PROOF: Rashida Tlaib Supports Terrorism | Louder with Crowder

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StevenCrowder - Před 26 dny
Do you honestly think Rashida Tlaib isn’t sympathetic to terrorists? Let’s just say you may need to re-evaluate your answer after some of the info we’re going to reveal here...
Jay NoneYa
Jay NoneYa - Před 3 dny
4:13 never been more scared hearing this
Andy Munoz
Andy Munoz - Před 5 dny Well see who's dead and who's still standing
Chris Lund
Chris Lund - Před 6 dny
@Trippy TV Muslim people CELEBRATED the horror, and you can bet they FUNDED it!
Chris Lund
Chris Lund - Před 6 dny
Right on, and I further comment that Israel is DEFENDING ITSELF, and has to use violence to MAKE THEM STOP!
Dianishia Henderson
Dianishia Henderson - Před 18 dny
StevenCrowder lol 😂 you’re so funny Steven you make me laugh and smile everyday ❤️❤️❤️
Apollo17 - Před 4 hodinami
Jesus the Jewish can’t catch a break
Caleb Roberson
Caleb Roberson - Před 22 hodinami
I'm in MN and in my second year of college at a community college. I'm still a proud conservative. I know Omar is from MN and ugh it ticks me off.
Samuel Anselmo
Samuel Anselmo - Před dnem
She's a ISIS implant
herminio meneses
herminio meneses - Před dnem
I have 2020 vision and see the end of the squad in office by 2020
hey there
hey there - Před dnem
I hope not. They're a gift to Republicans. Arguably why the Democratic party is such a dumpster fire right now.
Damon Hatcher
Damon Hatcher - Před 2 dny
I grew up in Dearborn and it use to be so beautiful and safe now, and not all of the Muslim people that moved in are bad cause there are very sweet and kind people there, but now the bad out ways the good
Paul Secon
Paul Secon - Před 3 dny
Bottom feeding cunts
Jay NoneYa
Jay NoneYa - Před 3 dny
4:13 never been more scared hearing this
tetes de veaux
tetes de veaux - Před 3 dny
Well, its a pretty fucked up situation that England and the zionists helped create, so...
rm pahr
rm pahr - Před 4 dny
What an absolute scum bag Talib is. She should be in jail..
maor cohen
maor cohen - Před 4 dny
God..... This was great 💚
joe alexander
joe alexander - Před 5 dny
Why do muslims insist on that jibberish lingo while speaking english? Musha blah blah we are in the Congress. Fuck off, speak English.
Wayne Herrington
Wayne Herrington - Před 6 dny
Steven, if you recall the terrorist after 9/11 said they would destroy America from the inside out. What better way to accomplish that by being in our government? Seems everyone has forgotten what they said, and it’s really sad!!
Kauaian K
Kauaian K - Před 6 dny
She's a terrorist I understand why you won't call her one she's not just a sympathizer she receives campaign funds and also support terrorist groups and is anti-Semitic and believes Israel is occupying Palestinian land even her grandmother wishes Doom to President Trump she's a terrorist terrorist a terrorist a terrorist no question about it
Chris Lund
Chris Lund - Před 6 dny
So a dipstick called Corpus Alienum texted me without my knowledge or permission and asked if I sympathized with Israel using violence against Palestinians, to which I say, do you sympathize with Palestinians using violence AND discrimination against Jews, which is AGGRESSION? Because I WHOLESALE sympathize with DEFENSIVE USE OF FORCE!!
Sam - Před 6 dny
oh wow some idiotic racist hack in my YouTube recommendations? Who would've thought.
De Oppresso Libtard
De Oppresso Libtard - Před 7 dny
I make an appeal to future school shooters (yeah they're evil horrible people, and I'd rather they DIDN'T kill innocent people, but since they're probably going to do it ANYWAY...)
Can you at least say you're doing it "to help 'Free Palestine' in exactly the same way Hamas does it"?
Since the Left (at least so far) won't condemn the murderous, terrorist acts of Hamas, but DO condemn school shooters (as they SHOULD), perhaps if we can combine the two issues (Hamas and School Shootings) in the minds of the public, maybe we can get Leftists, and the Left-leaning segments of the Public, to realise how Evil the actions of Hamas are.
