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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Is there pressure on Giannis after winning MVP?
Romeo - Před 25 dny
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright absofuckinglutely Giannis wont win a chip with the bucks that organization is good at scouting talent but they lack building championship rosters they traded Tobias Harris away as he was ascending, extended drew bledsoe without a 3pt shot and let brogdon walk. This offseason it just showed me how inept they are at building a roster capable of winning it all. Giannis should go to the raptors if he wants to win they showed they can build a winning roster around a great player.
Rafiq Dawood
Rafiq Dawood - Před 29 dny
No pressure at all. There isn't any because Giannis already proven he is a superstar, a top 5 player and one of the best in the league right now, earned season MVP, was the main reason his Bucks team finished with the best record and top number one team in the league, led his team to the east finals and was a great defensive player. He simply dominated the game all throughout the 2018-19 NBA season as it was his year playing the best basketball of his career. The Greek Freak definitely needs to improve his offensive game with three point shooting and hitting free throw shots, but other than that, he's an established player with great game and more potential for the future. Thus, disagree with Chris on his 3 reasons and points about there being pressure applied on him for next season. Giannis will ensure they advance into the playoffs, most realistically the second or third round of the east. Hoping they'll be in the east finals again to play the Raptors! After becoming last years MVP, Giannis just decreased all pressure and lowered expectations even not helping his team get into the finals for winning a championship because of the competition increasing mainly in the west with both the Lakers and Clippers as well as in the east with the Nets. Therefore, he should just focus on developing his game overall in all areas. The pressure doesn't exist period.
Jonathan Kesee
Jonathan Kesee - Před měsícem
Yes and Nick is right stars elavate stars
Jordan Carr
Jordan Carr - Před měsícem
People like to see MVPs be MVPs. There's always pressure.
ASTRO BALLERS - Před měsícem
He can handle it, he is a Sagittarius. They're not fragile - they're motivated by pressure.
Willie willied
Willie willied - Před 4 dny
If they really wanna win all they have to do is go get Bradley beal 😴
Chi - Před 6 dny
That’s the coach fault. You send him to the low block and have me post and shoot over Kawhi. Put the pressure on the double team.
Go Bucks
Go Bucks - Před 22 dny
It was never “mono e mono” did you even watch CC?
Christian Kamrath
Christian Kamrath - Před 23 dny
Giannis wasn't double teamed?... did he fall asleep after the player intros?
Destiny 100
Destiny 100 - Před 25 dny
It wasn't just kawhi guarding him. It was the whole team. Not giannis fan but these ppl need to stop saying it was only kawhi that stopped him. And this coming from someone who likes kawhi.
Andres Conde
Andres Conde - Před měsícem
Giannis doesn't have a second all star player on his team. Who is better Middleton or lowry? becouse Kawhi just won a ring with Lowry as the second best player on his team
Destiny 100
Destiny 100 - Před 25 dny
Well I would say Kyle Lowry and also it was the whole team. Siakam Fred Norman but reality was once raptors stopped giannis bucks didn't show up. On the last 4 games. Maybe they were nervous who knows. They are certainly talented.
Jose Crespo
Jose Crespo - Před měsícem
Fake News!!!!!
Gonig Bratal
Gonig Bratal - Před měsícem
bledsoe trade for BEAL
ahmed King
ahmed King - Před měsícem
Chris, I don't know what game you were watching, but they doubled and triple teamed Yanus which exposed his lack of a jump shot. He didn't know how to shoot or pass out of the double and triple team
Reggie Turner
Reggie Turner - Před měsícem
He will never win a title in MIL!
BGOOD2 Life - Před měsícem
Fake MVP, Giannis.
MrBearloc1 - Před měsícem
If ol boy wasn't such a Kobe hater, he'd have more respect and credibility, but nah. He's still a sucker.
John Gist
John Gist - Před měsícem
How does CC know what Giannis can do to improve?
Howko - Před měsícem
Nick Nurse shut down Giannis
Chiken little
Chiken little - Před měsícem
why are they keep talking about the same things although giannis is not often the topic.
