Do Couples Know Their Celebrity Hall Passes?

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REACT - Před 29 dny
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mobtagha bejaoui
mobtagha bejaoui - Před 21 dnem
Ethan Washington
Ethan Washington - Před 22 dny
WAIT TORI AND ERIC ARE DATING 😱😱😱. But at the same time. Awwwwww
Lilith stories
Lilith stories - Před 24 dny
React to k-12 a film my Melanie martenz
Vice TOLUCT - Před 27 dny
@WSSH SHOP Yes Wssh shop?
WSSH SHOP - Před 27 dny
Jennifer Jennifer 13:15
PA:AM - Před 17 dny
Mine are John Hamm, Danny Plotner, Christopher Meloni, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna & Jane Krakowski
this girl loves _slime
this girl loves _slime - Před 17 dny
mine are Jason Momoa,Nick Jonas and Tom from react!
Suman Shrestha
Suman Shrestha - Před 18 dny
Emma Watson
Hayley Williams
Maria Sharapova
Natalina Noel
Maisie Williams
Joscelyn Sofa
Joscelyn Sofa - Před 18 dny
Can we make zac efron serving sharon wine shirtless happen?
Klaas in Session
Klaas in Session - Před 18 dny
LOL! Sharon thirsted in the realest way, for her list! I STAN!
That's literally me looking at Alexander Skarsgard, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Cavill, and Tom Hiddleston.
Kaitlyn Martinez
Kaitlyn Martinez - Před 18 dny
Klaas in Session Tom Hiddleston is a must. Can’t believe I left him off my list 🤦🏻‍♀️
Nicky Nichols
Nicky Nichols - Před 18 dny
mine are
natasha lyonne
harry styles
zoe kravitz
aubrey plaza
tempodo pop
tempodo pop - Před 18 dny
Umm, Jeff Goldblum is smart and funny. He is the king of intelligent hot men.
Alban Onfleek
Alban Onfleek - Před 18 dny
Mine is Millie Bobby Brown
Alban Onfleek
Alban Onfleek - Před 18 dny
Nicky Nichols I’m her age
the only straight I am is a straight up bitch
I hope you are 15 or younger
Nicky Nichols
Nicky Nichols - Před 18 dny
she’s a child...
Miranda Duke
Miranda Duke - Před 18 dny
1. Ezra Miller
2. Adam Lambert
3. Marina Diamandis
4. James Phelps (I had the biggest Fred Weasley crush lol)
5. Troy Baker
karen marquez
karen marquez - Před 18 dny
The list is LONG 😂 so I'll just share my top 5:
1. Charlie Hunnam
2. Chris Evans
3. Gaspard Ulliel
4. Henry Cavill
5. James McAvoy
Elizabeth Christopher
Elizabeth Christopher - Před 18 dny
1. Harry Styles
2. Perrie Edwards
3. Keke Palmer
4. Dinah Jane
5. Brandy
6. Shawn Mendes
7. Tom Ellis
8. Zayn Malik
9. Beyoncé
10. Adore Delano (I know he’s a drag queen but he’s hot asf with and without makeup)
Ashley’s Opinions
Ashley’s Opinions - Před 18 dny
Shannon Jackson
Shannon Jackson - Před 18 dny
David Attenborough and Ricky Gervais are on the top of my list
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera - Před 18 dny
Eric protecting Louis is why I am here
Loic Reviews
Loic Reviews - Před 18 dny
so we're gonna ignore the fact that one of them has a crush on someone that looks like their kid?
Olivia Gan
Olivia Gan - Před 18 dny
Olivia summers
Olivia summers - Před 18 dny
Mine are:
1: KJ Apa
2: Tom Holland
3: Harvey Cantwell
4: Shawn Mendes
Olivia Gan
Olivia Gan - Před 18 dny
lmao mine - zendaya, chris evans, anna kendrick
DrippyCollin - Před 18 dny
Olivia summers ofc they are 💀
Summer Baby
Summer Baby - Před 18 dny
Olivia summers I LOVE Tom Holland and Shawn Mendes. Along with Luke Hemmings, Harry Styles, Zendaya, Rihanna and soooo many more 😂😂
Panda Sannah
Panda Sannah - Před 18 dny
I love Tori and Eric 😭😭😭
Leah Johnson
Leah Johnson - Před 18 dny
What about Cole Sprouse 😍🤩😘
DJ Kelleher
DJ Kelleher - Před 19 dny
David Harbour....
Charles Obiora
Charles Obiora - Před 19 dny
1. Scarlett Johansson
2. Tom Hiddleston
3. James Macavoy
4. Tom Holland
MARAMARA - Před 18 dny
So wat im seeing is that u like guys named tom with their last name starting with h
pokemon master 54
pokemon master 54 - Před 18 dny
luckystar 77 I meant that since they all died and Spider-Man ain’t it no more that it gets to u but okay
luckystar 77
luckystar 77 - Před 18 dny
Tom holland
pokemon master 54
pokemon master 54 - Před 18 dny
Charles Obiora lol when marvel gets personal
JenLisa Secret Love
JenLisa Secret Love - Před 19 dny
Can u guys guess my celebrity hall pass?? U have three options
1.) Jennie Kim
2.) Jennie Kim
3.) Jennie Kim
It’s gonna be really hard just sayin
limors - Před 19 dny
Out of all the different couple videos you made, this was my absolute favorite. A game AND really cute relationship-y things/banter/stories. Loved it!
Also, Tori and Eric are super adorable.
