38 262
4 386
Meerab Ghumman
Meerab Ghumman - Před 15 minutami
Again same hacks cause of this one day every one will unsubscribe and i am unsubscribing now
Hanif Yulita
Hanif Yulita - Před hodinou
Havananyabagus banget omgggggg😍🤗😘🤩udah keren lagiuuuuuuu oh my good
sukhama mohan
sukhama mohan - Před 2 hodinami
Jyoti Bajpai
Jyoti Bajpai - Před 16 hodinami
Why you repeat the same hack Everytime . Are you mad?
علي السلطانيتب باتنخب
نيلومبمب طيية
poonam batra
poonam batra - Před 17 hodinami
You are right guys they always do same
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain - Před 23 hodinami
Utkarsh Chauhan
Utkarsh Chauhan - Před dnem
Don't waste other material
Mido Mido
Mido Mido - Před dnem
واااااااوجميل جداااا
Raju Shirivastav
Raju Shirivastav - Před dnem
Very beautiful
Ashmia Baser
Ashmia Baser - Před dnem
2:09 that wasn't a makeup hack, that was a talent.
I'd mess up if i try that.
naomi nongrum
naomi nongrum - Před dnem
not nice
جعفر محمد
جعفر محمد - Před 2 dny
منو عربي يحط لايك
jannat Chowdhury
jannat Chowdhury - Před 2 dny
FAIZ AHMAD - Před 2 dny
Very bad hacks
Shalini Shukla
Shalini Shukla - Před 2 dny
Rose is a pro and an early age to bhut garmi and an early age to bhut garmi and the mind of this qwerty99098th and the
Rubeena Khan
Rubeena Khan - Před 2 dny
ilma Khan
Vijay Gaur
Vijay Gaur - Před 2 dny
Eva G
Eva G - Před 2 dny
One of them hacks with the lipstick was off tik tok x
Pikachu Style
Pikachu Style - Před 3 dny
Boys can also Have makeup! It might be offensive to say girls beauty problems 😑😓
kritika roy
kritika roy - Před 3 dny
vo ldki hi Kya ho lipstick ns lga ske
Эмилия Морозова
2 лайфхак Тупоу, потому,что после гигиенической помады волосы будут - ЖИРНЫЕ. И голова будет грязной!!!😖😖😖
Bharati Bhusal
Bharati Bhusal - Před 3 dny
You are beautiful you don't need to makeup I am 12 year old but I love your video.☺👧💓💕❤💜💘
Bharati Bhusal
Bharati Bhusal - Před 3 dny
You are beautiful you don't need to makeup I am 12 year old but I love your video.☺👧💓💕❤💜💘
Gusfi Anugerah
Gusfi Anugerah - Před 4 dny
Tuyet Truong
Tuyet Truong - Před 4 dny
Xao wa
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye - Před 4 dny
3:24 is gorgeous
Rose Jackson
Rose Jackson - Před 4 dny
Lol CR7: I'm here!!!
Funny 😂😂😂
Basanta Swain
Basanta Swain - Před 5 dny
I can't stop my laugh.. at 4.17... 😃🤣🤣🤣😂
Сасай Кудасай
1:43 , вот проблема, хвост завижи и все? Не блять нужно хуйней страдать
Sarika Verma
Sarika Verma - Před 5 dny
Wow , lovely hacks
sachin Gupta
sachin Gupta - Před 5 dny
Leilani McConnell
Leilani McConnell - Před 5 dny
11:52 I thought that was the chick fil a logo😂
Natalie Polhemus
Natalie Polhemus - Před 5 dny
4:36 why would you want tape on your eyelid
faisal zafar
faisal zafar - Před 5 dny
Hurts me i broke my favourite lipstick and cant fix it again!!😭😭😭 if you want to see so 😕7:35
Itzel Reyes
Itzel Reyes - Před 5 dny
Sara Sadi
Sara Sadi - Před 5 dny
اكو وحده لون عيونها ازرق واخضر 😍😍😍😍😍😲😲😲😲
beast Mode
beast Mode - Před 5 dny
Half of this literally no one has problems with
Fhytt Ghuyt
Fhytt Ghuyt - Před 5 dny
اي ه شي حلو
inner smile
inner smile - Před 5 dny
Good and essential Great video
Milenca Flores
Milenca Flores - Před 5 dny
Son bien ridículos dan ascos sus videos
divya shrees
divya shrees - Před 5 dny
Raja Vishwakrma
Raja Vishwakrma - Před 5 dny
Raja Vishwakarma
Akhilesh Kumar
Akhilesh Kumar - Před 5 dny
It was gone on trending bcoz title said that " brave girls' so every girl saw it😁
Parveen Aslam
Parveen Aslam - Před 5 dny
Boring hacks
No Draw
No Draw - Před 5 dny
Danah Al Dhufairi
Danah Al Dhufairi - Před 5 dny
Copy caters😠😡😤
Danah Al Dhufairi
Danah Al Dhufairi - Před 5 dny
5 minute crafts are just copying 123GO😱😱😱😱😱😠😡
Vidhi Maharishi
Vidhi Maharishi - Před 5 dny
I don't believe this shit
Jaya Bhardwaj
Jaya Bhardwaj - Před 5 dny
10:45... what an awesome music and the video has just this thing new
Динара Исаева
1:43 для этого созданы резинки! 😭😡🤬
Ajay Kumar Malik
Ajay Kumar Malik - Před 21 hodinou
Umesh Acharya
Umesh Acharya - Před 5 dny
Try something new
College Sister
College Sister - Před 5 dny
Y u ll b keep on putting d same old tricks got really bored bad ever you tube channel
unicorn Rainbow
unicorn Rainbow - Před 5 dny
at the part 7:48 they copied crafty panda
عاشقة الجنون
عاشقة الجنون - Před 5 dny
عاشقة الجنون
عاشقة الجنون - Před 5 dny
اكو عرب بالتعليقات😇😇😇
Krupa Sindhu Sahu
Krupa Sindhu Sahu - Před 6 dny