DEE DUBZ - Před měsícem
If he doesn't improve his shooting, forget championships Milwaukee
JustinYourBae - Před měsícem
He didn’t have a jumpshot (shot 33% from 3 in playoffs) that’s amazing for a PF
Deezie DaKid
Deezie DaKid - Před měsícem
How tf they know that man will never be a great or good 3pt shooter🤔
A. O’Neil30
A. O’Neil30 - Před měsícem
Chris cater trash 🗑 where your rings? Jerry rice 🍚 🐐
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe - Před měsícem
Bucks w Giannis are starting to remind me of Bron in Cleveland... they overpaid Middleton and traded Brogdon when they didn’t need to. Don’t be surprised if he takes off
Eric issa boy
Eric issa boy - Před měsícem
Every great player needs a 2nd good player

Hakeem: am i a joke to you?
Disco187 Disco187
Disco187 Disco187 - Před měsícem
he seams like a very loyal guy especially to the bucks . hes like the mike trout of basketball
Ron Smith Jr
Ron Smith Jr - Před měsícem
Im from Milwaukee i watched every game... Wat game did the Raptors not play team defense & double team Giannis??
Average_or_ Tryhard
Average_or_ Tryhard - Před měsícem
I have faith in Giannis to come back with a passable mid range shot, maybe a slight 3pt shot. His work ethic is out of this world
Ben Simmons, take notes.
Manny jarbo
Manny jarbo - Před měsícem
Yo they signed his brother dawg! They not trading him and he don’t wanna leave at least till his contract is up.( I still think he gon stay if he has a good surrounding cast)
steven whiters
steven whiters - Před měsícem
They walled the paint off and he can’t shoot wtf u mean is mono-mono cris Carter saying anything along with the fact raptors have perfectly ideal personnel kawhi,serge,siakam and gasol in the paint cmon now
Michael Beale
Michael Beale - Před měsícem
Giannis needs either more help on his squad or get out of the bucks...... go to the warriors and fill the void and go crazy on the floor with Curry
Romy Sharma
Romy Sharma - Před měsícem
Chris Broussard has become a joke, especially since his flop of "reporting" on Kawhi this offseason.
Jimmy W.
Jimmy W. - Před měsícem
Realistically he's probably 90% of what he could be, and it's mostly in his shot where he can drastically improve. There is also no excuse for a guy with his skillset to not average a triple-double, or barely short of that. Can't complain about 28/13/6 though.
HopelessMunz - Před měsícem
Kawhi did what he was supposed to do. Giannis gotta endure some hardship before he rises. Probably gonna come up short again this year. But that’s what it takes.
That’s what everyone underestimated about the Raptors (even though Kawhi got them to the show) - everyone on that Raps team had gone through the heartbreak and endured the “underachievement” etc. 9/10 times, that is what produces a champion. The failure and shortcomings that preceded it.
caca yang
caca yang - Před měsícem
Chris Carter said they didn't double team him? lol, well he's kinda right...they tripled team him in the playoffs
Dekunle Andrew
Dekunle Andrew - Před měsícem
Chris Brossard is loosing it every time he talks . What happened to the old Chris?
Junaid Desai
Junaid Desai - Před měsícem
Kawhi shut nothing down, that was a team effort. Kawhi was absolutely better than others as an on ball defender, but if they let Giannis go straight up one on one, Giannis would dunk it down Kawhis throat.
I still believe that Kawhi is the best perimeter defender ever, but the NBA is such that great offense beats great defense.
Giannis was "exposed" because of his lack of a shot, not by a player.
2 things are happening with basketball media. 1. The rest of the Toronto team are getting zero credit for their supporting role to Kawhi. 2. They forget that Toronto was an ECF level team for years (top 5 most years).