Camila Brandão
Camila Brandão - Před 19 dny
Can we take a moment to say that Sharon and Laura's son is SOOOOOOOOO freaking hot?! DAMN! As Matthew Mcconaughey always says: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!
jaceaguar - Před 19 dny
I love that Brittany's boyfriend wasn't afraid to put a few guys in there. So fine for a girl to put other girls in there.. but guys rarely would.
abby c
abby c - Před 19 dny
me realizing all my celebrity crushes are women lol
Robyn Daniels
Robyn Daniels - Před 19 dny
"we met in a moshpit" is the most romantic first meeting story ever 😂
Ellie Holmes
Ellie Holmes - Před 19 dny
Sharon and Laura are amazing!!!!
Ellie Holmes
Ellie Holmes - Před 19 dny
Michael Fassbender
Ryan Gosling
Emilia Clarke
Ellie Holmes
Ellie Holmes - Před 19 dny
Brandon flowers is 38!!!!!
Iona Woska
Iona Woska - Před 19 dny
"she filmed a movie in a place we were just in"
*Buffalo wild wings?*
Lmao I love their relationship
Alyssa Hernick
Alyssa Hernick - Před 18 dny
I didn't even know they were dating before this
maureen 13
maureen 13 - Před 19 dny
Adiba Ahmed
Adiba Ahmed - Před 19 dny
tori and eric are dating omg
Crystal Snow Loves Joonie
Crystal Snow Loves Joonie - Před 19 dny
"our foreplay would be crafting" i like the way taylor thinks.
how do i change my profile pic on iphone
the only pass i'd ever want is louis tomlinson. i've never been attracted to any other celebrity lmaoo
anisha shinde
anisha shinde - Před 19 dny
Mine is:
Chris Hemsworth
Niall Horan
Zac Efron
Shawn Mendes
Gggabbie95 987065879
Gggabbie95 987065879 - Před 19 dny
Mine:zendaya,Jadie vlogs,ari grande and rykba twins
Leslie Lopez
Leslie Lopez - Před 19 dny
Harry styles
Chris hemsworth
Chris Evans
Michael b Jordan
Juana Corona
Juana Corona - Před 18 dny
Leslie Lopez yesss
fangirlingfeels - Před 19 dny
Omg i didnt know tori and eric were dating isso cutere
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas - Před 19 dny
1. josh hutcherson
2. Dave franco
3. Megan fox
Amir Palamar
Amir Palamar - Před 19 dny
My three are Zendaya, Margot Robbie and Katie Nolan
ovichamp - Před 19 dny
1. Harry Styles
2. Lamelo Ball
3. Zac Efron
Emme Younker
Emme Younker - Před 19 dny
1. Tom Holland
2. Chris Evans
3. Chris Hemsworth
4. Ryan Reynolds
Whatbcan I say the MCU is 🔥🔥🔥
Juana Corona
Juana Corona - Před 18 dny
Emme Younker exactly
asia roberson
asia roberson - Před 19 dny
Mine is
Robert Downey Jr
Matthew Broderick
Alex Rodriguez
Derek Jeter
Luke Perry(rip)
angel m
angel m - Před 19 dny
Gal Gadot is my number 1
Leah Marie
Leah Marie - Před 19 dny
My top 6 are:
1. Sebastian Stan
2. Anthony mackie
3. Tom Holland
4. Scarlett Johansson
5. Aaron Taylor-Johnson
6. Harry Styles
Samatha Barba
Samatha Barba - Před 19 dny
its tom holland and will always be tom holland
Emme Younker
Emme Younker - Před 19 dny
Acutally same
Tamara Motola
Tamara Motola - Před 19 dny
Seeing Jeff Goldblum, Eric Andre and Michelle Trachtenberg made me LOL...
ur.local. chris
ur.local. chris - Před 19 dny
Eric and tori omg tori being bi (I'm guessing) and them talking about liking the same girl is goals lmfao
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin - Před 19 dny
Tori almost chose Louis ahhhhhh I love her even more now
Sam Rem
Sam Rem - Před 19 dny
Gerard Buttler ❤ Luke Bryan ❤ Kane Brown ❤
Khalilah Anderson
Khalilah Anderson - Před 19 dny
My top 4:
1: Chris Evans
2: Chris Hemsworth
3: Henry Cavill
4: Tom Hiddleston
Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith - Před 19 dny
I need to be best friends with Gloria! 😂💖
RobertWatkins2355 - Před 19 dny
My top are
1. Alexandra Daddario
2. Zendaya
3. Selena Gomez
4. Natalie Portman
5. Corinna Kopf(David Dobriks vlogs)
Kaitlyn Martinez
Kaitlyn Martinez - Před 18 dny
RobertWatkins2355 👌🏼
RobertWatkins2355 - Před 18 dny
Kaitlyn Martinez yea basically
Kaitlyn Martinez
Kaitlyn Martinez - Před 18 dny
Brunette ladies eh? Well except for Corinna.
Jenna M
Jenna M - Před 19 dny
6:53😩 biness❤️
Jenna M
Jenna M - Před 19 dny
Yay!!!! Eric and Tori finally on a couples vid!!
Andy Waterhouse
Andy Waterhouse - Před 19 dny
Mines aunt jemima
It’s Gio
It’s Gio - Před 19 dny
I was waiting to find out who chose Shemar Moore
TheUmbrellaCorpX7[エヴ] - Před 19 dny
Watching this made me really depressed. Forever alone i guess.
Helena Portia Brown
Helena Portia Brown - Před 19 dny
I have so many lol but these are my top:
1. Tom Holland
2. Lily James
3. Keira Knightley
4. Oscar Isaac
5. Daisy Ridley
Rhi Ski
Rhi Ski - Před 19 dny
Yes Luke Bryan was on the list! Yes!
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