Hong Kong Police Shoot Two Protesters, Calls for Flash Mob in Center of City

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Janji Avicii
Janji Avicii - Před 20 dny
you medium is a fucking blind motherfucker. Are you blind? son of bitch
Jason Wu
Jason Wu - Před 21 dnem
If cops do not restrain protectors, protectors will kill citizens. In addition, no video shows evidence that cops shot protectors. In contrast, the video of protectors kill people has already existed.
gracii rebecca
gracii rebecca - Před 21 dnem
this is awful :(
ePALPAL - Před 22 dny
What a poor shot!!! The HK police should be re-trained by US police in the use of guns.
Fidel Jr Pasion
Fidel Jr Pasion - Před 22 dny
E - Před 22 dny
Shouldn't the title be: police shoot rioters that attempted to steal officer"s gun?
Damn Fiddle
Damn Fiddle - Před 21 dnem
Communist Pigs shoot kids protesting
Richard Drozek
Richard Drozek - Před 22 dny
All the student need to do is arm themselves and start taking PRC's soldiers dressed up as Hong Kong police. Snipers 100%--from all windows in high rises---Militias in USA can buy and provide.
Nelson Y
Nelson Y - Před 22 dny
Hell no, this is a peaceful protest, according to Mike Pence. LOL!
kzh - Před 22 dny
More exactly: HK police shot at a rat and a cockroach. Well done. Finally, HK police is upgraded to the level of US police.
HOO WOO - Před 22 dny
eating chips and watch the soap..they must spend a lot on the special effects. you need change then" the protestors were trying to grab the gun and being shoot due to police self guarding."-watch and learn
X Y - Před 22 dny
Hong Kong was under british administration until september 1997. When british pulled out and Hong kong went back to China.
But has a few privileges as own government and some freedom rights. Its a chinese city not a country. Its natural China will terminate its privileges and Hong Kong will be same as any other communist chinese city. With no differences. Hong Kong belongs to China and part of China. Probably the separatist status will be shortly terminated. Nothing special. China has one government in Beijing. Thats it. No state in state.
Bill bick
Bill bick - Před 22 dny
Wow open abuse of power God please help us all. Love from US the government's have just gotten to big all over the world.
John Chan
John Chan - Před 23 dny
fuking ang moh
sunday19752008 - Před 23 dny
Those rioters deserve more real bullets
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce - Před 23 dny
US occupied Iraqi has recently killed 290 peaceful protesters.
Марк Пиво
Марк Пиво - Před 23 dny
The protesters are evil!
ving siew ving
ving siew ving - Před 23 dny
Shoot two not enough
Pei Heng
Pei Heng - Před 23 dny
Critical condition? LOL. He made a run and was caught.
Snakedudo - Před 23 dny
Protestors burning people alive
Nah I don’t see shit what you talking about
Lewis W.
Lewis W. - Před 23 dny
They dare not to show the full clips. The mobs deserve that bullet. And the old man was lit up by a " peaceful protester" just bcz he doesn't agree their violent towards the public. That's murder, same actions the ISIS has done to ppl who don't agree with them! They protesters are becoming terrorists.
Lewis W.
Lewis W. - Před 23 dny
Bunch of ignorant morons here cursing HKP & Chinese gov. without seeing those mobs were trying to rob firearm from the police officer. Disgusting Western media and foolish subscribers all around.
Santosh Gurung
Santosh Gurung - Před 23 dny
Good job police hope soon China 🇨🇳 deploy army with tanks 🤣🤣🤣🤣 too much freedom for those mf... trouble makers mf
Todd Fabyanic
Todd Fabyanic - Před 24 dny
Sounds like Hong Kong is becoming a lot like America
Oscar Talbot
Oscar Talbot - Před 24 dny
They need guns...shit won't happen here in America
BryanTheCool 12000
BryanTheCool 12000 - Před 24 dny
Next things next, their leader is gonna show up in full clown makeup on a night show
errol kong
errol kong - Před 24 dny
All who thinks that if a world war breaks.out that America will be safe are sadly mistaken, this ain't WW2 this is the age of nuclear weapons and a.lot of countries have them so shut the fuck up shit head fool
maythewarbegin - Před 24 dny
Time to run guns to HK
Yang Lil
Yang Lil - Před 24 dny
Good job!
gaurav bhagat bhagat
gaurav bhagat bhagat - Před 24 dny
Go back china hk police is teririst killer of humanity fuck of you cummunist lickrs go back china free Hong Kong love from India
noeyesee1 - Před 24 dny
XINJIANG 2 million detainers in concentration camp!
andy tan
andy tan - Před 24 dny
Yousif Kadhim
Yousif Kadhim - Před 24 dny
More than 300 people died since October 25 and 15000 injured in Iraq in a protest against the corrupted government and no one gives a shii!!!!?
Y Yan
Y Yan - Před 24 dny
please use brain guys, if the protester dont do stupid shit like beating up random people why the popo shooting them? Anyway back to something matters: Kawhi almost got a quadruple double tonite
Chester Yang
Chester Yang - Před 24 dny
LMAO the so-called protester deserves everything he gets. Imagining approaching police officers and reaching their guns in U.S. I bet his condition could be way more critical LOL.
Arnie Sun
Arnie Sun - Před 24 dny
Chester Yang yes police in America would shoot at the aggressor more than 5 times
Jun Ma
Jun Ma - Před 24 dny
I heard that a person called himself a Chinese and had been burned by protesters
迷妹子本人啊啊 - Před 23 dny
The 2nd half of the video has the older man getting burned by rioters in black masks: chvideos.net/e42RUcHqDXo-video.html
Snakedudo - Před 23 dny
Jun Ma that is correct
Jason Pei
Jason Pei - Před 24 dny
Do you know that Hong Kong citizens and police are killed and burned alive by protesters? You don’t ? Cuz those videos are restricted on YouTube! Some protesters even put on makeup to pretend to be attacked and then send videos online. This is not fight for freedom.
Cross - Před 24 dny
Yet Bloomberg won't show or talk about "protestors" setting a dude on fire in an attempted murder....literally dowsing a fellow HK resident that happened to have a different political stance and then setting him on fire. The man is in critical condition and may be dead as far as I know...how come they don't talk about that shit or show it? It's on YouTube ppl u can see it for yourself.
ManCherster M
ManCherster M - Před 24 dny
Chief - Před 24 dny
Support the Chinese Communist Party!
Smolzilla - Před 24 dny
What happens when the police just snap and dozen of people get hurt? It’s going to happen... this is just a starting point. Things will just get worse and worse
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