Race Week DAY 1: Check In and Racing - Ruby and Leroy Make AWESOME First Passes!

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Shelby Watts
Shelby Watts - Před 4 dny
"That's in the vault!"
Maxwell Harmon
Maxwell Harmon - Před 7 dny
runs an 8 second pass......"it was slow, it was really slow" lol man your on another level
Dang Dang
Dang Dang - Před 7 dny
Please come to australia and make my ute "slow" at 8.5 seconds ha ha ha
RyanAmos - Před 10 dny
Mustang Jamie! Ya Bess
Terry Megaton
Terry Megaton - Před 13 dny
Jasmine Morgan
Jasmine Morgan - Před 16 dny
Did anyone other than me notice the fuel overflow legit almost turn inside out after Cleetus's first run lmao
Zachary Harper
Zachary Harper - Před 16 dny
I like how savage James is. Always rips a fat burnout and always does a run with a car full of smoke haha definitely doin it for Dale.
Ryan Kafkas
Ryan Kafkas - Před 16 dny
Its cool how the mtn dew bottles start squishing in the back for some reason 9:19
Frank Green
Frank Green - Před 22 dny
It's prolly been said, but "we gotta pump those numbers up" and he kinda looks like Matthew McConaughey too!
j8rr3tt - Před 23 dny
What happened to Buffalo? Did he ever explain it?
Marcos Ornelas
Marcos Ornelas - Před 23 dny
I like it when everytime ruby makes a pass he’s like get it girl get it girl
Jerrycobra - Před 23 dny
so why were they late to the track? was it ever explained?
Oh Shhh
Oh Shhh - Před 25 dny
“8.8 off the trailer, up here in the altitude”
Dre Moore
Dre Moore - Před 25 dny
The worst part about this whole video... I can only give one thumbs up :(
Yoeri Kurvers
Yoeri Kurvers - Před 25 dny
Joe cook
Joe cook - Před 25 dny
"Imma call him out next round you watch, all or nothing, running for pinks" laughed so hard 18:15
Penfold - Před 26 dny
Will someone please play some blues harmonica on Leroy's horn.
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Joseph - Před 26 dny
Large fuel switches... https://www.asco.com/en-us/Pages/solenoid-valve-fuel-oil-gas-valves.aspx#/#flt=e30%3D
David Needham
David Needham - Před 26 dny
Cleetus is like a kid at Christmas, love how everyone is buzzing and bouncing off of each other having a great time!
Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil
Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil - Před 26 dny
*lol y'all remember the bullshit they went through last drag race && he did nothing to make his cars more legit nah bitch let's just skip that area && do it for dale any other strips we can find* what a lazy ass incompetent moron FFS SMH
WolfKingJS54 - Před 27 dny
At 9:13 did anyone else see the Mountain Dew bottle get crushed
WolfKingJS54 - Před 27 dny
Did Monica break down?
Cbh - Před 27 dny
Shit happens lol . i love it
Orlando Martinez
Orlando Martinez - Před 27 dny
Is the bundle special over ? Can't find it on the website
AmEricAN pAraDox leaVing
AmEricAN pAraDox leaVing - Před 27 dny
Ah shit forgot the visor""
Ben Renner
Ben Renner - Před 28 dny
2:22 pa-pap-ping ping ping
Ben Renner
Ben Renner - Před 28 dny
The best part about ruby
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - Před 28 dny
James is such a badass
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Před 28 dny
nuthin but AWESOMEEEEE>>>>>>way ta go Team McFarland
Willie Obermann
Willie Obermann - Před 28 dny
Where's the 4th of July bundle that has a shirt, hat and sunglasses?
It's not listed anywhere as a bundle.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - Před 28 dny
Ruby sounds like Doms Charger in the first fast n furious
Deep hug
Deep hug - Před 28 dny
You guys should make unnaturally aspirated stickers for Leroy
JnnyUtah35 - Před 28 dny
James' excitement on that 1st pass...😐
Rock girl
Rock girl - Před 29 dny
Man I missed the bundles... Sucks
wedo60201 - Před 29 dny
wedo60201 - Před 29 dny
Why sleep for 3.5 seconds on the green??
boostedKTM - Před 29 dny
I couldn't help but notice your in my neck of the woods and that beef jerky was mediocre south of us in Oklahoma is no man's land jerky oh my God I will have to send you guys some
Jeremiah Mediina
Jeremiah Mediina - Před 29 dny
Shimabutt - Před 29 dny
Now turn a car in a shape of a pp and have the engine at the tip of it
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez - Před 29 dny
Have u dmed the old owner of ruby
Dopey327 - Před 29 dny
Im leaving a like for the Cars. And the Exhausted Enthusiasm is respectable lol
Dr1ver - Před 29 dny
What’s this about a laptop incident now? Sounds like there’s a lesson we could all learn if you showed us the video👀
Chris S
Chris S - Před 29 dny
I love all you guys, I wish I was there.
All the dislikers should be hit with a James Dyno Rock.
Brandon Chin
Brandon Chin - Před 29 dny
That small truck towed that trailer
Brent Mcchesney
Brent Mcchesney - Před 29 dny
I want to see the video from the vault with cooper and a computer.
Gickels McDoogle
Gickels McDoogle - Před 29 dny
I've got one word for ya....
JaqB - Před 29 dny
Worth it
Salatiel Guajardo
Salatiel Guajardo - Před 29 dny
James is such a badass
Forrest Wiley
Forrest Wiley - Před 29 dny
nuthin but AWESOMEEEEE>>>>>>way ta go Team McFarland
DeadPool2231 - Před 29 dny
I want the 4th of July pack so bad but shipping is so expensive to the EU, Can you help a Vet out?
DeadPool2231 - Před 29 dny
Damn, that sucks. Thanks for letting me know.
TurboDieselDan - Před 29 dny
Too late, now they're SOLD OUT.
Ray Ramirez
Ray Ramirez - Před 29 dny
Ruby sounds like Doms Charger in the first fast n furious
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