Either that, or they'll backtrack on their condemnation of school shootings- and it'll be even more obvious how the Left is Evil- or, at the very least how the Left SUPPORTS Evil (like Hamas).
Maybe we can get some Moderate Leftists (if such a thing exists), Centre-Left types, & Fence-sitting Milquetoasts (I'm looking at YOU, Tim Pool, to realise Left-Wing politics is pretty f'ing bad for humanity and the World, if not TOTALLY EVIL!!!
kasun ranathunga
kasun ranathunga - Před 7 dny
I cant beleive America let two Muslims women get elected into congress.
Patriots For Israel
Patriots For Israel - Před 7 dny
*Today is the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism.* We remember the 3,152 innocent people murdered in terrorist attacks in Israel including 100 Israelis who died abroad.
May their memory forever be a blessing. 🥀🇮🇱✡🕆🕎
San Nabaty
San Nabaty - Před 8 dny
Everyone who believes in Islam is a sleeping terrorist. Most of them already woken up.
Certified White Girl
Certified White Girl - Před 8 dny
I hate them both.
Jordan Bonus
Jordan Bonus - Před 8 dny
I live in the Metro Detroit area. Thank you Steven Crowder for your great content. I will be joining mug club next Friday. I am a small business owner.
Again; Thank you so much for your work.
Denise Uhlry
Denise Uhlry - Před 9 dny
The right just wont dance the correct dance with the left.Muslim or not she and the rest of the RAD SQUAD are ALL RACIST,IGNORANT ,HATEFUL PEOPLE.Mix in POWER you’ve got some pretty fucked up shit!
Markus Daxamouli
Markus Daxamouli - Před 9 dny
La North Detroit, just down street from Greek town right? Been there...was my first chix shwarma tabouli and humus.
Markus Daxamouli
Markus Daxamouli - Před 9 dny
If the public wants to hold NRA responsible for all NONMembers actions...Planned Parenthood should be named as well. No other Organization, sans the Natzi Party has actually killed/eliminated more humans.
Gilafax - Před 9 dny
It is a known fact that Islam wants to mate with other Countries population to force their evil ideology on the rest of the world.
Mr. Oy
Mr. Oy - Před 9 dny
We should kick the Muslims and Zionists out of congress, and stop giving foreign aid to Israel.
Taylor Howard
Taylor Howard - Před 10 dny
If the left has any shred of consistency, then the fact that tlaib didn't immediately denounce Hamas after they announced their support of her means she accepts their support. The leftist media ripped into trump over this because he "didn't denounce white supremacy" even though he had, multiple times.
Beige Devil
Beige Devil - Před 10 dny
She is a terrorist sympathizer. She is also as ugly as the zit filled cratered ass of a boar hog.
Angela Rawls
Angela Rawls - Před 10 dny
Lol terrorist food is in fact delicious 😂 lol
Wide Awake
Wide Awake - Před 10 dny
How about we remove all the Middle Eastern Muslims and Jews who don't belong in our government? Send them both back. Why do we have to choose one or the other?
Angela Rawls
Angela Rawls - Před 10 dny
Dearborn is mini Iraq it’s certain streets where everything is in Arabic. Arabs in Dearborn often refer to black people as “slaves” in Arabic but I am supposed to care, protect, validate and give these type of people the benefit of the doubt
Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith - Před 10 dny
April Murphy
April Murphy - Před 10 dny
Last time I went to Dearborn it felt like I was in a Middle Eastern country
Tomi Tuominen
Tomi Tuominen - Před 11 dny
Maybe she might just hit in to a speeding bullet by accident of course.
Fatchickgettingfit !
Fatchickgettingfit ! - Před 11 dny
Rashida and Ilhan both hate the country that has shown them nothing but success. Can you say “Ungrateful”?
Theresa Peterson
Theresa Peterson - Před 11 dny
Downtown Minneapolis Minnesota is turning into a sh*t hole.
Knuckles Da Echidna
Knuckles Da Echidna - Před 11 dny
Still waiting on Chowder to debate a real pundit. Louder with Coward.
