This Monster Has No Phone Case | Hardly Working

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Thought Experiment
Thought Experiment - Před 3 hodinami
Only reason I have a case is for when my phone gets hot
Jeremiah Sivertson
Jeremiah Sivertson - Před dnem
*No Phones Were Harmed During The Production Of This Video*
Raquel Corcos
Raquel Corcos - Před 2 dny
are ya'll not gonna check if it cracked cause....
Nate DS
Nate DS - Před 7 dny
I have a feeling these writers don’t like cases
Marie Song
Marie Song - Před 7 dny
The people that 👎🏻 this dropped their friends phone.
Azzam Abdullah
Azzam Abdullah - Před 8 dny
is he really in imitating Matthew McConaughey????
Naudia the king
Naudia the king - Před 8 dny
I didn't have a case for the longest time because Mom didint get me one LOL
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - Před 9 dny
Kid: *looking at a case less phone in a pocket*
“Don’t look honey, don’t look.”
*pulls kids closer to her*
Joey Abbadessa
Joey Abbadessa - Před 10 dny
Techrax: Um, I'll just leave
Senaa Hasan
Senaa Hasan - Před 11 dny
This all wouldn't have happened if Trapp just had a Nokia
Lucas Cheeseman
Lucas Cheeseman - Před 8 dny
Or any Android, I can YEET my phone at the wall when I come home from work and not break it
Senaa Hasan
Senaa Hasan - Před 11 dny
Guess you could say...

_This is a hard _*_case_*
Farhan Arief Ramadhan
Farhan Arief Ramadhan - Před 12 dny
Some cracks are okay.
Bro Man
Bro Man - Před 10 dny
Yeah, as long as it's not a cobweb mess it's ok, it might even add a little bit of asthetic
ArkFan - Před 12 dny
I have friends who don’t use phone cases. So uncomfortable.
Rajesh Shetty
Rajesh Shetty - Před 13 dny
Can we take a minute to admire the acting skills of that FBI guy? Who is that?
BibbinsTheGreat - Před 14 dny
iPhone users be like
XF3W PVP - Před 14 dny
This is legit why I never give my phone to anyone, and if they did take it called 911 right away

Yeah I am calling 911 with my fliphone, that don't need a case :D
Hulk in Glasses
Hulk in Glasses - Před 14 dny
Having a phone case actually reduces the chance of the phone falling or slipping out of your hand by accident. But it does increase of the chance of that happening on purpose
Lux Gamex
Lux Gamex - Před 15 dny
Always use protection, guys! 🍌📱
Miyako Takajo
Miyako Takajo - Před 15 dny
I don't have a case on my phone unless it has something that can act as a kickstand.
If you dare do this to me I will grill your heart and liver using the flames created from your phone. Then your body will be fed to the crows which they themselves will be grilled on whatever remains of your decaying body in a hellflame.
Lauren Grace
Lauren Grace - Před 16 dny
Birds do indeed cough
narek hardnock
narek hardnock - Před 16 dny
Only true heroes go caseless
Shoew - Před 17 dny
That was like if Trapp was an antivax parent
Ellen Jarrard
Ellen Jarrard - Před 20 dny
My phone didn't have a case. It's not a big deal.
Amnesiac - Před 21 dnem
I hope it is not about islam
Steam Boar
Steam Boar - Před 21 dnem
ive never put a case on my phone since my first one
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler - Před 22 dny
"If you phone gets damaged what will you do then? YOU THINK ITS AS EASY AS JUST BUYING ANOTHER?"
Trapp: ".....Yes..."
xXVanilla CreamXx
xXVanilla CreamXx - Před 22 dny
What if you had a phone that's not popular and no place sells a case for it?
I'm in for a debate.
PLANET DRAGON - Před 23 dny
I'm with Trapp how you take care of your phone is your decision and even most phone cases don't protect your phone well
Username34 - Před 23 dny
Shut up, no one cares if you watch this on a caseless phone
1800renzo - Před 25 dny
Black Mirror is getting more intense!
xXxSuperUltraMLGscoutxXx MLG
shortea - Před 27 dny
But do birds cough do?
Trevor Murray
Trevor Murray - Před 27 dny
My phone doesnt have a case
that one dude
that one dude - Před 28 dny
This reminds of the time my parents divorced. Thank god child protective services wasnt involved
ɖɾαɠσɳ :D
ɖɾαɠσɳ :D - Před 28 dny
For some reason this video triggered me.
black phantom
black phantom - Před 28 dny
Thats why i don't put a case
dolphin power
dolphin power - Před 29 dny
I actually really like having a case on my phone
dolphin power
dolphin power - Před 17 dny
@Tarw exactly
Tarw - Před 17 dny
It gives you a feeling of security
Laurel Desilets
Laurel Desilets - Před 29 dny
'Not again! Not again........'
Asby215 - Před měsícem
People get legitimately angry when they see I don’t have a case.
Dalal Bourrai
Dalal Bourrai - Před měsícem
*My Mum has no phone case*
Cynthia Ranjeeta
Cynthia Ranjeeta - Před měsícem
That's why I use a cheap phone-- without a case😁
matthew - Před měsícem
Tbh most of the people without a case would probably never drop it because they are careful
Garrison West
Garrison West - Před 9 dny
True. My fingers grip the glass back better than the rubber case. I've only dropped my phone when it had a case on it. And it still cracked the glass back. So now i just don't use a case so i never drop it lol
Tsubaki - Před 22 dny
matthew uh, no. I dropped it. Even though I was careful. Butterfinger is merciless
Drool01 - Před měsícem
My phone id caseless tho
Four4 - Před měsícem
but why does she have a minions case for his specific phone on her
Verumnos Grohiik
Verumnos Grohiik - Před měsícem
this can easily be translated to card game players without sleeves on their cards
KawaiiLemon - Před měsícem
Only reason I have a case is because they don’t come in pretty colors. Just ugly ones.
The bamboozler
The bamboozler - Před měsícem
*me with my cracked screen and cracked back of phone* how fucking dare he
Austin DABOSS - Před měsícem
She might have needed some protective gloves....then the phone probably wouldn’t have slipped...
MicoAH Music
MicoAH Music - Před měsícem
I only use very thin case because when i got my thinner phone it was uncomfortable to me and my case was straight hard plastic so it didin't even protect the phone
Sir Ga1ahad
Sir Ga1ahad - Před měsícem
Mine has a transparent phone case
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