Ellen Surprises 'American Ninja Warrior' Winner with $1 Million Prize

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Boboi Zo
Boboi Zo - Před dnem
So happy for me... rooting for him all the time
VanillaShake Studios
VanillaShake Studios - Před 6 dny
Where girls cried: Titanic
Where boys cried: Furious 7
Where everybody cried: DREW DRESCHEL COMPLETED STAGE 3
Bxrry - Před 8 dny
Does tax’s:
Grace Adams
Grace Adams - Před 18 dny
Amanda Tun
Amanda Tun - Před 20 dny
400,000 to Uncle Sam 😂
ishallcallhersquishy - Před 21 dnem
drew dreschel!!!!! i’m so proud of you
Kevin Dammling
Kevin Dammling - Před 21 dnem
Been watching American Ninja Warrior since season one being a Cheshire resident living right next to him in Hamden then I am so proud of Drew drechsel go Drew Connecticut is so proud of you
Lee D
Lee D - Před 22 dny
So you’re telling me that from the 1M, he only gets to keep 600k after taxes🙄😤
PillowBillow - Před 22 dny
Ill be seeing him in the parking lot 👀
Hype School Beast
Hype School Beast - Před 22 dny
How is it a surprise if he trained months to get it 💀
This show is wildin
zaydossful - Před 23 dny
That subtle flex by Ellen,
"I'm familiar with that 😎"
Dominus 23
Dominus 23 - Před 23 dny
When he said Linkin Park and Eminem I liked right away
kimchi xu
kimchi xu - Před 23 dny
Congrats baby Drew😘
Zayra Vazquez
Zayra Vazquez - Před 23 dny
Everyone who’s mad at the tittle didn’t read the description
H O N O R P R E P P E R - Před 23 dny
Edward Jacobs
Edward Jacobs - Před 23 dny
Drew is awesome he truly deserved to get this seasons win. Way to go Ellen for the surprise.
Jed Daniels
Jed Daniels - Před 23 dny
When u have a talk show but r click baiting. Noice
Desi Villaruz
Desi Villaruz - Před 23 dny
Congratulations Drew, I watched you all these years and now you actually a true, million worth ninja!
Leo Nieves
Leo Nieves - Před 24 dny
NOW IMAGINE HOW SUPER AND FAST HE’D BE, if he went on a Vegan diet.
Zayra Vazquez
Zayra Vazquez - Před 23 dny
Leo Nieves he already won what’s the point
Crab Burger
Crab Burger - Před 24 dny
Drew you lucky bast**d, I told everyone he wud win it this year... American ninja warrior where dorks become heroes!!!! Yeeaahh babbbyy..😁
Andre Garcia
Andre Garcia - Před 24 dny
Drew drechsel is like the Ultmate ninja congratulations my dude and i believe he can do it again.👍
Veeru Senthil
Veeru Senthil - Před 24 dny
Joe moravski is next
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones - Před 25 dny
has NOTHING to do with Ellen. its not her money at all and she didnt get it for him. Just Ellen taking more credit for stuff she didnt do
JamesPlays - Před 25 dny
Eminem all the way
gareth teo
gareth teo - Před 25 dny
And Bugha for Fortnite won 3 mil
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez - Před 25 dny
Since when did Ellen’s vids allow comments tho
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice - Před 25 dny
So he won 600k... Here in Finland, if i win 90 million from Eurojackpot! I actually get 90 million. Ain't no uncle sam reaching for nothing same goes for scatch cards and our lottery.
NoodleBoi2344 - Před 25 dny
400k goes to Uncle Sam
Tyler - Před 25 dny
Ellen should of given him 400k to make it $1 mil
kelanth462 - Před 25 dny
Lindsey Stirling!!!
Aleksandra - Před 25 dny
Idk who this dude is but he's got a good taste in music
SwiftyFN - Před 25 dny
Well .. 1 million dollar for a parkour run that can get you hurt but getting 3 million in a video game called fortnite... smh
Mary Moreno Cruz
Mary Moreno Cruz - Před 25 dny
yeiiii Lindsey Stirling!!!
Christopher Bentsen
Christopher Bentsen - Před 26 dny
He probably got robbed right after the show.
