Lil Nas X - Panini (Official Video)

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Slime Frank
Slime Frank - Před 26 vteřinami
LIL Nas X you made it man!!
Jaykey Boi
Jaykey Boi - Před 2 minutami
Me: mom can we have Indian panini
Mom: we have Indian panini at home

Indian panini at home:
thaius champine
thaius champine - Před 4 minutami
Its cool
Ariel Timberlake
Ariel Timberlake - Před 9 minutami
After what he did for you. Then when you see some flowers you’re smiling
Cayden Cool
Cayden Cool - Před 12 minutami
Ezekiel Rodriguez
Ezekiel Rodriguez - Před 15 minutami
game_kid 6495
game_kid 6495 - Před 20 minutami
I never knew that in the next 1000 years there would still be planes I thought there was going to be a teleportation device or something
Mabroke Bara
Mabroke Bara - Před 20 minutami
Soooo good 💗💗💗😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋
Turtle gang Cudd
Turtle gang Cudd - Před 23 minutami
Since you want to see me Thrive YOU LIED 🤥
Just Angelo
Just Angelo - Před 25 minutami
Lol I think it’s funny how at 1:13 she mouths “What the fuck” 😆
Jeremy Pacheco Vlogs
Jeremy Pacheco Vlogs - Před 25 minutami
The woah for a wow 😯
Jeremy Pacheco Vlogs
Jeremy Pacheco Vlogs - Před 26 minutami
Skai Jackson
Titanus Ghidorah
Titanus Ghidorah - Před 26 minutami
Oh wow it’s zuri from bunk’d
Yngrid Lorrany
Yngrid Lorrany - Před 28 minutami
Amei a musica❤
Ben Getter
Ben Getter - Před 30 minutami
Lol at 1:12 she mouths WTF
iamknosound - Před 30 minutami
W a c k
Mr Brown
Mr Brown - Před 7 minutami
you are
finn sunshine
finn sunshine - Před 39 minutami
panini or ransom? comment: Ransom Panini:like my comment
Ayella Speed builds
Ayella Speed builds - Před 40 minutami
I had a panini for lunch
Kp shewaybick
Kp shewaybick - Před 46 minutami
I love this song
Mastermind3838 - Před hodinou
Unreleased lil nas vid!!!
Don Pionk
Don Pionk - Před hodinou Follow 4 Follow
Great Fortnite lama
Great Fortnite lama - Před hodinou
Cyber punk 2077 but in Lil Nas X version wich is PANINI
Gaming Games
Gaming Games - Před hodinou
he really fucked up this time
Jasmine Waidalowski
Jasmine Waidalowski - Před hodinou
4 mill likes good job
hayhay561 - Před hodinou
Dude D from node is in the video!
jacquie thieng
jacquie thieng - Před hodinou
Iulian Munteanu
Iulian Munteanu - Před hodinou
Nice song! :)
yournamewill reflectacrossgoogle
com4535 - Před hodinou
Oh shit chi chi boy is pretty good
NovakNovak YT
NovakNovak YT - Před hodinou
when u create a disstrack on ur girlfriend
Its MMB - Před hodinou
*He's just like my period...*

*He's everywhere!*
Madison DeShayla
Madison DeShayla - Před hodinou
What’s the meaning behind the music video?
Krusten Käse
Krusten Käse - Před hodinou
Funny valintine is that you ?
vitor legal908
vitor legal908 - Před hodinou
hey panini, do you wanna Fini
Sl yZ
Sl yZ - Před hodinou
Kiran kaur
Kiran kaur - Před hodinou
This music video was set on my birthday
A Long
A Long - Před hodinou
He stalking Skai Jackson LOL
A Long
A Long - Před hodinou
This dude a robot now he was just a COWBOY
hell no
Isabel the one 12
Isabel the one 12 - Před hodinou
My favorite part:
Skai: what the f-
Sean Your Hero 17
Sean Your Hero 17 - Před hodinou
Nice follow up song to old town road bro
Alexus Giamona
Alexus Giamona - Před hodinou
I think the meaning of the video is that there was someone he knew who was supposed to support him but they didn’t. Now they literally have to see him everywhere they go because of how famous he is now
Gio Chavez
Gio Chavez - Před hodinou
My boi
Gio Chavez
Gio Chavez - Před hodinou
Ali CHIBAH - Před hodinou
0:38 sponsoring by Uber
No Comment
No Comment - Před hodinou
lol very good music
un poco de todo Ariana
un poco de todo Ariana - Před hodinou
Tik tok!!
Jay GamesNL
Jay GamesNL - Před 2 hodinami
I like it yo see D from Node at 00:38.
Angel 456
Angel 456 - Před 2 hodinami
Like sí eres mexicano(solo io)🇮🇹
Que porque? Porque somos la verg*
Ndaye Bakari
Ndaye Bakari - Před 2 hodinami
manu basoli
manu basoli - Před 2 hodinami
Pierre Sicot
Pierre Sicot - Před 2 hodinami
Je suis le seul qui et français a écouter ça ? Liké si t ai français
Piense Bi
Piense Bi - Před 2 hodinami
Me: watching this video
Also me: wate a minute, this girl looks pretty young
Again me: googling Ski Jackson and see that she is 17 years old
And again me, who else: googling Lil Nas and see that he is 20 years old
FBI: seeing this commentary
1 hour later
Again FBI: FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!
Mark Hassan
Mark Hassan - Před 2 hodinami
Mark Hassan
Mark Hassan - Před 2 hodinami
Danne 05
Danne 05 - Před 2 hodinami
lololoomollo4 :3
lololoomollo4 :3 - Před 2 hodinami
0:28 did someone see the face?
Rodrigo Urrutia
Rodrigo Urrutia - Před 2 hodinami
eres jenial
Yency Alba
Yency Alba - Před 2 hodinami
I like you mmmmmmiiuusscc
john timmons
john timmons - Před 2 hodinami
Cool shit video man
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