Roast Battle Gone Wrong | Anwar Jibawi

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Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi - Před 27 dny
Thanks for watching! What was your favorite roast?
sunethra Sauri
sunethra Sauri - Před 2 dny
Gone wrong
HyperFyre and HyperWolfie
HyperFyre and HyperWolfie
‘Atleast my beard connects’
مسلسلات الكرتون
اعجبني ذالك يا اخي استمر
Abdifatah china
Abdifatah china - Před 8 hodinami
U ruined someone's life and all you say is It is just a roast😀😀😀🤣🤣 ❤❤
Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed - Před 8 hodinami
Whats the name of that girl? Plz anyone tell
PRINCESS Life - Před 19 hodinami
It should actually be "Roast Battle Gone Too Far" just saying but this was a funny cool video😂loved it
Latosha Bullock
Latosha Bullock - Před 22 hodinami
That smack tho
Ilhan Ha
Ilhan Ha - Před dnem
Two much!! two much!!
Latifa Ali
Latifa Ali - Před dnem
سـامـكـو SAMKW - ツ ْ ْ
شكلي من اكعد ويه اهلي وضل جفص 😂😂
nima halkawt
nima halkawt - Před 2 dny
naijalaugh comedy
naijalaugh comedy - Před 3 dny
Anwar I love you so much 😂
Captain Aland
Captain Aland - Před 3 dny
It's just a roast😂
Melisha Slaughter
Melisha Slaughter - Před 4 dny
Lair Wolf's
Lair Wolf's - Před 4 dny
ترجمة 😒🤔
Lebo - Před 4 dny
1:26 to 1:29 got me LAUGHING ON THE GROUND....
Khalid Elmekki
Khalid Elmekki - Před 5 dny
This is more like dark humor since his roasts were extreme lol!
Abdul Jabbar
Abdul Jabbar - Před 5 dny
When they laughed i was silent and when they were silent i was laughing
Naphakade Madziba
Naphakade Madziba - Před 5 dny
Anwar's laugh😫❤️
thawanrat phrommin
thawanrat phrommin - Před 5 dny
Jason Grant
Jason Grant - Před 5 dny
I really want a shoutout for a Apple Watch if u can
JOSIAH ROCK - Před 5 dny
0:17 those are actually nice shoes
Daniel Zamora
Daniel Zamora - Před 5 dny
Bad guy dahh
Purple Nymphe
Purple Nymphe - Před 5 dny
Adam is too fuccing handsome. I just can't.
Muáz Idlebi
Muáz Idlebi - Před 6 dny
Anwar laughing had me killed😂
سهيل بنية
سهيل بنية - Před 6 dny
وين الترجمة ما عم نفهم شي ضيف الترجمة من بعد اذنك
Rahul  Pradhan
Rahul Pradhan - Před 6 dny
His woodie says ‘thanks for invite ‘
barbecue /BQ
barbecue /BQ - Před 6 dny
Don't mis with anwer shoes
cherie cejane
cherie cejane - Před 6 dny
can i roast the girl . her lip's is so small she can't even suck
cherie cejane
cherie cejane - Před 6 dny
cause she not a sucker
Slender Demon29
Slender Demon29 - Před 6 dny
Yo Anwar you cant just like make your best friend loose his girl you snitch and you tell the police about his crimes (I mean your suppose to do that if someone commits a crime)BUT MAKING YOUR FRIEND LOOSE HIS GIRL BRUH NO JUST NO AND YOU CANT JUST SAY i-it’s just a roast and sending you friend to jail and you say “it’s just a roast” BOI IF YOU DONT LEARN 2019 STYLE IMA REPORT YOU TO DA PO PO (police,and I know this vid was a joke)😂😂😂
Chinaemerem Igwenagu
Chinaemerem Igwenagu - Před 6 dny
Those vans look great I’m buying that for my birthday thanks for showing them
Karely Quinonez
Karely Quinonez - Před 6 dny
Anwar try to laugh for real or have a good fake laugh because that laugh is not believable.😠😠
drip boy homie
drip boy homie - Před 6 dny
It was not funny because he was talking about Adams mom and saying he's broke even tho Anwar is broke and Adam cried if Adam was broke he wouldn't have that 24 gold necklace😭😭😭😭😭
Taehyung Jungkookie
Taehyung Jungkookie - Před 6 dny
Always anwar is the best humourist
Ana Dominguez
Ana Dominguez - Před 6 dny
I hate you
Blanca Carrillo
Blanca Carrillo - Před 8 dny
That sad
Limpisis A.
Limpisis A. - Před 8 dny
Dude wtf
Not cool bro
Not cool
Love the video though
Dont want such a friend in real life
MR. MASIH - Před 8 dny
No one :
Anwar : Reveals all the secrets, fucks his career, puts him in the prison,
also anwar : it's just a roast. LAMFAOOOOO
Jalal Sammane
Jalal Sammane - Před 8 dny
Please translate all video to arabic🌹🌹🌹
ko angela
ko angela - Před 8 dny
Me:*kills the president*
Also me:chill it was just a roast
Also cops:oh ok nvm
Arvie Kjellberg
Arvie Kjellberg - Před 8 dny
*I have a crush on Adam*
2k SellinMe
2k SellinMe - Před 8 dny
I felt bad for Adam anwer took it to far he went jail
Toasty Bread
Toasty Bread - Před 8 dny
Wanna know the best roast?

*Read More*
Øthmân Nõõ7
Øthmân Nõõ7 - Před 9 dny
ههههههههههه سماجات امريكية
ignADA - Před 9 dny
Fk dawg I'd shoot anwar lol
para Monroe
para Monroe - Před 9 dny
"Don't drop the soap!" Well mudda sick dread! 😂😂🤣🤣
AndroidGamer - Před 9 dny
" At least my beards connects ... fucks up Adam's whole childhood"
Damian Mendoza
Damian Mendoza - Před 9 dny
Khairi Rowe
Khairi Rowe - Před 9 dny
Anwar done messd things ur
Sanju Das
Sanju Das - Před 10 dny
I with him 7 years?😂
Balaporte Jean
Balaporte Jean - Před 10 dny
why is the black one the one taking the number of his account? hm .
FlawlessNoob - Před 7 dny
dude why u gotta make that a big thing, wtf. i dont give 2 shits if he's black u should do the same, its nothing bad, its just jokes
Jadon - Před 10 dny
Gucci Battle Bay
Gucci Battle Bay - Před 10 dny
Always love your vids, btw what’s the name of the girl?
riad coco
riad coco - Před 10 dny
ممكن يا صديقي ان تترجم للعربية انا لا أفهم جيدا
Kayla Dang
Kayla Dang - Před 10 dny
Worse roast ever!!
Yatharth Agarwal
Yatharth Agarwal - Před 11 dny
I am feeling so sad for Adam...
I'm crying...
This video really ruined my day...
FlawlessNoob - Před 7 dny
It's just a roast!
Omenterca - Před 11 dny
The only person who was laughing with Anwar was his viewers😂
Natalya MacDonald-Risner
Natalya MacDonald-Risner - Před 11 dny
Why is he doing that intro al of a sudden
matthew birbeck
matthew birbeck - Před 11 dny
I hate Anwar
Rasha Almanaseer
Rasha Almanaseer - Před 11 dny
Me Iraqi Anwar Jidawi is Love
sesay tanaka
sesay tanaka - Před 11 dny
Don't drop the soap lol
Padan jack
Padan jack - Před 11 dny
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