Kawhi didn't drag some sorry team to a title. They were literally missing an MVP player PLUS needed GSW to pitch up hobbled
Sean Nesbeth
Sean Nesbeth - Před měsícem
But no pressure on Bron Bron lol
JI400_RED_TOP JI400_RED_TOP - Před měsícem
Giannis Antetokounmpo is overrated and overhyped wasn't really the MVP
Randy G
Randy G - Před měsícem
Someone with your username shouldn't be talking about anyone in a negative way... give props to your 2018-19 MVP junior
Uncle Osiris
Uncle Osiris - Před měsícem
Yanis KNOWS he's not the real MVP
This exposed the award as purely political
Yannis is NOT a superstar
Danny Lackey
Danny Lackey - Před měsícem
"This dude say it was Mano e Mano uhh no it wasn't even Kawhi said it was a team effort Kawhi guarded him but their were 3 defenders building a wall behind Kawhi to help stop him"
se7en Zee
se7en Zee - Před měsícem
Giannis just needs to go to shoot the jump hook and improves his FT. Then Kawhi won't be able to guard him. On defense, go guard Kawhi so won't have to double team.
Don't shoot the 3's because 1) his 3-point % isn't as good as his teammates. 2) go into the paint where you have the advantage. that will put pressure on the opponent.
Irshad Zamir
Irshad Zamir - Před měsícem
never going to be a great 3 point shooter ?
Ras Geo GFC
Ras Geo GFC - Před měsícem
These so call analysts .... or should I say these guys who think they know basketball
Dave Bass
Dave Bass - Před měsícem
Giannis will improve his mid game, but he also needs to develop some post moves. If he can force teams to double him near the basket that will open up shots for Middleton and other shooters.
SouthernLocks - Před měsícem
Yo Chris please go back and check the tapes..Giannis got dunks on Kawhi in single coverage..Ibaka, Gasol and Spice P were in help at all times. Giannis just got selfish and tried to play hero AAU ball instead of swingin it. Also Bron had his best finals numbers on Kawhi..Wade wasn't 100% in that series but Bron was like 50%+ from 3, 28, and 8
DeAd DoC
DeAd DoC - Před měsícem
Giannis doesn’t have the second star, but he has several extremely good role players, and players that fit perfectly into the Budenholzer Bucks system
Themrajester2 - Před měsícem
He said they didn’t double team him are u serious💀💀💀💀 GTFOH CHRIS
18t4motion - Před měsícem
If Giannis had moves around the basket like Siakim he would be close to unstoppable even without a "jump shot "
Lenny Blanton
Lenny Blanton - Před měsícem
Chris Broussard is Trippie Redds dad!
Ryan Muck
Ryan Muck - Před měsícem
I disagree with some of the takes here and I think Giannis is a bit better than they give him credit for. The Bucks probably aren't even a playoff team without him. Kawhi is amazing but the raptors have been making the playoffs for a few years now. They just needed a few more pieces to put it together.
Pittsburgh Holla
Pittsburgh Holla - Před měsícem
Cc is terrible with bball analysis
Dude With a Face
Dude With a Face - Před měsícem
mano on mano? lol
Trayveon Williams
Trayveon Williams - Před měsícem
It was one on one??? I’m done😂
Juelz Romeo Glenn
Juelz Romeo Glenn - Před měsícem
Why do they keep saying " Never,never"!!? He can easily develop a Jumper. He has the resources
Free Bee
Free Bee - Před měsícem
Juelz Romeo Glenn
Juelz Romeo Glenn - Před měsícem
kyle williams
kyle williams - Před měsícem
Cris Carter's takes on Basketball are totally inaccurate. To say Giannis can't become a great shooter is stupid. Plenty players make drastic improvements in shooting. LeBron, Ray Allen, D. Rose, Jordan. All originally known for their athleticism all became capable shooters
BlazeCyborg - Před měsícem
I like giannis but I hate the bucks and Milwaukee
Dr. Love
Dr. Love - Před měsícem
They acting like kawhi personally shut him down. Raptors teams defense stop giannis. They keep overrating kawhi. Talk about lost in the moment.
Rawest - Před měsícem
someone tell broussard's hair stylist to relax with the dye
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal - Před měsícem
giannis struggled cuz he had kawhi, siakam and ibaka to deal with oh and MARC GASOL along with nick nurse who is a more than competent coach in the nba
Chuck - Před měsícem
Kamaru usman 30% Now Giannis 60% Nigerians math a little off bro
P H - Před měsícem
Of course LBJ a ring chaser
Anthony DePaola
Anthony DePaola - Před měsícem
Giannis should never feel pressure as long as he plays in the East. Come over to the West if you want me to respect you.
