DIY School Supplies! 10 Fun School Hacks and School Supply Ideas!

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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda - Před 15 dny
Hey Study Pandas 🐼🔔
Although the school year is almost finished, I still have some crafts left in me! 🏫🚌👩‍🎓
I came up with a dozen neat ideas for you to upgrade your school supplies! 🎒📎📒
Let me know which of your accessories you’re going to hack first! 💻📏🙌
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Much love from Crafty Panda 💖💖💖

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Neli Agustin
Neli Agustin - Před 9 hodinami
Aku mau ketemu kak emma ok
Chheng Lydia
Chheng Lydia - Před 23 hodinami
Crafty Panda bu Nouri
MUNDO DA BIA - Před dnem
hello craft panda
Nurgul Bitsinova
Nurgul Bitsinova - Před 3 hodinami
Linda Wati
Linda Wati - Před 5 hodinami
Yng nnonton orng Indonesia Like
ester trindade
ester trindade - Před 9 hodinami
3:04 music
Neli Agustin
Neli Agustin - Před 9 hodinami
Aku mau ketemu sama kak emma ok
cima evan
cima evan - Před 13 hodinami
Neslihan Yaliniz
Neslihan Yaliniz - Před 13 hodinami
kul kul
Gabriela zuniga marquez
Gabriela zuniga marquez - Před 17 hodinami
Gabriella Piccolo
Gabriella Piccolo - Před 19 hodinami
Ma va afanculo
Gabriella Piccolo
Gabriella Piccolo - Před 19 hodinami
Non e vero
Hakan Şahin
Hakan Şahin - Před 20 hodinami
Virginia Mendoza
Virginia Mendoza - Před 20 hodinami
Thats prerty weird
Алиса star
Алиса star - Před 20 hodinami
herobrixa gamer
herobrixa gamer - Před 21 hodinou
10:44 i tri it is look's like so beautiful 😘💜💌😘😍💞
Fouf Faf
Fouf Faf - Před 22 hodinami
Wawe veré cool top manifike 👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Ramanayak Ullal
Ramanayak Ullal - Před 23 hodinami
UFC Kazakhstan
UFC Kazakhstan - Před dnem
نبع الحنان
نبع الحنان - Před dnem
super smart
super smart - Před dnem
Your are look like lady mr bean
ธนกฤต แสงสว่าง
Vania :0
Vania :0 - Před dnem
Ya me suscribí
Hamid Batur
Hamid Batur - Před dnem
م ه
Veronica Peralta
Veronica Peralta - Před dnem
Denle like si ablan español
Max Niang
Max Niang - Před dnem
Handicap zeg
emine nisa şengül
emine nisa şengül - Před dnem
how to keep Marvel and Dc together? Why?
Rebecca Geiger
Rebecca Geiger - Před dnem
I love you videos
Kristýna Kleinerová
Kristýna Kleinerová - Před dnem
What is 9:23 ? That “colour”...
ONOKY - Před dnem
at 8:40 just put pause ..
Genivaldo Borges
Genivaldo Borges - Před dnem
Genivaldo Borges
Genivaldo Borges - Před dnem
Eu gosto muito desse vídeo eu só aceto esse vídeo parabéns 👏👏
Kirsti Husevåg
Kirsti Husevåg - Před dnem
you guys are so cute togheter
Akun akunku
Akun akunku - Před 2 dny
Emly ema,madison,jessica sou ceut
prakash patel
prakash patel - Před 2 dny
Elaine Xavier Lima
Elaine Xavier Lima - Před 2 dny
Andrea Rodriguez
Andrea Rodriguez - Před 2 dny
Why does this videos act like if we get to do fun stuff like all of this? Like literally if you do this in my school my teacher is going to yell at your face and call discipline like literally!😅😑
Alexia Raelly
Alexia Raelly - Před 2 dny
Tris vídeo creft panda
Zia Reyes
Zia Reyes - Před 2 dny
Eliene Boneca
Eliene Boneca - Před 2 dny
Eu sou brasileira mais eu amo o canal de vcs
Marina Valencia
Marina Valencia - Před 2 dny
Zainab rasheed Rasheed
Zainab rasheed Rasheed - Před 2 dny
بوبجي بوبجي
بوبجي بوبجي - Před 2 dny
One good
Basmah 1937
Basmah 1937 - Před 2 dny
I want videos about the school☺️💛
هيثم جاسم
هيثم جاسم - Před 2 dny
مو حلو بس الحلوه بي الاجنبيه الي الولد كلساع مطيهه هديه بس هاي البنيه الحلوه حته افكاره حلوه احبج lLove
Maria Tomine Longum Hansen
3:03 How did t bag Get so big?
Maria Tomine Longum Hansen
Dream Slimes
Dream Slimes - Před 2 dny
I also noticed lol
Jovana Kalaidzic
Jovana Kalaidzic - Před 2 dny
At 0:57 I though she was gonna use the red clip.
khawla khawla
khawla khawla - Před 2 dny
Sadia Aseem
Sadia Aseem - Před 2 dny
mía y genesis Cornejo
mía y genesis Cornejo - Před 2 dny
Eniko Tal
Eniko Tal - Před 2 dny
*Van itt még valaki Magyar?*
Rody Mahmoud
Rody Mahmoud - Před 2 dny
انتوا بتعملوا الحاجات دى ازاي
Mohamed Ashik
Mohamed Ashik - Před 2 dny
Emily is so cute
Mastani Shaik
Mastani Shaik - Před 2 dny
Mehak like the videos
Its Greia
Its Greia - Před 2 dny
The short hair girl looks like Arya Stark from Game of thrones
Andreia Rodrigues
Andreia Rodrigues - Před 2 dny
Vídeos muitos legais você faz vocês fazem eu assisto todos os dias dos seus vídeos e gosto muito de assistir esses vídeos beijo eu amo vocês que esse vídeo eu amo e vou assistir todo dia😍❤❤💛💚🧡💚💛🧡
PandaGamer Gacha & More!
