Behind The Scenes Kmart Dream Out Loud Fall Collection Commercial Shoot

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IloveSelena Gomezselenator
Alma Cruz
Alma Cruz - Před 5 lety
puta mayor ala vista jajajaj
Love Khan
Love Khan - Před 6 lety
Selena u are soooooooo pretty and a wonderful dancer and singer
TheSelenagomez237373 - Před 6 lety
I actually thought it was shot
Confeiteirodos Nenhos
Confeiteirodos Nenhos - Před 6 lety
i love you Selena
Janessa - Před 6 lety
lol seeing the stationary car in front of the screen... woww.
Sabina Molly
Sabina Molly - Před 6 lety
I reckon selena is the PRETTIEST girl!!
Ninguem Soares
Ninguem Soares - Před 6 lety
she ´s a perfect!!!!
julswed - Před 6 lety
shooting it inside makes it possible to film scenes that take place during the day, at night/evening.
selena bellazandeye
selena bellazandeye - Před 6 lety
Johanna Kellander
Johanna Kellander - Před 6 lety
Love u Selena. Proud of being a real Selenator.
xDreaamx84 - Před 6 lety
Well sorry if I forgot to reply. Lmao girl bye.
Kerly Lozano Cordova
Kerly Lozano Cordova - Před 6 lety
hermosa, komo 100pre
Katie Anne
Katie Anne - Před 6 lety
Are you fucking serious? it took you 7 months to reply?I'm over this shit, lmao bitch you ain't worth it. Get out of here.
Савелий Карпухин
I love you Selena)
Young Ralfs
Young Ralfs - Před 6 lety
i Loooooveee youuu Sel !!!!!! :(
Aneta Kobiałka
Aneta Kobiałka - Před 6 lety
Basia from Poland... I'm from Poland... Poland love you Selena 3
Melody Baez
Melody Baez - Před 6 lety
I love u Selena u rock
xDreaamx84 - Před 6 lety
She didn't go on tour with him. And no new movies and albums? Spring Breakers, The Wizards Return : Alex vs. Alex, Behaving Badly (post-production), Getaway (post-production). Working on her 4th album. She can't release movies every month. She has to audition for roles. Why would she need Justin to help her get caught up with her career? She's been acting since she was 7. She's one of the biggest celebrities in the world.
Ayan alizade
Ayan alizade - Před 6 lety
ya dumala chto eto snimali na plaje
Estevão Basilio
Estevão Basilio - Před 6 lety
Te Amo!!
JIHAD - Před 6 lety
Kamil. aa
Kamil. aa - Před 6 lety
I love selena ♥
Sweagmaster - Před 6 lety
omg she's perfect. I LOVE YOU SEL!! ♥
staywithme - Před 6 lety
mariyah young
mariyah young - Před 6 lety
please comment back... I love you!your my biggest fan. add me on oovoo
Pauli p
Pauli p - Před 6 lety
Selena I Love you♥you are beautiful
rrm mrr
rrm mrr - Před 6 lety
She's such a darling
bdoor doola
bdoor doola - Před 6 lety
How cutee
Miss Nastena
Miss Nastena - Před 6 lety
Maria Bojilova
Maria Bojilova - Před 6 lety
sel i love u so much !
jheisel dongo
jheisel dongo - Před 6 lety
oo me gusto tu video super
Haslyn Guarin
Haslyn Guarin - Před 6 lety
Dol I loveeee* :)
Tami Marie
Tami Marie - Před 6 lety
I always wonder what she thinks when she looks in the mirror. I mean for like everyone who knows her she's the prettiest girl ever and shes adorable and classy. But what does she think about that?
scarxcia Fardaz
scarxcia Fardaz - Před 6 lety
Hahaa also nice try, u aint JB...STFU!
Dahlia May
Dahlia May - Před 6 lety
I love you selena! Please tell me your number, I want to call you. My little sister loves you, and she wants to talk. But if your too busy to reply,thats fine! Love you!
