BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' Official MV

8 993 601
436 682
Ana Paula Koeller
Ana Paula Koeller - Před 3 minutami
Como não amar eles ☺️,a cada música estou mais apaixonada 😍😍
Asdfghjkl Qwertyuiop
Asdfghjkl Qwertyuiop - Před 3 minutami
Hi Armys! We once helped you stream this mv. Now can u help us on streaming Twice's Fancy MV?
Bts Are Legends
Bts Are Legends - Před 4 minutami
Oh my my my~
We fly so fast, we are coming to 200M soon! FIGHTING!
nanun noname
nanun noname - Před 4 minutami
Nguyễn Chi
Nguyễn Chi - Před 4 minutami
fighting Army
don't give up
Louise Luna
Louise Luna - Před 4 minutami
Bts Are Legends
Bts Are Legends - Před 3 minutami
Louise Luna Please censor the word str**m :)
Unnati Kumar
Unnati Kumar - Před 4 minutami
My friend and I were talking about songs; and I said that i listened to kpop as well. She immediately said "BTS?" And I was like yeah... She asked me if it was only cause of the hot guys or because of their music.... I replied both,as well as their love,personas and friendship..... Purple heart
Morenci Robert
Morenci Robert - Před 4 minutami
Come on army!!! Dont give up armyy let's str34m this Beautiful song for our Kings!!
Im Nayeon Sarang Sarang
Im Nayeon Sarang Sarang - Před 4 minutami
R likes BTS
R likes BTS - Před 4 minutami
Don't forget to vote for top social artist for BBAMS on Twitter todayyyy
Nadia Leonforte
Nadia Leonforte - Před 4 minutami
yoongi really out here rapping like that and looking LIKE THAT. I’m sorry wat
Lil Meow Meow
Lil Meow Meow - Před 4 minutami
BB năm nay cố lấy cả 2 giải luôn nhé ARMY~~~
Trương Thị Cẩm Tiên
Trương Thị Cẩm Tiên - Před 4 minutami
200M trong ngày mai thôi các cậu. Jin biển cả sắp phải đi nhập ngũ hic hic
Molly Dakota
Molly Dakota - Před 4 minutami
Twice get first All Kill of 2019 in Girls Group, in only 2 hours
Sanya Kandari
Sanya Kandari - Před 5 minutami
Fighting armys✊💝
200m till today
250m till this weekend...
samira abdi 123
samira abdi 123 - Před 5 minutami
Bts got 190 million but the real view was more cuz the YouTube removed 10 million views from the video
itsmeh_ YourGalJhiel
itsmeh_ YourGalJhiel - Před 5 minutami
I love how i streamed alot im not tired of this song cuz its really nice
bangtan army
bangtan army - Před 5 minutami
Army where are you
Keep str3aming
200m fighting
Monn Hằng
Monn Hằng - Před 5 minutami
Fighting ARMY, 13M more to reach 200M, let's get it on tomorrow
nadya aurellia jasmine
nadya aurellia jasmine - Před 5 minutami
seharusnya mv bts sudah 200 jt sebelum hari ke 9 karena terus dihapus oleh pihak youtube,kenapa tidak buat petisi untuk memberatkan ke pihak youtube?ini sudah melanggar hak suara properti dan bebas medsos anda masing masing ??
kan itu view masing-masing hasil kerja keras anda??
송미자 - Před 5 minutami
Siddhanth Gowtham
Siddhanth Gowtham - Před 5 minutami
Fan from India... 🔥🔥🔥 .. viral song.. u agree guys... ???
yoongi min
yoongi min - Před 5 minutami
FrancisCU rodaPE
FrancisCU rodaPE - Před 5 minutami
Nossa mano que merda de clipe e musica bosta nojenta sebosa de asiatico porco e imundo
snakkeuu hobi
snakkeuu hobi - Před 5 minutami
oh my my my
we didn't reach 200M
Hồng Cô
Hồng Cô - Před 5 minutami
iu BTS love you
Rizz Jugan
Rizz Jugan - Před 5 minutami
I know movie but I dunno movie name
Where tf are our comments disappearing?