Stephanie B.
Stephanie B. - Před 11 dny
Her and Omar are both terrorists. Period, end of story.
Odduc Johnny
Odduc Johnny - Před 12 dny
It is criminal that Tlaib and Omar serve in the U.S. Congress.
NJallday - Před 12 dny
Is that Jeff goldblum
Jacob Lambert
Jacob Lambert - Před 12 dny
There's a reason I left that city; it's a toxic hive of discrimination, homophobia, and sexism. Yet, because the source of it is an "oppressed" religion, it's all cool. There's a fine line between religious freedom, and utilizing your religion to impose it upon others, and many residents in my former town did just that...
D Rat
D Rat - Před 12 dny
Muslims in Congress, America has fucked up.
Youre not allowed hate Islam, but Islam is allowed to hate Jews..
ItMadeMeSignUp - Před 12 dny
Wow, with the "We are in the US Congress" is she not taken out behind the shed, Old Yeller style, yet?
ray rayandray
ray rayandray - Před 12 dny
she is a two face lying anti american nasty fucking little whore. fire the mother fucking slut.
Tech Tacho
Tech Tacho - Před 12 dny
David Duke and Rashida Tlaib agree 100% on what to do with Israel and the Jewish people.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - Před 12 dny
Zionism is terrorism!
Rick Mahnn
Rick Mahnn - Před 12 dny
The thing is. There are people whom are coming in from other countries because they have a dream to de-rail the American way of life. The way they figure it is. They can destroy our country from Within. Literally a silent take-over and all because our country FAILED at protecting itself from the one key aspect and that is NOT allowing outside citizens to control the government. They brainwash our kids through teachers unions CONTROLLED by communists and lying Socialists. They tell everyone's child how they should act or behave and what you get is a ROTTEN civilization full of BRATS that believe they are entitled to every facet of Tax payer's dollars. Our 4-fathers were smart, but they didn't cover EVERY little thing to PREVENT our country from being taken over.
Sharklash - Před 12 dny
A debate between Steven and Trevor Noah would be interesting! Make it happen!!!!!
Gordon Pelto
Gordon Pelto - Před 12 dny
I live in this terrorist's district, I'm a white working class deplorable...and I didn't vote for any Libtards. Dumbocrats have ruined Detroit and its surrounding communities.
Short Shyt
Short Shyt - Před 12 dny
the fbi found a computer and hidden evidence in huma's family home in dearborn mi. 'FBI special agents and US Department of Justice prosecutors raided the Abedin owned property in Dearborn—leading the SVR to conclude that during Huma Abedin's secret trip to Dearborn last summer, she "secreted/hid" within that home critical evidence relating to Hillary Clinton's "lost" emails—and maybe even the "lost" computer..." Fourwinds. com reported in June 2017
Andrew Cornwell
Andrew Cornwell - Před 13 dny
Wait a mean to tell me that Harper doesn't say his own lines? 7:05
Ray Cradit
Ray Cradit - Před 13 dny
Im from michigan Deerbornastan is home to at least 2 terrorist training camps according to the FBI.
Larry Garner
Larry Garner - Před 13 dny
Tlaib looks like precious on lord of the rings
Scott To
Scott To - Před 13 dny
Leftists stand with these murderous thugs. Anything to stand with killers over the United States of AMERICA. SICK F's
Rafal Molak
Rafal Molak - Před 13 dny
If Muslims want Islam to spread to all corners of the world, why then they flee already Islamic countries? Are the Islamic immigrants invading army? If so then the non Islamic nations are under attack, or in the state of war...but it's only my opinion....
This guys heart is in the right place,but the quick cut editing and injection from the crew sitting around him are distracting and the overall power of the message is lost. Can't watch his in studio videos. I lose interest because of the distractions.
Hazo - Před 13 dny
lot of middle eastern people in dearborn, michigander here
Chris Grosso
Chris Grosso - Před 14 dny
She supports terrorists and hates the American Dream
Chris K
Chris K - Před 14 dny
That face of hers... just so brutal to look at. Sorry, Steve, I had to pass on this video, but I'm sure all of your points are valid. I just can't look at her without getting sick to my stomach.
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