How the Despacito producers use online sample stores to create hits

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The Verge
The Verge - Před měsícem
What services and tools do you use to create music?
Avon - Před měsícem
photoshop and excel
infirmux - Před 13 dny
a pro that uses beats headphones as monitors? Really...

or he is testing how majority of their trendy crowd will hear it ;)
Blanc Owl
Blanc Owl - Před 24 dny
With millions of songs in the world how do u know if ur music didn’t copy someone else’s?
Mora Africano Camilo Andres
Mora Africano Camilo Andres - Před měsícem
A Great example why music nowdays it's so bad... can't believe people call this music or even Artist wtf... it's wrong with people !
AJ GA - Před měsícem
The moral high ground, I see
bob - Před měsícem
mediocrity at its finest
Plansız Gençler
Plansız Gençler - Před měsícem
The verge can you share despacito ?
Stefano Olla
Stefano Olla - Před měsícem
And that's why everything sounds the same and nobody knows what's music anymore.
Princy - Před měsícem
@Stefano Olla just stop
Stefano Olla
Stefano Olla - Před měsícem
@Princy I'm sorry. I understand I must have offended your sensibility with my comment. I do care you feel comfortable with your musical choices and I didn't realize you were spending your time reading other's comments on this video. I appreciate your effort, please apologize.
Princy - Před měsícem
Nobody except you, of course
David Escalante
David Escalante - Před měsícem
Ivo Poblete
Ivo Poblete - Před měsícem
1:00 One burnt light bulb.
Haaris Iqubal
Haaris Iqubal - Před měsícem
The fundamental definition of sampling is wrong please at least have some credibility information.
Garrett Wease
Garrett Wease - Před měsícem
I greatly enjoyed this video, these producers were super humble and gracious with answers. I will say I did get a little depressed when the Splice CEO said “we’re at a point where software is the main instrument.”
CtrlFreak - Před měsícem
Garrett Wease there are literally AI generating songs now, think it's time to just enjoy the music and worry less about how it came to be. If you want a human touch go listen a band live :)
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger - Před měsícem
Can we get these kind of videos but for 3D artist and CGI .
Siddhant Rath
Siddhant Rath - Před 2 dny
Yes please
alecman95 - Před měsícem
That was painful to watch. The reporter probably still has not the slightest idea of what a sample is. I don’t even get the point of the video.
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox - Před měsícem
i think you need to watch the video again and think because it explains pretty clearly the idea behind sampling and i understood it.
The Verge
The Verge - Před měsícem
Hi! It's an introductory overview for people who don't know what sampling is, or how clearance/royalties work, or how sample stores have given so much opportunity to all producers. I remember when there were no stores and sample packs were expensive... and had to pull from existing tracks. I was one of the lucky ones - a bootleg I made from a sample got signed by the original artist as an official remix because they liked it so much! Now I still make music (with samples), enjoy introducing people into the world of music, and mentoring the next gen of producers as Vice President for the Chicago chapter of the Recording Academy. -Dani (the host)
Conor Furlong
Conor Furlong - Před měsícem
But this isn’t new. Programs like Reason have been around for decades providing samples for musicians to use for free.
Lyosha Zebra
Lyosha Zebra - Před měsícem
"When they get a computer they have the access to the same stuff that we have" says a guy with a set of outboard gear on a background worth 20k$ easily. Yeah, sure. Why don't you sell your gear then?
Jesús Vanegas
Jesús Vanegas - Před měsícem
You totally missed the point, he first talked about how in the past it was really expensive and difficult. And how now everyone can do it with a good computer and some samples if they have the creativity to do so. I easily understand this because is the same with video production, making movies was only a thing the rich could do back in the 80's. Now there's people doing short films, even theatrical released movies with just an smartphone. I have been making commercial work and my own short films with a $500 camera for 4 years now, really cheap compared to some years ago.
Lester Kanali
Lester Kanali - Před měsícem
This seems oddly lazy to me, but I see why it just works. Good stuff
Lester Kanali
Lester Kanali - Před měsícem
@Mr. Fox Totally agree
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox - Před měsícem
Not necessarily.Sure at first it seems like eww they recycling music to make a new one. But actually that makes a lot of sense first of all samples are for starting basics when you writing a song, secondly creators get paid and its much better than stealing, thirdly some sounds take a lot of resources to create and might cost a lot if you don't have instruments so its very efficient time saving way to spend more on improving your song instead of working on one part of the sound.
