Dog - Před měsícem
Jeesus H Christ - the comedy version of Trump
Templar Rising
Templar Rising - Před měsícem
if all you vile CNN asswipes hate him he must be awesome
Puppets & Traitors
Puppets & Traitors - Před měsícem
Templar Rising Awesome! yeah ahuh name one awesome corrupt?
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