Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

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fredyfroggamer go
fredyfroggamer go - Před 11 hodinami
idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fredyfroggamer go
fredyfroggamer go - Před 11 hodinami
that will create a job for someone to recycle that useless mass of waste of time and money, black plastic balls in the water system, attracting the sun and leaching plastic in to your drinking water, more pollution, terrible idea
Bringer of Balance
Bringer of Balance - Před 11 hodinami
Sooo, your adding boat exhaust to the drinking water! In California where all the complaining snowflakes live!!
rohan dalvi
rohan dalvi - Před 12 hodinami
humans doing everything to save Thier ass but what about birds? some birds eat fishes from where will fishes get sun rays they need that... if you dont get meat through out the year how you will feel? you are making disaster to this world..
Lion Heart
Lion Heart - Před 13 hodinami
Fuel motor running in a resevoir.....goodluck
csakamatsu - Před 13 hodinami
Hum ... has problems with VOC ?
Andreia Guerrero
Andreia Guerrero - Před 14 hodinami
Legend has it that someone lost their marbles.
Helene Dinand
Helene Dinand - Před 16 hodinami
At 5.50 ..5.52 the airplane Thai suck a sea gull in his engine
Ichiwo Konnichiwa
Ichiwo Konnichiwa - Před 16 hodinami
It's in there to release chemicals into the water in order to lower the testosterone of the male population in the US and turn them into a bunch of soy-boys.
Rumor has it, it's actually working. California probably has the highest concentration of fags, white knights, soy-boys and beta orbiters in the whole US.
jhaz89 - Před 16 hodinami
So only 32 million dollars for that. What a bargain....
Karenfusionn - Před 17 hodinami
I went from watching street fights to this. Why am I still awake watching this at 3:34 am
Glen D
Glen D - Před 17 hodinami
What about driving a boat in drinking water.......
Aden Mir
Aden Mir - Před 17 hodinami
This pool has over 96mil balls
Pewdiepie has way over 96mil subs

I think not
volsorg O
volsorg O - Před 18 hodinami
inmagine this video having 96 million views
YouTuber 12345 youtuber
YouTuber 12345 youtuber - Před 21 hodinou
😂😂😂😂black balls😂😂😂😂😂😂
desertcafe - Před 22 hodinami
Plastic?! ... that "lasts" 10 years? Ten measly years? Plastic. Wow. Incredible. Stupid beyond measure. You think 96 million is a big number? Wait till these plastic balls begin to disintegrate, which they will, remember, they only "last" 10 measly years. These 96 million balls will eventually become 96 gazillion billion trillion x one fiber short of infinity invisible plastic fibers with will join the immeasurable number of plastic fibers already falling to earth in the rain, traveling on the wind, filling the oceans, covering the land, getting embedded in our food, in our lungs, in our eyes, our bellies ....
I am very confused about
I am very confused about - Před 22 hodinami
wait what happened you were only at 200k last time I checked woah
MeToo84 - Před dnem
Isn't he getting oil from the boat into the drinking water?
Sounds like a dream swimming pool for the Kardashians!
Antonio Manuel Bobadilla De Ovín
She loves Boba? dayum, idk she loved me :$
Cali 760
Cali 760 - Před dnem
Soo basically you're driving around in a boat in my bath water..?
Jay Hay
Jay Hay - Před dnem
The spokesman guy in the suit was SO chill about his job!, They all were actually. Must be an awesome team to work with
Jonatan Córdoba
Jonatan Córdoba - Před dnem
Ozone? Why not sodium hypochlorite?
The Dank Side
The Dank Side - Před dnem
What would happen if there state made a law that plastic balls are illegal?
John Rabson Jr
John Rabson Jr - Před dnem
...because 48,000,000 Black men went swimming?
José Frajtag
José Frajtag - Před dnem
Why didn't they use white balls? We would have a bonus of smaller temperature on Earth, if enough lakes was covered.