Lê Kiều
Lê Kiều - Před 6 minutami
I love BTS
my bebe loves
my bebe loves - Před 6 minutami
I love u jongkook
Zaitun nnafsin
Zaitun nnafsin - Před 6 minutami
Army fighting stream 200m tomorrow
Bts Are Legends
Bts Are Legends - Před 4 minutami
Zaitun nnafsin Please censor the word str**m :)
kim TaeHyung
kim TaeHyung - Před 6 minutami
Gửi các anh ngàn trái tym love
Thư Lê
Thư Lê - Před 6 minutami
Mình tôi lạc quan
nhanh Thi ARMY mãi yêu BTS
nhanh Thi ARMY mãi yêu BTS - Před 4 minutami
Cố lên
Tờ Đời
Tờ Đời - Před 5 minutami
Thư Lê cố lên bạn
adelina lalaeva
adelina lalaeva - Před 6 minutami
BTS вы моя гордость) И надежда) Я люблю вас)
Sweet Sugar08
Sweet Sugar08 - Před 6 minutami
eli saez
eli saez - Před 6 minutami
No me toma la reproducción YouTube 😤😤
Reham Khaled
Reham Khaled - Před 6 minutami
Still streaming
BTS Love
BTS Love - Před 6 minutami
사랑해 방탄소년단 ♥
愛しています BTS 😘
मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूं BTS 💕
我爱你 BTS 😍
ฉันรักเธอ BTS 💞
আমি তোমাকে ভালবাসি BTS 💙
ich liebe Sie BTS 💟
Je t'aime BTS 💚
Te quiero BTS 💋
உன்னை விரும்புகிறேன் BTS 🌹
Ti amo BTS 💛
Jag älskar dig BTS ❣️
أحبك BTS 💝
Tờ Đời
Tờ Đời - Před 4 minutami
BTS Love delete emoji please Thanks
Minyoung Kim
Minyoung Kim - Před 6 minutami
Oppa saranghae
café _latte
café _latte - Před 6 minutami
Hobi 🥺
Halsey 👩‍🦰
Jin 🤩
Jimin 😚
Jungkook 🤗
Taehyung 🥰
Yoongi 😏
Tờ Đời
Tờ Đời - Před 4 minutami
café _latte delete emoji please Thanks
Zaitun nnafsin
Zaitun nnafsin - Před 6 minutami
Army fighting stream 200m tomorrow
pRaiSe LoRd tHanOs
pRaiSe LoRd tHanOs - Před 6 minutami
This is V, jimin, Jin's era
Rosi Marry
Rosi Marry - Před 6 minutami
~ Oh my my my ~
aching soul
aching soul - Před 6 minutami
Hot Summer's Hello I'm From To VietNam
bita siinobby
bita siinobby - Před 7 minutami
Munha ._.
Munha ._. - Před 7 minutami
Guys we are slowing down. We need to get 200M v|€√$!!! For breaking the record
Vân Hồng
Vân Hồng - Před 7 minutami
200M 5ting
Aishah Khairudin
Aishah Khairudin - Před 7 minutami
13M left hope yt not delete or freeze the v1ew
Quỳnh Lý
Quỳnh Lý - Před 7 minutami
200M fighting
Cathleen Joy
Cathleen Joy - Před 7 minutami
I won't give up on 200M
Kay Hyun Lee
Kay Hyun Lee - Před 7 minutami
Fighting ARMY. Luv fr ONCEs. You guys deserve it.
Trusted Army
Trusted Army - Před 6 minutami
Trusted Army
Trusted Army - Před 6 minutami
Tall Skinny Mike
Tall Skinny Mike - Před 7 minutami
BTS fans be like 😂👉🏾
William Xu
William Xu - Před 7 minutami
these g kids should be sent to the army. surely they will have a great time there!
Ben Muray
Ben Muray - Před 7 minutami
Ben Muray
Ben Muray - Před 4 minutami
Trusted Army That‘s not me idiot😂
ARMY dư I-ôt
ARMY dư I-ôt - Před 5 minutami
Get out
Trusted Army
Trusted Army - Před 5 minutami
guess who's wearing pink in his profile pic HAHA.
