I Take my Skyline GT-R to my Last Day of High School

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THE SMOKER - Před dnem
Think if someone with a ferrari or lambo in that school had the same idea that day
Kirito Kazuto
Kirito Kazuto - Před dnem
I graduated 2 months early and man I was so happy to be out of school the only thing I miss is gym class and mechanics class I loved those 2
Dane Szala
Dane Szala - Před 2 dny
Bro this man deadass looks like nakazato so look out for those guard rails
Active Junior702
Active Junior702 - Před 3 dny
Slow gtr lol
Bucs Game Review
Bucs Game Review - Před 3 dny
If you bring a Lambo in school, a lot of girls will come. I you bring a JDM legend you'll get guys asking question how powerful you car is.
Nathan Roa
Nathan Roa - Před 5 dny
You graduated 1 day before my birthday
The Transporter
The Transporter - Před 5 dny
I would rather see an entire group of car enthusiasts running to me than have girls that only know its a sports car.
Ensa Rohan
Ensa Rohan - Před 5 dny
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - Před 6 dny
Does your dad know you took his car???
Saitama sensei
Saitama sensei - Před 6 dny
proud of being JAP
Shroudy2k - Před 6 dny
If u a geh just buy a gtr or supra for magnet
IT'S YA BOI A A RON - Před 8 dny
I love this car, I wish I had one.
Juan Sabian
Juan Sabian - Před 8 dny
It's that audra from first to eleven
Jameson Oof
Jameson Oof - Před 8 dny
Those school girls are ready
Aniut Rahim
Aniut Rahim - Před 9 dny
Just found out about this channel 👀 lookin sick already. Found a cool new channel 💯. Also is the YouTuber from San Diego?
THE MAN WHO FELL - Před 9 dny
U try wayyyyy too hard to flex bud
Eric Castillo
Eric Castillo - Před 9 dny
That kids voice is deep
Jp Medina
Jp Medina - Před 9 dny
Oh that's sooo cool lil baby got his mommy to buy him a skyline! Trash.
Just The one
Just The one - Před 9 dny
The girl don’t know what she saying 😂
ImBlind7767 - Před 10 dny
Yea....he means daddy's skyline
Alchie Camilo
Alchie Camilo - Před 10 dny
M commandosmanos
M commandosmanos - Před 10 dny
He really #@$!@# the car
Paroci Paroci
Paroci Paroci - Před 11 dny
Jack:shows up in r32
Me:shows up in Lamborghini hurucan but if i had to choose 2 cars to keep in the world Lamborghini veneno and a drift set up r32
Flick flock
Flick flock - Před 11 dny
You're in high school that time? How old are you?
Astle Truscott
Astle Truscott - Před 11 dny
Your school system in America is weird
But i guess it makes sense because of the seasons
My school ends at the end of the year during summer
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez - Před 11 dny
Nice ride man
Severe Fool62
Severe Fool62 - Před 11 dny
Bet he clapped cheecks left n right after that
Subscribe for good luck !
Subscribe for good luck ! - Před 11 dny
Nice car, doesn’t even rag it about 💨
Miraj Ahmed
Miraj Ahmed - Před 12 dny
Would you like to sell this car?
The Unknown of Railroader
The Unknown of Railroader - Před 12 dny
Lambo: girl magnet
Skyline GTR (R32): boy magnet
Tom - Před 12 dny
Thank you 4 blessing my machine 🤣
Ozzy Hernandez
Ozzy Hernandez - Před 12 dny
How does it feel being the coolest kid in high school must be so bad ass 🤘🤘
Jonathan Austi
Jonathan Austi - Před 12 dny
Out of everyone you could’ve given a ride
levi Resendez
levi Resendez - Před 12 dny
Ray Zersedge
Ray Zersedge - Před 12 dny
How do you get an R32 in high school?
Bradley Rivenbark
Bradley Rivenbark - Před 13 dny
When the secret boosted honda kid walks by and notices then gaps the gtr after school
Milind Gurung
Milind Gurung - Před 13 dny
That was my dream you've turned it into real. Come on man. Skyline Perfect Beauty.🤘🏻
Mike Tulando
Mike Tulando - Před 13 dny
i really feel this high school shit, but iam from german but if i could change my live i would go to USA and start there again 🔝✔️
3D Gamer YT
3D Gamer YT - Před 13 dny
For a second I thought he was James charles
Louis C
Louis C - Před 13 dny
Ridin wit tiny tim
KEN_KANKIE - Před 13 dny
😫😫 feel bad cause you might not see your friends again
Seandrae Lucas
Seandrae Lucas - Před 14 dny
Every car lover wants a gtr so badly 😆😉
Oktay Albayrak
Oktay Albayrak - Před 14 dny
Still love my 55 bel air ☝️☝️
IFISUBURGAY - Před 14 dny
3:55 my nigga just touched the balls end rhen smell it
Lincoln Nave
Lincoln Nave - Před 14 dny
"Press the gas once" 5 times 😦
mini dios
mini dios - Před 14 dny
No te entendi ni verga nose ingles :v
Bchu - Před 14 dny
Dangerous game man, lotta jealous guys around
garrett gibbs
garrett gibbs - Před 14 dny
I'm 20 years old, and I'm living with my mom lol. While there's people taking their GTR's to school XD
Mike Ruiz
Mike Ruiz - Před 14 dny
My shwin bike looks better than that lawnmower 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kawaki Official
Kawaki Official - Před 14 dny
7:57 That's Freaking Cool
Owen Farah
Owen Farah - Před 15 dny
Your parents GTR*
Challenger 28
Challenger 28 - Před 15 dny
I think Steering wheel on the right side should be banned in countries where u driving on the right side
Pedro De Pakas TV
Pedro De Pakas TV - Před 15 dny
No burnout??..might as well u wuz revvin it hella hard
Asic Venom
Asic Venom - Před 15 dny
Not even malaysia all around the world like to use japan brand altough your country got so many awesome brand car. Nice 6 cylinders bro haha
YasujiroSanctum - Před 15 dny
Initial D anyone?
slim shady
slim shady - Před 15 dny
What high school is that?
Filetsteak - Před 15 dny
This car is maybe fast and sounds good but it looks like shit
Xenogenion - Před 16 dny
I will take my feet to school on the last day of school
The DarkSide
The DarkSide - Před 16 dny
What wheels are those bro?
Ethan Hoffman
Ethan Hoffman - Před 16 dny
Sloppy toppy
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