PHANTOM THREAD - 'You Found Me' Clip - Everywhere Friday

Patricio Martinotti
Patricio Martinotti - Před 7 měsíci
People I Need Help. In a recent interview, Jonny Greenwood mentioned that he would like to write music to the 1922 witch-based silent film "Haxan". Well, with my band we made music for that film. It's "KONKLINS - SOMBRIO". Please like my comment so I'm able to reach the attention I need to get Jonny Greenwood's eyes.
Embittered Drunk
Embittered Drunk - Před 9 měsíci
Mr Friar Sir! Come back here! What are you doing on that hill with a native?
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy - Před 9 měsíci
i wonder what daniel day lewis' real personality is like.
Mr. Way
Mr. Way - Před 10 měsíci
so beautiful
sam hamdan
sam hamdan - Před 10 měsíci
i hate to say cause im a huge lewis and pt anderson fan, but this movie looks boring as hell.....
Pacific Express
Pacific Express - Před 8 měsíci
I don't know why you feel like spamming this in every single PT video tho.
Lola - Před 9 měsíci
I'm curious why you felt the need to post this on EVERY PT video. Does no one care what you have to say IRL?
CometCourse - Před 9 měsíci
sam hamdam, Why does this film in particular look boring to you? Also, what are some films you don't find boring?
smartalec 88
smartalec 88 - Před 9 měsíci
I get what you're saying Sam, but it is really an amazing film. So NOT boring.
Tuan Jim
Tuan Jim - Před 9 měsíci
Sam, just being honest, but you sound like you probably don't know shit about cinema, notwithstanding your interest in PTA. Let me guess, your top three favorite directors are like... Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and, idk, Scorsese or some predictable shit, right? DISCLAIMER: I don't mean this as an attack on the work of the three directors mentioned, as I have enjoyed various films by each of them. It's just that they're some of the most commonly cited "favorites" of dilettantes and pseudo-intellectual philistines who affect a serious interest in cinema as an art form. I know I sound incredibly snobby and pretentious by saying that, but I frankly don't give any shits about that. G'day.
the crazy critic
the crazy critic - Před 10 měsíci
What's the song
Bijan Love
Bijan Love - Před 10 měsíci
lookkkssss sooo beautiful!
odd VIDS
odd VIDS - Před 10 měsíci
Looks great.
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