Protocorner - Před dnem
Whats inside a shadeball? Well we had a looksie! https://youtu.be/AG9kFDtvLgA
Sassifrass7 - Před dnem
Very cool idea!! Using less chlorine is especially awesome. Nice job.
Hyper Kidz
Hyper Kidz - Před dnem
Veritasiam: It’s rare to see 96,000,000 of anything

Bill gates: I see 96,000,000 dollars in my bank account and in my closet
Maat F
Maat F - Před dnem
dead water nothing is alive in there, birds and other animals cant drink...what??? that plastic wont leach...what lies.... we are really asleep.....
humans !!!!
Paul Colley
Paul Colley - Před dnem
Ok so why is this not a problem anywhere else in the world?
40-Mile Desert Rat
40-Mile Desert Rat - Před dnem
It is California after all. So why aren't the balls rainbow colored.
40-Mile Desert Rat
40-Mile Desert Rat - Před dnem
Next year they will discover that the balls are carcinogenic.....
40-Mile Desert Rat
40-Mile Desert Rat - Před dnem
Only in California......
THE SHRIMP - Před dnem
takes a lot of balls to make a video like this
Aquatic Escapes Aquariums Inc.
3 per $1...somebody is laughing all the way to the bank...
monro go
monro go - Před dnem
terimakaish ada bahasa indonesia
Marbie Jade Andaya Mendiola
Hhhaaa the bird just went to the plane machine
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson - Před dnem
theres 96million black balls, and they are 3 for $1.
these balls cost Californian tax payers 32 MILLION dollars
Mark Sabaduquia
Mark Sabaduquia - Před 2 dny
USD 32 Million floating on water
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith - Před 2 dny
only stupid white people do stuff like this lol. What next, they build golf courses on their front lawn? lmfao
birdstraw - Před 2 dny
theres actually 100,000,000 balls in your mom
ovichamp - Před 2 dny
I pass by this almost everyday, this is the first time I’m seeing this video. I always wanted to know why it seemed so dark and now I know.
trysometruth - Před 2 dny
Why couldn't the title have been "Why Are There 88 Blue Balls on this Reservoir?", and the explanation have been that 44 men were inspecting a facility in Finland.
Isaac Sellers
Isaac Sellers - Před 2 dny
This is where a fan driven boat would come in handy
Gaius Julius Ceasar
Gaius Julius Ceasar - Před 2 dny
Ok YouTube you win I'm watching...
Matthew Laurence
Matthew Laurence - Před 2 dny
Nature minus man = 🥰
Nature plus man = 🤮
Don Hawthorne
Don Hawthorne - Před 2 dny
Did this work? It seemed like a really clever idea.
Jithumon Jithu
Jithumon Jithu - Před 2 dny
foolish human convert nature and go to hell very nicely without anything. rubbish Ideas you loosing tropical aeria and oxigan supply, food crops, aerial green view many more
Lord Kars
Lord Kars - Před 2 dny
Ok demon
Dima Gamolya
Dima Gamolya - Před 2 dny
This has nothing to do with the video.
Jithumon Jithu
Jithumon Jithu - Před 2 dny
Gabbage_Yt [야채 반]
Gabbage_Yt [야채 반] - Před 2 dny
**Accidentally being on a drug cindicate **Accidentally**
Random Dude: hey, u got em new ones.
Another Random Dude:ya here they are, right in the truck.
Me: 0:57
Gabbage_Yt [야채 반]
Gabbage_Yt [야채 반] - Před 2 dny
**Accidentally being on a drug cindicate **Accidentally**
Random Dude: hey, u got em new ones.
Another Random Dude:ya here they are, right in the truck.
Me: 0:57
Dada Dedodo
Dada Dedodo - Před 2 dny
At 1:12 i heard him saying is it hard to drive in shave balls?