It is nice but unfortunely it is shown in other videos
MILKEY - Před 6 dny
First you wear sweater then makeup to solve that problem ✌
Chandni Singh
Chandni Singh - Před 6 dny
Please dont repeat the hacks again and again😣
Varsha Totala
Varsha Totala - Před 6 dny
You just do not upload this vedio today because of this colour linear i was near to lose my eye
Aakarshita jaiswal
Aakarshita jaiswal - Před 6 dny
Mariela Clark
Mariela Clark - Před 6 dny
No saben que no me gusta el intro
abhishek mishra
abhishek mishra - Před 6 dny
Gorgeous Women Who Were Born Male
Joselo Cano
Joselo Cano - Před 6 dny
Kapila Thakur Thakur
Kapila Thakur Thakur - Před 6 dny
their is no such thing as brave girls as all are brave
Alyssa Collion
Alyssa Collion - Před 6 dny
Mary Ingles
Mary Ingles - Před 6 dny
You know, when you did the first eylash hack, I think it would help a little bit of you ACTUALLY PUT EYELASH GLUE ON THEM
Leah Jy
Leah Jy - Před 6 dny
You upload the same hacks and put them in almost every video try to find new ones
Naomi Zeilig
Naomi Zeilig - Před 6 dny
Yes little girls! If your hair is messy, don’t use any sort of jelling agent? Use chapstick to make your hair even greasier!
Yoan Bacani
Yoan Bacani - Před 6 dny
alexander muñoz
alexander muñoz - Před 6 dny
que lindo
Aishah khanom
Aishah khanom - Před 6 dny
Mehndi is bengal 😂 others say henna..First time I see both in one sentence
Aishah khanom
Aishah khanom - Před 6 dny
Lady #1: *we don't have any more Old t shirts!!*
Lady #2:** makes a hole in a random t shirt**
*There...! Now we do!*
Sabrina Avelinne
Sabrina Avelinne - Před 6 dny
Glitter in the microwave!!!?? Really!!!???
Heather Varela
Heather Varela - Před 6 dny
Can I buy them legging
Ayaт мoнaмed
Ayaт мoнaмed - Před 6 dny
هو انه عربيه وايضا عراقيه بس غير انه ما احجي اشترك فدوه لكلبك
은서 - Před 6 dny
똑같은게 계속 반복되서 다 알아요.. 그래도 새로운 팁은 감사해요~
Mia Bailey
Mia Bailey - Před 6 dny
Com’on new vids that same thing over and over again....
Мадина Басирова
5:48 брови разные : /
LazyQueen Potatoes
LazyQueen Potatoes - Před 6 dny
Omg your tricks aren’t even useful like the lipstick on that needs the 📎 paper clip no need to wast a paper clips just for that and also maybe your just bad at putting lipstick on or your just pressing to hard on your lips
Maggie Cubero
Maggie Cubero - Před 6 dny
You know why they post the same vids because people who didn’t see that one vid they can see it and try it 🙂 duu !
caralicia100 - Před 6 dny
"For brave girls" what does that even mean can someone explain 🤔
Sol Muñoz
Sol Muñoz - Před 6 dny
O dios
XoXGamers WorldXoX
XoXGamers WorldXoX - Před 6 dny
Do they know the difference between brave and physical stupidity
Anime _ video
Anime _ video - Před 6 dny
Кто русский лайк
lex lex 123
lex lex 123 - Před 6 dny
Girl with the short black hair go and brush your teeth ok
Meraj ALI SIDDIQUI - Před 6 dny
How do you all get these ideas😓
животные и игры шебановых
Сделайте русский язык
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf - Před 6 dny
At 3:03 they are copying 123 Go cause they did that too, and also make new hacks im getting tired of the same ones over and over again
Tringa Zeqiri
Tringa Zeqiri - Před 6 dny
Your eyes are so beautiful 😍
Syed Nauman
Syed Nauman - Před 6 dny
Every girl is brave not some
Mine Aylin YOL Yilmaz
Mine Aylin YOL Yilmaz - Před 6 dny
Türk izleyenler ♡1
ali hassan
ali hassan - Před 6 dny
Kirti Mehta
Kirti Mehta - Před 6 dny
Please upload new 1
Sheela Karsten
Sheela Karsten - Před 6 dny
Why yes allow me to put FREAKING CHAPSTICK in my hair
هفال عیدو
هفال عیدو - Před 6 dny
ده ست خؤش حبتى
Deac Nicoleta Lavinia
Deac Nicoleta Lavinia - Před 6 dny
My friend has a youtube account in which she posts almost daily and does not have many subscribers I would like to help her have as many subscribers this is the link: https://youtu.be/8QtuAYdW_dE
Xx Samantha gacha xX
Xx Samantha gacha xX - Před 6 dny
No hate but could you use a thumbnail that us in the video? Because some thumbnails are REALLY cool but when I watch the video it's not in there

It's a little bit annoying 😯
aprincekhan9966 khan
aprincekhan9966 khan - Před 6 dny
Wow thanks for this hacks
نونة اسمي و القمر رسمني نونة
اكو عرب بل الطيارة
Kitty Skittles P. Playz
Kitty Skittles P. Playz - Před 6 dny

....or you can also just tie your hair or put a headband..
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