Anthony Mitchell
Anthony Mitchell - Před 6 lety
yo it me darla was good
asha cath
asha cath - Před 6 lety
selena i love your clothes
Cyn Solis
Cyn Solis - Před 6 lety
@selenagomaz000 Hahaa, nice try, you're not Selena stfu
joshua chrivia
joshua chrivia - Před 6 lety
i love u much!
Margaret O'Sullivan
Margaret O'Sullivan - Před 6 lety
adiaw - Před 6 lety
selena plzzzzzzzzzzz dont do that we love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu plzzzzzzzzz this comment is wrote from 10.000 jelenators that die for you and justin plzzzzzz give another chance to your love if you really love us like u said plzzzzzz cuz of us do it
Nina Marika Finne
Nina Marika Finne - Před 6 lety
isizzle - Před 6 lety
spartan sony
spartan sony - Před 6 lety
Eddy Cidcudi
Eddy Cidcudi - Před 6 lety
Tania Oh
Tania Oh - Před 6 lety
she is so cute
selena coleman
selena coleman - Před 6 lety
come in the switzerland !! pleeeeasy i love you soooooooo much !! :'( i want you see
you're sooo amazing love you :********
kamal jeet
kamal jeet - Před 6 lety
i love you selena
jason wildman
jason wildman - Před 6 lety
hey girl .. just wanted to say hi ..andjust incase yourworried of course i still loveyou
TheTrolololik - Před 6 lety
you bitch
Fer Val
Fer Val - Před 6 lety
wow i want that colection in Chile soon! :)
Sam B
Sam B - Před 6 lety
Her videos r always so short!! I want more!
Addy Pimthepa
Addy Pimthepa - Před 6 lety
Agustina Lopez
Agustina Lopez - Před 6 lety
tee amoo selenaaa gomez
Agustina Lopez
Agustina Lopez - Před 6 lety
i love you selenaa
Lynsey Marie
Lynsey Marie - Před 6 lety
what is it ?!
Kasia Pomianowska
Kasia Pomianowska - Před 6 lety
me too
Espers Gallegos
Espers Gallegos - Před 6 lety
how do u find her email and stuff like that???
Sania Javed
Sania Javed - Před 7 lety
she gets credit because her voice is amazing and if the song is written by an another artist, she always mention their name.
and its not necessary that you have to play an instrument to be a singer.By the way she kinda does know how to play guitar and piano.
And right now she is focusing her career on acting and she is good at it. If you say she isnt, then how does she have million of fans?
Explain that!
Lizzie Kaminski
Lizzie Kaminski - Před 7 lety
i love you selena ! your my idol!
Valia Gk
Valia Gk - Před 7 lety
I love you selena♥
Angela Marcou
Angela Marcou - Před 7 lety
me2 well half greek!!
miff stepak
miff stepak - Před 7 lety
she's u selena
catriveraa - Před 7 lety
SelGomez fan mail: Hollywood Records, Inc. 500 S Buena Vista Street Burbank, Ca 91521-6369 USA
catriveraa - Před 7 lety
catriveraa - Před 7 lety
can u give it to me plz i used to have it but my mom threw it away something buelvard
norlyn naturilla
norlyn naturilla - Před 7 lety
i love youy much!!!!! hoping to meet you!:(
Marel Mulders
Marel Mulders - Před 7 lety
I love you so much3
Zinah G
Zinah G - Před 7 lety
i loooooooove you selena sooooo much
U R the best
Sarah Rhoton
Sarah Rhoton - Před 7 lety
what is it?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!
Angela Marcou
Angela Marcou - Před 7 lety
are you greek?
superpup2255 - Před 7 lety
whats her fan email?
mariahxo88 - Před 7 lety
There is at Walmart.
Erica Rose
Erica Rose - Před 7 lety
i want it i want it
why cant there be a kmart in canada
Angela Marcou
Angela Marcou - Před 7 lety
are you greek?
shalybieberfever - Před 7 lety
i want it! the fan mail address
Jade Marie
Jade Marie - Před 7 lety
whats her fan mail email adress mail me it please
Mairo Puzzle
Mairo Puzzle - Před 7 lety
Glam Gamer
Glam Gamer - Před 7 lety
AHAHAHAH right same with my bro
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