Michael Darst
Michael Darst - Před 26 dny
Wow i didnt finsish the show yet this kinda ruined it for me prilly not gonna finish now
Tony Rockafella
Tony Rockafella - Před 26 dny
How did she get the check ??
MrEsgm - Před 26 dny
Best year ever for ANW
ApolloSeven - Před 26 dny
Forget about that stinging 40 percent tax. He has 600 thousand dollars. That stings me because I do not have that amount. And it's because of his strength, his will and determination.
And I believe that he will get more money with endorsements and sponsorships. Not just a lucky guy. But a simple humble guy who deserves that money. While I lounge in my million-dollar couch, I am a ninja warrior potato watching TV, completing my Dorito snack challenge. Well done, Drew bro.
Stephen McAllister
Stephen McAllister - Před 26 dny
comments enabled! but not for the kids who did a good deed for the kid getting bullied at school then Will Smith taking the spot light?
eL Champorado
eL Champorado - Před 26 dny
$600,000.00 is still a lot of money...
yeahjustlikethat - Před 26 dny
Kudos for him he seems like a legit normal dude and is actually not financially illiterate -- and a fitness extraordinaire. Great job!
Kaka 47
Kaka 47 - Před 26 dny
2:49 Linkin Park !!
HandBall 1o1
HandBall 1o1 - Před 26 dny
*Producers :* lets give this guy his 1M check !
*Ellen:* maybe 10k or more too from us ?
*Producers:* no no check is fine
Like 😂😐🙃🤦🏻‍♂️
Tibor Nagy
Tibor Nagy - Před 26 dny
I've seen every season of Sasuke and ANW, and Drew has been my favorite ninja for the past 5 years. There's absolutely no one who deserved to win it more than him !!!
fardin fazil
fardin fazil - Před 26 dny
Drew is the best!!!
mesa45 - Před 27 dny
Those dimples, OMG he is adorable ! ! !
godflame52 - Před 27 dny
Disliked because the wording of title
Janzen - Před 27 dny
What a rip off. Govt takes almost half
adi racquetball
adi racquetball - Před 27 dny
Been watching the show for years. This guy and Daniel Gill in final was epic matchup. Two of the best if not the best. Drew's training regimen for this year was sick. He upped his game and it showed. Still lucky he had pass though or he would have been out on stage 2. He made stage 3 look easy and stage 2 after the fall. Well deserved win. You could see it in his emotions after the win how much it meant to him.
Patricia Bowling
Patricia Bowling - Před 27 dny
Congratulations Drew..you were phenomenal!!
Subscriber - Před 27 dny
I thought he was getting an extra $1 million from Ellen
Student Ryan Joseph
Student Ryan Joseph - Před 5 dny
Me three
singing4hope - Před 24 dny
Me too
Jordan - Před 27 dny
Congrats to Drew, but Ellen gave him a Fake check.
happios - Před 27 dny
Ellen, when are you going to invite Andrew Yang on the show and give all Americans $1000 a month for life
Joe Judge
Joe Judge - Před 27 dny
I watched it recorded and it was a nailbiter
Joe Judge
Joe Judge - Před 27 dny
Awesome job drew
Aniko Koren
Aniko Koren - Před 27 dny
Wow I love him even better now... if that's possible xd
Nur Hadirah
Nur Hadirah - Před 27 dny
i always have been rooting for flip but im still happy that drew won bcs he's been doing this for years and he's really amazing at it. welp just a little sad bcs flip didn't win
Jeffrey Hinman
Jeffrey Hinman - Před 28 dny
Really sad people that win prizes for skillful acts or sports has to give Uncle Sam a cut. Should all go to the winner, whatever it is. Lottery, sports, or challenges.
ayda4700 ayda4700
ayda4700 ayda4700 - Před 28 dny
A big big congratulations to you drew congratulations on finally achieving your dreams 9 seasons in the making wow
Matthew Wheeler
Matthew Wheeler - Před 28 dny
Next year Daniel Gil will win the American Ninja warrior champion next year in 2020
Holy Hex
Holy Hex - Před 28 dny
Drew said he's already training to win 2020. It will be an exciting year in ANW!
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