Lil Skies - Lust [Official Music Video] (Dir. by @NicholasJandora)

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Dancer trey_gamer savage Savage
Dancer trey_gamer savage Savage - Před 42 minutami
2:39 is ugly as freak
Gameloft Music-Hip Hop And Rnb
Gameloft Music-Hip Hop And Rnb - Před 46 minutami
2:38 when you finally get a kill
Childzplay3 H
Childzplay3 H - Před 58 minutami
I’m keep on coming back to this song because it’s super good
anthonydplayzfortnite Fortnite
My brother got a woody from this lol
Kendall Alexander
Kendall Alexander - Před hodinou
not a lot of love is a lot of lust
xxxtentacion onfroy
xxxtentacion onfroy - Před hodinou
0:25 when your teacher tell you to do your work and stay after school that's a negative I'm on my brake
James Hendricks
James Hendricks - Před 2 hodinami
Come to Indy bro please
The MLG Yogi Bear
The MLG Yogi Bear - Před 2 hodinami
This shit so fire i had to call 911
ハウザーヘンリー - Před 2 hodinami
*lit af*
Jehiel 2356
Jehiel 2356 - Před 2 hodinami
Saturn Burnz
Saturn Burnz - Před 3 hodinami
Why does the art remind me of JoJo?
Josue Melendez
Josue Melendez - Před 3 hodinami
1:23 shorty in the red tho 👌🏽
sexgodthunder - Před 3 hodinami
“Say vay Tay”
izabela ciulin
izabela ciulin - Před 3 hodinami
Natalie Velasquez\
Natalie Velasquez\ - Před 3 hodinami
Who else has this on their PS4 spotify playlist XP
LukeIsChilling - Před 4 hodinami
The beat makes people happy as fuck.
Bxery - Před 4 hodinami
I showed this to my pet fish

And it died 1 like = 1 respect😕
The Bros
The Bros - Před 4 hodinami
1:27 when you see a llama
VYVAQT - Před 4 hodinami
Who else still listening ?
RaVe KingZ
RaVe KingZ - Před 5 hodinami
No hate but couldn't he have ryhmed Danny Glover with a Smith & wesson instead lethal weapon
Father Of Decay
Father Of Decay - Před 5 hodinami
Araki would be proud
esketit2121 - Před 8 hodinami
Curry 30
Curry 30 - Před 8 hodinami
Comment lust like creeping which is better
Zander Gallagher
Zander Gallagher - Před 9 hodinami
Elan Ellis
Elan Ellis - Před 10 hodinami
who is the girl in the mask
Patched Jay
Patched Jay - Před 11 hodinami
Sorry for all the dislikes that was my neighbors..
Epeko _0_0
Epeko _0_0 - Před 11 hodinami
Lil pump 2
Hammaad Bapu
Hammaad Bapu - Před 12 hodinami
Ronald Lil
Ronald Lil - Před 12 hodinami
itz jason
itz jason - Před 13 hodinami
00:32 when you see free v bucks
TSM-_- BaSiLiS
TSM-_- BaSiLiS - Před 13 hodinami
Moth Jesus
Moth Jesus - Před 13 hodinami
Im moth where are your lamps??😁😁
Choco Woozworld
Choco Woozworld - Před 14 hodinami
I love this song so much ugh
مضحي البصمان
مضحي البصمان - Před 16 hodinami
1.25x Fire 🔥
Lust. Editzz
Lust. Editzz - Před 19 hodinami
What a waist of donut 🍩😢
DeadlyOW - Před 19 hodinami
Borderline porn
Voydd - Před 19 hodinami
Fortnite is trash
Brandon Sung
Brandon Sung - Před 20 hodinami
Man had a donut he was eatin. Went to get his walkie and donut is gone. Then had his fuggin donut again. Saw the girl and threw away the donut. Make up your fekin mind
After seeing all the shit in this video, why not do a bullshit counter?
1. Go to the top comment ^^^^
2. 0:34 Unnecessary dick-move that consist of flipping a poor man's box of donuts. I guess he couldn't cope with losing his own.
3. 0:33 Disagree if you please, but I genuinely believe there is no way in hell he dropped that donut when he was running. It fell straight down, so that means he didn't throw it behind. His feet would be showing at least. Even so, who would start running, and then drop the donut straight down? You can see the donut in his hand as he proceeds to run. He would therefor throw the donut, not drop it straight down.
4. Through the chase, he was struggling with that Jacket. Just lose the jacket!
5. 0:46 The girl obviously sees a dead-end in the alley-way. Why would you run all the way to the end of the alley-way when you see a dead-end. The only explanation is to assume that SHE assumes she can seduce the dude who is chasing her. Which is not logical. Just why?
