Epstein Death Sets Off Wild Wave Of Conspiracy Theories

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Jarred Gilbert
Jarred Gilbert - Před 4 hodinami
Your right, why would some of the most powerful people in the world that have links to him have any motive to silence him
Gloomy Blackfur
Gloomy Blackfur - Před 21 hodinou
The upvote ratio makes me sort of happy. Only a sizeable, vocal minority are conspiracy-theory loons who wouldn't accept falsification if it were delivered by the Almighty himself.
Gina Ke
Gina Ke - Před 2 dny
Donald Trump always projects. I thought the Epstein murder conspiracy theory was nonsense until Trump started accusing past presidents of being involved. So it must be DT 😁. Barr did visit, after all.
ESiobhan L
ESiobhan L - Před 4 dny
Not so crazy at all guys. The two guards 'fell asleep' and the video stopped working? cmon guys??? They obviously think the public is stupid, and they appear to be correct
MrSlanderer - Před 5 dny
Though I’m not completely dismissive of the conspiracy theory, he did attempt suicide a few weeks before. As for “he knew what was coming,” well, he wasn’t tortured, so he got what he wanted, either way.
Woohoo - Před 7 dny
Colbert is nothing but a sellout lackey on the wrong side of history.
Plague Bearer
Plague Bearer - Před 7 dny
As a Scotsman this guy here is the literally embodiment of what we all think is wrong with America.
Charles Pettet
Charles Pettet - Před 8 dny
I have to say I think that what happened definitely looks iffy but yes whilst the Clinton's would probably prefer for this to stayed buried the only one who was in the position to make sure it did would be Donald Trump
Honking Honker
Honking Honker - Před 10 dny
"Epstein's murder sets off wild wave of stinky brown shit in my underpants"- Actual title
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup - Před 10 dny
Stephen Colbert is clueless to real comedy. He has to running reruns . Terrance k Williams the comedy king
Steven Beest
Steven Beest - Před 13 dny
Stephen Colbert is a pedophile
Greg Soon
Greg Soon - Před 13 dny
I've lost a lot of respect for Colbert after seeing this.
TekkenJam - Před 14 dny
Colbert is friends with podesta and has been on the lolita express before....Just another pedo sympathizer.
Nona Urbizniz
Nona Urbizniz - Před 14 dny
Wait till Colbert is exposed as one of those 'sex offenders' he is joking about. Plenty of pics of him paling around with Epstein and Podesta and he is on the lolita island flight log as a direct visitor to the island for multiple visits. There is only one reason to visit that island. Also his use of the generic term 'sex offender' instead of child rapist and child sex trafficker of possible thousands of girls seems a bit watered down now doesn't it?
Anne Thorson
Anne Thorson - Před 15 dny
516 300 2468
Nick W
Nick W - Před 15 dny
This is so disappointing from Colbert. I guess everyone has a price!
Nick W
Nick W - Před 15 dny
Yeah, its totally unbelievable that a former US president and a candidate for president, would have the means or influence to have someone murdered. Utterly unbelievable. Thanks for clarifying that this channel is firmly in the pocket of the Democrats/Clintons.
Khadijeh Fazeli
Khadijeh Fazeli - Před 16 dny
You Sir, alongside other late night shows, are a puppet for the deep state. Feel free to call us conspiracy theorists.
Dimitar Yanev
Dimitar Yanev - Před 17 dny
Why would you put so much emphasis on what Trump says instead of the shadiest "suicide" in recent history, Steve?? How come defending the democratic agenda is more important than this...is what no one from the biased fanatical audience of the show would ask. But it means so much.
Huffy Gilmore
Huffy Gilmore - Před 18 dny
Colbert you have a confession to make!. Tell the world about your trips to Epsteins island.
Bloody hypocrite!
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - Před 18 dny
This guy is a moron what American would watch this trash?
Beorn Shelley
Beorn Shelley - Před 18 dny
Was this about Trump or Epstein? pathetic lmao
Thanh Le
Thanh Le - Před 19 dny
5:13 LIKE!
Victor Chavez
Victor Chavez - Před 20 dny
I dont like trump but come on, all the late night show are dead to me
Keenan Vaughn
Keenan Vaughn - Před 20 dny
Epstein don't kill him?
ChemicalWolfPlays - Před 22 dny
The mainstream media is a joke the media covered up What Jeffrey was doing 4 years of calling everyone a conspiracy theorist now it comes up and how he died is a conspiracy theory they know the answer he was killed. And it's funny how they bring up how Trump brings up a conspiracy theory with no evidence yet they have been attacking him since before he even became president over a conspiracy theory with no evidence. The double standards are insane how do people not see it I'm not saying Trump is a good person but I am saying they are getting on him for things people have done and said before he was president and saw nothing of it
sigs signor
sigs signor - Před 23 dny
Do the Clinton's write this guys paychecks or something? Everytime their name pops up in some scandal he's the first one to start licking their asshole.
SolQuik - Před 23 dny
Funny tv man dismantles drumpf and Epstein conspiracy theory with facts and logic
Conner Con
Conner Con - Před 24 dny
Mustle Man
Mustle Man - Před 24 dny
Yall been arguing if jesus killed himself or not for 2000 years I doubt you will ever settle on Epstein.
Dirk - Před 24 dny
This show is awful.
Asap Tenebrae
Asap Tenebrae - Před 24 dny
The conspiracists are the ones who are eyes wide shut in face of the blatant evidences of a cover up ^^
Sourxe - Před 24 dny
This dude is more braindead then people with autism
Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee - Před 25 dny
I wish people would just scream, "WHERE'S YOUR PROOF, STUPID?!" every time Trump shared a baseless accusation.
Micah Kelly
Micah Kelly - Před 25 dny
Colbert hasn't been a comedian for a looooooong time. Just another virtue signaling hack scumbag.
Hipa Lahi
Hipa Lahi - Před 26 dny
More leather, Way less face 😂😂😂
Johnny Vance
Johnny Vance - Před 27 dny
None of this was funny.
Simon Smith
Simon Smith - Před 27 dny
Someone had him killed thats for sure
Laura Lewis
Laura Lewis - Před 28 dny
These MORONS think that we'll believe ANYTHING! I hope that this jerk will have to eat his own words one day... UNREAL! I used to like Colbert too, but he's nothing more than a stale, dried up version of himself that only knows how to mock the President - and, now with this - he's mocking EVERYONE. Anyone with half a brain cell can figure out - Epstein DIDN'T kill himself... SMH 😡
Jose A. Ramirez Moya
Jose A. Ramirez Moya - Před 28 dny
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but come on. Taken off suicide watch, guards weren't present, the camera did not "magically" work at that moment. Come on!
Gloomy Blackfur
Gloomy Blackfur - Před 22 hodinami
I try not to attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity.
Kosmos de Kosmopoliet
Kosmos de Kosmopoliet - Před 17 dny
Doesn't matter, Teevee funnyman shows dumb Trump pics. Hahaha. Silly Drumpf.
Mitragynine The Speciosa
Mitragynine The Speciosa - Před 26 dny
he's catholic so have to protect the pedo ring
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