Lil Skies - Lust [Official Video] (Dir. by @NicholasJandora)

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MrChairbox - Před 28 minutami
Wtf is this shit.
It's kinda great.
2kGoat360 Guard up cat
2kGoat360 Guard up cat - Před 33 minutami
I watch this video to get hard😬👌👈🍆💦
Team Drift
Team Drift - Před 34 minutami
I've probally viewed this song like 100ktimes
DaiVonta David
DaiVonta David - Před 35 minutami
Fuck you
bayourambler33 - Před 42 minutami
click read more

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DownTown Bins
DownTown Bins - Před 59 minutami
Best video ive ever seen🔥❤😂💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ann lois
ann lois - Před hodinou
0:24 omg his voice❤
Night Owl
Night Owl - Před hodinou
He was REALLY proud of that “not a lot of love, it’s a lot of lust” line, wasn’t he. The animators who made the animated segments are clearly really talented, shame that they had to work on this garbage.
Fortnut In a niteshell
Fortnut In a niteshell - Před hodinou
i think of JFK death scene when he says car with no roof thought this shit was bulletproof
michael fox
michael fox - Před hodinou
this is terrible
LOL 49
LOL 49 - Před hodinou
This music is has me fell nervous.Is satanic :C
Observe - Před hodinou
RIP donut
TRENDY TWIX - Před hodinou
Valentino Sutherland
Valentino Sutherland - Před hodinou
I thought you said nowadays you're too cool for a girlfriend
MONSTER BEER - Před hodinou
1:25 First time at the strip club
Yo Bo
Yo Bo - Před hodinou
Danielle Webb
Danielle Webb - Před hodinou
Uhhhhh get. Lit
Danielle Webb
Danielle Webb - Před hodinou
Kuba Ostrowski
Kuba Ostrowski - Před hodinou
this girl looks like 6ix9ine
zI Spec Oppz Iz
zI Spec Oppz Iz - Před hodinou
Like if Lil skies can rap better than you
Mister Sacca
Mister Sacca - Před hodinou
Someone Drew all over this clowns face when he passed out from a single puff of weed. Gay AF
Aimee Dominguez
Aimee Dominguez - Před hodinou
20mill yes let’s go lil skies love loveee
Cabdalle Plays
Cabdalle Plays - Před hodinou
Who came here from fortnite funny?
Gustavo Escarrega
Gustavo Escarrega - Před hodinou
Remix ft fetty wap
Japieeh - Před hodinou
1:26 when you get sent out of class but the princeple gives you a warn
Gustavo Escarrega
Gustavo Escarrega - Před hodinou
Bolly Ho
Bolly Ho - Před hodinou
this shit bout to blow up
Hunter Villines
Hunter Villines - Před hodinou
Gorilla glue is a great adhesive
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez - Před hodinou
When u playing fortnite
unicorn ASMR
unicorn ASMR - Před 2 hodinami
OMG!! I love this song 😍 my fav 👌👍😘
Agarrame El Dingalin
Agarrame El Dingalin - Před 2 hodinami
Letra en español

Dimelooo, si el cabron no vale la pensaNo vale la pena

Se me olbido cabrónes V:

PD: me re cebe
Edward Bernero
Edward Bernero - Před 2 hodinami
Punnelkake - Před 2 hodinami
2:11 hes doing the milly rock
lionel_killer908 - Před 2 hodinami
what Wait -___-
васидь посидь
васидь посидь - Před 2 hodinami
sasi xuy
Kahfi Anantama
Kahfi Anantama - Před 2 hodinami
another Lil' with mop hair?
Kim Yong Un
Kim Yong Un - Před 2 hodinami
Orospu havuzu xd
Kim Yong Un
Kim Yong Un - Před 2 hodinami
Tilki gibi olmuşsun skies abe
Orhan Emini
Orhan Emini - Před 2 hodinami
1:39 1 dollar bill 😂😂🤣🤣😂 i mean everywhere
Tradipraticien Cheikh Omar Diop
Tradipraticien Cheikh Omar Diop - Před 2 hodinami
African Traditional Doctor
+221 78 162 64 64 ou +221 77 557 55 27 ou +221 77 942 22 23
(hemorrhoid, hepatitis
, Willis' disease, psoriasis, sexual problems)
Jackson Line
Jackson Line - Před 2 hodinami
Why you gotta do my man with donuts like that lol
Kendonte Harris
Kendonte Harris - Před 3 hodinami
Production on this video..... fye asf!!!!!! 🔥
Sideways Kota
Sideways Kota - Před 3 hodinami
Gorilla glue is my shit!!!!
Marshal Luiz
Marshal Luiz - Před 3 hodinami
Wtf some weeks ago it had 4 million views
Fede Benitez
Fede Benitez - Před 3 hodinami
flamaaaa, flamenco,flamtisisisima
Олимп Трейд
Олимп Трейд - Před 3 hodinami
Ну это охуенно снято и качает не по детски
Matte Lerch
Matte Lerch - Před 3 hodinami
1:53 is sooo sick
hung Lon
hung Lon - Před 3 hodinami
They all $1 bills my guy
Isaiah Osuna
Isaiah Osuna - Před 3 hodinami
ghostt clubb
ghostt clubb - Před 4 hodinami
bondocks vibes
Mialay Yeanay
Mialay Yeanay - Před 4 hodinami
christian valencia
christian valencia - Před 4 hodinami
so if there was a robbery off 4th and madison then that chick robbed wells fargo
GUSTAVOGAMESBR RS - Před 4 hodinami
Caralho man essa música é muito foda
flip apricot
flip apricot - Před 4 hodinami
1:51 when your mom spots you
TakMak-_-Gs - Před 4 hodinami
Good to see a young lyrical rapper 🔥🔥🔥
zombies rule
zombies rule - Před 4 hodinami
i was hearimg this on fortnite
young ofti beats
young ofti beats - Před 4 hodinami
Я лох, кто согласен-лайк!
Piranha - Před 4 hodinami
Fortnite Funny moments anyone?
Author Gretchen Vanessa Morales
Author Gretchen Vanessa Morales - Před 5 hodinami
Cool song 😁😃😃😁😁😁😁😍😍😍
Chasify - Před 5 hodinami
Ay, ay, ay
Get in my way and try to block me, I'ma show aggression
Slide on your block like Danny Glover with a lethal weapon
I fucked your thot, she gave me top, I guess that's my confession
Got no regrets, I made mistakes, but I learned from my lessons
Trappin' by the stu, villains pull up to the coupe
My car ain't got no roof, thought this shit was bulletproof
I can't feel my face, smokin' on Gorilla Glue
Zoomin' in the coupe, that's the shit I like to do
These is yellow diamonds, shinin' like I'm Pikachu
I'm a boss nigga, get that bag and make the moves
No, I don't like to lose, so I be goin' in, yeah
I'm tryna cop a Benz, yeah, pull up and drop like ten, yeah
You tryna chase the life (what?), well I'm tryna chase the bands, yeah
She wanna fuck with friends, yeah, I got 'em in the trance, yeah
Ay, but now they tell me I switched up
Take this Backwood to the face, then grab my cup
Shorty says she comin' through, she on her way to fuck
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, I stack it up, can't get enough
Seen your shorty with you, she look at me and she blushed
I'm a jiggy nigga, I don't take her out for lunch
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Not a lot of love
Rollin' in the coupe and she was rollin' off the drugs
Lookin' for the one, girl, you know that I'm the plug
I be booted up with my shooters in the truck
Ay, and broski keep it and it's tucked
Nigga talkin' 'bout it, but he never runnin' up