I love my bts and army
I love my bts and army - Před 5 minutami
thank u for a view
은비 - Před 6 minutami
I guess *YOU ARE* HAHA
Arini Rini
Arini Rini - Před 7 minutami
shereen rafayaa
shereen rafayaa - Před 7 minutami
Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who didn't believe in world peace, but also BTS think that world peace is impossible 😂😂😂
Tờ Đời
Tờ Đời - Před 3 minutami
shereen rafayaa delete emoji please Thanks
TaNyA_ VaY
TaNyA_ VaY - Před 7 minutami
❤I love you all❤
❤Я люблю всех вас❤

Да, я русская, а кто ещё?⚘
Phương Đào
Phương Đào - Před 7 minutami
Hic hic hôm nay mak k được 190M là mai hơi khó được 200M đấy buồn quá
Kieugiang Phan
Kieugiang Phan - Před 3 minutami
Các bạn ơi kêu gọi đi nào Gấp lắm r :((((!!
linh Nguyễn
linh Nguyễn - Před 6 minutami
Hẳn 24 tr đó
Kim Yoonna
Kim Yoonna - Před 7 minutami
Tại bị trừ vi3w$ tức cm
은비 - Před 7 minutami
*2.5M TO HIT 190M*
럠콩 ッ
럠콩 ッ - Před 7 minutami
방탄소년단이 답이네요 ㅠㅅㅠ 〰💧
춤잘춰 노래 잘불러 잘생겼어 뭐야 ㅠㅠ 그냥 모두 가지세요 오빠들 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ❄🌈 아 진짜 사랑해여 ㅠㅠ
Carlos Santiago
Carlos Santiago - Před 7 minutami
I like this song☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
A Me
A Me - Před 7 minutami
200m fighting !!
lh chow
lh chow - Před 7 minutami
Actually I think is because youtube deleted lots and lots of views so we're a little slow down. If youtube didn't do that, we'll get more then 220m today
Ratna Mandarwati
Ratna Mandarwati - Před 4 minutami
Fighting army !!
Như ý Dương
Như ý Dương - Před 7 minutami
linh Nguyễn
linh Nguyễn - Před 5 minutami
Không ikon nha bạn
michelia eden
michelia eden - Před 8 minutami
Keep str3aming guyss
Thiên Dii Nguyễn
Thiên Dii Nguyễn - Před 8 minutami
- I love Suga in 1:55
Cecilia Wu
Cecilia Wu - Před 8 minutami
200M is coming!!!!!!! Let's go!
linh Nguyễn
linh Nguyễn - Před 8 minutami
187 552
방탄아미보라해 - Před 8 minutami
We're getting late. Let's cheer up ARMY. 200M~~~ GOGO~~
Milly Santos
Milly Santos - Před 8 minutami
Iludida por 8 pessoas ao mesmo tempo
sri sri
sri sri - Před 8 minutami
Just finis my work then wach bwl mv streaming can we get 200 m tomorow morning hope full can faighting
shaista khan
shaista khan - Před 8 minutami
Ready for voting too today is bbmas top social artist voting on twitter
Mai Ngọc
Mai Ngọc - Před 8 minutami
linh Nguyễn
linh Nguyễn - Před 5 minutami
Không ikon nha bạn
BTS made me want to learn Korean
Dear ARMYs, our boys are working hard every day, practicing for hours and hours, because they love us.
文淇Chloe - Před 8 minutami
omg we got to hit 200m as fast as we can !!! army come on !!!!! it took 10 days already! still not 200m !!!faster faster
Anna Anna KVs
Anna Anna KVs - Před 9 minutami
Everyone, let this song reach 200M as fast as we can. We can do it 5ting!!
Ratna Mandarwati
Ratna Mandarwati - Před 4 minutami
Fighting !!
yuri bae
yuri bae - Před 9 minutami
Mai Hoàng
Mai Hoàng - Před 9 minutami
BOY WITH LUV : 200M - 187.552.071 v13ws now !
Let's focus on str34ming BOY WITH LUV TO BREAK THE RECORD GUYS !!!
shaista khan
shaista khan - Před 7 minutami
Today is bbmas top social artist voting
nhanh Thi ARMY mãi yêu BTS
nhanh Thi ARMY mãi yêu BTS - Před 9 minutami
Ngày mai là 11 day rồi ........