Jay - Před měsícem
If Gianni’s starts shooting over 35% from the 3 it’s over
nabil chowdhury
nabil chowdhury - Před měsícem
So I keep hearing Giannis got exposed in the ECF but Giannis was droppin 23-15-6 on 47%fg WHILE GETTING QUADRUPLE TEAMED, NOT KAWHI.
Wonderlandian - Před měsícem
And also, people acting like the Bucks got swept. They were up 2-0 on the Ratpros and in game 3 they went to double OT and had they won that game the series was over and they would be playing for the championship. They lost game 3 and the inexperience caught up on them and they chocked the next 4 games (3 of those 4 games Milwaukee build double digit leads btw and chocked in the 4th)
anita burks
anita burks - Před měsícem
Khawi the 🐐 of defense but it wasn't no one on one versus Greek the Greek.Team Effort !
Freaky Greek
Freaky Greek - Před měsícem
Pause. Yo i was just walking around the house with my headphones on and heard this mf say that Kawhi covered Giannis 1v1 throughout the finals?
Yeah Cris carter didn't watch the series, and if he did, hes senile...
Crazy that there is a show where Nick Wright is the star and most reliable source of information lol
Jalen Lowdermilk
Jalen Lowdermilk - Před měsícem
“They weren’t double teaming him” that is complete and utter bs, the whole team would swarm him when he got the ball. Anyone who watched that series knows this
Joel Tardieff
Joel Tardieff - Před měsícem
The East got a lot weaker. They could definitely make the Finals.
PlayaMadeEcuadorian - Před měsícem
Joel Tardieff how did it get weaker?
Amin Yussupov
Amin Yussupov - Před měsícem
Should have never signed Middleton to that crazy contract. Should have tried to get a real all star not an all star by default. DLo or Kyrie or Kemba.
Amin Yussupov
Amin Yussupov - Před 12 dny
Eric Evans he deserves credit and he is a good player. But when your the bucks. You have to go all out if you draft somebody as great as Giannis coz guys like that will never come in free agency on their own
Eric Evans
Eric Evans - Před 12 dny
You made a good point but Middleton is there second guy n a big reason the made it that far.give him some credit
manuel cruz
manuel cruz - Před měsícem
Chris sources told him that....
GuerillaFX - Před měsícem
Did CC even watch the Bucks-Raps series??? Should give Giannis a bit more credit. Raps stopped him by building the wall to prevent him getting into the paint. KL was the key main defender and definitely held him in the matchup and deserves a lot of credit, but the wall and good rotations onto shooters was key. Bucks lacked enough secondary firepower to help Giannis and take advantage open looks off the wall and defensive rotations.
80 percent
80 percent - Před měsícem
I can’t stop looking at that huge beak of Nick Wright what a distraction
Sonny - Před měsícem
who was Kawhi's 2nd star?
Jay Biersack
Jay Biersack - Před měsícem
Been in Wisconsin all my life and if he leave us I won’t be mad at him at all, go play with other great players, you ain’t winning a ring in Milwaukee.. the truth hurts but it’s true..
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson - Před měsícem
Why do people say someone can never do something? That doesn't make sense outside of very extreme situations.
Tp M
Tp M - Před měsícem
No CC it's "team on team"
SherWin Mendoza
SherWin Mendoza - Před měsícem
Giannis needs Beal or Booker as a 2nd star
james nelson
james nelson - Před měsícem
Book it the Greek Freak is going to the 6..lets go Raptors
elwin38 - Před měsícem
Actually Nick, Giannis will turn 25 in SEPT.
Randy G
Randy G - Před měsícem
"December" on the 6th to be exact
KaiBoldt2 - Před měsícem
Most of Cris Carter’s takes sounds like he doesn’t even watch sports. How can you be so consistently wrong?
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