Tesla Cybertruck event in 5 minutes

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Richard Reveles
Richard Reveles - Před 13 minutami
When he hits an normal car door goes hard Tesla truck he goes easy
Clyde Denby
Clyde Denby - Před hodinou
If John Delorean had built a truck it would have been atrocious.
Thank goodness he didn't.
Too bad Elon Musk is going to.
Jovon Quintanilla
Jovon Quintanilla - Před hodinou
He hit the truck less hard
Jovon Quintanilla
Jovon Quintanilla - Před hodinou
He hit the truck less hard
alexa piers
alexa piers - Před 2 hodinami
as i noticed nothing happened.. 😴
Eric Carrillo
Eric Carrillo - Před 2 hodinami
Elon Musk : Breaths
Audience : whoooooo *clapping*
이원수 - Před 2 hodinami
in the future there will be flying cars
DankBoi 81
DankBoi 81 - Před 3 hodinami
Honestly never realized how big it was
Star Emperor
Star Emperor - Před 3 hodinami
So sorry why do we need the car
the basketball channel
the basketball channel - Před 3 hodinami
A insult to truck people.
Alexander Weinhart
Alexander Weinhart - Před 3 hodinami
me: this thing will go through walls
bad guy: battering ram! robs convenience store
Quang Ngo Duc
Quang Ngo Duc - Před 3 hodinami
Nokia vs Cybertruck
Who will win?
Optical*Orange - Před 4 hodinami
“This car is a car”
Crowd: woooooooooooooo yeah woooow
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Před 3 hodinami
que auto tan ridiculo
T33X BA - Před 4 hodinami
i think this is a very nice car for 20 bugs
T33X BA - Před 4 hodinami
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Před 3 hodinami
No diré nada por qué solo vendrán a quejarse
KyleXGaming Johansen
KyleXGaming Johansen - Před 5 hodinami
Did anybody notice that the guy swinging the hammer didnt use as much force on the cyber truck door as the other door 🤨
1234 5678
1234 5678 - Před 5 hodinami
Tesla stole my design when i was 4 years old drawing with a ruler.
_CalmPsycho _
_CalmPsycho _ - Před 6 hodinami
Me: This sucked
Tesla: Hold my charger
The Cool Pidgeon
The Cool Pidgeon - Před 7 hodinami
Everone's talking about this car being bad but can you imaging how fast it goes with low graphics?
Oivatank - Před 7 hodinami
You know, I’d totally get it anyways.
csyt 05
csyt 05 - Před 7 hodinami
*Avon Hertz wants to know your location*
Vangelis Boublinis
Vangelis Boublinis - Před 8 hodinami
When lower graphics give you better speed
Frogger 2005
Frogger 2005 - Před 8 hodinami
*It’s currently plugged in and it’s charging.*
Monika Cindeliani
Monika Cindeliani - Před 8 hodinami
Glass broke because windows were slightly open, it needed to be closed so windows would survived
Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh - Před 9 hodinami
Presenter shuts the back door of the car
Crowd : wohooooo wohooooooooooo!!!
Huzaifah Khan
Huzaifah Khan - Před 10 hodinami
Hey its so cool
Ok wait,Where are side mirrors???
Jack Stewart The 3rd
Jack Stewart The 3rd - Před 10 hodinami
EV’s are absolute 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Ole Tetlie
Ole Tetlie - Před 10 hodinami
Oscar RV
Oscar RV - Před 10 hodinami
No diré nada por qué solo vendrán a quejarse
Yonathan Fernandez
Yonathan Fernandez - Před 11 hodinami
que auto tan ridiculo
SavageBlade - Před 11 hodinami
France probably got fired
LN Music
LN Music - Před 11 hodinami
Elon : you can also open it's door
People : wooh...oooh..oooh...
Jairo Ortiz
Jairo Ortiz - Před 11 hodinami
I liked
Denny Biker green
Denny Biker green - Před 12 hodinami
J Vinsnes
J Vinsnes - Před 12 hodinami
This reminds me of me presenting a powerpoint in class
J Vinsnes
J Vinsnes - Před 12 hodinami
This needs some FlexTape
paun mugurel
paun mugurel - Před 12 hodinami
So cool 👍👍👍👍👍
Sad snake baking sand cake
Sad snake baking sand cake - Před 13 hodinami
This would be sick to ride this car in Carmageddon
Stênio Lima
Stênio Lima - Před 13 hodinami
JEN YT - Před 13 hodinami
Is horrible
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