Selena Gomez - Come & Get It (STARS DANCE preview - 5 of 11)

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BVB Forever
BVB Forever - Před 11 dny
RAPPI GONEN - Před rokem
alex rasilla
alex rasilla - Před rokem
Cooki8e Msp
Cooki8e Msp - Před 3 lety
Kurze Version
TheSneakyhedgehog - Před 3 lety
Sina Allen
Sina Allen - Před 3 lety
Still Love it
nicole567ify - Před 3 lety
Taylor Ashley
Taylor Ashley - Před 3 lety
She is beyond beautiful
Suga y su lengua tecnológica.
Taylor Ashley la musica me facina es hermosa😍😍
Katie Leeming
Katie Leeming - Před 4 lety
The song would have been better if It was just like this
Hello Claire
Hello Claire - Před 4 lety
True inspiration.❤️
maria fernandez
maria fernandez - Před 4 lety
Art M
Art M - Před 4 lety
She is so gorgeous!!!
Yalda Fa
Yalda Fa - Před 5 lety
Je Ge
Je Ge - Před 5 lety
come back to berlin (germany) WE LOVE YOU SELENA!!!!!!!!
Sahian Estañol
Sahian Estañol - Před 5 lety
xiomara betancourt
xiomara betancourt - Před 5 lety
se ve tan hermosa
is pretty
Miri Alina
Miri Alina - Před 5 lety
Come back to Frankfurt (Germany) WE LOVE YOU SELENA!!!
Negar Zomorrodnia
Negar Zomorrodnia - Před 5 lety
Come to Denmark pleaaaaaaaaassssssss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love you soooooooo much
Negar Zomorrodnia
Negar Zomorrodnia - Před 5 lety
I love you❤️
Meep Card
Meep Card - Před 5 lety
Selena is THE BESTTT
Wilson Karch
Wilson Karch - Před 5 lety
I love you more
Cassia Sousa
Cassia Sousa - Před 5 lety
Why she's so perfect ? That's so not fair, she's flawless :(
MrNemoFitzgerald - Před 5 lety
Vanessa Ramos
Vanessa Ramos - Před 5 lety
love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Qiany Wang
Qiany Wang - Před 5 lety
cum adica?
Galib Zaid
Galib Zaid - Před 5 lety
I Love You Fuqqing Mutch! I Have Cry Because My Mom Are Saying : YOUR ARE NOT GOING TO THE SELENA GOMEZ CONCERT IN NETHERLAND!
The NeedleWork
The NeedleWork - Před 5 lety
Gorgeos *_________*
Amy Morales
Amy Morales - Před 5 lety
Sel, u r a bad girl, lied to us, the original video isn't same than this hahahahaha
Colby Conner
Colby Conner - Před 5 lety
she is singing!
Colby Conner
Colby Conner - Před 5 lety
no she doesn't...
Colby Conner
Colby Conner - Před 5 lety
how? there's a bit of an echo but she's still singing great!
Laur Mankowski
Laur Mankowski - Před 5 lety
Jennifer Halo
Jennifer Halo - Před 5 lety
Kiara Miersch
Kiara Miersch - Před 5 lety
I mean
Kiara Miersch
Kiara Miersch - Před 5 lety
Without this Song, I wouldnt be a Fan of such an amazing and beautiful Girl like her! I love this Song!!!! And the Luthers of Stars Dance, too! Because they have me power! I love u Selena!!!! :*
Sabreena Parvez
Sabreena Parvez - Před 5 lety
Omg selena I'm your #1 fan like I listen to all your song one time j called you in your fan call and I thought you would call me back but you didn't so I don't care at least I know you have my number and my voicemail thank you love you
jmpz1996 - Před 5 lety
bitch... now she want with zayn malik ...
Hey You
Hey You - Před 5 lety
Selena u r so pretty :P you seem funny to :)
Mikayla K.
Mikayla K. - Před 5 lety
love you!!!
IncSky - Před 5 lety
i love you selena!!!♥ une de t plus grande fanne
SuperSelenagomezfanl - Před 5 lety
Love you Selena!
Đỗ Văn Hiến
Đỗ Văn Hiến - Před 5 lety
selena Gomez...Ilove you more than way of life
16x26swp - Před 5 lety
Selena, i love you
Siao Yu Xuan
Siao Yu Xuan - Před 5 lety
She ain't singing.. But still love the album
MegaBeautytube - Před 5 lety
I really really really want that dress where can I FIND IT PLZZZZZZ
MsMadison1996 - Před 5 lety
se ve mexicana :33
gülsün gönül
gülsün gönül - Před 5 lety
güzel ı love selena
MinecraftworldakaMCW - Před 5 lety
I heard it before the full
MinecraftworldakaMCW - Před 5 lety
Nice song
Rannah Fujikawa
Rannah Fujikawa - Před 5 lety
oww Selena,you is so cute,love you!!