Put this shit in motion, so I'm never stayin' stuck
Don't be actin' starstruck every time they show you love
Ay, but now they tell me I switched up
Take this Backwood to the face, then grab my cup
Shorty say she comin' through, she on her way to fuck
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, I stack it up, can't get enough
Seen your shorty with you, she look at me and she blushed
I'm a jiggy nigga, I don't take her out for lunch
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
It's a lot of lust, not a lot of love
Purple Kid Junior
Purple Kid Junior - Před 5 hodinami
Ybn Nahmir’s Copy
DanonymousGoat - Před 5 hodinami
their ass tho
Namjoonie Stan
Namjoonie Stan - Před 6 hodinami
High School DxD s69 is looking *great*
Dutch strikerNL
Dutch strikerNL - Před 6 hodinami
xBartuuus - Před 6 hodinami
imagine his permament boner while shooting this video
John Goodson
John Goodson - Před 6 hodinami
Feeling this
Magical Enzo Rizzuto
Magical Enzo Rizzuto - Před 6 hodinami
1:36 hes eating cereal?!
Tandra Ford
Tandra Ford - Před 6 hodinami
Mihir - Fortnite & More
Mihir - Fortnite & More - Před 7 hodinami
I finally found this shit 😂
Nate Vision
Nate Vision - Před 7 hodinami
Sucks these kids today grow up with gay ass rappers fucking clowns.
Enzo - Před 7 hodinami
don’t be acting starstruck every time they show you love !
Attributions Fehler
Attributions Fehler - Před 7 hodinami
video is fire
robin pidlaoan
robin pidlaoan - Před 7 hodinami
wow amazing
Supreme Boss
Supreme Boss - Před 7 hodinami
Omnipotent - Před 7 hodinami
Lmao that smile at 1:26
Saladin Hamilton
Saladin Hamilton - Před 7 hodinami
Why did the girl change him up
Fajna Twarz
Fajna Twarz - Před 8 hodinami
i'm waiting for skies+uzi
T-Jin - Před 8 hodinami
dutch hiphop here
Joseph Waid
Joseph Waid - Před 8 hodinami !!!!!
storm playz hegarty
storm playz hegarty - Před 8 hodinami
It a little like GTA in this part 1:17 is when u want some action 😂😂😉
Brenden Martinez
Brenden Martinez - Před 8 hodinami
I need these models Instagrams for uhhhh... for research purposes
Dr Dxrk
Dr Dxrk - Před 8 hodinami
When you see a no skin in Fortnite 😂
Zeko - Před 9 hodinami
I want a life like this
Cheater Waifu Caretaker
Cheater Waifu Caretaker - Před 10 hodinami
So thats why im always using Drugs.
golderf alex heloo reg
golderf alex heloo reg - Před 10 hodinami
Purple Dank Lady
Purple Dank Lady - Před 10 hodinami
ayyy not bad
BlaCk x
BlaCk x - Před 10 hodinami
1:27 IF you pass GTA V story mode XD
Litera Style Animations
Litera Style Animations - Před 10 hodinami
Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🎆🎆🎇
Christian Hillis
Christian Hillis - Před 10 hodinami
I swear he sounds like namir a bit
Froth ?
Froth ? - Před 11 hodinami
All y'all just now seeing it when it came out five months ago on world star
Crimson - Před 11 hodinami
Fortnite Funny Momets?
Mario Torres
Mario Torres - Před 11 hodinami
This came out on my birthday, what a gift.
Young Zefuel
Young Zefuel - Před 11 hodinami
Garciaeddy_2 - Před 11 hodinami
Who is the girl at :50?
Sky White
Sky White - Před 12 hodinami
Better plot than neo Tokio or whatever
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez - Před 12 hodinami
Wtf s wrong with hip hop or pop trash?
DavidSantaCarla - Před 12 hodinami
Ha, the nog was guilty. Tase him.
Jonathan Flores-Caballero
Jonathan Flores-Caballero - Před 12 hodinami
1:26 when you impulse your team of the edge
Caden Jos Dubin
Caden Jos Dubin - Před 12 hodinami
Mason Moore
Mason Moore - Před 12 hodinami
i showed this music video to my 6 year old cousin.
Aemno - Před 12 hodinami
y he look 20 but sound 12
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