Bruno Zub
Bruno Zub - Před měsícem
DESPACITO 2 Confirmed
Irving Duran
Irving Duran - Před měsícem
I love this serie of videos
Ku Playford Valls
Ku Playford Valls - Před měsícem
This is so sad... So unpersonal, generic and dead! Is like making a movie dumping a bunch of existing footage clips or creating a painting by sticking together a few different bits and peaces of older artwork.
Zen = Yen 🔴
Zen = Yen 🔴 - Před měsícem
How does verge get its sponsors. Eg Aloft hotels.
Is there a site( like Splice) that makes b2b connection easier. Faster.
Mishee - Před měsícem
"From hip hop to dance" that´s not a very large span is it now.
Milind Patel
Milind Patel - Před měsícem
The Future of Music with Dani Daniels. Hit Like if you read this.
flexor212000 - Před měsícem
So just use others music to make music. Sigh.
infirmux - Před 13 dny
they also use notes that were used by thousands before them. How lazy!
AJ GA - Před měsícem
Samples apply to singular drum sounds and instruments, a sample doesn't have to come from a pre-existing song. Sigh away
avicohen2k - Před měsícem
The EDM haters will rage. For early adopters and tech belivers this was awesome.
Its easy to sample music, but you still need to be creative and musically competent to do it right!
Anthony Goldstein
Anthony Goldstein - Před měsícem
No you do not need to be "musically" competent (i.e. can read, write and arrange music). Yes you must be creative.
The Verge
The Verge - Před měsícem
So true! I think of masters of samples - everyone from The Avalanches to Jamie XX to AarabMuzik to Shawn Wasabi to everything else in between. There's SO many ways to be creative with samples! -Dani
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing - Před měsícem
I want to know more about their mouse ball!
Greg Makamian
Greg Makamian - Před měsícem
And this is what ruined music (my opinion).
ajinkya ghogare
ajinkya ghogare - Před měsícem
@Greg Makamian agreed
Greg Makamian
Greg Makamian - Před měsícem
@ajinkya ghogare of course there are. But music for masses has gone down through the decades. There are always going to be great artists. How much are they heard though through the increasing noise is the question.
ajinkya ghogare
ajinkya ghogare - Před měsícem
Not really there are plenty of people creating original stufff
Frank O
Frank O - Před měsícem
Interesting video! Though, I still think that playing an instrument (or multiple) is a better way to approach making music. But, that's just, like, my opinion, man.
Frank O
Frank O - Před měsícem
@AJ GA That is true! Though, I was more referring to people that are using the samples, not to the people making them. In the video the guys state that everybody can make music today using a computer and samples. I was referring to that.
AJ GA - Před měsícem
They play and record instruments too
i p
i p - Před měsícem
That Mustang is really nice.
Sanan - Před měsícem
What about Indie?!
Haameem Hashmi
Haameem Hashmi - Před měsícem
Real Rick fan wont use Beat by gey
Drongorius - Před měsícem
They are not musicians.
AJ GA - Před měsícem
>They are not musicians, they don't play instruments and they make music using building blocks (sic) >Uplifting trance and EDM are music bro, ai swear
AJ GA - Před měsícem
@Drongorius glad to know, mr. Nobody
Drongorius - Před měsícem
AJ GA no they are not .
AJ GA - Před měsícem
@Drongorius They play drums, guitar, piano, sing, produce and compose. The samples they use and sell, they made them. Tell me more about your musical authority though
Nerdhaunt - Před měsícem
Umm the two tone GMT Master 2
Antonio TF
Antonio TF - Před měsícem
Why compose something original when you can just steal here and there for a quick buck
AJ GA - Před měsícem
We don't know pretty much anything about sampling, do we?
Jpiferrer - Před měsícem
And the billions of dollars that "artist" earn with that kind of Music... its amazing.
Srinivas Teja
Srinivas Teja - Před měsícem
His T Lit af
Nazif Morshed
Nazif Morshed - Před měsícem
Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres: We make and use samples to create music.