Potato Doodoo
Potato Doodoo - Před 2 dny
At 5:53 a bird got hit by the plane
Malte Meyer
Malte Meyer - Před 2 dny
now, fire twelve balls over the lake and hit the one right ball into there and u have ur chance of winning the eurojackpot with one ticket ;)
DespicableContent - Před 2 dny
The should use Hover boat instead of normal speed boats.....these balls are more expensive than it's worth and water vaporized anyway
Jinu Sivan
Jinu Sivan - Před dnem
Watch n comment lls
Carey Bridges
Carey Bridges - Před dnem
@Doctor Shoes the only health risk in this video are the humans and their pretend self-importance.
Doctor Shoes
Doctor Shoes - Před dnem
@Carey Bridges Poor Carey. Your "Looks" and 'Feels' are no basis for reality; proof in the balls eliminating an actual health risk.
Carey Bridges
Carey Bridges - Před dnem
@Doctor Shoes looks unnatural, unhealthy, and nonsensical.
JFCOGARCES - Před 2 dny
Why is it Christian Bale (Vice) in this video? Lol
shashidhar hosmani
shashidhar hosmani - Před 2 dny
Have u noticed that bird @5:51
!、!支離滅裂 - Před 2 dny
David Florey
David Florey - Před 2 dny
I feel like I would be able to walk on the black surface!!!
albany222 - Před 2 dny
Don't know why I started watching this. I'm just not going to finish it. Think I'll go watch something in slow motion instead.
Ron Briggs
Ron Briggs - Před 2 dny
ホモガキ - Před 3 dny
Wow…This is Tapioka island!!
Steve Bez
Steve Bez - Před 3 dny
no    swans or swan esters ballet umknown?
Алена Петрова
Может лучше было-бы сетку от солнца натянуть, а то теперь вода будет отравлена пластиком.(
Ken Broadway
Ken Broadway - Před 3 dny
The birds were loitering?
E. C. III - Před 3 dny
to bring on heat is my guess
Mays McMuffin
Mays McMuffin - Před 3 dny
Every time I see this thumbnail. I mistake u for Robbie Rotten, because of that vest and the blue shirt
Naero - Před 3 dny
where is the video where you put all these balls into the lake
Warmaster - Před 3 dny
*Why is this still in my recommendations??!!!*
John Beaver
John Beaver - Před 2 dny
because you've been looking up niknoks on YT.
Sohit Jain
Sohit Jain - Před 3 dny
I got 2 balls ...its on my private parts..but its natural not plastic
Michael York
Michael York - Před 3 dny
Hmmm I am not sure Bromide is safe as far as I know
Gabriel - Před 3 dny
Pessoal do BR assistindo esse vídeo, estou desenvolvendo uma pesquisa de Mestrado sobre o público da Divulgação Científica no YouTube. Se você costuma consumir esse tipo de conteúdo, o link do questionário está no meu perfil, em "Sobre".

A quem participar e quiser divulgar entre os amigos, agradeço muito!
Jeremy MacDonald
Jeremy MacDonald - Před 3 dny
What about microplastics?
badreddine rahim
badreddine rahim - Před 4 dny
But on that way the natural life is getting killed by that black screen .. no plants no oxygene no pure water species = proliferation of species that can survive on the anaerobic environment (microbes...) 😰
Jithumon Jithu
Jithumon Jithu - Před 2 dny
badreddine rahim yes same openion from myside I am only 8th standerd level but my good channel 😉gift for you. 🙏👈clidk left lantern top
Roy Dimmy
Roy Dimmy - Před 4 dny
This is so retarded on so many levels...
Marshmallow Parties Coordnation
the 9600000 balls is to click on the video
xxxenricop - Před 4 dny
Put on a pair of snowshoes and you can walk on it!
Michael Lewinger
Michael Lewinger - Před 4 dny
To reflect sunlight. Saving you 12 minutes. Thank me later.
யாழி - Před 4 dny
I am come to here read the name Sellur Raju 💪💪💪💪
A man of culture
A man of culture - Před 4 dny
Why? Because why not.
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