PandaGamer Gacha & More! - Před 2 dny
That spidget finner tho
Ail Ali
Ail Ali - Před 2 dny
Маша Болдинова
8:03 рукожопы расходимся
Debbie Roberts
Debbie Roberts - Před 2 dny
10:23 paper waste
anais khebbab
anais khebbab - Před 2 dny
la fille à bien fait de répondre ok il est moche le garçon
TikTok and fokus tv
TikTok and fokus tv - Před 3 dny
COOL! lovee
radhey govind
radhey govind - Před 3 dny
I like it
Evie Rowe
Evie Rowe - Před 3 dny
I will sub i will sub I Will sub is will sub I will sub I
Hey It's Kiana Roseberry here!
Or instead of doing that hack about no hair bands you could ALREADY HAVE IT IN YOUR HAIR
Alison Vargas R
Alison Vargas R - Před 3 dny
La de pelo corto si es fea
fatma boaliyan
fatma boaliyan - Před 3 dny
I love you CRAFTY PANDA 🐼 you are the best YouTubers EvEr I love your videos so much 😍🥰👍🏻
👇🏻please 🙏🏻
Ornela :D
Ornela :D - Před 3 dny
En el minuto 5:51 al corazón le falta una línea y en el minuto 5:55 se la agregan :v
Hend Hussien
Hend Hussien - Před 3 dny
نور القلوب
نور القلوب - Před 3 dny
الجزائري لي فات منا يدير جام علابالي رانا بزااف😍😍😂
نوف عبدالرحمن
الفديو ممتع جدا و اثبت وجودك اذا انت عربي ومسلم
ماريه العنزي
ماريه العنزي - Před 2 dny
انا عربيه ومسلمه
athena and alejah vlogs and roblox
There so nice :) and your so cool
Magista Rm
Magista Rm - Před 3 dny
Poor boy, he just want love, and he sent an OK!! NOOOOOO
Magista Rm
Magista Rm - Před 2 dny
+Viktoria Page I know how it's called,it is horrible! 😫
Viktoria Page
Viktoria Page - Před 3 dny
its called friendzone i had it many times
luc Nunes
luc Nunes - Před 3 dny
I Love crafty house
نارهو جودو 2007
نارهو جودو 2007 - Před 3 dny
K Brown
K Brown - Před 3 dny
I would do this but tomorrow up is my last day of school!!
Premila Khatun
Premila Khatun - Před 3 dny
love your vid
sadie corns
sadie corns - Před 3 dny
Can so one have s
tina clelland
tina clelland - Před 3 dny
Thank all of the girls that have to do that for the kids I have my kids to take her and then go home 🏡 I like a way you could be the one ☝️ day for me I can not wait until the game I get home 🏡 I have my best day of my own and I’m very very thankful that you are doing the good game I have a very very special thank you for your help I have my mom for my birthday 🎁 I am not sure 🤔 I want my own my kids I have a very very special mom that she will I have my kids for the last year so we are just so very very good mom mom is so cute thank you so so very good night thank you for all my help thank you thank hello my mom and she can do you thank you very very good night I will was the night I love 💗 I was like I r I
tina clelland
tina clelland - Před 3 dny
Hello I can I just do you have any other day that you I have a good day to do and do it I can I have my own room for me I have to work my own job I can do my
tina clelland
tina clelland - Před 3 dny
Zone and the best part is the game and I have a good game for you I can not play the games and it has to have me in my own. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😇😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💄💄
Horse 007 Ale
Horse 007 Ale - Před 3 dny
Kotryna Sevelionyte
Kotryna Sevelionyte - Před 3 dny
Ate you guys not from Lithuania?
Вероніка Волощук
Мни ваше відіо очінь даже нравіца
Ashkar Vn Achu
Ashkar Vn Achu - Před 3 dny
which. is. Your country. THANKS
Karina Sanchez
Karina Sanchez - Před 3 dny
warth wlogs warth
warth wlogs warth - Před 3 dny
روان ستارز
روان ستارز - Před 3 dny
شكد جذب
Kalina Jocik
Kalina Jocik - Před 3 dny
I love it sooooooooooooooooo mach it gives me ideas
Nizam shaikh
Nizam shaikh - Před 4 dny
Dessy Rosma
Dessy Rosma - Před 4 dny
mahavir rao
mahavir rao - Před 4 dny
ก. ต
Mimih Ipah
Mimih Ipah - Před 4 dny
Errico Katia
Errico Katia - Před 4 dny
Sulema Gil
Sulema Gil - Před 4 dny
Mi canal pandas igual
Munazza Ansari
Munazza Ansari - Před 4 dny
Plz upload the new video
Sarah Rosario
Sarah Rosario - Před 4 dny
my books are tu fat for dat had😢
Gracie Coulter
Gracie Coulter - Před 4 dny
You are cute
Andreia Oliveira Santos
Andreia Oliveira Santos - Před 4 dny
Não Leia ...
alma elena echeverria cano
Moon _light
Moon _light - Před 4 dny
I will not subscribe to crafty panda
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