سلطان 1
سلطان 1 - Před 9 minutami
الى عرابي لايك 🇸🇦
Thủy Lê
Thủy Lê - Před 9 minutami
Ai là ARMY điểm danh
Maria Da paz
Maria Da paz - Před 9 minutami
I LOVE BTS OMG!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💟❣💓💘💜💖💚💗💕💕💕💞💞💕😚😍😙😗💙💝💟
태형BhaVana - Před 5 minutami
No £moj1 plz
황준호 - Před 9 minutami
와 어특해 저런얼굴이있냐??대단 잘생겼다
Milos Stojanovic
Milos Stojanovic - Před 9 minutami
태형BhaVana - Před 5 minutami
No £moj1 plz
Aesthetic Wonders
Aesthetic Wonders - Před 9 minutami
Come on ARMY
I am so glad there is so much enthusiasm about this song, but please let’s str3am DNA too and then we can achieve fastest MV to reach 1B v3iws
I love BTS, their talent, and I love the ARMY
that made it happen. We will try hard for our beautiful boys right?
Going to str3am now, you should do the same
Aka LordKG
Aka LordKG - Před 9 minutami
Keep str3aming
Army Army
Army Army - Před 9 minutami
ARMY fighting
Mai Hoàng
Mai Hoàng - Před 10 minutami
187.552.071 v13ws !!!
Jeon Taehyung
Jeon Taehyung - Před 10 minutami
We need 13M to reach 200M v*ews!! We need to break the FASTEST KPOP MV TO REACH 200M VIEWS IN JUST 11DAYS AND 8 HOURS!! Can we armys? CAN WE?
Jeon Taehyung
Jeon Taehyung - Před 4 minutami
+은비 Yes, Fighting
Jeon Taehyung
Jeon Taehyung - Před 4 minutami
+shaista khan Yes, I'm ready and excited at the same time.
shaista khan
shaista khan - Před 7 minutami
Ready for today bbmas voting on Twitter too
은비 - Před 8 minutami
We're trying our best. Fighting!
miss K
miss K - Před 10 minutami
187, 552 071
tannie lemmaliv
tannie lemmaliv - Před 10 minutami
ailing lungling
ailing lungling - Před 10 minutami
bts is LUV
bts is LUV - Před 9 minutami
ailing lungling no emoji pls ipurple you
惡魔 - Před 10 minutami
bts is LUV
bts is LUV - Před 9 minutami
惡魔 pls no emoji ipurple you fam
Sam Mee
Sam Mee - Před 10 minutami
Day 11: How you holding up ARMYs? still streaming for that 200M? We can do it:) #BoyWithLuv
태형BhaVana - Před 4 minutami
Plz would u mind remove the word $tr€am1ng n the hastag...
Hadi Khan
Hadi Khan - Před 10 minutami
Can we all stream we are so close to 200 m just 13 million to go. PLEASE ARMYS WE CAME SO FAR LETS NOT GIVE UP IN THE END
R likes BTS
R likes BTS - Před 4 minutami
+Hadi Khan please censor word
Hadi Khan
Hadi Khan - Před 8 minutami
Yes im streaming until we reach 200 m and i will keep on streaming road to 200 m, then 500m and then 1 b and so on XD
Aka LordKG
Aka LordKG - Před 10 minutami
Keep str3aming
Thủy Lê
Thủy Lê - Před 10 minutami
I love Joen Jungkook
Kim Yoonna
Kim Yoonna - Před 9 minutami
Jeon viết sai kìa
Hoa Phan
Hoa Phan - Před 10 minutami
I love bts
Dania Ahmad
Dania Ahmad - Před 10 minutami
Haters thank you for 414000 views
kpop عاشقة
kpop عاشقة - Před 10 minutami
الاغنية حيل تونس وعشقت الحن
Aka LordKG
Aka LordKG - Před 10 minutami
Keep str3aming
Giang Nguyen
Giang Nguyen - Před 10 minutami
BTS là bảy thằng sàm
KookTae Army
KookTae Army - Před 8 minutami
*nứng lồn chơi mình đi má ai rảnh đâu chơi cùng :))*
I am a ARMY
I am a ARMY - Před 8 minutami
ko thích bangtan thì thôi chứ đừng vào đây gây war
Kim Yoonna
Kim Yoonna - Před 9 minutami
K thik nghe thì cút đừng có mà vô sồn sồn
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