Keshavi S
Keshavi S - Před 5 lety
Love the dress
Hamstertastic20 - Před 5 lety
I love that song. You are awesome!
Sonchika - Před 5 lety
One Word. Beautiful.
Ignacio Sanchez
Ignacio Sanchez - Před 5 lety
Ur my idol. I love you so much. Selenator forever
Ignacio Sanchez
Ignacio Sanchez - Před 5 lety
I love you baby. Your so smoken sexy.❤
henrique melo
henrique melo - Před 5 lety
i love you brasill
Vinay Rawat
Vinay Rawat - Před 5 lety
simply stunning! . i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. be mature and do this, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. rush it here =>
Evonne Gisel
Evonne Gisel - Před 5 lety
This was ment for vivamore commercial
Nini Zeikidze
Nini Zeikidze - Před 5 lety
I've seen ugly princesses
Kathya León
Kathya León - Před 5 lety
Alexis Montoya
Alexis Montoya - Před 5 lety
DorNagy - Před 5 lety
please someone make gifs from this, this video is just the pure perfectiooon!
Ashley Castellano
Ashley Castellano - Před 5 lety
Omg I love u so much selena! You are so pretty, you are my idol! Thank you ssssoooooo much for the autograph you gave me for my birthday! I LOVE it!!!
Austin - Před 5 lety
I'm in love with your face. Marry me k
Gaby C.
Gaby C. - Před 5 lety
Going 2 ur concert in Fl!!!
WizardsMagic007 - Před 5 lety
Indeed, I will come & get it.
Roger Jewell
Roger Jewell - Před 5 lety
The braids look nice.
Manon Gomez
Manon Gomez - Před 5 lety
StayStrong1990 - Před 5 lety
Brianna Mac
Brianna Mac - Před 5 lety
Your beautiful. I can't wait for your album!!
Sierra Grace
Sierra Grace - Před 5 lety
Selena your my inspiration , your my idol and I'm just saying this I mean it. I love you beautiful! Hopefully one day ill meet you.
Any xhe Sofy Aliko
Any xhe Sofy Aliko - Před 5 lety
Arleen Martinez
Arleen Martinez - Před 5 lety
Beatiful!!! ♥
Alissa Steffen
Alissa Steffen - Před 5 lety
she about to turn 21 shes grow up
Roci L
Roci L - Před 5 lety
Come & Get It ♥
james snow
james snow - Před 5 lety
Jessica - Před 5 lety
shes gorgeous !
Beegin Dinh
Beegin Dinh - Před 5 lety
Ur a princess here SELENA, I love u soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U a a true beautiful princess, don't mind the haters
Julie Tyler
Julie Tyler - Před 5 lety
Heyy sel , if its ur real channel I'd be so happy if u could reply to my comment , i think ur beautyful and i hope ur getting back with justin , god bless you xxxxxx
Jenjen kim
Jenjen kim - Před 5 lety
Fuck you I love the old Selena
Zaimis Cancino
Zaimis Cancino - Před 5 lety
I loveeee this song♥ OMG
makeitshinebright - Před 5 lety
this album is so unique!!
monalisa mostari
monalisa mostari - Před 5 lety
Selena is the best!
Revoj Altvalora
Revoj Altvalora - Před 5 lety
selena, u honestly look like a princess here, so beautiful
Gekkou Ookami
Gekkou Ookami - Před 5 lety
Wow ! Selena you're so bdbjfklqljfbd ! And all your musics are jfjkfoozjdbfb ! 3 :3
Amina - Před 5 lety
She is so damn gorgeous!
Laila Khaled
Laila Khaled - Před 5 lety
I wish it was on the video
Laura704 - Před 5 lety
Prettygirlcn5 - Před 5 lety
Pretttyyy :)
Javiera Barrera
Javiera Barrera - Před 5 lety
valeria martinez
valeria martinez - Před 5 lety
selena looked really amazing in that kind of dress on does she just look like a model in everything that she wears
Jasmine Rios
Jasmine Rios - Před 5 lety
i know huh
Huffly - Před 5 lety
this was just a photoshoot :/
Darlene Nguyen
Darlene Nguyen - Před 5 lety
I feel like this song and slow down is the most singing she's done in this album from listening to the previews... but hey as long as they're good.
Jade Valle
Jade Valle - Před 5 lety
Selena you are so pretty!
dilan delibaş
dilan delibaş - Před 5 lety
I love you
LovaticGirl - Před 5 lety
I love the dress
shiwaaaay - Před 5 lety
ashish issur
ashish issur - Před 5 lety
They've deleted the best part of the come & get it music video !
chavez7093 - Před 5 lety
Love this song! Never gets old (:
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