Kurt Hugo Schneider: *Hold my mic*
Doc. Quack Quack
Doc. Quack Quack - Před měsícem
Hold my shopping kart*
CurtisBooksMusic - Před měsícem
This method of production based composition is why (almost) all of our pop music is so bad. Plug a sample into the computer of a guitar strumming a chord and write a song around it. Much easier, and with a better result, to FREAKING STRUM THE GUITAR YOURSELF WHILE YOU WRITE THE SONG!
infirmux - Před 13 dny
he maybe better not strum the guitar. It might be like Kanye trying to sing as Freddy... Rather, we need more Freddys than Kanyes or the Despacito guy. But there seems to be currently more money in ah-ok, cheap, produced music than true musical talents like Freddy Mercury.
ifalcon - Před měsícem
is he using iMac it's look different
Tobi - Před měsícem
Nah - it’s the Apple Cinema Display...attached to a Mac (but not an iMac).
Wayne Simon
Wayne Simon - Před měsícem
Hey he's using a trackball. Nice
Jose Emilio Orozco
Jose Emilio Orozco - Před měsícem
I like the interviewer :)
Skiller - Před měsícem
Anyone notice the Ford Mustang😍😂😂
reuben cornell
reuben cornell - Před měsícem
Ward Holden
Ward Holden - Před měsícem
Producer Marley the godfather sampling. She could have dug a little deeper.
Dani Deahl
Dani Deahl - Před měsícem
This is an overview and the written feature goes deeper. When it comes to sampling there are so many who shaped its history and I'd go even further back and say maybe Steve Reich or Pierre Schaeffer.
Just K
Just K - Před měsícem
Lazy..this was like mentioning country music without mentioning white people. Fn...Vanilla Ice..😂😂😂
Princy - Před měsícem
Dope content
TORTO - Před měsícem
Is this Genius? Nice video!
Francesco Varrato
Francesco Varrato - Před měsícem
Tk Muns
Tk Muns - Před měsícem
How can I invest in splice. I need an IPO asap!
Getafix - Před měsícem
Funding from elites/ black money
Declan O'Neill
Declan O'Neill - Před měsícem
Man, this series is really interesting!
The Verge
The Verge - Před měsícem
Thanks! -Dani
xorbodude - Před měsícem
Finneas o connor be like heck nah i got matches in a bathroom!
ART - Před měsícem
Haha! 😂
Happy Slappy!
Happy Slappy! - Před měsícem
I like how music has turned from expression to nothing more than a cultural carrying device for the consumer to swallow.
jel jel
jel jel - Před měsícem
@Happy Slappy! That's untrue. But stay pressed, I guess?
Happy Slappy!
Happy Slappy! - Před měsícem
@jel jel Those artists barely make enough to eat... Yes I do know..
jel jel
jel jel - Před měsícem
r/lewronggeneration vibes. The music industry has always worked this way. If you'd try a little bit harder, you'd be able to find so many new and fresh artists who put so much passion and energy in their work.
CEKROM - Před měsícem
1:09 Oh a Rick & Morty fan =D
Philip Kolbo
Philip Kolbo - Před měsícem
Sam Al
Sam Al - Před měsícem
@3:33 is there a smear on the camera on the top left above the mac
Manfred Byron
Manfred Byron - Před měsícem
That's neato burrito 👍
Ramsai Dupati
Ramsai Dupati - Před měsícem
My eye was only on the GT MUSTANG right behind her 😁
Jack Lam
Jack Lam - Před měsícem
I love Tiffany Blue
abbas ahmed
abbas ahmed - Před měsícem
The colour sucked tho
Dani Deahl
Dani Deahl - Před měsícem
Ramsai Dupati haha why I wanted to shoot the intro there 🙃
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah - Před měsícem
The production quality is 🔥🔥🔥
Adam Kuzniar
Adam Kuzniar - Před měsícem
oh you mean the production quality that doesn't clean their lens/sensors?
YTA 2 - Před měsícem
The controller used in the beginning is the *M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32* for anyone interested ;)
Witness101 - Před měsícem
Stevie Knicks sampled the Police - Bring on the Night - for for Edge of 17
Eric Torres
Eric Torres - Před měsícem
Splice is awesome 👌
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah - Před měsícem
The B roll in The Verge's videos is wild. I want to do the same over on my channel.
Nirakh Tyagi
Nirakh Tyagi - Před měsícem
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