Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Cookie Bite
Cookie Bite - Před 8 hodinami
This kind of feels like NLJ MARIO RAP
Elspencico - Před 8 hodinami
Wendy's is just the best hands down.
Egyptian Lifestyle - شكري المصري
"I'm nice peter, and you're EPICLLOYD"
Have nice peter ever lost a battle to lloyd?
this line is so true.
Sweet Chilli
Sweet Chilli - Před 9 hodinami
Wendy is the surprise winner!
Julia Nadeau
Julia Nadeau - Před 10 hodinami
Wendy won, obviously! Better burgers and better rhymes both!
supreme potatos
supreme potatos - Před 10 hodinami
wendys won
pattrick fontenot
pattrick fontenot - Před 10 hodinami
Windy kill them both
Isaac Oh
Isaac Oh - Před 11 hodinami
Trump vs Bernie
Andoc - Před 11 hodinami
... Ronald was massacring the King.
Then Wendy came to kill them both dead.
Rordon Gamsay
Rordon Gamsay - Před 11 hodinami
TheShadowHatter - Před 11 hodinami
I'm a BK man, but goddamn Ronald straight clowned on the King!
Bennett Joseph
Bennett Joseph - Před 12 hodinami
Heather S
Heather S - Před 13 hodinami
Wendy won!
Lazy J
Lazy J - Před 13 hodinami
Wheres jack in the box!!
Fate1Ø1 - Před 13 hodinami
The clown creepys me and "it looks like you ate someones brother in a storm drain" nice it reference also yall should do joker vs it
KermitTheVegan - Před 13 hodinami
It hard to decide...

All there food is garbage
Hawkinsm210 - Před 14 hodinami
I think wendy wears the crown, burger king and mc Donald's make me sick
Raelynn Jones
Raelynn Jones - Před 14 hodinami
Wendy definitely won
Willy Noodles
Willy Noodles - Před 14 hodinami
Wendy’s in first and king in second
Krystophur Senemar
Krystophur Senemar - Před 14 hodinami
Jack in the box won, and he isn't even there.
Cupcom5 - Před 15 hodinami
That skip at the end always gets me.
Shaurya Gulati
Shaurya Gulati - Před 15 hodinami
1:04 “You look like you just ate someone’s brother in a storm drain”

I keep laughing at this for some reason 😂😂
Isaiah Bilyeu
Isaiah Bilyeu - Před 15 hodinami
John Daniel Esguerra
John Daniel Esguerra - Před 15 hodinami
Goddamn it. If there were no third party I would pick BK but you picked my favorite fast food restaurant, Wendy's.
Kitty Cat gamer
Kitty Cat gamer - Před 15 hodinami
Bin ladin (the 911 attacker) vs Dr strange love (the bomb rider)
King K
King K - Před 17 hodinami
Mac to android?
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith - Před 17 hodinami
This one is sooooo good
WeezleFrom YT
WeezleFrom YT - Před 17 hodinami
We want to see next is....
Chuckie VS Annabelle
Dayson James
Dayson James - Před 17 hodinami
Tevon Campbell
Tevon Campbell - Před 17 hodinami
Solarstan of YouTube
Solarstan of YouTube - Před 17 hodinami
Where was wimpys in this BRITISH POWER
The 90s baby
The 90s baby - Před 17 hodinami
I ain't loving shit 😂😂
Olectra Lab
Olectra Lab - Před 18 hodinami
they all did
Scott Pool
Scott Pool - Před 18 hodinami
I think given the choice I would take Wendy’s that’s just my opinion yeah
victor main
victor main - Před 18 hodinami
still waiting for jolibee
Erikson Moore
Erikson Moore - Před 18 hodinami
David Attenborough vs Morgan Freeman!!!!!!!!
Joseph Ardine
Joseph Ardine - Před 18 hodinami
Yep - Wendy took that shit down!
ObjectShowYoutuber !
ObjectShowYoutuber ! - Před 18 hodinami
Burger King is better
x Kïñg Zo Krëw x
x Kïñg Zo Krëw x - Před 18 hodinami
Suspect asab “Your pink slime meat turns my asshole to a drive-thru, hell nah I’m gonna dislike cause of that 🤦🏾‍♂️
Justin Hiatt
Justin Hiatt - Před 18 hodinami
I’ll say it again. Love Wendy’s marketing but Chick Fil A definitely should have swooped in and served both these fools xD
liquidblueyes18 - Před 19 hodinami
Sans vs ness
Ezon - Před 19 hodinami
Cole Rein
Cole Rein - Před 19 hodinami
wendy's verse was flavorless like her nuggets. a bar here or there when it was named after a daddy daughter idea.
LukeDaDuke - Před 19 hodinami
Wendy's>McDonald's>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Literal shit>>>>>>>>>Burger King.
Mister Max
Mister Max - Před 19 hodinami
Late capitalism plus plus jfc
Cam B
Cam B - Před 20 hodinami
Burger King croissanwich is actually good though and so are McGriddles
DeusShaggy - Před 20 hodinami
Wendy. Love me sum sq patties n red pigtails.
André Frazão
André Frazão - Před 20 hodinami
Like, it is some kind of American inside joke or something the fact the McDonald's ice cream machines are always broken?
Reaper of Things
Reaper of Things - Před 20 hodinami
Seriously, if Wendy’s is so good, why the fuck are they only in America?
kawaii hitler
kawaii hitler - Před 20 hodinami
the moment ronald started to turn i already knew wendy's was the victor of this battle
Tyler Madden
Tyler Madden - Před 21 hodinou
That beat went hard, I lost my shit when it dropped
adrianstrong1 - Před 21 hodinou
Popeye's vs chic fil a
Robert Nixon
Robert Nixon - Před 21 hodinou
0:48 android is better than mac every time 😝
Angel Diane
Angel Diane - Před 21 hodinou
I just had a Wendy’s ad before the video. Lul
Mandalore The_Ultimate
Mandalore The_Ultimate - Před 22 hodinami
Burger king is right it wasnt until after 6 mcdonalds i found one with a working ice cream machine
jrgboy - Před 22 hodinami
They showed this in the UK & implied we had nothing until McD 's opened in the 70's which was rubbish, we had Wimpy from the 50's & 60's onwards, when I worked in Woolworth around 1964 I used to eat lunch at the Wimpy around the corner...;
Amos Olivarez
Amos Olivarez - Před 22 hodinami
What about jack
Wolfinspace - Před 22 hodinami
I got a Burger King ad before this video
C.G Gaster
C.G Gaster - Před 23 hodinami
as soon as he said "the clown wears the crown," i immediately jumped to the idea of D.Gray Man, Allen's Clown Crown.
Prscx - Před 23 hodinami
i think we can all agree the quiet kid won this battle.
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