6. 0:40 The man actually fell for the shit! F*ck this.
7. When the girl kissed the dude, she had started to walk away. But after the Psychedelic animated scenes, he wakes up in the middle of nowhere distraught, with his clothes disorganized and messy. The hell happened? Plot hole? What? I'm genuinely confused, with honestly no idea of what happened.
8. I'm going to assume his police squad didn't come to get him because he failed his mission due to being seduced, and then lost into LSD land. Instead of going home, or finding a way home, he goes to a strip club.
9. No other man at said strip club?
10. Strip club.
*Note* Not gonna watch the rest of this bullshit strip club stuff. But I AM going to note that he somehow got fuckloads of money out of bat shit nowhere! Bullshit number 11!
12. Finds the same girl again. Bullshit
13. After this, I'm going to assume they made out or some bullshit. But how tf do you make out and get your clothes continually fucked, and get into a state of mind in which you are handcuffed to a pole because you cannot defend yourself?
14. Another note, why is it that the police seemingly don't give him support when he ask for it. To a previous bullshit, I had said it was because his dumbass was seduced. If they really shat on him for that, why didn't they go to his location to revoke his badge and weapon?
Any disagreements or shit I missed, put it in the replies bois and gurls. I
DFixed - Před 21 hodinou
Treyarch: Tell us how much money you are making
Epic Games: $5000000000000000000000000 every nanosecond
Black Ops 4 Comes Out
Treyarch: Tell us how much money you are making
Epic Games: Thoughts are negative I'm on my break
Delana Doumert
Delana Doumert - Před 21 hodinou
Web Killz
Web Killz - Před 22 hodinami
Lol one dollar bills
Shonda Franklin
Shonda Franklin - Před 22 hodinami
this my fav song
DJ Hypro
DJ Hypro - Před 23 hodinami
Police officers always eating donuts.
Fortnite Legendツ
Fortnite Legendツ - Před 23 hodinami
Who's the pretty lady
wtap pvp
wtap pvp - Před 23 hodinami
At 2 minutes the tower is real
Stephanie Maier
Stephanie Maier - Před dnem
I love this song
trash head500000000000
trash head500000000000 - Před dnem
Lil skies second best song 1 nowadays
The Funny Grandma Show
The Funny Grandma Show - Před dnem
1.25x speed 🔥🔥❤️🔥🔥
zzzisnumb - Před dnem
"Now they tell me I switched up"
Kennon goldly
Kennon goldly - Před dnem
If you name all yeah in song I give you 100 dollars
Jordan Michael
Jordan Michael - Před dnem
fortnite boii
fortnite boii - Před dnem
ᘏႪၕၝ - Před dnem
0:34 rip donut
Girard Polaco
Girard Polaco - Před dnem
nigga ill pay someone paypal if they find 2:20 girls @ig
displlle - Před dnem
0:49 girl name ? 😍
PaPa ICEY - Před dnem
At 2:01 the girl to the right was naked lol
Kristen x
Kristen x - Před 18 hodinami
PaPa ICEY she wasn’t...
Lil Jeralyn Flores
Lil Jeralyn Flores - Před dnem
{i listened to this song for the thousand time}because i love this song who agrees?????
Sarabeth Forrest
Sarabeth Forrest - Před dnem
1:26 when you get v bucks from ur mommy...cuz u stole her wallet;)
Bruce Funderburgh
Bruce Funderburgh - Před dnem
This song is the best of little skies
re00 2124
re00 2124 - Před dnem
Izuku midoriya
Izuku midoriya - Před dnem
Police:Where do u live
Me: With my parents
Police: Where your parents live
Me: With me
Police: Where you all live
Me: Together
Police: where is your house
Me: Next to my neighbour
Police: Where is your neighbor house
Me: If i tell you, you won't believe me
Police: Tell me
Me: Next to my house
Tederiño 80
Tederiño 80 - Před dnem
in 1:26 it looks like hes going to rape all those girld
kayden gamer
kayden gamer - Před dnem
0:30 song starts,
Shields Jacob
Shields Jacob - Před dnem
Lil s
Lil sk
Lil ski
Lil skie
Lil skies
Lil skie
Lil ski
Lil sk
Lil s
Xerня - Před dnem
В этом много похоти но это не любовь)
semih xd
semih xd - Před dnem
Like if lil skies better is than lil punp
ッGRIM R34p3r
ッGRIM R34p3r - Před dnem
I wish I heard this song before I heard it in fortnite funny’s video idk why lmao
Chloe mederios
Chloe mederios - Před dnem
This is my favorite song by you.
