Melissa McCarthy’s Full Interview with Ellen

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princessc1986 - Před 2 dny
Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith - Před 10 dny
7 minutes is not long enough... she needs her own show. Her stories are the BEST
dungshang awungshi
dungshang awungshi - Před 13 dny
Ellen you are so amazing. I really love your show
Don Dada
Don Dada - Před 15 dny
Don't know what it is but i absolutely love Melissa Mcarthy she is my favorite actress.
Koco Kahlo
Koco Kahlo - Před 18 dny
I love you Ellen, I want to meet you!! 💙💙💙
Rasfa - Před 25 dny
Ellen didn't thank her for the mug.
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 - Před 26 dny
Love her energy 🧡❤️
Alicia Gilliss
Alicia Gilliss - Před 29 dny
Love her! She’ll always be Sookie St. James to me 😆
Glenn Meno
Glenn Meno - Před měsícem
These 2 should really make a movie!! It would be the most hilarious show ever!!🤣😂😆
Therese Ember
Therese Ember - Před měsícem
I love Melissa McCarthy!
Coffee__18 Channel
Coffee__18 Channel - Před měsícem
Wow!) Melissa McCarthy is an incredible woman and an amazing actress !!!😇😜
Lolly Alwazxmas
Lolly Alwazxmas - Před měsícem
Melissa I love you ! 🤓
EST - Před měsícem
I would love that Ellen portrait. It would make me happy whenever I look at it.
Elliot Geyer
Elliot Geyer - Před měsícem
Who is that man in the back of the audience always laughing louder than everybody else lol
Dani Halling
Dani Halling - Před měsícem
Adore her!
Darryl B. Roberts
Darryl B. Roberts - Před měsícem
Melissa is kinda "Bootylicious"! 🍑😍😘
Disha Chnl
Disha Chnl - Před měsícem
I need 100 dollars.... Plss pls
Suhani Jain
Suhani Jain - Před měsícem
oh ... a bag...
Florich Asuncion
Florich Asuncion - Před měsícem
She is naturally hilarious. She effortlessly makes us laugh. 😍😍😍
DrainBamaged Jess
DrainBamaged Jess - Před měsícem
Alexis Newell
Alexis Newell - Před měsícem
What a women Melissa ❤
Thankyou Ellen love you girls 💫💫🌟🌹🌸
path5001 - Před měsícem
She is thick and sexy😍
megggers - Před měsícem
I want that picture of Ellen framed above my couch!!!!!
Deborah Washington
Deborah Washington - Před měsícem
Does any girl from the 80's not have an aunt or grandma that didn't perm their hair? I swear I looked like lil orphan Annie.
ayat ali
ayat ali - Před měsícem
She like kid so sweet I loooove her
Madi A
Madi A - Před měsícem
Ellen seems like she hates doing the show she sounds so disinterested every interview now
C - Před měsícem
Omg you can't just leave me without letting me see the dry cleaner part
Jenna Cryan
Jenna Cryan - Před měsícem
it's not a full interview if they still edit out the whole lead up to the conversation after the 'break'
Matt Wolfe
Matt Wolfe - Před měsícem
Melissa McCarthy is so hilarious. She's a great actress.
No Regrets Baby Just Good Vibes Over Here
"And I'm 7'2" I love Melissa 😂😂
david young
david young - Před měsícem
she is soo incredibly beautiful and funny. the ultimate woman
Al Smyth
Al Smyth - Před měsícem
She looks so great! Love her!
TJ Aiken
TJ Aiken - Před měsícem
LOVE Melissa!!! I would love to meet her and just hang out!!
SD P - Před měsícem
That is one beautiful girl !!!!
SmileyYvette - Před měsícem
I now want to know which guests almost hit the person who scaeed them. We need a compilation! :)
Linda F
Linda F - Před měsícem
Generally, the nonwhite ones are ready to punch!
Gail Jackson-Chapman
Gail Jackson-Chapman - Před měsícem
Ellen is really beautiful with her sexy blue eyes
Kimberly Goossen-Hammel
Kimberly Goossen-Hammel - Před měsícem
I love what Melissa is wearing ❤
niha sharma
niha sharma - Před měsícem
Melissa McCarthy resembles a lot like Kevin Bacon from footloose. At least when she smiles.
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld - Před měsícem
bet she flies giant pan am with arnold swergnatger
broku 1984
broku 1984 - Před měsícem
Loved her on Gilmore girls
TATIA TATIA - Před měsícem
Ellen ❤❤❤
Genevieve - Před měsícem
I LOVED her on Mike & Molly.
Ксения Волкова
Ксения Волкова - Před měsícem
This is interesting and funny show=) Melissa McCarthy is cool actric.
joker land
joker land - Před měsícem
Best Comedy Actress All Time
Melissa McCarthy 😋
Litzy Bitzy Hairstyles
Litzy Bitzy Hairstyles - Před měsícem
I wish there was a wig place like that in my country
ShYamal KulKarni
ShYamal KulKarni - Před měsícem
Just saw the video where Ellen tells Melissa to do in the shop.. did you??
Louis Barbosa
Louis Barbosa - Před měsícem
“Where’s my wig?”
Maureen Wagg
Maureen Wagg - Před měsícem
Omg I had a perm in highschool and had the same result. A huge afro. So I ran with it. People were staring at me and I said "What?! I stuck my finger in a socket."
Leanne Paxton
Leanne Paxton - Před měsícem
Melissa McCarthy is my absolute favourite celeb! I would just love to have a bottle of wine with her!
She is gorgeous in every way. I adore you, Melissa. Please don’t ever change. 😃😘
Jade Hughes
Jade Hughes - Před měsícem
It's my sookie from Gilmore girls!!
Mubashir Aziz
Mubashir Aziz - Před měsícem
So she's the female version of the Joker 😕😂😂
Tracy NM
Tracy NM - Před měsícem
2:07 Ellen looks like Chase from Zoey 101 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Melissa Celi
Melissa Celi - Před měsícem
Kue Mudhan
Kue Mudhan - Před měsícem
This show is hilarious
Alayzha Toston
Alayzha Toston - Před měsícem
Ellen is one ☝️ I was not
Laura Beldin
Laura Beldin - Před měsícem
I love Melissa 💕 she's so real and sweet 💙💜
May Flower
May Flower - Před měsícem
I 💖 me some Melissa
Tiago Coutti
Tiago Coutti - Před měsícem
Please be Ursula in the little mermaid
Aziza Omar
Aziza Omar - Před měsícem
Gut Ellen❤😘😘😘👍
N. Mp
N. Mp - Před měsícem
Ellen is like the luckiest person on earth she has magic. she literally can make anyone do anything. 🤔
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