Bungie ViDoc - The Moon and Beyond

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Taker - Před 2 hodinami
Instead of making like 10 lanuage versions of new videos they should add subtitles and the title translation
Akizen - Před 4 hodinami
I love you Bungie. Glad you guys split up from actiblizzard keep up the good work. Been a huge fan since Halo: Combat Evolved. Also you really should take the Halo franchise back before they keep making bad Halo games.
Akizen - Před 4 hodinami
Also, Wort.Wort.Wort.
joel gamer
joel gamer - Před dnem
Riven is so offerboaerd
Aza Rootz
Aza Rootz - Před dnem
Fuck the moon I hate the moon
Aza Rootz
Aza Rootz - Před dnem
Shadowkeep is very boring dlc 😴
thomas the dank engine
thomas the dank engine - Před 3 dny
Bungie if you reading this could you make it so you can customize you pre-existing guardians, I love what you have done with the game and would like to see this to.
DBCSgaming - Před 3 dny
Biggest letdown since destiny 2 launched !! Major issues with cross play and the servers 😂 bungie are so far out of their depth ... welcome to a Activision free destiny 😂 these retards couldnt develop a wet piece of paper or balance a bucket of water on a flat surface, all they do is release the same shit and the community is like “great job” “keep up the good work” it’s the same content as before!! Wake up you sheep!
Dominik Pavlíček
Dominik Pavlíček - Před 4 dny
@Bungie is it a #blender at @3:12?
Pascal Ruprecht
Pascal Ruprecht - Před 5 dny
Let me play. I fucking hate this "Destiny 2 Servers are being conected". Delate this fucking message.
Pandy - Před 5 dny
and moms
Pandy - Před 5 dny
all of my dads credit cards
Pandy - Před 5 dny
pls make shadowkeep free i want to play it but my dads credit card is locked cause were a little not good right now with money
Zeo Nav
Zeo Nav - Před 5 dny
Bungie please allow all destiny players to pick their side.
1. Champion of the traveler.
2. Champion of the tetrahedron.
briant neira
briant neira - Před 7 dny
Help : https://www.bungie.net/en/Forums/Post/253907188?page=0&sort=0&showBanned=0&path=1
Mr Hexadus
Mr Hexadus - Před 8 dny
"don't mind me...i'm just watching from the sidelines'

my only last real advice would be.. do not disrespect the players commitment.. there should not be a D3.. grow this until it bursts..
We live in a Society
We live in a Society - Před 8 dny
Will Crossplay be added to destiny 2 since now Sony allows developers to add it to their games?
goodnightirene - Před 8 dny
Shadowkeep sandbox update is complete trash. DO NOT BUY
Patrick Fisker
Patrick Fisker - Před 8 dny
Hey Bungie, im your biggest fan of Destiny. I really think what you made is next level in every way. I have a sugest for an future update. Imagine being able to talk to the ghost through your mic and you could have a conversation with it Like Google assistant or Any other voice recon.
Mello Park
Mello Park - Před 9 dny
Busy dad + confusing story + Infinite grind = (
Victor Flores
Victor Flores - Před 9 dny
Can anyone please explain why my outbreak perfected won’t work with me and my friends cause it’s really ticking me off. 😤
Ozzy Oliver
Ozzy Oliver - Před 10 dny
BUNGIE! We Need a Suppressed weapon!!!
Dave - Před 10 dny
They should bring all the old raids back
Dredgen One
Dredgen One - Před 11 dny
Liam C
Liam C - Před 11 dny
I wish destiny would implement something where they could be different ways to earn raid gear cause joining random people and not having friends that play really sucks
Liam C
Liam C - Před 9 dny
Yeah fair one just seems abit to much hastle finding 5 people who might play as a team
Aapen Kind
Aapen Kind - Před 10 dny
Liam C nah make friends or use lfg, it needs to keep the only thing still special about it
Buraku - Před 11 dny
2:59....that's bait
Sabre - Před 11 dny
I thought this game was going to change with activison out of the picture but you litterally added a battle pass and you cant do anything on the moon unless you buy the shits.
there is a 60 dollar bundle for the battle pass and moon, i dont wanna buy that. I already spent like 90 dollars on the game and previous dlcs
Sam Deka
Sam Deka - Před 11 dny
Does anyone know whats happening to the red war excotis i started a new character and i didn't get any excotis from the campaign? Is this a bug or have bungie taken them out the game if anyone has the awnser please comment
tru darklords
tru darklords - Před 11 dny
I wonder what happened to the altars of sorrow...
Aapen Kind
Aapen Kind - Před 10 dny
tru darklords maybe still coming
Fanatiiq Geekstop
Fanatiiq Geekstop - Před 11 dny
So happy with the changes. Any new players confused or want to new how to dip your toes in. Check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tan6QHwHdLw
Dave - Před 11 dny
Will shadowkeep be the last expansion?
Aapen Kind
Aapen Kind - Před 10 dny
Dave we don’t know yet
Dolphudbud - Před 11 dny
Please give us a Dinklebot DLC voice pack. As much as I like North, I would like the option for Dinklebot
Daniel Duffee
Daniel Duffee - Před 11 dny
I wish we could get an extended cut of this.
Caio Moraes Amorim
Caio Moraes Amorim - Před 12 dny
You said we could use every armor we wanted, If i delete solstice armor 2.0, I can't get another solstice armor 2.0 from the blueprint! BUNGIE YOU LIE.
Steel Tarkus
Steel Tarkus - Před 11 dny
They also implied a transmog system, but nope, just specific ornaments from the microtransaction store. "You can use any armor you want and look how you want", except you can't.
S4S TWINK - Před 12 dny
Bungie is greedy as shit....making the annual pass free then adding a season pass that u have to pay for....greedy ass developers
SZ@BY 22
SZ@BY 22 - Před 12 dny
Jitan T
Jitan T - Před 12 dny
Go to STEAM for 47 hours and be free to BAN. Bungie has no instructions yet.
These are play records.
Please give a BAN information explanation.
Nameless Guy
Nameless Guy - Před 12 dny
Here crying in solo fireteam
Ryan here
Ryan here - Před 12 dny
I broke destiny 2 again bungie :0
Rory Allen
Rory Allen - Před 12 dny
Appearance Change Option