TLZ/ANDY - Před dnem
Lil S
Lil Sk
Lil Ski
Lil Skies
Lil Skie
Lil Ski
Lil Sk
Lil S
james playz
james playz - Před dnem
Don't kill me sky's imma do a reaction
ابر اهيم
ابر اهيم - Před dnem
من طرف دايلر لايك
Rihanna’s Nig
Rihanna’s Nig - Před dnem
Lil skies be going hard
starfleet power
starfleet power - Před dnem
*Comment section:*
50% time stamps comparing school and other stuff.
40% fortnite
10% about the actual artist
GAMER 101 - Před dnem
ZacIsBestBacon - Před dnem
Ay, ay, ay
Get in my way and try to block me, I'ma show aggression
Slide on your block like Danny Glover with a lethal weapon
I fucked your thot, she gave me top, I guess that's my confession
Got no regrets, I made mistakes, but I learned from my lessons
Trappin' by the stu, villains pull up to the coupe
My car ain't got no roof, thought this shit was bulletproof
I can't feel my face, smokin' on Gorilla Glue
Zoomin' in the coupe, that's the shit I like to do
These is yellow diamonds, shinin' like I'm Pikachu
I'm a boss nigga, get that bag and make the moves
No, I don't like to lose, so I be goin' in, yeah
I'm tryna cop a Benz, yeah, pull up and drop like ten, yeah
You tryna chase the life (what?), well I'm tryna chase the bands, yeah
She wanna fuck with friends, yeah, I got 'em in the trance, yeah
Ay, but now they tell me I switched up
Take this Backwood to the face, then grab my cup
Shorty says she comin' through, she on her way to fuck
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, I stack it up, can't get enough
Seen your shorty with you, she look at me and she blushed
I'm a jiggy nigga, I don't take her out for lunch
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Not a lot of love
Rollin' in the coupe and she was rollin' off the drugs
Lookin' for the one, girl, you know that I'm the plug
I be booted up with my shooters in the truck
Ay, and broski keep it and it's tucked
Nigga talkin' 'bout it, but he never runnin' up
Put this shit in motion, so I'm never stayin' stuck
Don't be actin' starstruck every time they show you love
Ay, but now they tell me I switched up
Take this Backwood to the face, then grab my cup
Shorty say she comin' through, she on her way to fuck
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, I stack it up, can't get enough
Seen your shorty with you, she look at me and she blushed
I'm a jiggy nigga, I don't take her out for lunch
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Canal Alisson Thalia Oficial
quem for br Curti aki
Luke Hellens
Luke Hellens - Před dnem
Sure it is
NovA Productions
NovA Productions - Před dnem
Master ov Bros
Master ov Bros - Před dnem
Im selling replays
Likes is the payment
TI93RR Zack_ygo
TI93RR Zack_ygo - Před 22 hodinami
Your like 8
Kajsonek !
Kajsonek ! - Před dnem
Fortnite xDDDDD that kiddos
Christopher Messina
Christopher Messina - Před dnem
Who at first thought the robber was Selena Gomez
George Exley
George Exley - Před dnem
Unlimited replays but it costs one like
Blqqck !
Blqqck ! - Před dnem
Lil S
Lil Ski
Lil Skie
Lil Skies
Lil Skie
Lil Ski
Lil Sk
Lil S
Hunter Philip
Hunter Philip - Před dnem
10/10 police outfit
The Xaviex Striker Warrior Lightning God
0:09 that donut looks hella delicious right now
SYNC boy
SYNC boy - Před dnem
Who is here because Fortnite poggers
david anderson
david anderson - Před dnem
Skies taking over the world🔥🔥🔥
Marcos Mendez
Marcos Mendez - Před dnem
AT 2x speed it's dope
Roberto Cade
Roberto Cade - Před dnem
Hey I'm going to your consert
__PS4__4__DAYZ__ ILC__
__PS4__4__DAYZ__ ILC__ - Před dnem
does anybody else see mostly dollar bills at the strip club
Ivan guerrero
Ivan guerrero - Před dnem
Why couldnt lil skies drop this song before albuquerque?
Hydraman 1150
Hydraman 1150 - Před dnem
They told me to stop
Jax Miller
Jax Miller - Před dnem
Like if Lil Skies is better than lil pump
sc4red - Před dnem
Allen Flores
Allen Flores - Před dnem
why people keep putting shotty in Their songs
Allen Flores
Allen Flores - Před dnem
this beat drops harder
than my stepdads belt
Leo Sanchez
Leo Sanchez - Před dnem
Who is here for fortnite funny
Ğøødluck Đaneil
Ğøødluck Đaneil - Před dnem
A J - Před dnem
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