F*ck this guy pt 3 - BarryBeeTV

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Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze - Před 3 hodinami
Why does Noel sound so much like Bill Burr @ 7:35
Cheesy Chan
Cheesy Chan - Před dnem
The chick has an awesome arse, I'd love an arse like that, but bitch doesn't have ENOUGH of an arse to twerk. I got second hand embarrassment.
nickiimaraj channel
nickiimaraj channel - Před 3 dny
they’re both so hot I can’t
ICYX1 - Před 4 dny
This idiot is from Balkan.
Abdessamad Blh
Abdessamad Blh - Před 5 dny
I truly hate how girls bodies are so sexualized , they look like a Sexual dolls , not like a human who can love her , and do a family (childreens) with her .
i'am a man by the way
Ryan Malin
Ryan Malin - Před 5 dny
I'm going to Barry's webpage after this
Timm Bitties
Timm Bitties - Před 5 dny
I find it depressing that Berry is so depraved that Cody and Noel can't even come close to imitating his perverted face even to mock it.
dfsa90 - Před 6 dny
Barry's head looks photoshopped
Marissa Pearson
Marissa Pearson - Před 6 dny
This guy is creepy asf
Summer Twigg
Summer Twigg - Před 11 dny
He speaks how you spoke when playing love island
Rose Biggs
Rose Biggs - Před 11 dny
take a shot every time noel thinks of something to say, but can't say it because cody is talking
No u Lol
No u Lol - Před 12 dny
There’s a special part of hell for people like this guy
ThomasandBertieStudios - Před 13 dny
I think the moral of the the story is... don’t fuck this guy
Dorkasaurus Rex
Dorkasaurus Rex - Před 13 dny
the dude in the video looks like David Dobrik but older.
Nikkie_ Ilj
Nikkie_ Ilj - Před 13 dny
This honestly made me so uncomfortable and sad and i could tell that noel was even uncomfortable although cody acted like he enjoyed it
Kuro Ashi
Kuro Ashi - Před 14 dny
That hurts,it huuuurts
Filip Stura
Filip Stura - Před 15 dny
Di mi je ekipa s Balkana 4:15
DeadCupid - Před 15 dny
"dance moves"? bro that's just shaking ur ass. i thought she was gonna actually dance and i was thoroughly disappointed
Lynn Bilbrey
Lynn Bilbrey - Před 16 dny
The camera quality 💀
Cool Empire
Cool Empire - Před 18 dny
4:15 excuse me where did this trashy serbian music came from??!?!?!
Volf - Před 18 dny
Y did he put serbian music in the twerk part😂
Onyx - Před 19 dny
U have 666 dislikes🤔
Emerson Lenzi
Emerson Lenzi - Před 20 dny
she sounded like she was gonna cry towards the end of the video
F - U
F - U - Před 20 dny
React to naked attraction please!!!
ImpactzOG - Před 20 dny
Love your content Cody but a hard fuck you for using an Aussie accent when impersonating him
saturn - Před 21 dnem
he talks faster than jojo siwa
Misfit 13
Misfit 13 - Před 21 dnem
What’s with the from dusk til dawn music? Ruined it
I’m a nerd. And I love it.
...but i don’t want to fuck this guy...
John .Greer
John .Greer - Před 23 dny
Literally human trash. Who the fuck watches these kinda videos??
Some one
Some one - Před 25 dny
2:05 you-chube
KILL3R XX - Před 25 dny
Frosty Teacup
Frosty Teacup - Před 26 dny
I hate that he kind of looks like julien solomita, this prick doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as king joolen.
Kelsey R
Kelsey R - Před 26 dny
When he’s funny, cute, a short king, and respects women🥺
Xx imagurl xX
Xx imagurl xX - Před 27 dny
Wtf these songs are literally from were I am but slightly my language
Queen Of The Dead
Queen Of The Dead - Před 27 dny
the guy he calls pizza face was in a dating show and he was that up himself, rude and controlling the chick didnt turn up at the final big dinner on the last episode until like the very end hhahah she did NOT like him hahaha
josh quick
josh quick - Před 27 dny
Noel sounds exactly like this guy when he does the accent in the Love Island series
Ce Animations
Ce Animations - Před 27 dny
Do you guys want a subtitle version of barrybeetv
Young In
Young In - Před 27 dny
Used to love this video, but the comment section honestly fucking ruined it.
Sfx Person
Sfx Person - Před 27 dny
This dude ran so jojo Siwa could walk
NinjaDragonVlogs - Před 28 dny
I feel like a scumbag myself watching this.
Owen McVey
Owen McVey - Před 28 dny
Looks like a fake David dobrik
Sonya Spivak
Sonya Spivak - Před 28 dny
I can't believe what a dick that guy is I feel so bad for that woman
Uchechi Uwaoma
Uchechi Uwaoma - Před 28 dny
I feel like Noel is definitely a clone... like if u agree
It's Just Kayden
It's Just Kayden - Před 28 dny
This guy is the ultra douch bag
Cyborg Silas
Cyborg Silas - Před 28 dny
Barry Bee Benson? From the bee movie?
Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir
Basically a summary of the sex industry and its customers.
Samuel Garvey
Samuel Garvey - Před 29 dny
1:03 Is this Jojo Siwa?
ciaberger - Před 29 dny
i love intellectuals who are into offensive humor but still considerate and respectful. i don't understand how some people have the nerve to hate cody and noel. yeah, they can be pretty mean, but they have good intentions.
TrollingGAMER - Před 29 dny
Barry Is forking disgusting
Taki Taco
Taki Taco - Před měsícem
Just imagine all the preteen boys watching his channel growing up with such a warped view on Women. This is how “Nice Guys” are born
The One
The One - Před měsícem
Jojo Siwa has an older brother
Madeline Intravia
Madeline Intravia - Před měsícem
He could have made it realistic by at least PRETENDING she has a fair chance of winning and his misogynistic a$$ can stop smiling and eye fucking her like a CREEP the entire time, knowing damn well this is set up for her to fail and make women look even more like only trophies lmao 🤢🤮🙄
(I am NOT a feminist btw but guys like this need to be called out, haha)
Alana DonaghyBoyd
Alana DonaghyBoyd - Před měsícem
he talks faster den jojo siwa
Why Are You Wasting Your Time Reading My Username?
He is the manly version of Jojo Siwa whilst doing the intro lmao
BIANCA MARGARITA Insigne - Před měsícem
These bois be crazy offensive but have mad respect for women. Find you a man that can do both 😭😩
fuck yall
fuck yall - Před měsícem
Ne Seri Rastu pustili
Dinofanx - Před měsícem
4:12 the song she's twerking to is in my language, Serbian. And it's the biggest trash.... So, it fits, I guess
Theweirdkid -
Theweirdkid - - Před měsícem
I translated what he said. He said, “Yo what going on guys edjfjfduchxusudufsufcududiefuvejzudrhfejsiaocidifi, (error code) 12345.
Chase Rogers
Chase Rogers - Před měsícem
Why do women agree to this?
Nick I guess _
Nick I guess _ - Před měsícem
Barry bee benson
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