Okay, Bungie. I don't know if you're gonna see this, but please put in an appearance changer into the game.

The reason for this, well let's just say the character I created when D1 came out doesn't look great.

Thank you
Сергей Власенко
Good afternoon! When switching to October 1, I indicated my non-primary account, the battles, now I also brought my main account to Steam. How do I get Steam updates and characters?
Ry - Před 13 dny
As much as I love this game, I hate that they want so much of our money to have all the content. That's why I'm planning on sticking to Warframe.
Aapen Kind
Aapen Kind - Před 10 dny
Sn653ake how are they supposed to get paid otherwise? can’t buy weapons in destiny
Lv1OO Gengar
Lv1OO Gengar - Před 11 dny
Sn653ake gay fucking selfie and have fun warframe got stale after 4 months
Tyler Milligan
Tyler Milligan - Před 13 dny
Bungie-Play how you want to.
Me-hell yeah!!!!
Bungie-Makes masterwork cores
Me- fuck you I'm out
Me- apex 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Александр Родионов
Got a ban!!
Look at my kda I can't be a cheater! the application was launched absolutely for another game to Destination 2 has nothing to do. see my games see my success he is always at the beginner level. and open my account!

I can not contact you!
Lv1OO Gengar
Lv1OO Gengar - Před 11 dny
Александр Родионов lol
Charles Folkins
Charles Folkins - Před 14 dny
Put it on switch!!!!! I do love it but you are dictating the switch
Jitan T
Jitan T - Před 14 dny
Why is it halfway to be banned?😡
I suddenly ban when I was hitting the forging furnace.
Did not show any reason.
Is it a wave of malicious blockade?

Just turned off the live broadcast and I was BAN, my god.
Block time (UTC+08:00)Taipei 03:30:22 AM

Go to STEAM for 47 hours and be free to BAN. Bungie has no instructions yet.

These are play records.
Please give a BAN information explanation.
Kae-SnNoKota - Před 14 dny
I watch this although I’m getting cucked because I can’t buy Shadowkeep
Nameless Guy
Nameless Guy - Před 12 dny
You can still go onto the moon and play a very small portion of shadowkeep
Luke Declercq
Luke Declercq - Před 14 dny
biscottino barbuto
biscottino barbuto - Před 15 dny
Thanks Bungie you did it, u success to make this game shit again, forsaken meta was just perfect, YOU JUST HAD TO REMOVE HEAVYS FOR PVP.
Aapen Kind
Aapen Kind - Před 10 dny
biscottino barbuto wait one bug in pvp for one week ruins the entire game
Zolarok - Před 15 dny
C’est quelle thème celui du début ?
Charlie Hunter
Charlie Hunter - Před 15 dny
The music from the final 30 seconds of the ViDoc... Is that on the Shadowkeep soundtrack? I didn't find it on my first pass listening to it.
Aapen Kind
Aapen Kind - Před 10 dny
Charlie Hunter a lot of the tracks on here are not on the soundtrack and nobody knows their names
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 - Před 16 dny
I am so blown away by how amazing this game is now. It’s as if they gave it to me and said here , dream come true what do you want. And they just did it all. So happy.
Gatcha Creator
Gatcha Creator - Před 16 dny
The second mission is not WORKING for me on the moon
Jameel Henderson
Jameel Henderson - Před 16 dny
Hey bungie!!
How bout Anthem's 3rd person perspective with Destiny's gameplay👀. I think I have some ideas 🤔😂
Lv1OO Gengar
Lv1OO Gengar - Před 11 dny
Jameel Henderson watch your mouth
Nick - Před 16 dny
Why can't I launch the forge that I want from the director? It only shows one being available. Yesterday was gofannon and today is izanami. I couldn't even go to the bergusia forge location and manually start it. Why am I being locked out of content I already owned?
Kok Shan
Kok Shan - Před 16 dny
Why does the old solstice armor removed shader and glow effect after shadow keep launch???
Joaquín Rejala
Joaquín Rejala - Před 16 dny
airecsy - Před 16 dny
Rewatching this vidoc makes me realize that I'm going to have to wait 3 more seasons to see the end of year 3 story. So much blue balls
Jack Ball
Jack Ball - Před 16 dny
games looking good out of the Battle net Beta
moosicus - Před 16 dny
so is that 5 full years, or 4 full years ending on the 5th
Greg Larry
Greg Larry - Před 17 dny
Wow now i can play fortnite again
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